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New CTV promo for episode 6×05

By lyly ford,

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This promo shows more footage for 6×05. You’ve been warned.

thanks Sl-Lost for the video.

From TVFrenzy:

  • So Hurly’s poking around the temple. Dogan sees him and Hurly says …

    • Man in Blue

      …Dude…so, like, are you gonna, like, go all Hong-Kong-Phooey on me if I take your last Apollo bar?

      • accessoire

        Perfect match! 😉

        • The Real Norrin Radd

          …And then Hurley runs into Indy and Short Round.

  • The time for questions is over my ass!!!

    • dd

      ZZZzzzzzzzz. ABC is hyping the season. You can’t honestly expect every single episode to be some dude with a clipboard doing Q&A.

      • that is an awesome idea. The last season should be nothing but a Comic Con-style panel at the Temple featuring Jacob and the Man in Black.

        • dd

          I feel that most of the brain-dead “i need answers crowd” would think this is a sufficient ending.

          But really, I need to know where Sawyer got the shirt he started wearing at the beginning of this season. If I don’t get an answer, I’m going to say it’s sloppy writing, a dropped plot, and an anti-Skate conspiracy.

    • I’m confused, are you offering your donkey as some sort of proxy for which to ask questions? Because that’s just weird.

      • HandsomeSmitty

        Donkey! I don’t need no stinkin’ donkey!

        But seriously, yes I can figure some of the questions on my own and through context. And what is ‘suspense’ without questions. Yet it seems every episode yeilds more questions and fewer answers. Some of it is suspenseful; some just silly hyperbolic writing; and too many red herrings!

  • I wish the ABC trailers were as dynamic as these ones. We got a great JackFace here, the “WHAT DOES HE WANT FROM ME!!!!” face.

    • Jason

      This exact same trailer played during “Desperate Housewives” on ABC on Sunday…

      • naultz

        you watch desperate housewives?

  • accessoire

    Whose voice is that which is saying “Someone is coming to the island?” It sounds so familiar but I just can’t get it whose voice it is >.< Probably a not so interesting person …. But I just don't get it … having a blackout :/

    • naultz

      I dont think its jacob’s voice, but in S5 finale he did say “their coming” which I believe refered to the losties time traveling from ’77 to the present island time. im not sure if these are reference to the same thing or not.

  • Paul Escobar

    Claire looks so bad-ass in this trailer!!
    She’s saying the same things, but it’s cooler coming from someone who looks like that.

  • accessoire

    Doesn’t match the topic but don’t know where to post this right now. I actually never really thought about it, but just a moment ago I asked me the same question why Illana doesn’t know, that Jacob can only be killed by a normal person. Someone asked this in a blogpost I think.

    The answer to this is pretty obvious: Jacob still has plans for Ben. That is why he didn’t tell Illana that he can’t be killed by Flocke. So he can die, she won’t kill Ben and then Ben fulfills whatever he is meant to.

    I’m pretty sure someone said this before but just wanted to share in case nobody did.

  • Paul Escobar

    According to this trailer, the major storylines this week:

    1) Smokey-Locke meets up with Kate
    2) Claire’s shaking down that guy from Degrassi
    3) Hurley & Jack debate whether Jacob’s a tease

    Those clips with Sayid look old.
    It doesn’t matter anyways.
    With his upcoming episode named “Sun Down”…it’s clear that he’s a goner.

  • My 11 year old son was eating ice cream the other day and pops out with this: Mom, I think “Lost” is just one big backgammon game.” Pretty astute for an 11-year old who’s only seen a handful of episodes.

    • rivum

      wow that’s awesome!
      i’d like to know what led him to think this.
      i have a 3 year old, and am definitely convinced that childhood innocence yields great wisdom.

  • Dharma77

    I’m certain its Jacob that says “Someone is coming to the island.

  • Shawn

    does anyone else see some aligator type face on one of the passengers in a quick shot of turbulence on the plane? its so quick and i cant freeze frame on this player…but I’m seeing it.

    And it looks like the statue.

  • naultz

    Im curious about the skeletons in the mud. Is that in the temple? it couldn’t be the “dharma pit” because they don’t have dharma clothing. could the temple be a burial site as well as a life saving site. and does anyone recognize the egyption symbol that hurley is checking out on the wall?

  • accessoire

    Guys watch the promo trailer on! You can pause and you can definitely see that it is a lighthouse. I’m not sure with what Jack is crushing this glass, but it could be an oldschool (long) telescope. Or it is some pergament of paper rolled into some container. Seems like Jacob is telling Hurley to go to the lighthouse (with Jack) where they probably get some answers why they are on the island (or at least they see their names written on this glass or whatever). Jack freaks out and destroys the glass. Damn I wonder what is in that lighthouse! Actually it looks like some strip of rope around that telescope looking thing. So I rather guess there was some pergament of text in it. By the way the lighthouse looks really ancient and apparently it’s no common lighthouse in the shape we know it. Looks like a sight point (for Jacob). Any theories what that water is in the lighthouse (it is Water, isn’t it?).

    Damn I envy you … You can watch it in a few hours … I have to wait one more day >.< Why I have to go to school exactly that day these episodes are uploaded to the net ~_~ It's a freaking tortue :D!

  • accessoire

    It’s just a air mask. But yes it kinda looked like the statue :D. Nice coincidence ^^.

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