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Between Locke’s Legs


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I hope that title got your interest?

Before John Locke crashed on the Island, his father pushed him out of an eight story window, and in the subsequent fall, Locke broke his back and was paralyzed from the waist down. He was not able to use his legs. Yet, after the crash of flight 815 on the Island, we see Locke, lying on the beach, and he looks at his toes and wiggles them. By some miracle, Locke had regained the full use of his legs, and there was no evidence of his paralyses. Locke attributed his healing to some mysterious property (or purpose) of the Island.

Up to this point, we have accepted this “healing” to have been a positive incident in John’s life, and a gift of the Island to him. But, Mrs. Hawking says the universe will “course correct” to prevent the future from changing.

And have we seen any course correcting in regards to John? Yes we have. Five times now, he has had problems with one or both of his legs, as if destiny wants to correct something that the Island has done to him. At the Beechcraft, his legs steadily ceased to function, reducing him to a crawl. His leg was impaled by the blast door during an impromptu lockdown in the Hatch. After Ben shot Locke, Locke woke up sometime later in the grave, unable to move his legs. Despondent and in pain, he was about to shoot himself with a gun he found on one of the corpses, when suddenly Walt appeared on the edge of the pit, telling him that he could move his legs and that he had work to do. During a “time shift,” Locke winds up back at the Beechcraft plane, and he attempts to climb to it but was stopped by a bullet piercing one of his legs. The shooter was Ethan, who John knew from the future. And lastly, when he falls to the bottom of the well, near the wheel chamber, he hits the bottom of the well shaft, and suffers a compound fracture, seriously injuring him.

So, for me a new question arises. Is the Island good for man or bad for man? Is Ben, the Others and Mrs. Hawking trying to actually protect the world FROM the Island. The Island keeps healing Locke’s leg, but it seems something (fate, destiny, the Universe) keeps trying to put John “back in disorder.”

It all makes me wonder if for almost 4 1/2 seasons, we have been looking at the Island as if it needs to be “protected” or “saved” from someone, something. Maybe the world needs to be protected from the Island?

From TVFrenzy:

  • clueless1der

    WLN, I always enjoy reading your articles. If I could remember how to do it, I would post myself. hehe.

    And yes, that title *DID* get my attention.

    Your point is valid; anything after three can’t really be explained via a coincidence. John started out his life in a desperate situation; his mother being struck by a car while pregnant could have caused him unknown damage. The idea of the island continually pushing “reset” is an interesting. I think I like this theory because I’ve always had the impression that Ben & co have had their own agenda…. we’ve just always assumed that it’s a negative one based on their actions in accomplishing it.

    • WLN

      Thanks. I decided a long time ago that Ben was a good guy, in the sense that he is working for a greater good, even though innocent people may get hurt. That happens, it’s a fact of life.

      Just recently, as season 5 has progressed, I have been looking for other “points” that could suggest that we are not looking at what we think we are seeing (that sentence hurt my brain).

      This article (and ones to come) will examine that thought, and see what we can come up with.


      • WLN, sadly, you have succumbed to relativism.

        Ben bad bad Ben.

        The man has committed massacre. He has murdered for revenge, and vowed to go even further by murdering an innocent (Penny – probably dead now).

        He has also used his manipulative skills to abuse the emotions of those around him. Hugo comes to mind, here. Can there be a more innocent victim on Lost?

        No, WLN, there is difference between innocent people getting hurt as a fact of life and innocent people being hurt that has nothing to do with the Rule of Nature.

        Humans, as creatures of Reason and unlike any other known creature, have the capacity to determine fairness with the exception of the Rule of Nature.

        • jimmy zer0

          While I do certainly see Ben as flawed, I’m still not entirely convinced that he’s the Big Bad, or even the No. 2 Big Bad. Yeah, he has done and is doing some fucked up shit, but we still don’t know WHY he’s doing it. And to me that means he may still have a redemptive, heroic death. But he will definitely die, please believe that. (Although how awesome would Lost be if the show does end with Ben as the villain AND the last man standing; fully in control of the island? The only way that could be a cooler finale would be if he and Locke fuse into one being and the final shot of the series is them standing on the rim of the island and shooting lasers out of their mouth as the island floats above an unsuspecting Los Angeles. The only way you’d stop that would be by loading Jack Bauer into a cannon and shooting him at them…)

      • clueless1der

        We (MsDee and I) were talking about this in the chat room last night. I’m always hesitant to mention anything arguing for the good side of Ben, mostly because I don’t think there’s really all that much good there. But “Not good” and “pure stinking evil” are very different.

        Here were a couple of things we discussed- off topic but hey. In 3:16, Ben was the person giving Jack the Bible lesson. I don’t really think it matters whether or not you believe the religious aspect of what he was saying- just that out of all the characters who could have said something like that, they picked *BEN* to educate on Doubting Thomas. Symbolism? Maybe. What does that mean for Ben? Why him….

