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Lost Theory – The Orchid Fake Out?

By docarzt,

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Forum poster ManchesterUTD has posed a pretty interesting alternative scenario for the Orchid and the presence of time travel and duplication in both the orientation film and Lost in general.  What if these effects are actually side effects of a process with an entirely different goal?  Check out his theory in the forums and chime in there.

From TVFrenzy:

  • All Hail Mikhail

    Ok, I consider myself a “hardcore” Lost fan which is why I feel like a jackbag for not being able to recall this information. Have we found all the stations, yet? Is the Orchid Station real in the Lostie realm or just an easter egg for us to think about?

  • roomforhuman

    @ All Hail Mikhail: Yes, the Orchid is a real “cannon” Dharma station. On the Access:Granted section of the Blu-Ray season 3 DVD, Damon and Carlton talk about the different stations. Carlton says something to the tune of: “As we’ve seen in the Orchid orientation video, it seems that Dharma was messing around with space and time.” Whatever they said basically confirmed that the Orchid is not just an easter egg.

  • Annli

    I like this theory.

    I have been looking for sites with lots of theories together. Can anyone suggest some good theory sites?

    …… I hear Doc has some good ones out there, abut I don’t see the min the theory section.

  • Desmundo

    Love it, but where does the Lamb come in?

  • TrillianM

    Annli, you might check the theories section over on for some of the Doc’s older theories.

  • All Hail Mikhail

    Really Cool!!

  • ManchesterUTD

    Desmundo, when hallowax asked did u set the shift, i believe hes refering to Lambs Shift

  • numbersarebad

    I almost forgot about the mystery of where the stations got there power from!…So what would happen if the rabbits got too close to each other?

  • ManchesterUTD

    numbersarebad, i think the rabbits are related to time travel or another By product as cuse and Lindelof suggested.

    Zero point energy in the context of the show would be a great idea for the worlds power crisis but the ammount of unknowns when tampering with this kind of technology could of created so many unknown’s

  • annli

    Thanks Trillion