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LOST “The Variable” Video Podcast (Possible Spoilers)

By docarzt,

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The mysterious regibob strikes again with an early release of the LOST official Vodcast.  All praise regibob!

[media id=71 width=320 height=240]

From TVFrenzy:

  • lockeheart

    wow. that was kinda disapointing. I was hoping for more about the upcoming episodes, but oh well, with the week off I will watch or read just about anything that involves lost.

  • angjen0816

    it wasnt too bad but all those ads were annoying!!!

    • TRoss

      OMG, I had to rewind it three times to catch what I missed clicking the little x’s. And there were three ads each time – that’s nine fucking ads in a three minute video.

      • DocArzt

        Yipes! Sorry folks, that should not be happening. I’ll disable them until I can figure out what is happening.

      • Mr_Rob

        hey it just like watchin LOST than with out a dvr lol

  • Dolce

    Mission accomplished Doc, I saw no ads.

  • 3432

    The video won’t start, I press play and it loads for a second then stops

    • Yvonne

      It won’t start here either, and I wanna see.

  • imfromthepast

    that had what to do with The Variable?

    • polar bear on roller blades

      i thought the exact same thing. Kate’s probably gonna run away from Dharmaville with Jack cause she “has always been on his side.”

  • Dave Thompson

    You should see me lower my head in dissapointment. How pointless, do we really need to talk about the “quadrangle” again? What are you going to say that hasn’t been said 10000 times already, not mentioning The Variable has more to do with hardcore mytho than the JJKS quadrangle.

    But then again, they mustn’t give anything away about what will be a mind-blowing episodes (the last 3 eps will kick so much ass)

    BTW that video failed in Canada I had to get a copy from some other user.