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LOST With Lyndsey…”The Incident” Pts. 1 & 2

By LOST With Lyndsey,

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“It only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress.” Jacob

Super-Duper Brief Recap

Season 5 Finale- “The Incident” Parts One and Two:

For the Season 5 finale, the LOST cast rallied and decided to act out the Bible in roughly 84 minutes. Technically, they did it in about 72 minutes, when accounting for the artificially added, twelve-minute gunfight, which I totally don’t remember being in the standard-issue Catholic go-to, King James edition.
Still, it was all very impressive.
My only gripe was not getting to see Ben and John’s rendition of “Jesus Christ Superstar,” which I understand had to be cut for time.
And while that duet would’ve been killer, I’d be grossly remiss if I didn’t state, right here and now, that I am effing thrilled with “The Incident.” I think it was brilliantly executed.
Also, I am totally 100 percent crushing on Jacob.
Wait…was that a blasphemous statement?
Forgive me Father, for I have sinned…

Dear Micro-Me…

Dear Micro-Lyndsey (circa 1987),
I know you hate it. I know you cannot comprehend why your mother inflicts this gnarly-ass extra hour of ‘school’ upon you every Sunday, especially AFTER you’ve been made to sit through that interminable Roman Catholic mass.
Still, I heartily encourage you to pay attention to those seemingly ‘meaningless’ parables that bore you so…
While I am trying to keep your life as ‘spoiler-free’ as possible, I will tell you that one day you’ll have a favorite show in the whole wide world (no, not “Who’s the Boss?”,) and all of this preachy nonsense will suddenly thread itself together and become the genesis of a most awe-inspiringly intricate web of characters and events, which you will come to know as, “LOST…”
This is precisely why you will not regret devoting some time to the tale of Esau and his kid brother Jacob.
Their pals Thomas, Moses and Judas are wicked fun too…
I swear to God (even though we aren’t supposed to,) that it’ll be worth your time.
Trust me on this one; I’m from the future.
Macro-Lyndsey (circa 2009)

“One of these days, sooner or later, I’m going to find a loophole, my friend.”

Jacob weaves his divine threads of creation, and then catches a super-symbolic salmon to satiate the Original Hunger.
Jacob is joined by Esau a conspicuously unnamed, diametrically-opposed-older-brother-type, on the beach. They converse as The Black Rock approaches from the sea, and it quickly becomes obvious that Jacob and The Other Boleyn Girl the guy who really wants to kill him, seem to have majorly disparate opinions on the whole ‘You-can’t-change-the-future’/‘Oh-yes-I-can!’ debate.

“If I could chhaaaannngggeee the world…” Eric Clapton

Radzinsky thinks consequences are for pussies.
And in spite of his Eric Clapton-inspired eyewear, Stuey is not a pussy.
Far from it, actually.
He’s really a lot like the O.G. badass, Thomas Edison.
And thank Jacob God!
Because, just think of where we would be sans electricity and you know, The Swan Station…

“Yes, I lied. That’s what I do.” Ben Linus

The jig is up.
Ben admits that he’s a total phony and that he’s never seen Jacob. He feels blue.
I’m sure it doesn’t help that just 20 paces to the left, Richard and John swap ‘Super-Special-Island-Guy’ beauty secrets.
Ben feels way left out, as he is neither age-less nor un-dead.
He suddenly wishes he hadn’t been so cavalier with Ethan’s life, because hey, at least Ethan was loyal. Sigh.
But now Ben is loyal.
To his leader… John Locke.
And John Locke decrees that Ben must kill Jacob.
Because he said so. And actually, he’s doing Ben a favor.
Just as Ben did for Locke when he delivered Anthony Cooper to John for retribution…
Though, thinking back, that didn’t really go so well, did it?

Even God Changed His Mind on Occasion…

Richard attempts to enroll Jack in some ‘John-Locke-Ain’t-All-That’ trash talk, for which Jack is traditionally totally game.
However, recently, Jack’s had a change of heart re: Crazy-Leg-John.
He’s developed a soft spot for the guy and his ‘Destiny’ mumbo-jumbo.
He encourages Richard not to ‘count John out’ just yet.
Because John is his disciple or apostle or whatever.
*The preceding ‘awesome’ was a retrospective, sarcastic ‘awesome,’ brought to you from the future. This ‘awesome’ is a Variable and was derived from the end of the episode. If things had gone differently, I’d not have added that bit of sarcasm, as it would not exist. Or would it? *
Juliet also changes her mind.
And hey, even though Juliet is not God or even Jack, it’s still her prerogative and she’ll do what she wants to do.
So she stages a flashy ‘Coup d’Sub’ and heads back to the Island to live together , die alone save the Others.
And also to escape Sawyer’s moony-eyed ‘Kate-looks.’
Which was sad, because I for one totally got sucked into all the “Blondie” and “I love you, back,” Suliet stuff. Which I’d resisted. For a long while.
As the French say, “Que Sera, Sera…”

