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Sneak peek episode 6×08#2

By lyly ford,

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Another sneak peek this time for the Flash-Sideways, pretty INTERESTING at the end

From TVFrenzy:

  • Hipster Doofus

    Is that the girl from Prison Break? I miss that show…

    It was always really good, like Lost, at refusing to make characters black or white. It was among the best I’ve ever seen at constantly, with every character, bouncing back and forth in moral areas. With one or two exceptions, you could sympathize with every character on the show. (Yeah, I know the story wasn’t great, but I loved the characters.) /offtopic

    What was interesting at the end? I wonder who she’s married to.

    • interesting ’cause i think he’s not what he seems to be, i mean FS shown us they’re different and since he said she’s stupid i guess it’s interesting, it mean she assumed he’s a conman and all but maybe he’s something else too.
      yeah it’s Gretchen from PB

    • Gretchen! Funny how she’s in basically the same role as in Prison Break.

      • Sawyer seems to be a bad con man right? He keeps getting caught red handed. Maybe that it actually part of his con right?

  • Matt

    @Iyly I think a new Sheriff is in town, and that’s no con!

    • lol maybe but at the same he could have helped the cops with kate since she was a fugitive not HELP her lol
      so i’m kinda confused but i don’t think he’s the conman we knew, something don’t fit lol

      • Smoked-Locke

        how about bounty hunter? would fit better than straight arrow cop, wouldn’t it?

        • now i’ve City Hunter in my Mind lol wonder who is kaori lol

  • Jalocke

    Here’s a little thought I had.

    When Ben moved the island at the end of season 3, we all assumed that it started jumping through time, or that it moved physically. But to the best of my knowledge the only proof we have that it moved right away was from Ms. Hawking. We have no idea what happened on island in real time from when Jack and others left to when they returned. We haven’t seen one speck of info from early 2008 to 2009ish I think. What if… instead of moving. The island sank to the bottom of the ocean.

    Now why thats important. What we are seeing now in the flash sideways could be the story of what ultimately happens in that span of time. Perhaps we will find the flash sideways people somehow ressurecting the island and sacrificing their lives to give their prime sides a chance to do something.

    It seems like the island went through a lot of trouble to be sure that the losties were not on the island during that time period.

    Probably not true. just a thought. I can already see some discrepancies. i.e. they flew over the underwater island in september but if its all one timeline it should still be above water.

    However its important to remember its not a true sideways considering the events are actually years apart in their respective timelines. Primeline is happening in 2009 or 2010 and flashline is happening in 2007.

    • Smoked-Locke

      Side-flashes are occuring from the day of the crash onwards, that is, September 22, 2004. The island storyline is now taking place in late 2007/ early 2008. I doubt the flash stories could come after the current island events.

      • In a way, they could. Perhaps the characters in the 2008 timeline get an opportunity to live their lives over without Jacob’s or the Island’s influence, and those lives are better. In the FSW, we might be witnessing the eventual fate of our characters.

      • Jalocke

        I probably didn’t write well. But Im not saying they happen after. I was suggesting they might be happening in the same timeline during the gap between 2004 and 2007. Cool idea in my head but way too many discrepancies for it to be true.

        • Interesting theory you got, there is definately something fishey about the whole timeline aspect. You know, How would a nuke sink a Island anyway? Is that even a realistic outcome of a nuke going off. I dont think so. If you dropped a A-Bomb on Hawaii, it would not sink….

      • Multiple

        What if the Sideways is the life that they lead as a result of their resolution of their problems or their redemption. SW Jack finally realized that what he didn’t have with his father could be had by he and his son – a good relationship where each accepted the other with no strings. This gave Jack his redemption on the Island. SW Sayid understands that his fate is to be a killer no matter how much he tries to be a good man by virtue of Nadia never being his. Island Sayid accepts his role as killer. They will all get this oppourtunity to chose and eventually the SW will meld into the Island as the Losties meet thier fate.

      • WheresDesmond

        I don’t think we have actually had proof that the sideways plane trip in LA X was on September 22, 2004. What if it was on another date?

    • PBP

      more thoughts …
      If Ben’s turning the wheel made the Island sink (the people on the raft thought that it disappeared after the explosion)then how could those who were left behind, like Juliet and Sawyer still live while being under water (does the Island have a waterproof force field?)

      And if the FS is a shot at redemption, why does Jack have a teenage son in the FS but not have one in the first timeline nor in the scenes when they get off the island in Season 4, while all the other Candidates in the FS thus far are interacting with other characters that were already introduced in the earlier seasons?

      And could there be any connection with/allusion to Jacob=founder of Israel and David= founder of Jerusalem?

  • I think Sawyer’s not a con-man!

  • bps

    For once Sawyer didn’t throw out the nickname. He got named…..dimples. Kind of parallels what he calls Kate….freckles.

    • Yeah that was definatley a play on the “Nicknames”, he gave to all the losties. Something fishey, not sure if they would make him a cop though. I bet his mom was never conned, and both his parents are still alive…

  • Sideways Sawyer is TOTALLY an undercover cop! And it fits the theory about what Island Sawyer is doing with Smokey: he’s trying to subvert his plan, not help it! Sawyer is good! I know it! (Please?)

    • Mama Lost

      That is exactly what I thought – stupid, in that she’s about to get busted. (But wait…she technically has she done anything illegal, and then why would he let Kate get by when it was clear she was on the lam??)

      I feel the same way – I would love to see Sawyer end up on the right side. Please, oh please?! They owe me for making Sayid a zombie (maybe, because it may be the ultimate set-up for a huge redemption if Sayid is also trying to subvert Smokey).

      Mama Lost

      • Covenant

        Sawyer’s a cop.

