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The Final ‘Missing Pieces’ – So It Begins – Did they Save the Best for Last?

By docarzt,

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Wow, so what could this mean? It could mean a couple of things. Probably the least likely is that Vincent the Dog is suffering a delusion. This was clearly from his perspective up to a point, but once he found Christian it was all third person omniscient.

Which means, exactly what? It could be either that Christian’s spirit is on the island, or something that really thinks it is Christian’s spirit.

I have to tell you from a writer’s perspective that having the ghosts of characters running around usually deadens the emotional impact of the story, unless they are the lead character’s such as in Ghost. It would be more effective to have beings that have somehow absorb the essence of a person so completely that they seem to be that person and even carry on the emotional relationships. Why? Because in the end, we want a human conclusion, and the most dramatic part of being human is learning to deal with the connections that are ‘Lost’ when our loved ones depart from this world.

There is too much “make your own luck” in Lost to allow for our characters to somehow eventually be reunited with their deceased loved ones on this plane of existence. Besides, that is at least partially what is motivating one character, Ben, and the last thing Lost does is deliver the ‘expected.’

So with that comes a prediction. Ben’s mother will be revealed as being buried on the island. It would be the only way to explain whatever force is representing her as being there. Or, of course, I’m wrong. Which is also pretty darn likely.

From TVFrenzy:

  • Dustin

    Are you completely ruling out the unlikely chance that Christian is still alive? Jack did find a coffin, most likely believed to be Christian’s, empty. Perhaps Christian was bit by a similar spider that bit Nikki/Paulo.

  • babelfish

    Dustin, I was thinking the same thing. I think Christian may be alive(whatever that means on the island). I recently watched season one again, and there are a lot of comments about how impossible it was that they survived the crash. So the island either protected them or resurrected them. If the later is true, than Christian may be no exception.

  • DocArzt

    Nope. Not ruling out anything. I love all theories, big and small. 😀

  • LF815

    first time poster…

    first, call me crazy but at the 16-18 second mark it sort of looks like you can see smokey off in the distance. which brings me to my second thought, in TTLG “Walt” says the same thing to John while he is in the hole, “You have work to do”. I think Christian could be the human form of the smoke monster in this mobisode.

    also, the lower half of Christian was focused on. why was he wearing white shoes with what looks to be denim?

  • LiamPace

    We saw Patchy come back from the dead. Locke was near the point of death, but he came back. Obviously the island’s powers can defy death to a certain degree. Maybe it can heal those who were “mostly dead.”

    The problem I have with Christian’s possible resurrection is that he was as dead as dead could be. There’s no way Jack could have taken his body on the plane had it not undergone an autopsy and some sort of preservation process. I’m sure there are international laws governing the exporting and importing of corpses.

    I lean a bit more to Doc’s side. I think this is another Yemmi experience. For Christian to truly be alive, the writer’s better have one amazing card up their sleeves.

    Of course, there needs to be a way for Jack and Claire to find out thery’re related. Zombie Papa could do the trick nicely.

    Oh! I like that–Zombie Papa!

  • ErasedSlate

    This is what is frustratingly wonderful about the show (as long as there is a payoff). It seems that we see the island play against itself. Here, Christian appears and says that Jack has a job to do. S3 finale, Walt appears and tells Locke that he has a job to do. Yet, the two, Jack and Locke, are at odds with one another.

    Yemi appears and tells Eko that John has lost his way, and that pushing the button is more important than anything else. So, the island guides them to the one place that convinces John to stop pushing the button. Eko takes on the task of pushing the button, and John takes on the task of destroying the rest of Dharma stuff on the island.

    Not only are there two groups that are fighting for the island: the Hostiles and the neo-Dharmites. But, there is a spiritual or philosophical battle occuring on the island.

  • clay

    I’m going with jacob/smokey manifestation. Christian said the almost the exact same phrase as Walt did to Locke at the end of TTLG part 1, “He’s/You’ve got work to do.”

  • Calebspeaks

    How do we know that Christians body was even on the plane. We have the argument that jack has with the ticket counter lady. She seems rather persistant that she won’t let the body on board. Jack says he has to take the “Coffin” to LA. What if Christians body was left behind in sydney, and just an empty casket got on the plane? If is was a closed casket ceremony planned for the funeral. Know one would have known the difference.