“I’m sorry that this happened to you…” Jacob

Jacob bops around spreading his divinity and touching his ‘chosen ones.’
Please note that Juliet was not ‘touched.’
Except for by Sawyer, who is pretty effing divine himself, so I would’ve called it a wash, except for the fact that Sawyer is not actually God, Jesus, Jacob or any other savior. Turns out that sheer physical beauty and hella quick wit, do not a deity make.
Also, the presence of Jules’ red t-shirt (never a good color choice in a finale sitch) just didn’t bode well…

“We hide in plain sight” Sayid

So Ellie is ‘in charge’…
Even though Richard claimed (in “Whatever Happened, Happened”) that he does not answer to Ellie or Charles. Still, upon performing the now-famous “LOST-gun-to-the-back-of-the-head-knockout,” he declares that he did it to protect his leader, Ellie. He sends Jack and Sayid into the wild (a.k.a.- alarms blazing, almost-Incident-ridden Camp o’ The Others.)
Sayid, feeling fortified by his discovery of Horace’s ‘mathematician’ jumpsuit, does some quick calculations and remembers that the quickest way to get from point A to point B is via straight line, and suggests that he and Jack make their way directly through the fracas. Sadly, Uncle Rico is still all angsty toward ‘the Hostile who shot his kid,’ and he promptly shoots Sayid in the stomach.
Hey, an ‘eye for an eye’ or a ‘stomach for a stomach,’ you know?
Once again, Hurls and his mystery ship Dharma van, arrive just in time to scoop Jack and Co. up, and expediently transport them far away from “The Battle at Dharma-ville.”

“It’s always something with you people” Rose

Post-‘Great Sub Escape,’ Sawyer, Kate and Juliet paddle furiously toward the Island.
Kate and Sawyer share a moment. Juliet cries on the inside.
Once they arrive on the beach, Juliet and Kate share a moment and have a laugh about all those times they bitch-slapped one another.
That was their internal dialogue anyway…
Suddenly, Demon Dog Vincent makes an appearance, which prompts the much-anticipated re-appearance of Earth Mother Rose and Scraggly Beard Bernard.
Bernard has clearly spent the last 3 years enjoying the herbal offerings of the mysterious Jungle and dancing naked in the moonlight with his beloved.
Island ‘retirement’ has been good for the Phil Collins (a.k.a.- Genesis) fans, and they care not at all to shoot people and save lives and stress out over shit like, saving the universe, man…
They point ‘Team Stop-Jack’ toward the barracks and bid them adeiu.
But not before Bernie asks Jules to stay for the weekend, and invites her to enjoy a spot of the delicious magic mushroom tea he’s concocted.
She seems momentarily tempted, but instead opts to forge on with her love and his love.

“In my experience, the people who go out of their way to tell you they are the good guys are the bad guys.” Frank J. Lapidus

Massively good call, Frank.
Call me a cynic, but I’ve gotta agree that the truly good, authentic people in life, tend not to harp on said ‘goodness.’.
Still, Frank (the ‘Candidate’) joins Team Ilana (against his will) and immediately wishes that he hadn’t been given access to ‘Locke-in-a-box.’
Especially after his new ‘friends’ start burning and looting…
Frank may be a helluva pilot, but has no experience with extinguishing forest fires.
He’s also not down with the whole ***“And the enemies set fire to the house of God, and broke down the wall of Jerusalem, burnt all the towers, and whatsoever was precious they destroyed,” nonsense. ***(2 Chronicles 36:19)

“I don’t speak Destiny” Sawyer

Team Destiny runs into an issue, in the form of Team Free-Will.
It’s all so ‘Hatfield’s vs. McCoy’s’…
Just as Jack and John had once done, Sawyer and Jack settle in for  ‘5-Minutes-Tops’ leader talk.
Sawyer channels Churchill and requests that Jack pull up a tree stump, so they might speak like gentlemen. Jack refuses. Sawyer insists. Jack obliges.
This is already going better than ‘Locke-Talk ‘05’

