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Lost Spoilers – Lost 4.10 Extended Preview #1

By docarzt,

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From TVFrenzy:

  • DontGoInTheHatch

    Jack Sucks.

  • aliasrox

    Who let the 14 year olds in?

    Not much to this scene…. Ya, looks like she might be slicing him up, but in those nasty jungle conditions?

    Lost Spoiler

  • chromaticblues

    I agree to DontGoInTheHatch. Can’t we see more of Sawyer or any other interesting person instead of Jack?

  • liam

    wow, its truly extended >_>

  • buttonpusher

    this is what juliet is intendeding to perform…

    i’m pretty sure she’ll need more that jack’s piles of drugs for this, my bet is that someone has to go get equipment and medicine for this procedure.