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Doc Jensen: What does the New Indiana Jones, X-Files, & Lost have in Common?

By ErasedSlate,

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Catch Doc Jensen’s Column at  Apparently, Jeff Jensen emerged from Locke’s Sweat Lodge with a brand new off-the-wall crazy theory that bridges the Lost story with the new Indiana Jones movie and X-Files.


Also, Koobie gets a shout out for his work on the heiroglyphs. 


To get Jensen’s crazy theory read the article.  Here is the tease for this week’s episode:


Sayeth Damon: ”Remember after the finale last season when everyone was asking us why Jack was blathering on about his father in what turned out to be our first flash-forward? It was just the booze and pills talking, right? And hey…why did he start taking pills in the first place?”


Sounds like a case of Physician: Heal thyself!

From TVFrenzy: