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Lost Spoilers – Kevin Durand thinks playing psychopath Keamy a blast

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 From USA Today, Kevin Durand was interviewed about his role on Lost.  The article contains somebackground for Kevin who did stand-up comedy to help pay for college in his native Ontario. 


Beware the following excerpts contain MINOR SPOILERS about the background of the character and some events in the finale. 


On Meeting Tania Raymonde:


“Hi, how are you doing? So I guess I’m gonna be killing you today.”


That’s how the former teen rapper, Kevy D, introduced himself to the actress.  This was his first, but far from last, victim.  The actions of his character have drawn some not-so-good attention.  He has killed or beaten up an average of one character per hour during his nine-episode hitch.  The killing of Alex has particularly drawn the ire of fans.


“People would just yell at me. They weren’t too happy about that,” Durand recounts. “I kept saying, ‘It wasn’t my fault! It’s Ben’s fault!’ But (then) people started cheering me on. I think they just love to hate the guy.”


On His Character’s Motivation:


As the stand-off between Keamy and Ben draws to its violent conclusion, Durand carefully creates a flashback for his character, “Keamy has a very big personal stake in this mission, and it’s beyond anything monetary. He’s just trying to get it done as soon as possible. It has to do with his family, so that’s why he’s working at the pace he is.”


When cast for the part, Durand had only seen a dozen episodes, mostly from season 1. “I had no idea what was happening, and once I got it, I chose to leave it that way. I didn’t want to know anything or be attached to anybody. I’m glad I didn’t. But now that I’m on it, I’ll watch all of it.”


For more of Jayme Deerwester’s interview, read it in full at USA Today.



From TVFrenzy:

  • Nautical Rudie

    I think Durand has been awesome as Keamy, the character has developed from appearing in The Constant in a really refreshing direction, as he has no moral grey areas at all, hes just plain bad haha

  • Shogan

    Like Michael, he’s a character I just HATE, and he’s made his character incredibly scary. When an actor can get that level of response from me, they are really doing something very right.

  • The Major

    I just happened to be watching a movie with the kids this weekend and having minor but speaking roles were both Kevein Durant and M.C. Gainey.
    The movie? Wild Hogs! They played a couple of nasty (hapless) biker types
    in Ray Liotta’s gang “The Del Fuegos”. Check it out

  • KevinL

    “It’s not my fault, it’s Bens fault!”

    That’s what widmore said too… I guess theres something important we dont know yet.