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Lost Spoilers – Season 4 Preview

By docarzt,

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From TVFrenzy:

  • theMachine

    hhaha doc, you beat me to it. i was just about to post this video…

  • theMachine

    smokie could be heard in the background… SMOKIES BAAAAAAAAACCKK!!!!

  • Haskell

    My friends and I were freaking out last night seeing Mr. Friendly hanging out with his pal Mr. Very Friendly in the penthouse. Back in season 2, when Mr. Friendly gives Kate the shampoo and tells her to shower, she says, “I’m not showering in front of you,” to which Tom says “Kate, you’re not my type.” We all asked each other at that moment, “Is Friendly gay?” It was awesome that they paid off that story in Meet Kevin Johnson. We loved it. Did everyone know about that and I’m just slow? Love the site, Doc!

  • Haskell

    I mean when Tom gives her the shampoo in Season 3, not 2. I’m not an idiot. About Lost stuff, I mean.

  • Josh from NY

    Hogo holding Aaron, automatic gunfire in the background….Hugo-“Is that Claire’s house?” Sawyer-“Killing people for no reason…” Uh oh Claire.

  • Dan

    Did anyone else notice that during the april 24th preview right after the announcer says “all new episodes of lost” then he starts saying all of the oceanic 6 have been revealed they show in rapid succession, Locke, jack, Sayid, Sun, Hurley, Aron then Kate. Is this a trick to show that aron doesnt count as one of the six but its instead John Locke? Why would they show him first? I think the person in the coffin is Locke, I think something “ironic” from the island happens and he completely loses his legs thats why the coffin is so small, I also he believe he does something horrible in the next few episodes, which will explain why kate says “why would i go?” ( to the funeral) and why hurley told jack that he shouldnt of went with locke. Remember Jack only went to the funeral cause he thought he would run into other oceanic sixers….just some thoughts

  • Ted

    The smoke monster is coming back!!! hold on!!!!

  • Vayne

    It’s amazing how I got torn up in previous threads, when I said that Aaron is one of the Oceanic 6, feels so good to be right lol. Wasn’t in the manifest, but was ON the plane IN Claire *sigh* 🙂

    Next episode looks awesome though, finaly some action. I definitely need a mental break from all the time traveling science stuff 🙂