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100 Answers and still scratching our heads…. Premier recap and specualtion part 1

By nomaD,

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The season premier of LOST started us off with a bang and this season is unlikely to slow down. Over the course of two hours LOST fans were treated to tons of answers but in the end were still left wondering “What the heck is going on”?

As season 6 fades in from white we see a familiar scene. Jack, plagued by deja-vu, has been transported to moments before the Oceanic crash… There are many subtle differences here from the first time we saw this, a side by side comparison is here: Side-By-Side Comparison

Ive been a long time speculator that the opening of Jacks eye in the season 1 pilot gave the same sense of deja-vu and always thought this wasnt the first time weve done this… In fact if you play the pilot opening scene the way they showed the ALT timeline scene on the plane it has much of the same effect…
So whats different? well for starters Jack didn’t seem as keenly aware the first time around. We see a major role reversal here as Jack is the one panicked to Rose’s comforting. Cindy, our stewardess, hands Jack a single bottle of Vodka rather than two, and this time it will be their little secret rather than breaking some FAA regulations… When Rose said “you can let go now” I got a strong sense of how this will be an essential theme to the rest of this season…

When Jack returns from the bathroom Desmond has sat in the seat next to Jack and in the brief few lines Henry Ian Cusick delivers he steals the screen. Not only has Desmond never made it to the Island to forget to push the button which will crash Oceanic 815, but the Island itself, it reveals, has been submerged under the water under some yet unknown circumstance.

So the internet chatter was right on, an alternate time-line has been created, the only logical new narrative device, however our Losties who detonated the bomb have been catapulted back to their respective time and must now suffer the consequences of the detonation.

Sawyer steals the show in these early scenes. His character development has been extraordinary throughout five season’s which really makes us feel for Sawyer in a genuine way. Another thing I would like to note is that Josh Holloway has had his own evolution in his acting, In season one Holloway seemed like a soap opera actor to me however he has truly come into his own and delivers some of the most powerful scenes in this episode. It was difficult though to watch Juliet die again and again, between re-watching season 5’s finale and the recap ep and then the previously on Lost i feel like I watched Juliet die a hundred times. Josh Holloway is awesome when he gets the chance to really act like this…

The scenes on the plane are great for nostalgia, getting to see many of our favorite losties who have fallen on the way is great. We find that this ALT reality is alot like a mirrored image of what took place the first time around. Shannon has not come with Boone, Locke got to go on his walkabout, Hurley is lucky… etc….

After Richard and Ben scuffle over Lockes dead body we find FLOCKE sitting inside the statue in Jacobs place… This is the first time I have really seen FLOCKE as perhaps the good guy in the story. We are told this episode that FLOCKE is really the smoke monster, which many had guessed. Some have refused to accept that he is in fact smokie however Darleton did confirm this last night on Kimmel to a crowd of people who gasped when they said it as the show was pre-recorded and none of the audience had seen it yet….

Anyway, what do we know about smokie? Smokie seems to be protecting the island, ridding it from the unworthy inhabitants while allowing those who have achieved redemption to thrive… It obviously serves its own agenda as Locke was able to walk, we can assume this was a move that was thought of several moves ahead and was essential if MIB was to succeed in convincing Locke to take his own life in order for smokie to take his shape, and all this was done so that Ben could fall from grace and suffer the humility that would ultimately lead to him CHOOSING to kill Jacob. In that respect EVERYTHING down to Bens Cancer was all moves in the game…

And what do we know about Jacob? Well he seems like the good guy, wearing white and all, however what are his motives? He keeps bringing people to the island, while MIB thinks this is futile. It seems however that even dying was a move made by Jacob played off of the moves played by MIB/SMOKIE/FLOCKE…. Jacob’s death was part of a series of moves that he had accepted and countered. (more on this later)

When FLOCKE tells Bram that Jacob is dead he tells him, you can go now, your free…. (sounds like “you can let go now” doesn’t it) He says, I have GOOD news, there is nothing for you to protect….

It was at this point I again started giggling with excitement over how awesome this show is… haha – Then Flocke goes off camera, a bullet hits him and falls to the ground and smokie kicks some bodyguard butt…

Emerson who’s character has fallen a few tiers plays the confused, bewildered Ben to perfection, quite the opposite of the Ben we grew to love to hate.

And with Locke being escorted off the plane in a wheelchair part 1 comes to a close… Check back soon for Part 2!