Sawyer spills his tragic tale to Jack and concludes that even though he knew that he’d have been able to prevent his tragedy, he’d decided not to. Because what’s done is done (read: ‘Whatever Happened, Happened’.)
He asks Jack what he wants…because “a man always does what he does because he wants something for himself.”
Jack admits that he’d wanted Kate. And he’d had what he’d wanted.
But now it was too late to get her back, so he’d rather change the course of the entire Universe, in hopes that he might ‘Eternal Sunshine-ize’ his mind and heart.
This is clearly the logical thing to do, as Jack is obviously not a fan of the ol’ “get over it and move on,” school of thought.
Sawyer sees that Jack is pretty solid in his decision to nuke the Island, so he takes the opportunity to kick Jack’s ass. And groin. Which I can imagine was no picnic for Jack.
Juliet saunters in, just in time to save Jack from Sawyer’s years of pent-up aggression.
Jack slips away during Jules announcement that she’s defecting from Team Stop-Jack.
Though Sawyer was the heavy favorite in his scuffle with Jack, Juliet turns the tables and easily decimates Sawyer when she spits the reason behind her sudden ‘change of mind.’
It seems she and Jack are now on a common mission… to avoid losing the ones they loved and skip the heartbreak altogether, by never encountering them in the first place.

Same Line…Different Time

*Radzinsky learns that the ‘Hostiles’ will soon descend upon the site of the future Swan Station. He commands Phil to fortify the perimeter so that “when they get here, we’ll be ready for them,” which is exactly what Jack said when Karl informed the 815-ers that the Others were coming “NOW!” back in S3’s “Greatest Hits.”

* Kate wipes the blood from Jack’s head wound and they discuss how it ‘feels like a million years ago’ that she first stitched Jack up in the Jungle.

A similar line was uttered in S3’s “There’s No Place Like Home,” as the two waited for the ‘rescue’ helicopter. That time it was Jack who commented, “It feels like a hundred years ago that we first came out here.”

Shortly thereafter Jack repeats his favorite convince-Kate line, “Are you with me?”

And just like that, Kate is magically re-enrolled on Team Destiny.

Back at the van, Sayid gets weaker and Jack promises him that ‘this will work’ and Sayid will be saved. Sayid disagrees, claiming, “Nothing can save me.”
Jack stomps off to prove him wrong, and throws some metaphorical salt in Sawyer’s gaping wound as they pass in the Jungle, by promising to “See him in Los Angeles.”

“So maybe the best thing to do is nothing? I’m glad you all thought this through.” Miles

Miles suggests that maybe “The Incident” was always Jack setting off the nuke, and that perhaps everyone needs to just, like, let everything run its course. Clearly Miles has NEVER MET EVEN ONE OF THESE PEOPLE.
Jules vetoes the ‘sitting still’ plan and Team Help-Jack, head for The Swan.

“This Don’t Look like LAX” Sawyer

Phil spies Jack and another madcap shoot-out begins. The ‘Van that Dharma Built’ once again squeals into town, in just the knick of time. Sawyer saves Jack by taking Phil hostage… which  seemed like a way ill-conceived plan, right from the start.
I mean, seriously?
I’m a loyalist and all, but were I as hell bent on ‘changing the world’ as Radzinsky seemed, the sacrifice of that woman-beater Phil, would be the least of my concerns…

Still, Sawyer’s gun-to-head-of-Unibrow tactic seems to have worked, and after his trademark “5 second pause for fear,” Jack drops the bomb.
And we wait. And wait. And wait…
And then we collectively realize that perhaps in his weakened condition, Sayid’s
‘re-jiggering’ of the bomb, so that it detonates on impact, may have gone awry.
But before any brilliant new plans can be hatched, that crazy magnetic force that Alvarez got caught up in, unleashes itself times a bazillion, causing major issues. And while it was gratifying to see un-Radzinsky and his entire Jeep of cronies get sucked into the vortex, as well as watch Phil become the victim of “flaming-arrows-2.0” better known as “metal rods through the chest,” what happened next broke my wretched heart.
And I cried.
And so did you.
Deny it if you must, but Sawyer fighting for Juliet’s doomed life was phenomenal.
And gut-wrenchingly poetic. And, in my mind, maybe the saddest goodbye on LOST…ever (don’t maul me Charlie-lovers…it’s an opinion.)

