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Lost Spoilers – Four High Resolution “Other Woman” Clips!

By docarzt,

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From TVFrenzy:

  • imfromthepast

    LOL, Kate got pwned!

  • Tom

    Yeah seriously. Would Kate have been that stupid to have turned her back on either of them? She’s not THAT trusting a person, esepcially with these two. Weak writing there. Not true to character.

    And di that new girl in the rain say Ben is exactly WHERE he wants to be or WHEN he wants to be? I think it’s “where” but for a secodn there I thought it was “when” which would bring time travel into play again.

  • KeepingAwake

    I like Andrea Roth much better as a blonde! (She’s the woman speaking to Juliet in the top clip)

  • buffy

    Why does Kate do something moronic and annoying in EVERY SINGLE freaking scene she’s ever been in?! Has she ever once made a good decision? EVER?!


    (Whew, rant over. Everything else was cool.)

    Oh, and Charlotte is a brat. In a good way.


  • shmy

    Buffy, I so agree with you, Kate doesn’t make the best decisions, and wow this is another great example. Is it weird that Charlotte hitting Kate makes me actually like Charlotte???

  • entropyg

    Does anyone else not feel the plot moving forward as fast as we were told it would. These scenes are amazing but the Ben/Locke scene, didn’t we just see that? The gas masks, saw them too. etc…

  • lockefan3805


    I agree that the story is not “moving along as fast” as I had expected it to based on what we’d heard prior to the start of the Season – what with the whole, “With only 48 episodes to go, the writers are working toward a definite endgame without unnecessary filler episodes like Nikki & Paulo” talk.

    However, it’s on the exact pace I expected from the end of Season 3 – in that it would take some time (# of episodes, more specifically), to tell the story of exactly HOW they got off the island – and, as we know now – why it was only 6 of them and not everyone.

    But, alas, I don’t feel like I’ve been cheated in any respect…each episode so far this season has held me captivated enough not to blink for the hour when it first airs, despite knowing most of the spoiler material out there.

    Call me a dumbass, but I didn’t even see the Aaron thing coming at the end of Eggtown…I guess I was more obsessed with the courtroom scene where Jack testified the story(lie) of the crash and how Kate was a hero(tease). Sorry…My Mr. Subliminal is coming out again.

  • entropyHope

    I was completely taken aback at the end of Eggtown. I love those moments in lost that just completely surprise me. Kate is an amazing character but I think that is being somewhat downplayed this season.

    I love the show and barely can stand waiting for each episode. Thanks for the great comments, lockefan!

  • jim

    none of them will load….i’ve noticed this happens every week and eventually they work but they have not started working this week…why is that?

  • DocArzt

    Jim, that sounds like some aggressive caching on your browser. Anyone experiencing this should try flushing their cache. Alternatively, you might try downloading a different browser.

  • lockefan3805

    I use Firefox and generally speaking have no problem. Occassionally (no consistent pattern), the videos take longer to load than at other times…(I attribute this to my own crappy ISP, which I know is not as reliable and fast as others I’ve had in the past). When this happens, I just click the pause button shortly after clicking play and let it load (buffer?) to 100% before letting it play so I can watch it uninterrupted.

  • andy

    This is total speculation, but the way the woman in the second clip says “The Tempest” made it sound like a Dharma Station. I am sooo ready for more Dharma mythos, and really hope that’s the case. The Orientation Film mentioned meteorology too–The Tempest wouldn’t be off-point in that regard. Just a thought.

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