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Lost Theory – The Black Rock Journal Auction

By ErasedSlate,

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Over in the forums, Gusteaux created a thread about the auction and the journal.  Here is his post:

The Constant was amazing. There was so much information to digest, disect and discuss that I almost wish the month-long break could fall here.

I’d like to focus here on one small scene: the Black Rock Journal Auction.

The scene raised numerous questions for me that I haven’t seen addressed.

Charles Widmore paid 480,000 pounds for the journal, and I feel confident that he would have continued to bid as high as was necessary to obtain it.

But who were the other bidders (both at the auction and on the phone)? The bidding started at 150,000 pounds and went up in increments of ten and then twenty thousand pounds per bid. Seems like there were many who were willing to pay handsomely for the Journal. Should we be concerned with who they were? Widmore certainly didn’t seem to be.

We assume that Widmore wanted the journal for one of two reasons:
1) To learn the location of the island, or
2) To keep anyone else from learning the location of the island.

Or both.

The connection between Hanso and the Dharma Initiative is canon. We have long suspected that a similar link exists/existed between Widmore and Hanso/Dharma. However, this scence seems to contradict that theory because, if there were such a connection, why wouldn’t Tovard Hanso simply give the journal to Widmore?

And why in the world would Hanso put the journal up for auction in the first place?

I firmly believe that Widmore is serious evil and quite probably the Economist.

I believe that Widmore knows about the island but doesn’t know where it is…thus the purchase of the Journal.

I no longer believe that Widmore is connected in any way with Hanso/Dharma, for the reasons stated above.

Now. What if Widmore fabricated the “race around the world” and manipulated Desmond to “enter” it in order to prove to Widmore that he is not a coward.

What if The Elizabeth wasn’t Libby’s late husband David’s boat, but in reality was Widmore’s boat that he had Libby “deliver” to Desmond for him? Yes, that would mean that Libby was a Widmore plant. As much as I love Libby, I’ve never trusted her.

In 2001, Desmond receives the coordinates for Widmore’s “race”, which are actually the coordinates of the last known voyage of the Black Rock, as taken from the Journal Widmore purchased in 1996. This could either have been an attempt to send Desmond into a black hole he’d never escape and rid Penny of him forever….or serve as Widmore’s Elouise–sending him in to see if he’d ever find the way out. In other words, if Widmore had learned the dangers associated with finding the island, landing on the island, and safely returning from the island, what a better guhnea pig to use before attempting it himself than Desmond?

I also believe that Widmore is on to Penny and knows that she is very close to finding Desmond. I also believe that the freighter people are working for Widmore, which would mean that Abbadon is working for Widmore.

This will probably all be proven wrong next week because Alan Dale is listed as a guest star in the JULIET centric “The Other Woman.”

Oh, but we were talking about an auction, werent we?

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