“I’m the same man I’ve always been” John Locke

I am totally not a gloater, but I would now like to gently point out how totally ‘un-Locke’ S5 John Locke really is. Was. Whatever.
John and Co. arrive at the statue and he promptly gets snippy with Richard regarding why they’ve stopped. Rich-y totally faces John when he tells him that they’ve stopped because they’ve arrived.
John proceeds to get all lippy with Richard and accuse him of “making up rules,” after he suggests that Jacob would prefer to speak ONLY to the leader…
And that only one leader is allowed on the Island at a time.
This causes John to play his “But-I’m-the-leader-and-what-I-say-goes” card for the 90th time in the past three episodes.
Ben and John proceed into Jacob’s lair…

“I’m a Pisces” Ben Linus

Benjamin Linus is a Pisces. Jacob Jesus was also said to be a Pisces.
The symbol of Pisces? Why, a fish of course.
Just like the symbol of Jesus, which somehow reminds me of the fish Jacob filleted on that rock, all those years ago. Fun.
Other notable Pisces?

Bobby Fischer- Chess Genius. Ben also likes chess…
Maurice Ravel- Composer and Famed Concert Pianist. Ben enjoys the piano…
Albert Einstein- Scientist- concocted some theory about time being relative. Tres’ Ben…

And last but totally un-least:
Linus Pauling- Scientist and peace activist
Pauling was born in Portland, Oregon. Just like Ben…

According to Wikipedia:

*During the Second World War, Pauling worked on military research and development. However, when the war ended he became particularly concerned about the further development and possible use of atomic weapons and with the destruction inflicted on the world by war in general.”
* In 1946, he joined the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists, chaired by Albert Einstein.
*In 1962, Pauling was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his campaign against above ground nuclear testing. His beliefs were not without controversy at the time and he was criticized by some for his actions.
* Linus Pauling died of cancer.
* Benjamin Linus had cancer as well, but our Linus also had Jack…

I wouldn’t dare to attempt to connect all of the above with the Benjamin Linus we saw last night, but I like the connections that might be drawn in terms of Ben actually being a ‘good guy’. I’ve clung to this hope that Ben really has a genuine love for something other than Ben, and that he was simply protecting that thing, by any means necessary.
The Ben we saw last night was the pretty much the anti-Ben.
We saw a complete character 180 and it was wholly powerful.
Pre-finale-Ben totally hinged on the idea that he was special.
That he was chosen.
That he was a leader.
And now he thinks that he was merely a pawn…

And he is spinning.

“NO EFFING WAY!” Collective viewer outcry post ‘Locke-in-the-box’ reveal

Ilana and crew arrive at the statue for a quick show-and-tell with Richard starring the corpse of ‘John Locke 1.0.’
Sun was already craving a stiff drink and this revelation only serves to stoke that desire.

“What about me?” Benjamin Linus

Jacob and Not-Exactly-John exchange not-so-pleasantries.
Jacob acknowledges that Non-John has found his ‘loophole,’ and then he addresses Ben.
Ben is fired up, vengeful, and ready to scrap.
He makes a stirring speech about ‘always doing what he was told and continually being ignored.’
He is a man spurned and he is done with doing as he’s been instructed…
He asks what was wrong with him.
“What about me?” he yells
Jacob calmly sneers, “What about you?”
Ben replies by stabbing Jacob…exactly as he’d been instructed to.
Ahhh Bartleby. Ahhh Humanity.

With his last, dying breath, Jacob warns Non-John that “they are coming.”
Non-John tosses Jacob into the hell-fire and watches him burn.

But here’s the kicker…Jacob totally goads Ben into killing him.

He was dealing with an emotional madman and instead of giving him the ‘choice,’ as he’d always done (even if it was a manipulative, faux-choice) he made sure that Ben would snap. He needed Ben to kill him.
Exactly as he always had. Exactly as he was meant to. So that everything would be ‘Constant.’
But then Juliet got her hands on the bomb…

The Last and Final Sacrifice

Juliet finds herself up close and personal with that dang faulty bomb.
She makes her final sacrifice. Her final choice. And she chooses ‘faith.’
She detonates the bomb. And she changes everything.
White screen… blank slate…Tabula Rasa.
The ‘black’ had been written. The ‘black’ had been the Constant.
The white is still un-written…it’s the Variable in the truest sense.
Juliet was the Variable.
She was never ‘touched’ by Jacob.
No one knows anything from here forth.
And though, according to Jacob, there is but ‘one ending,’ we are left to wonder if this particular brand of ‘progress’ is big enough to change all of that?

