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Lost Spoilers – There’s No Place Like Home Promo Pics

By docarzt,

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From TVFrenzy:

  • In the second picture from the left, top row – the guy on the right in the plaid shirt really looks like Paolo. Am I seeing things?

  • gusteaux

    Sayid is back on the island!

  • alias

    I see Aaron, but no Claire…… hrmmmmmmmmm He is shown twice?

    And that one guy kinda looks like Paulo, but it’s not

    Sayid back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • theMachine

    That looks EXACTLY like Pauolo, and how is Sayid back on the island????

  • who me?

    Kate holding aaron! Freaky

  • B. Astard

    Juliette’s tits are very big
    I like.. is nice..

  • MrKong

    That guy isn’t Paulo. At all.

    B.Astard – You’re unfamiliar with the magical lies woven by modern bra technology then?

  • Henry Holland

    The Paolo look-alike is named Chris Candella, he’s been a redshirt since the beginning. Nice to see that they’re using the redshirts more, even if it is just for Keamy and Co. to kill ’em! 🙂

    Top row, fourth from left, guy in the tan shirt is the famous Scott, of Sceve (played by the gorgeous Dustin Watchman). Love the redshirts.