        And secondly, I’ve asked this numerous times and honestly don’t think I’ve gotten an answer yet. Did we actually see YoungerBen killing off all the Dharma people? I remember Richard saying that he had to prove himself…. and I later remember Ben saying something similar to Locke about his father… but I don’t remember actually seeing thru the show him doing it. Flipping the switch, releasing the gas, whatever. Is it possible that there was some slight of hand there? Don’t get me wrong. Killing your dad (or in Locke’s case having Sawyer do it) doesn’t immediately award you for the Nobel Peace Prize, but are we sure he’s not being blamed– or taking credit– for something that he didn’t do?

        Maybe I just want that to happen, lol. Because I don’t trust the “I have an errand to run” scene, then seeing him covered with blood, panicked on the phone with Jack. Again, “panicked” can be open to interpretation.

        Okay I’m thinking too much. What do you think?

    • rick

      but why would they be in such a hurry to get back to such a horrible place??

      • Ben identifies with the horrible place because his is such a horrible life. The Island empowers him.

        John goes back because he’s looking for meaning in his own conflicted life.

        Jack goes back purely out of faith that there is something HE must do for the good of everyone (he is a doctor and has often acted as a hero and defiant in spirit.

        Of course, he may well be a sucker like John. Only time will tell.

    • neil

      okay im a true lsot fan okay,

      im just gunna bring a couple of things togerhter from all serius

      mainly about dhamma

      we know tht the others are evil from all serius and are very smart and whitty but have understmated our castways on many ocasion e.g were like 10 get blown up at end of serius 3 goin back to serius 2 were locke and eko first find the pearl station how it was eko’s dream tht lead them there etc ben and juilet went into the pearl station before and watched them in teh swan “button station” also the medical sattion were claire was takken, and later the zoo station were jack kate and saywer were kept are all abbned after use. which i dont understand why and did anyone notice how almost ever person on hte island is linked ?? cba t go trough all links but theres alot ive got a lot more theroies but im jsut gunna trown in a long hsot ere and say

      tht the island as 2 personaties sumtimes

      the nice healing one and then the nasty killing one ” adventures”

      do u find it sum how a couisedcne tht jacoobs messange “jacks dad” is a doctor = healing

      but wt if

      jacoob is like locke wts t be at one with the island and explore it etc
      and jack is hte healing part and thts why he shud have never left.

      this theroies based mainly on first 3 serius not seen 4th fully yet so cant relly make judjment


      tht last eposide were ocianic 6 get bk to island its been 3 years so wt ever locke did t stop island shiftin in time ” put whell back on axis” well there stuck in tht time and dhamma was still goin then and wt if our castawys take over dhamma and run it probberly

      i also think desmond is important in this b’coz he cna tim travle and seems to be the only one t succesfully change the futer yes, so wt if thy spin wheel other wya wud it go bk in time and there fore wne locke was a live and cud desmond say to him like in so many years dont kill ur self jack will return to the isalnd he just needs to bu guided the right way or summet.

      jsut a couple of ideas in my head trown together

      sorry bout speelling im kinda stupid :L


      4 8 15 16 23 43 [EXECUTE] 🙂

  • Sin

    wow!~ good thinking, and makes lots of sense!!!

    • WLN

      Thank you. I will be examining this line of thought in future articles.


  • THinIL

    Also, the preview for the next episode shows Locke’s leg getting run over by a car…

    I think the Island is in a different dimension/timeline. One where Locke never fell 8 stories; and Rose never had cancer.

    I predict Locke’s value in this story, and why he’ll be revived, is because he will tell a young Ben Linus everything he knows. Locke will be a leader of the Others during the Dharma Initiative 70’s/80’s and will be the one to order the destruction of the Dharma folks (the Purge). We’ll see some of the Oceanic 6 with Locke and The Others and some of them joining Dharma.

    • I think John Locke’s story is over, myself. Along with Jeremy Bentham’s quite short one as well.

      I predict he will only be relevant in flashbacks or as a ghost like Charlie.

      • JimmyJon

        I don’t think they would kill off someone as integral as Locke and make him a bland ghost pal when they wouldn’t even do it for Charlie’s character, especially since he get’s star billing for the season and not a guest star slot like Mader did.

        • FutureMe

          UGH! I ****ing hate spoilers!!!!!!!!

          • jimmy zer0

            Nothing got spoiled, quit being a weenis.

          • rivum

            saying that locke’s leg gets run over by a car is most definately a spoiler. i haven’t seen that on the show yet, therefore spoiler.

          • Jack Daniels

            How does Locke’s leg getting run over by a car qualify as a spoiler? I mean, I don’t think it’s a massive revelation. A spoiler would be if somebody said that Boone appears in the episode. Now, I’m not saying that he does, but I think THAT is a more major element of the story that I wouldn’t want know about prior to watching the episode. However, I tell a lie, as spoilers don’t really matter to me at all.

            I live in the U.K and since SKY doesn’t screen the episodes here until four days after it’s U.S premiere, I read the episode recaps on every Thursday. I bet you all just want to scream right now, and hey, each to their own, but even a theory can be a spoiler. Think about it. What if Boone does appear in the episode, hypothetically speaking, of-course. Wouldn’t the revelation be somewhat spoiled by virtue of reading the theory?