A New Thought for a New Day

We are all familiar with the story of Jesus and his Judas.
The widely accepted version of the tale dictates that Judas betrayed Jesus by delivering him to the Romans.
But what if that weren’t exactly the case?
According to the ‘Gospel of Judas’, Judas and Jesus struck a deal whereby Judas would deliver Jesus to the Romans so that Jesus could carry out his duty to God.
This ancient scroll was written in the 2nd century AD,  and described the story of Jesus’ death from the viewpoint of Judas.
“Where was this thing discovered?” you ask…
Beni Masah, Egypt.
During the 1970’s.
In a leather-bound Coptic papyrus (probably just like the journal that Daniel carried…)

I am not necessarily saying that Ben IS Judas.
In fact, in addition to his Judas-y characteristics, Ben is a fun Moses, Thomas, Andrew hybrid.
Along with a slew of others, I’m sure.
In the end, I think that drawing direct parallels to the Bible is a bit of a cop-out, but I do think there is merit in some of the conclusions that might be drawn through consideration of these possibilities.

I’m also liking the idea that Jacob may actually be Aaron.
Yes, I know that I have previously shunned this notion, but what if he were?
And what if (as Miles pointed out) the future has already happened and essentially becomes the past, thus the actual ‘timeline’ (1954, 1977, 2007,) would matter not at all?
Because its all ‘past’…
What if the ‘Esau’ figure isn’t actually a brother at all?
Might he be anOther?
Might he be a version of Ben or Jack or Christian or someone else entirely?
Food for thought…

Just Asking/ Saying…

* Simon was the father of Judas. ‘Simon’s Butcher Shop’ served as Benny’s ‘dead-Locke storage,’ as he attempted to gather the O6.
* Ben could not kill Widmore, just as ‘Esau’ could not kill Jacob.
Do the players change, but the rules remain constant?

* Both John and Ben have Mother’s named Emily. Neither John nor Ben appears to be as ‘special’ as they’d hoped. Might John and Ben represent ‘twins?’ Warring brothers? Duality? Cain and Abel?
* The still-intact statue holds an ankh.
* Jacob physically touches each 815 survivor that he ‘chooses.’
* What’s Frank’s story? Why him?
* Nadia is killed in the same over-the-top, way-fake looking manner that Juliet’s ex-husband was.
* John Locke ‘never should have survived’ his eight-story window tumble.
Seems as though he may not have. Good thing Jacob was hanging around…
* Jin wrote out his wedding vows (as did Jack’s ex, Sarah). Sun wings it (a la Jack)
* Christian always believed in Jack. But, it seems Jack may not have always believed in Jack.
* Hurley is discharged from jail. Against his will.
* Ever the easy mark, Hurls believes it was really his ‘choice’ to get on Flight 316.
* The knife Ben uses to kill Jacob is the knife that John ‘chose’ as the thing that was ‘already his,’ when Richard visited him as a child.
* The music playing behind Ben’s maniacal stabbing of Jacob is a total ode to “Psycho”
* Jacob ‘makes the thread’ (of life) by hand. He spins his own silk.
This totally brings me back to S1’s “The Moth.”
In that episode, Locke attempts to save Charlie from relapse by explaining the mysterious nature of struggle.

Locke: Come here. Let me show you something. What do you suppose is in that cocoon, Charlie?
Charlie: I don’t know. A butterfly, I guess.
Locke: No, it’s much more beautiful than that. That’s a moth cocoon. It’s ironic. Butterflies get all the attention. But moths, they spin silk. They’re stronger, faster…
Charlie: That’s wonderful, but…
Locke: You see this little hole? This moth’s just about to emerge. It’s in there right now, struggling. It’s digging its way through the thick hide of the cocoon. Now, I could help it. Take my knife, gently widen the opening, and the moth would be free. But it would be too weak to survive. The struggle is nature’s way of strengthening it.

Could John be the real ‘Judas’?
Could he be supporting the ‘true’ leader’s strength by forcing his (or her) struggle?

“Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.” Albert Einstein

From TVFrenzy:

  • illegibleg

    Super delicious job, Ms. L.

    Question: Were you referencing Jonathan Edwards’ “Freedom of the Will” with that Bartleby line? That would be some old school shizzle, my bizzle.

    “* The knife Ben uses to kill Jacob is the knife that John ‘chose’ as the thing that was ‘already his,’ when Richard visited him as a child.”

    If Richard visited John because John visited him earlier, how would Richard know which objects belonged to John?
    Does Richard go *back* in time? I thought he was on a linear path.
    So, somehow John chose the *right* object, and Richard thought it was the wrong one?
    This gives me an inkling of hope that Locke is still, somehow, some way, Locke. And Richard is just middle management with lots of makeup.