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  • naultz

    Great review of first episode. There is alot of info to think about. I really love the feeling of deja vu, but with twists, that we are experiencing in the “new” alternate timeline. i think the island sank after the H-bomb was detonated. They show us shots of the dhama barracks underwater which means the island sank after 1977 and the inclusion of Desmond on the plane would indicate that the island sank before he arrived to the island. What other event occured in this window of time that would have such a cataclysmic effect on a land mass?. One other thing to think about. even with the alternate timeline, why wouldn’t Jack remember Desmond from their conversation at the stadium? this event happened before either of them were on the island so it would have occured before the split in the timelines.

    • I think the conversation between Desmond and Jack at the stadium could very well have been another time line as well… It would be awesome if some of the flashbacks we’ve seen have been different time-lines completely and the way they could circle back to that would be similar to the way they did with the Flocke scenes last season showing him telling Richard to tell Locke that he must die…

      • Nice post nomaD!

        I agree it would be great if the flashbacks were in fact alternate timelines. What if what we’ve been seeing all along weren’t flashbacks or flash-forwards, but were always flash-sideways?

        • No, that wouldn’t be great. If I have to tell you why, then please don’t make your own tv shows.

          • naultz

            i’ve been thinking about this all day and I think i figured out why jack does not remember meeting desmond at the stadium…because this event would have never happened in the new time line. remember the reason that desmond had the opportunity/determination to enter the race around the world was because of his failed experience in the british army. he was dishonorably discharged from that post because of his continual medical issue of blacking out which was caused from him leaving the island ( episode: the constant). since desmond didn’t have flashes, he didn’t get discharged from the british army and probably never competed in the race around the world which means,he would have never been training for the race and therefore, never met Jack. I also really like your idea of the flashbacks/flashfowards altering with the new timeline. it’s like that movie butterfly effect where one change would snowball into many new changes/variations in the present timeline.

  • rivum

    you’ll note that jack did recognize des – he just couldn’t place where.
    remember that their initial meeting was some time before 815 so it’s very plausible that he wouldn’t specifically remember a one-ff meeting/conversation that was relatively brief.

    • Yeah, we don’t know if he fixed Sarah’s back or not.

      • Yet in the season premiere of Season II, Jack remember exactly who Desmond was…”YOU!” and that encounter was many days after the plane crashed on Fantasy Island.

  • spinflip

    Did Locke really go on walkabout in the alternate timeline or did he just lie? You know, people often report things how they wished they would have happened, instead of how they really happened.

    • Yeah, I like how they tricked us into initially thinking that the new universe was some kind of wonderfully perfect place. At the point Locke talks about the walkabout, I thought, “Oh, wow! Maybe he’s not paralyzed here!” These are tricksters we’re dealing with!

  • nitcholass

    Re: Des and Jack. They probably never met in the ALT Universe because Des never needed to train for Widmore’s race around the world because….Widmore died when Jughead sank the island(?), and Penny was never born….I’m so pumped for this season.

    • cap10tripps

      Very good point, although it’s more likely that Penny died on the island as a young girl. This creates a new paradox of Faraday not existing to tell of a bomb and a plan to detonate and change things. This simply means that there is only one timeline and now “Bad Twins” exist.

      This is all reminding me of “Donnie Darko.” Both tangent universes will cease to exist unless one is destroyed. If the tangent universes are allowed to converge (which will innevitably begin to happen) the Valenzetti equation comes to fruition. There will be a point that someone (Jack?) will knowingly have to prevent this from happening and destroy one of said universes. I guess this would make Desmond Frank the Bunny.

  • McPhearson

    I suppose my biggest question is: Why is Locke still in the wheelchair in this Alt reality? You can assume that his father still stole his kidney and threw him out the window. But wasn’t it Jacob who brought Locke back to life after he plummeted from the window. If there is no Island, then there is no Jacob. And if there is a Jacob, how did he leave the Island before the nuke was set off in 1977? And if there is no Island to go back to, what purpose would Jacob have in saving Locke’s life?

    • cap10tripps

      Another paradox and reason one of the tangent universes must be destroyed, or else both will be.

  • numbersarebad

    If Widmore did survive in the ALT, maybe he approves of Desmond. I could see him sending Desmond on an underwater mission to move the island out of the water.

    Perhaps the Donkey Wheel will have to be destroyed or isn’t the only one of its kind. It would be wild if the island itself was moved somewhere like Tunisia.

  • penny winsor

    I have a question why did Cindy start off with an American accent and then slowly go back to her Australian accent?

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