            I guess it comes down to the same old solution. If you don’t want to know what’s happening in the show until it screens on television, then stay off the internet, otherwise you’re bound to find something that will eventually ruin your chance of being surprised, whether it be deliberate or not.

          • dolce

            I don’t like spoilers either- true spoilers. But I don’t mind the clips and photos released by ABC. That being said, *unspoiler*, I have yet to see any indication that Lockes leg gets run over by a car. Where do people keep getting this?

  • Great post. It made me think of two powers and not just one (Jacob) being one perhaps the healing, nurturing , guiding one and the other being the course correcting, no second chances one, the smokey one…just a thought provoked by the great post.

  • Charoop

    “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it’s enemy action.” (Ian Fleming)

    • Cool quote!

      • And come to think of it, perhaps his role all along has been to inspire Jack. There have been many of those instances where he has confronted Jack about his lack of faith. John’s desire to be a part of the Island could be way he keeps going down the wrong track (influenced by the yin of the Island) instead of being on the right track (yang).

        As long as he is acting for himself his legs work. When he is on the right track the yang takes away that gift.

  • Ed Holden

    I don’t think we should assume that everything that happens is a mistake in the timeline that has to be course-corrected. In fact, there’s reason to believe that only a small subset of events is somehow “in error,” and that Desmond is related to all of these events. He seems to be the only one who can successfully change events, causing course-corrections. One could theorize that the Ajira flight is a course correction that corrects for Desmond’s influence in getting the O6 rescued. But the end of Locke’s paralysis seems to be something the island wants.

    • WLN

      But, is that good? Many of us have been assuming that the Island needs “protection” and that the Others are doing that. What if the Island needs a functional Locke for some evil purpose?

      Is it possible Ben, Hawking and the Others have, for all these years, been responsible for keeping the Island from doing something bad to the rest of the world?

      My point is, try looking at the story so far and imagine that the Island is the “bad guy.”

      • Ed Holden

        That is a very interesting proposition. I’d never even considered the island to be a malevolent character.

      • While nothing Ben says can be trusted, he has mentioned protecting the Island as his motivations.

        But since the issue being discussed here is if the Island is actually a bad thing, some malevolent force with the intent to harm Earth, perhaps Bad Ben Ben Bad is taking advantage of that for his own DIABOLICAL means.

        I suspect there are two forces competing against each other on the Island, much like the Ben vs. Widmore or Jack/Science vs. John/Faith themes.

        There is yin and yang for all things, supposedly, for those few of us out here that have shrugged off the relativism faith of the Left.

        There is Good and Bad.

        Let me be more blunt: With the application of Reason there is a Good and EVIL that can be defined, and it’s not from relative points of view. I suppose those who murder or commit genocide or rape or steal can claim from their view they are just products of Nature. Since Nature has long been the environ of the Left that is supreme over existence (in sharp contrast to Western reasoning that there is some Supreme Force over even Nature), such people we deem criminals do indeed have an argument. That is the argument of Relativism – right and wrong is determinate on point of view.

        I suspect – and hope! – that the Lost creators have an understanding of Right and Wrong, of the two universal truths that have conflicted with each other since the Creation…or maybe even forever. Much like each individual battles him or herself throughout life, I suspect whatever Supreme Intelligence exists has done so as well, and Existence (of reasoning beings) is compelled to do the same.

  • RandomZombie

    I don’t think that the numerous injuries to Locke’s legs is a case of attempted course correction. Every time his legs get injured, it’s when he’s beginning to stray from the path that the island has set for him, or when he needs a nudge in the right direction:

    1) When he needed direction in opening the hatch, leading to the finding of the crashed plane and Boone’s death, which resulted in the pounding on the hatch that prevented Desmond from committing suicide.

    2) The blast door incapacitated him and put him in a position to see the map on the door, which led to the finding of the Pearl.

    3) If Ben hadn’t shot Locke (resulting in what appeared to be paralysis,) he would have returned with Ben to the other’s camp, and thus would not have known to attempt to prevent Naomi and Jack from contacting the freighter.

    4) Ethan’s shooting of Ben gave a reason for Alpert to find Ben (though we haven’t been shown this yet) and give him the compass, leading to Alpert’s interest in Ben as a potential leader.

    The island knows that Locke’s legs are his greatest emotional weakness – there’s no better way to get his attention than threatening to take away the gift that it gave him.

    I still believe that the island is ultimately good, it just has a rather severe way of letting people know what needs to be done.

  • I remember that John said he had no feeling in his leg, when he was trying to open the hatch, like he got cut and it didnt hurt, but now he can feel everything like him getting shot. I didnt get that part.

  • WLN

    Maybe I can make this idea a little broader.

    Is the Island actually “bad” and everything that seems to be “controlled” by the Island (healing, attracting visitors, shifting time, killing certain people etc.) is for a malevolent intent?

    And, folks like Alpert, Hawking, Linus etal are trying to prevent the Island from is mission, it’s final goal, it’s purpose?

    And if we take the two suppositions above and compare it to everything we have already seen, does it present a possible new way to look at the plots?

    Your opinions?