    • briguyx

      Nope, Locke is not somehow Locke. Locke is dead… at least until he shows up alive in the new timeline The Incident (probably) created. I think he was fascinated by the knife as a kid because he was always interested in the outdoors (remember, he became an expert in the use of knives) even though circumstances tried to push him towards a more intellectual/scientific path.

      I kind of think that in addition to white being the color of the time flashes, Darlton were riffing on the ending of “The Sopranos.” In a few interviews I saw, they said they would never fade to black like “The Sopranos” and they didn’t!

    • bps

      Wasn’t one of the objects that Locke had to choose from the compass? Richard thought it belonged to John because John gave it to him. He expected John to choose the compass. However, its possible that the compass doesn’t belong to anyone because its in a loop; John gave it Richard and Richard gave it to John. So who does it really belong to? Perhaps John chose the correct item and Richard just didn’t realize it.

    • LOST With Lyndsey

      While I would love to claim the ‘Freedom of Will’ reference, I cannot. I was referring to Melville’s novella “Bartleby, the Scrivener.”
      My, ‘Ah Bartleby, Ah Humanity.’ was more symbolizing Ben’s resignation to his fate, his overall anger and his feelings of being ‘wronged.’ But the ‘Freedom of Will’ connection is rife with possibility and I’m loving that.

      “Richard is just middle management with lots of makeup.”

      • illegibleg


        The Narrator in Bartleby reads Edwards’ Freedom of the Will in trying to figure out what’s up with the scrivener. There’s a really cool analysis of the connection between the two texts in Branka Arsic’s “7 &1/2 Times Bartleby.” I just happen to be writing a paper on Melville, so the reference got me all excited. If, next season, Ben says “I would prefer not to” in his Ben voice, I will pee myself.

        I am totally convinced that Melville shows up all over the place in Lost. OR, Melville shows up in the books/movies/etc. that show up all over the place in lost. Allusions are crazy.

        Some Melville allusions:
        Locke arrives on the island with a scar that looks a lot like Ahab’s. Locke (in his past) is also “monomaniacal” about his father, who initially wounded him. He chases him again, only to end up without the use of his legs. On the island, he’s obsessed with finding out who’s in charge, the White Jacob.

        I’m hallucinating. I know.

        Again, great job.

  • Greggg

    “Technically, they did it in about 72 minutes, when accounting for the artificially added, twelve-minute gunfight, which I totally don’t remember being in the standard-issue Catholic go-to, King James edition.”

    Ah, see, that’s your problem. The Catholic bible has 73 books compared to the 66 in the King James (not including the Apocrypha).

    You missed the whole section in the Book of Judith where the angels of the lord lay down covering fire on the whole of Ninevah. Gripping stuff. The VW bus, however, is non-canonical.

  • Fritz

    Am I the only person on the internet that agrees with Miles’ idea that the detonation of Jughead always happened? If not, a season of ‘paradox free’ timetravel would be for nothing, since changing the future would be the biggest possible paradox the show has presented.

    • Charlie’s Ghost

      I agree. What happened, happened. Juliet always detonated the bomb on the pocket of energy. This always was what has been known as the incident.

    • asdf13

      No, I agree.

      And the Knife Ben used to stab Jacob was not the same knife that Richard Alpert used in the test.×11/cabinfever-cap118.jpg

    • Praenomenal


      This is always as it has happend, next season we get so see how they “always” dealt with it.

      • Uncle Beaver

        Something tells me we’ve seen the last of the Dharma Initiative. Just about all of the major questions about Dharma have been addressed… not directly answered.

        I’m thinking the final season will tell us more about Ben, Widmore, Hawking, Alpert, and the conflict between Jacob and his Nemesis.

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    One thing to also point out, Lindsey, is that Jacob said that ‘we’ll find a looophole, my friend’….not ‘i will find a loophole, my friend’ I think this is very significant. Not sure why its significant, but I believe it is. Its almost as if Jacob is willing to be killed if someone can figure out how to do it. Maybe this is why he keeps bringing people to the island.

    • LOST With Lyndsey

      Especially since we all know that they ‘cannot’ kill one another.
      And not because they lack the opportunity, but because it’s some sort of ‘rule’ in the game.
      Like, the Esau character wanted to kill Jacob, but could not.
      Ben wanted to kill Widmore, but could not.
      When John falls down the well and Christian is there, John asks Christian for help. Which, of course, Christian tells him that he ‘cannot’give him.
      I’m wondering if the ‘loophole’ IS something that Jacob wants the Esau-ish guy to find… which would also explain why he bothered to warn Non-John that ‘they were coming’ as he died…

      • verylost

        Not to confuse things, but Esau’s father Isaac asked him not to kill Jacob until after Isaac’s death. He wasn’t “unable” to kill Jacob. He simply was respecting his fathers wishes.

