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Lost Spoilers – Kristin Unleases 4 Economist Clips

By docarzt,

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Clips courtesy of Kristin at E!.

From TVFrenzy:

  • pennywidmore

    doc you already posted 2 of these

  • autochthonous

    It’s nice to have these all in the same place. Thanks, Doc.

    And man, that first clip, that’s why I watch this show; such great drama in just those few lines. Gave me chills.

  • Samfishercell

    For some reason, Kristin’s videos never load for me. Is there any was to post them in an alternative flash format?

  • Dan

    Samfishercell, just look up “the econimist sneak peak” on youtube. Youll find all these videos. Epsiode looks great, love how hurley just wants to do the right thing.

  • gusteaux

    Apparently with a helicopter and an end date, we’ll no longer have to endure three episode treks across the island.

  • suburban coyote

    Nice to see we’ll already have an idea why Hurley thinks going with Locke was a mistake.

    And ditto on the quick moves across the Island. We been there, haven’t we?

  • themachine

    those clips were just enough to satisfy my pallate.. who am i kidding, i cant wait!!!!! gusteaux, good call, thank “jacob” we dont have to wait like that hahaha it always bothered me bout the ep long treks of the island, but i never said it bc i was too involved in the story and a biotch… u get the point…. ps: doc, i love this site… especially w/so many tts alumni… dont worry, we will get larger, and get the LOST community back w/u. BC of the way things went down, i dont think TTS fans have realized u have, if not a better, same thing goin on as before… in due time the core of that site will be here…


  • Rerun

    I agree, I didn’t know this site existed until seeing a reference from DarkUFO. I had noticed TTS has gone downhill a great deal, it was a bummer. But I found a new home!