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LOST Spoilers! Promo for 5.03, 5.04, and 5.05!

By docarzt,

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ABC tacked on a sort of deceptive promo for next week’s LOST.  If the tease looked like maybe it had a bit too much excitement for one episode, it’s because it does.  In fact, the promo had clips from three upcoming episodes.  Click on through to check it out.

From TVFrenzy:

  • DarthVibbert

    Anything to get people to watch… which they would anyway, ironically it’s attached to an episode called “The Lie”… go figure

  • Hipster Doofus

    To be fair to the producers, they never said “Next week.” Whenever they say something like “This season on LOST…” you know its going to include more clips than just the upcoming episode.

    • DarthVibbert

      the beginnging of the promo states “Next Wednesday”… to the unknowing they think all that stuff they just saw in the trailer is going to happen next week

  • neoloki55

    Actually, both statements are right because before the commercial break they say something like, stay tuned for an exclusive look at the new season of Lost, then after it says next Wednesday.

  • eric


    That’s enough to get me chills.

    • erin

      I thought she said “This place is damned!”
      Either way works though! 🙂

    • TRoss

      So maybe it’s not purgatory, maybe it’s just where you go when you die.

      • Nomteticus

        I’m betting the girl who said that is young Rousseau. They said she will be played by a different actress.

  • i think the trailer is deceptive. it clearly says “a new season”, but most people are used to seeing these trailers being about the next pretty sure the producers had this in mind