  • Bot

    I hope they visit this in more detail this season. I’ve always suspected that the Christian/Jack dynamic has a greater meaning than is generally thought, but dismissed it some due to Darlton reiterating that Christian Shepard is definitly dead. I tend to be completely on “Team Locke”, but I’d find it interesting to see Jack/Christian take a bigger role in the Island’s mythology.

  • tanside

    I used Doc’s method to view the individual frames in the video for any frames that may contain Smokey, but to no avail he doesn’t seem to be there. If anything its from the motion of the camera and the compression used to make a kind of blur effect that people may be thinking is the Smoke Monster. Either way its a totally amazing moment in Lost that really seems to change things, bring on Thursday!

  • Francis

    I can’t say if I like this mobisode or I hate it. My first reaction was: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?
    Has Vicent visions? like Hurley, Kate, Eko, Jack,…But did Vincent know Christian to have visions of him? Is Vincent another son of Christian and brother of Claire and Jack?????
    So, what the hell is this mobisode about?
    Anyway, it’s great to see Christian again.

  • Donnie

    I think the first part could be a dream/vision Jack is having. Besides, aren’t dog’s colorblind, or is that overthinking it?

  • james

    So we can all agree, then: The series finale will be Vincent-centric and will explain all of the mysteries of the island.

    Darlton has said too many times that Christian is dead. If it turns out he is not dead, I will be disappointed.

  • reubenjay

    Sorry to post in possible wrong place, but I have a question. Is the two hour “premiere event” really a synopsis show and then the real premiere? If so, anyone know if the synopsis show would be good for someone that has never seen the show?


  • james

    reubenjay- I think the synopsis show, as they usually are, will do a good job catching you up. However, they often ignore storylines that are no longer a part of the show, and I’ve seen them not even mention characters that are long since dead. If you want to catch up in an entertaining way, check out this video:

    And yeah, the first hour is the synopsis, the second is the show.

  • sonicvince

    How about this one:

    * Christian’s coffin was empty the whole time
    * Cristian apparition on the island is of the very same nature (whatever the way it works) as Anthony’s appearance (to Locke, remember that WTF moment at the end of season 3? Of course you do).

    I prefer this to the “Christian is Smokey theory” because in that case he probably wouldn’t have said “my son” talking about Jack. It constrats with Yemi’s “You speak as if I were your brother” – which I believe is more likely to be a Smokey trick.

    The only thing that doesn”t seem right is that Christian seems very aware of what’s going on as opposed to Cooper who *thought* he knew (he thought he was in hell or purgatory etc) but actually didn’t have a damn clue (but can we blame him for that? :-P)

    What do you think?

  • sonicvince

    Of course by empty I meant it was empty in Sydney, before it was put in the plane – i.e. Christian’s maybe not THAT dead after all – but then as previously said Darlton better have a good explanation on the “But Christian IS dead dammit” thing.

    I know all I say looks like non-sense, I’m just throwing ideas for you guys to chew on 😉

  • DocArzt

    That’s good thinking sonicvince.

  • ErasedSlate

    So, if it was empty before flight left Sydney, any chance of the coffin on the duplicate flight 815 off of Bali containing Christian’s body?

  • Annli

    I’m starting to believe it is two smokies. Why would Smokey be going to Vincent as Christian, why not Walt, someone Vincent would know. Why was Eko & Locke both safe with Smoky once,then it try to kill them(did kill Eko) at another time. Why would Smoky lead Shannon to her death, but help Jack find water?

    There are tons of examples that show Smokey’s inconsistencies with either helping or hurting the Losties. I would also love to see what Locke saw after his first encounter with it.

    This is going to be the longest week ever.

  • sk8rpro


    Your theory is a good observation, but isn’t new. To dig deeper into this theory head over to Lostpedia goodness

    I’m not making any guesses. Those damn writers (I say that with love!) keep causing me to wonder what the hell is going on.

    I’m still sticking with what Darlton say – C’ian is dead!

