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Lost Theories – 4.10 – Ghosts walk among us

By ErasedSlate,

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With all of the walking dead, there is one scene that got my attention and I am sure yours too.  Christian is holding Aaron by the campfire.  So, the ghosts have the ability to manipulate their surroundings.


Also, Miles was very interested in Claire throughout the episode.  Since Miles can commune with the dead, I wonder if he knew something?  Did we just witness a Sixth Sense moment?  Did Claire actually die in the previous episode when her house went kaboom?  Could it be that her connection with Aaron allowed her to be manifested physically until she met with dear old Dad?

From TVFrenzy:

  • forgiventhewarlord

    That was my first impression also.

  • rob

    man, this whole dead/undead ghost crap is confusing the hell outta me. as if the show wasnt already full of enough unanswered questions. granted, there have always been the “sightings” of supposedly dead people on the island. seems to me the ghosts have always led whomever they were directed towards to something of importance. have we seen more of these ghosts this season with the introduction of the flashforwards? seems like it. hopefully, when we see goodspeed next episode some of these death issues will be covered. p.s. kill claire. oh wait……uuuuhhh……????

  • jteckmann

    I was thinking something very similar … but I think we might have seen her moment of death in this episode.

    IMO, she wasn’t killed immediately in the explosion, but she had the head injury that was slowly bleeding. The scene of her waking up was actually her dying in her sleep – and Christian was there as the Island’s “grim reaper” to greet her/claim her/whatever.

    That’s why Aaron was left behind. Also why Miles was so interested – he could sense she was dying, and why he didn’t follow her into the woods – he knew that she was passing.

  • forgiventhewarlord

    Ok, I’m on the jteckmann bandwagon… I think that he’s onto something. Maybe her dead body disappeared the same way that Christian’s did.

  • Troy

    OH MY GOD!!! I didnt figure that out at all… but now that you mention it… it makes PERFECT SENSE

    These writers that make this show are simply freaking amazing…


  • MerlboroMan

    Erased –
    Excellent idea. It’s a new way to kill off survivors without killing them off. LOL

  • spoontazz

    Something that bothers me about many Claire theories is that Desmond envisioned Claire getting on a helicopter if Charlie died in the Hydra. This is incongruous with Claire dying at this point I think.

  • theMachine

    true, but maybe when the rules were changed, it changed everything!!!“

  • 4815162342

    The only problem I have is why does Claire have a bandaide on her head if she’s dead. If she’s dead, she wouldn’t bleed…right?

  • MerlboroMan

    While there seem to be some holes in this theory, you have to admit, it’s a damn interesting one. I like the outside the box thinking here. I’d be blown away if this was what the writers intended.

  • Intrigued

    hey everyone, long time lurker, first time poster 🙂

    I find this theory very interesting. A couple things I want to add.

    Ben in Season 3 about regarding the freighter “Every LIVING person on this island will die”

    How many non living people are there? Is Richard Alpert dead since he doesn’t seem to age? and remember Ben’s comment to Richard “you people remember birthdays, don’t you?”

    The only hole I see was mentioned earlier, and that’s Des’ vision of Claire and Aaron leaving via helicopter.

  • 4815162342

    Ok, I just had an idea about this theory.
    With Rose’s comment to Bernard about why is Jack sick, people don’t get sick here-they get better….
    Maybe Rose & Locke are actually dead-that’s why Locke can walk and Rose’s cancer went away. But why Jack fell ill and why Ben got cancer.

  • chromaticblues

    Wow, this theory is amazing. Although I like Claire I’d like that to happen.

  • rob

    hey, desmond always changed what he saw in his visions (except charlie finally drowning, even then, he tried to get in the room in the looking glass). the fact that he saw claire/aaron getting on a helicopter, doesnt exactly mean that they will actually get on it. i think the only person desmond said anything to about them leaving the island was charlie, and he’s dead (maybe). not looking forward to more claire crap.

  • Bill

    What if they are not really ghosts in the traditional sense of being spirits of the dead? What if they are the product of all this course correction, time traveling stuff, i.e. they are really “ghost images” of an alternate chain of events? I would analogize it to back in the old days when you made recordings on a blank cassette and then went back and recorded over them. Sometimes if the prior recording was too strong you wouldn’t totally erase the old recording and could still it in the background of the new recording. What if, as Ben and Widmore are battling it out, the product of their time traveling/course correction is re-recording the chain of future events? The re-recording of the chain of events is not completely erasing the prior sequence in the minds of those who experience it. They have these “ghost images” left in their mind that are very real and indistinguishable from reality in their minds. What I picture here is Ben wanting a particular outcome and then essentially recording a chain of events (through the power of the island that he controls) to produce the outcome. If he doesn’t like the outcome, he simply rewinds the tape and re-records with slight modifications until he gets his outcome. The side effect of this is the “ghost images” on the recordings. How else do you explain the elaborate plans he has so perfectly executed to produce an outcome that would seem improbable at the beginning? It also explains Desmond’s visions of the future.

  • Christine

    I’m pretty sure Miles just thought claire was hot.

  • bierrenbach

    but… how does sawyer interacts with her? for me she’s not dead YET, seems clear to me that she will be gone untill the finale, next episode maybe…

  • ErasedSlate

    bierrenbach, Sawyer interacted with her the same as Jack interacts with his dad or Eko interacted with Yemi. The ghosts on the island can manipulate objects like Christian holding Aaron. Plus how odd was it that Claires house gets blown to kingdom come and she gets a sctatch on the head?

    I think her case is special because Aaron is special. He alone could have the power to summon Claire’s ghost. She just didn’t know what she was yet. Why else would Miles not stop her from leaving without telling Sawyer? Miles knew that she needed to step over and find out what happened to her.

  • Mark Buehner

    Anything that kills off Claire i fully support. And her baaaaaby if there is any danger of him growing up to be as annoying.

  • milo

    I don’t get this at all. If claire was dead, how would Sawyer and everyone else see her? How would she pick up the baby? And if ghosts could do this, why hasn’t it happened with any of the other people who died on the island? I think this is just overthinking things.

    As for Christian, either he is a manifestation of Smokey and not a ghost or vision, or Claire has the baby all along and she’s just imagining that Christian is holding him.