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Lost Spoilers – There’s No Place Like Home Part One – Three NEW Clips

By docarzt,

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And yes, these are NEW clips.  Not published anywhere yet… that I know of.   For those of you sweating my absence this week… do not fear!  I have been busy with a new day job and it’s been draining the life out of me.  I WILL be here with new asterix clues… maybe with a new twist to make things a little easier…. but they will definitely be here.  I have a few more super spoilerish things up my sleeve so keep refreshing!

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From TVFrenzy:

  • Mark

    Looks VERY cool.

  • theMachine

    HOLY CRAP!!!! this 3hr finale is going to KICK ASS!!!!

  • Halcohol

    Ha! The Orchid. I love it!

  • 2many questions

    Wow… Looks like this episode is going to be awesome!= = = Go Sayid go!

  • Luka

    Thanks Doc! *draws heart around you*

  • james

    Aghh. That freaking sea turtle just hanging out on the beach as Sayid arrives lol. I guess that’s a product of having very little time to shoot so many episodes.

    Oh well, looks great…although it definitely seems that it might be rushed a little.

  • kisser

    I love Juliets still in the 2nd clip. Hehehe **kisses monitor**

  • chromaticblues

    Wow, I want to see that episode NOW! The orchid, finally. I remember the awesome Orientation-Video. But the moment that gives me creeps the most was the end of clip 1, where Daniel says: “We have to get off that island, right now.” This is gonna be so exciting.

    And thanks for the new captcha-thingie. The old one didn’t work everytime.

  • imfromthepast

    “Because we’re at the Orchid.”

    Well it’s about freaking time!

  • DocArzt

    Well cripes… the new one died mysteriously…

  • Ed Holden

    Anybody else under the impression that The Orchid is in a ruined state? I wonder if there was perhaps … an incident.

  • ryan

    whay did that last clip have 2 end 🙁

  • lukas

    lost es lo mejor

    gracias a dios puedo verla porqe es la mejor derie del planeta

  • How does Faraday know about the second protocol? Captain Gault looked confused by it when Keamy pulled it out of the safe. If he was confused, wouldn’t Faraday be as well? Or was Faraday privy to this information because of his skill set?

    I was taking a close look at the still of his notebook page and it is just as overwhelming as his chalkboard at Oxford. Guy has some mad science skills…I wish someone with some background here could interpret a bit for the rest of us.

  • An Other

    Did anyone else notice that to the right of the equation in Faraday’s notebook it looks like it says “(96)”? That’s the year that Desmond and Faraday met in the Constant. I really want to know what that eqution is all about.

  • MonkSatyr

    There were a few things that stood out to me in Dan’s note-book.
    One, when the camera first cuts to the note-book the page has what might be a ‘light-cone’ (i’m not offering that as a theory, just what it looks like to me).
    Two, the little ant looking drawling (tho it’s not an ant, not sure what it’s supposed to represent, if anything).
    Lastly, the words ‘incorrect’ being near the top of the page followed by ‘Space Like Factors’ and ‘possible!’ near the bottom, all with equations preceding them. This leads me to think that Dan has worked out the process by which The Orchid does whatever it does.

    Looks to one heck of a finale!
    thanks for the clips Doc!

    as to the (96), it could be, but i think it’s a 9 followed by some symbol, i can’t really tell for sure tho

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    It appears that Abadon’s crew understands what’s happening on the island and has insight into what the Others’ protocols are. This would hint at Widmore possibly being an Other at one point, or somehow knowing what Ben’s emergency maneuvers are. Abadon’s crew, Daniel, Charlotte, Keamy, etc all are privy to these ‘protocols’ as well. The captain is not, because he is merely a water taxi for the team. If the captain of a vessel knew that he was going into danger which could jeopardize his ship and crew, he’d be less likely to go, hence his probably very high payday to just be a water taxi.


  • bcvmnxz

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