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Two sneak peeks episode 6×16

By lyly ford,

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here 2 sneak peeks of episode 6×16

From TVFrenzy:

  • Brad

    After watching last night’s (sorta disappointing episode) these two got me interetsed again…

  • Matthew Perry

    They really don’t waste any time putting these bad boys out there, do they?

    Anyway, these were great. Seems immensely promising. Detective Hugo seems hot on the trail of a lot of the mysteries that will carry over from last week, and I always love a good Jack/Sawyer moment.

  • Bouncing Naked Jack Moobs

    Awww, that Jack/Sawyer scene made me all teary-eyed.

    • Rams

      Me too… 🙁

    • Bouncing Naked Jack Moobs

      Jacob’s kind of a rude little shit.

  • funkyassbass

    Does anyone else think ghost Jacob is going to try and make himself a smokey thing?

    • Rams

      Maybe Jacob is going to resurrect himself, or use the ashes to make “special” incantated wine for anoiting his successor.

    • Gusteaux

      I’m wondering what would happen if ghost Jacob tossed his ashes into the cave of golden light? Battle of the Smokies?

      • Rams

        lol. that would be something. the new Freddy vs. Jason

  • innernaut

    If the show ends with light boy and dark boy hugging, I’m going to be pissed.

  • minnie swirl

    Awww…that’s so sweet Jack reassuring Sawyer. Maybe they can go out later and grab some Polar Beer together after they settle all this Flocke stuff.

  • Josh

    Is it me or does Sawyer look different?

    • The Magician

      He looks clean shaven.

    • joshua

      He looks like he fell asleep in the dharma tanning bed

    • Jimmy Kimmel

      Sawyer’s looked different this entire season if you ask me. Maybe it is the fact he hasn’t had a beard when he previously has in every other season.

  • Ioannes

    …can anyone else now see Sawyer testing Jack’s “He can’t kill us” theory – and getting killed for it?

    • Neil

      I could see this happening, but it better not…

      • Cody

        Didn’t you watch the clip? Sawyer basically said what happened to your “he can’t kill us” theory and Jack said “I’ve been wrong before”

  • dp2

    So John Williams is still doing the soundtrack this week.

  • Frogurt’s Arrow

    All the grey stubble on Jack is kinda sad. Matthew Fox seems to be ageing fast. 🙁

    Anyway — good scenes. Unlike some very recent episode I won’t mention. 🙂

    • Artie Lange

      Lol stubble is grey you fkn idiot. Jack has had a salt and pepper beard since season 1 anyway.

      • Frogurt’s Arrow

        Wrong! Try again someday.

      • Burley Hurley

        What do you mean “stubble is grey?” What planet are you from? Stubble is whatever color a person’s hair is. Calling someone a “fkn idiot” over something like stubble color is yet another example of how socially inept the people on this board tend to be–and it’s especially ironic that you’re wrong.

  • lostfanboy16

    Its so good to see the regular characters again.

  • Josh

    I just did an exam at college today. The first page said “Notes to all Candidates”, is it wrong I got excited?

  • I love Sawyer realizing his huge mistake in tinkering with the bomb, and Jack trying to make him feel better.

  • spacebender

    A powerful yet understated interaction between Jack and Sawyer, with Hurley also visible in the background. I am so looking forward to this episode!