    • neoloki

      No, the line is “I’m going to find a loophole, my friend” not “we”. This is confirmed by the transcript on Lostpedia. Here is the link,,_Parts_1_%26_2_transcript

      • LOST With Lyndsey

        That’s actually where I went to get the exact wording when I was writing…but I can see the validity in the line either way, I guess.

  • Alan

    Jacob was the smoke monster that appeared to Ben as his deceased daughter, and told Ben to follow Locke implicitly. Jacob knew Esau was coming as Locke, and Jacob wanted to be killed by Ben. Jacob knows the loophole Esau is using is not actually the correct loophole, even though Esau thinks it is, so when Ben stabs Jacob and Esau burns Jacob’s body, Jacob goes up in smoke, and goes into his smoke monster form.

    Will the real John Locke come back for season 6 or is Locke 1.0 truly gone and not going to be saved by the bomb Juliet exploded?

    • Alan – love the theory of Jacob as a Smoke Monster. So will he join Smokey, or are thinking that Jacob has been Smokey all along?

  • Lyndsey – so did it take you 3 hours to write your blog (like it did for mine)?

    Some great points this week, but I for one did not shed a tear when Juliet went down the Rabbit’s hole because I have a hunch we’ll see her again next season (but I do agree that she was the only islander not physically touched by Jacob, so maybe she may be gone for good?)

    I was actually more effected by the fact that HOLY SHIT Johnny J-Lo Locke is really dead! He lived his whole life as everyone else’s doormat, finally gets to the island where he has ‘purpose’, becomes leader of the Others, and about 3 minutes into his leadership the island goes through Timeshifts. That’s it. He turns the Donkey Wheel and ends up back in the real world just to Fail there as he did before (in recruiting the Sixers) and ends up getting murdered by Benry. WTF? Pretty lame.

    Now Johnny 5 is running lose and for all we know could be Silas Esau (Jacob’s nemesis) in disguise.

    • LOST With Lyndsey

      Um, yeah. It took me like two days. I watched it online as it streamed from the East Coast. Then I watched again when it aired in Hawaii. Then I started reading scripture. Which I don’t do. And never have. And then I started reading translations. I can now speak Latin. And Hebrew. That was a lie.
      Anyway, then I started researching Bertrand Russell (who totally made me think of our Bernard, esp. this new, pacifistic, hippie Bernard). Bertrand Russell also had siblings. Their names? Frank and Rachel. Like Frank Lapidus, perhaps? Both Bernard and Frank’s eyes are super-Blue.
      And well, Jules sister was Rachel, though I’m not thinking that matters…
      Point is, yes…it took me a long time and I really got so caught up in so many details that I feared I might explode like that chick from Willy Wonka.

      Totally with you on the Johnny 5 Alive issue.
      Though I wonder, based on some other theories I’ve now read (which is something I do not do before I hit publish on my own columns, b/c again, I fear exploding,) if Silas really is foe? Might he be friend?

  • DarthBubba

    “My only gripe was not getting to see Ben and John’s rendition of “Jesus Christ Superstar,” which I understand had to be cut for time.”

    Thnaks, I now have a weird vision of Benjamin Linus singing “I Don’t Know How to Love Him.” It’s just wrong. . .

    • LOST With Lyndsey

      But somehow, it’s so right…

      • Kristina M.

        OMG! Just you watch, someone will make a video on YouTube!

        • I would pay good money to see that! It completely fits. Lost: Whatever Happened, Happened, or Did It? The Musical. All the cool kids do a musical episode.

  • Lebowski Achiever

    I have had this thought in my head all day and just can’t fully form it, but it has to do with this:

    Both John and Ben have Mother’s named Emily. Neither John nor Ben appears to be as ‘special’ as they’d hoped. Might John and Ben represent ‘twins?’ Warring brothers? Duality? Cain and Abel?

    I too kept thinking they are brothers in a way, it came to me that when young Ben was shot and brought to Richard, he kept saying that Ben would be different from then on. When Locke returns Richard mentions there is something different about him. We are led to believe that Smokey healed Ben and seemingly brought Locke back to life. Seemingly, both were re-birthed by smokey. This makes them sort of brothers. Knowing Ben was healed by Smokey, maybe Jacob knew that Ben could possibly be manipulated by Smokey and that is why he never met with Ben face to face.