  • DocArzt

    I think that the multiple smokies theory is sort of a given, but it is an interesting run-down. There were like little sentinel smokies from the very beginning.

  • gusteaux

    I’ve been trying to wrap my brain around this all day. At this point in time, the only plausable theory I can come up with is that it was drempt (as in dreamed) by FUTURE JACK. It’s not sexy, or earth-shattering, or drenched in yet-to-be-revealed mythology. But, I can’t think of anything that could discount it in the context of the story. So maybe this time it’s just a simple, logical explanation: future Jack’s dream. Otherwise, either D&C are outright liars (Christian is dead) or the multiple Smokie theory has legs. I hope neither are true.

  • Annli

    Thanks sk8rpro…heading there now.

    LOL @ little sentinel smokies. You make them sound almost cute Doc. I just can’t wait to find out what they really are.

  • downthehatch

    Christian almost says the same thing Walt said to John Locke: You have work to do John…so I am guessing like Yemi, it’s the smoke monster. Good to see a POV from vincent!

    Ok so what are all of the mobisodes mean? They obviously aren’t a cohesive story, nor are they reveals. Cool canon, but like those “sneak peaks” we got during S3 hiatus, seem pretty pointless (to an extent) and not really revealing. I know that they can’t reveal too much as not all people are going to see these, but certainly some tie ups could have happened, like what Locke really did in the Flame or sub (which I doubt we’ll get answers for) or Did Ben really push that button? Although, I have a theory that during Lock Down there is a safety built in to auto reset in case people get trapped and can’t push the button, but it’d be nice to see that. Certainly the casual fan would probably care less about these mobisodes. I guess it did keep us busy for the wait, so that’s a good thing.

  • matt

    How about this? You know when you are dreaming and you are about to wake up, your sub-conscious integrates your dream into your reality? (i.e. bell going off in a dream is your alarm clock)

    anyways, I think that this mobisode is only to show Jack’s motivations since the beginning of the show…he dreams that his dad is on the island and basically tells him that “he has work to do” or that he has to make him proud. It’s like what Jack owes hinm for turning him back to drinking. “he has something to fix” from Tale of Two Cities…that’s why he hallucinates his dad in the pilot…it’s just a combination of residual sub-conscious “projections” (the island is notorious for dipping into your sub-conscious) and his lingering guilt.

    “SO it begins” means that this is where Jack’s eventual struggle begins…he can’t let go of the past….compare to locke first waking up on the island, he’s happy and excited….he wants no connection to his past. All Jack is trying to do the entire time is relive his past the right way….anyways, that’s my partial-theory of this mobisode….

    sorry for the rambling.

  • suburban coyote

    My take: it’s the Smoke Monster. And before I go any further, let me say the other theories are cool and may totally turn out to be right.

    Three reasons I don’t think it’s a dream. First, it’s a bit of a let-down premise, even for these mobisodes. Jack would probably be dreaming of his Dad, sure, okay. It doesn’t go much past that. Secondly, if it’s Jack’s dream, how does he know Vincent? (Do we see him see Michael and Walt at the airport before they check Vincent? I’m pretty sure we don’t but correct me if I’m wrong.) Third, the director (good ol’ Jack Bender) seems to go out of his way to establish Vincent’s POV, which seems like an odd choice if you want to suggest Jack is dreaming.

    The reasons why I think it’s the smoke monster have all pretty much been mentioned. I’d only add that Christian is wearing the same outfit we see him in later (chronologically) in “White Rabbit” (someone asked about the sneaker). Also, trying to understand the monster/island’s motives is tricky. It seems to test people, and give them a chance. And it didn’t actually kill Shannon, only led her to the spot where she was killed by Ana Lucia. Not like when it thrashed Eko to death. Here it seems to know Jack is a leader, and this early on, the survivors need a leader.

    And maybe Jack and Locke being at odds isn’t really being at odds, if you get my drift.

    Anyway, this could mean that Christian Shephard is Jacob, I don’t know, but this was the best mobisode. Sorry for my ramblings. Great to see you back, Doc!

  • technoprep

    Ok…this was def the best mobisode. Just awesome.

    I want to take it at face value; in real time – the time of the crash.