    • undercover cop but it don’t explain why he helped kate at the airport if he was a cop, i think it might be more complicated than that but i agree on the island he’s doing a con on Flocke

      • Michael K

        If he’s undercover, he probably would not want to blow cover.

    • Smoked-Locke

      Are you the real Doc Jensen? If so, it’s very cool of you to drop by 🙂

      Undercover cop / Bounty hunter, I’ll take either one of those for Sawyer’s ALT character. Undercover cops can’t risk breaking character too, which could be why ALT-Sawyer let Kate slide away. And yes, since the ALT plot has to be similar to the island proceedings, I’ll agree completely with what you’re saying.

      • Drops by steals my stuff – sideways©!!!

        • Smoked-Locke

          heh? china what now?

    • Ament

      If Sawyer is an undercover officer it is again following the lines of redemption. Sawyer loved his life as head of security for DI and now we may be seeing a glimpse of him getting part of that life back. So far we haven’t seen anyone, except Sayid, in Flocke’s army to really see if the theory has substance. You figure all Claire wanted from Flocke was Aaron back, which we seen her get…but if something is to happen where lets say financially she is unable to raise the baby or karma puts her in an accident instead of her mom, then we may have something here. We all just seen Ben get what he wanted, a caring father, children(students), to be respected and that occured when the principal finally acknowledged Ben as Doctor in stead of Mr.

      My question is will the Kwons be divided? Remember Sun had a chance to get Jin out of trouble and she chose to pretend to not speak english during the misunderstanding. Original timeline we were shown Jin wanting to leave Korea and escape Paik, so I along with most others are assuming the money was to start a new life…maybe not now, he may have owed money leading himself to a refidgerator. What part of the scale do the Kwons fall on?

      • WheresDesmond

        We don’t actually know that Sun was “pretending” not to know English. What if, in the sideways reality, she never had a motivation to learn it in the first place?

        Related to that, many have commented on how she was called “Ms. Paik” and that neither she nor Jin had wedding bands on. It’s likely that they aren’t married in the sideways reality, which means she hasn’t had an opportunity to become deeply unhappy, seek out Jae Lee, have an affair, and learn English…

    • dd

      You are on the list of worst LOST reviewers– in style and content. It’s like listening to a protracted fart.

  • Liz79

    I think he just might be an undercover cop. Maybe what his letting Kate go at the airport shows is that in any reality Sawyer will always be protective of Kate.
    It would set-up a very interesting scenario since Kate is now in FLocke’s camp now.

  • adam118

    Hmm. I guess it can be agreed by all that sideways Sawyer is an undercover cop/bounty hunter/narc.

    Sawyer probably said his code word and the FBI’s going to smash the door down in a second and arrest the lady.

    …Sawyer the bounty hunter would kick ass.

    • I dont know, I am thinking not, he probably just said that she is stupid because she is probably stupid. Remember now, sawyer is all in all a bad boy. Having him become a cop is a little farfetched. And even if, what was the set-up, he had the money, and was trying to con her…

      • Liz79

        Except she’s got a gun on him. I’m not sure he’d be calling someone holding a gun on him stupid if she wasn’t wrong. And we’re talking about the sideways reality where Ben is a history professor caring for his ailing dad (who he killed in the island timeline). I don’t think it’s farfetched. Especially as a poster above mentioned – Sawyer’s already held a law-enforcement role before (during his Dharma days).

  • bps

    This flash sideways parallels the scene in “The Long Con”. 6.08 is called “Recon”…..or is it meant to be Re-Con. Double meaning me thinks.

  • Seabiscuit

    Hm, this gal’s married to a con man? A con man named… Cooper?

    • Now thats a vaild theory you got there. That would more follow the lines of Sawyers character and the whole general theme of LOST… Good Idea…

    • Libbe

      It’s a nice thought, but isn’t Cooper a good guy in the Flash-Sideways? I can’t imagine Locke wanting to invite him to his wedding if he was still the man we knew from the original timeline.

      • Seabiscuit

        He’s obviously still on good terms with Locke, but whether or not he’s a “good guy” remains to be seen. He may well still be conning him, even if the rest of their backstory is different.

        • Libbe

          Good point.

          Still, I dunno if there’s enough time to go into all that. Definitely possible though.

  • Frank803

    A cop or Narc wouldn’t have just got done bone-ing the girl. He’s a conman, but was expecting her reaction and this scene is justthe beginning of a larger con.

    • naultz

      same con as with cassidy…get caught and then the con really starts

  • MacCutcheon

    might it be that she is actually bounty hunter… or maybe she’s trying to out-con the con? should be interesting…

  • Ioannes

    I don’t think he’s either a cop or a conman: I think he’s telling the truth. The twist is going to be that he really is on his way to make a business deal with someone who wants to see the money upfront, and the case did accidentally fly open.

  • Libbe

    I think it’s obvious “Jimmy” is some kind of law enforcement, and I won’t be suprised if Miles is working with him (like in Dharma Days).

    Also, I think “Recon” is a title that is suppose to make you think about Sawyer being a con man (just like “Sundown” made me think I was gonna see a Sun and Jin episode), but it will become more literal (much like “Sundown” was reference to the sun going down)…”Recon” is going to be about Sawyer (and prolly Kate) infiltrating (or doing recon on) FLocke’s camp. I don’t think “Dimples” (or “Freckles”) have any intention of of joining forces with the bad guys.

  • spacebender

    I like the idea of Sawyer running a long con on Flocke that reflects a parallel layered con in the sideways universe, and it was absolutely priceless (couldn’t resist the pun) hearing her call him “Dimples”! I am so looking forward to this episode!

  • Aldo lover

    Sawyer been’s MIA for a few episodes now, glad to see him back.