    Christian’s alive. He is not smokey. He is not Jacob. Not an apparition. The simple answer is that the coffin was empty; no body. We all know the island can heal or kill.

    Christian has no connection to Vincent so Vincent is not hallucinating (hum…but they do drug dogs when air traveling – doggy downers). I still believe that Christian is not an hallucination.

    Jack is not dreaming and it’s not a memory from the future.

    I’m hoping it was an alternate opening…Now THAT would have really been freaky…Totaly Weirdness, right from the “git go”! Maybe too over the top for the mainstream…Love it!

  • technoprep

    also…WTF is up with Christian’s really white tennis shoes?

  • Dusk

    Re: the white tennis shoes

    Whoever worked at the funeral parlor and packed the coffin obviously realized Christian’s corpse had better shoes then his white tennis shoes, so pulled the ol’ switcheroo.

  • Dave

    Does seem like there could be a battle between “spiritual” elements (for lack of a better term) on the Island, that is, if this mobisode is for real.

    As for Christian, the producers said he’s dead in a way we may not understand yet…

    Just watched the movie “Solaris”, and some of Doc’s comments reminded me of that film, in which a planet absorbs the memories of the astronauts orbiting it (similar to how the smoke monster “scanned” Eko’s memories?), then constructs a living, physical being based solely on those memories. Could be something similar here, that is, if this mobisode is for real.

    I think it’s very possible that, with this mobisode, the writers are TOTALLY SCREWING WITH US. “Christian” seems very out of character, almost happy go lucky. I think it’s a gag.

  • sonicvince

    I think I’ll stick with my theory.

    After reading some of the other posts (especially Dave’s one about Chrisitan being dead in a way we might not understand yet…) I think it sort of makes sense. Does anyone remember if Jack saw Christian’s body before leaving Sydney? Because if he did then maybe my theory doesn’t fit then.

    I’m not too sure about the several Smokey thing – I believe there’s only one, and he acts differently with people because it punishes wrong-doers and helps or at least leaves alone “nice” people.

    I think I’ll stop theorizing and just watch the next fringing episodes (with hope that they will actually write new ones…hope this strike won’t last forever, and I really hope it stops soon enough to have the 16 episodes in a row)

  • jediblueman

    Jack did see Christian’s body and identified it before he left Sydney. However that still leaves question whether the body ever was transported in the coffin on the plane. But Christian was definitely dead before that. You can see it in “White Rabbit”.

  • J Jo

    OH GOSH!!

    I’ve just seen this and I’ve been reading the Mobisode 13 thread over at XXXX: XXX.XXXXX.XXX!

    I’m gobsmacked over this one!!

  • Annli

    “Certainly the casual fan would probably care less about these mobisodes.”

    I think your right about that. I was all excited about this last Mobisode, showed it to my husband. He was like “so what”? I thought he would like this one. I had never even told him about the other ones. He is a casual fan only. The only thing about Lost he sees is what is on ABC.

    I have been checking out Lostpedia. Thats a really good site. I like the was it’s set up.

    Thanks for sending me over to it guys.

  • Kier

    Does anyone else find it odd that Vincent did not actually wake Jack up? The “island” said it needed Vincent to “go wake him up,” but Jack was up before Vincent got there.

  • reubenjay

    James- Thanks for the insight. I have seen all episodes but have a new girlfriend and need to try to get her up to speed so I can get her excited to watch the whole series.

    Doc- Very happy to have a place to see your work.

  • Becca

    Donnie- dogs aren’t colorblind in the sense they see only B&W but they do have limited color vision. It’s hard to know what “colors” their senses actually perceive in relation to ours. Despite this, I’m giving the clip creative license- how could we possibly truly have a dog’s eye view w/o being dogs? 😉

  • fotoloco

    it was like some loose end they left in season 1 the empty coffin
    and i always wonder bout it

    obviously the island is powerfull, with my friends we got a theory of time travel, and redemption, i dont know, sounds strange, but maybe the more important issue is that nobody canhave children on the island, remeber back to the future…

  • 4815162342

    Christians’s white shoes reminded me of the ones in the pilot. The ones hanging from the tree. I wonder if they are the same pair…