    I can’t really tie this room together (like the Lebowski rug did), but I really think a truly intelligent person could probably work with this and make something out of it.

    • Just to refine your point, John already confronted Smokey, and it gave him purpose, which might be a similar parallel to Smokey ‘healing’ Ben.

  • Lebowski Achiever

    Also, and sorry if this is kind of offensive, but could Claire have been touched by Jacob as well….in a way that could have left her with child. Again, sorry, sometimes my mind is messed up.

    • I know what you mean, though, I think.

      Maybe it’s not Jacob, exactly. There seem to be an awful lot of “Tom” characters in Lost. Aaron’s sperm donor was a Tom/Thomas, Mr. Friendly was a Tom, and Kate’s childhood best friend was Tom. I wonder if there is some significance to this, along the lines that you are thinking.

      • Coleman

        Somehow I DOUBT it.

    • arrow

      No, not messed up. When Claire arrives on the island she doesn’t feel the baby move for a long time. She even makes a big deal of it to Jin when the baby kicks her. I’ve wondered if this was the islands healing or changing power too!

      • I remember that. Excellent point, arrow.

        • LOST With Lyndsey

          Lebowski- Totally not offensive.
          And I like Arrow and Alexa’s ‘expansion’ points on this very much!
          Plus, this sort of ‘intervention’ would absolutely make Aaron as ‘special’ and ‘important’ as he seemed to be in the beginning.

  • Nathan512

    Hi everyone,
    I really like what you have said, however I perceived Jacob and the mystery man(my girlfriend and I refer to him as mr. evil) as a sort of good and evil(God and Satan). As for the smoke monster, Jacob being burned and turned into smoke makes some sense. Do you remember when certain characters had encounters with smokey, some described it as black, however I believe Locke perceived it to be white. There may be two smokeys, one white, one black, one good, one evil, as two seperate sides or entities the way Locke explained Backgammon to Walt.
    Does anyone remember that Walt took a liking to Locke early on. Both seemed to have something special to them, both have at one time or another destroyed a vessel that would attempt to leave the island. I haven’t rewatched the seasons yet but I will, I want to research everytime someone showed up in a place they normally wouldn’t. The others said walt was special and he sometimes did that. Black smokey was taking the forms of the dead to strategically make events occur to follow his plan. His main goal was to kill Jacob.
    In the bible, the Lord was crucified and resurrected three days later, can we expect something of this nature in the sixth season. Will this only make Jacob stronger.

    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    – John 3:16 (KJV)

    This must have somehting to do with Locke being a man of Faith, he was healed of paralysis upon arrival to the island. This could pertain to everything.

    I am rambling now, anyone have any comments on that.

    • These are very good points, and I had been thinking along these lines as well. Especially because of the noninterference thing: Jacob waited for John to fall and told him he was sorry, but he did not prevent it.

      However, the only thing that does not seem to fit to me, is the first very (perhaps too) neatly executed scene at the beginning with the Black Rock in sight. It seems that Jacob (perhaps much like the Others did to Kate, Sawyer, and Jack in S3 and to a larger extent, all of the survivors of 815) likes to play with people and test them. I supposed this could be perceived as a reference to Job’s testing and Jesus’ testing by Satan, but this would be Jacob doing the testing, not Satan pulling the strings. Is this reflective of ‘good?’

      What are your thoughts?

  • I haven’t gotten very far, but I knew, knew you had to have been raised Catholic, too! Ha!

  • Steven

    This column is a huge jumbled mess. You’ve thrown out nearly 100 different theories that contradict each other in hopes that one of them might turn out to be right. Not to mention some huge inaccuracies in what you remember from your “extra hour of school”.

    • Lost is a huge jumbled mess, is it not? That is pretty much what the writers of Lost do, and not usually especially responsibly or consistently.

      Also, ‘inaccuracies’ is an interesting word. When it comes to biblical references, everything depends on your translation, and perhaps your own beliefs. For example, what is “The Bible,” anyway? Is it all of the books that we have found? Who chooses which books are acceptable, and which are heresy? What perspective did the translator have or how was he directed by Church authorities. Most English translations of the bible are grossly inaccurate, or somewhat inaccurate, depending on the reader’s perspective. Many of the translations were politically motivated based upon the person in power at the moment.

    • LOST With Lyndsey

      A) I’m excited that you believe that I’ve concocted nearly 100 different theories. I must have an awesome imagination.
      B) I care not at all if I’m right. I enjoy possibility. In all regards.
      C) As I’ve said, I didn’t pay much attention in Sunday School. But I’ve also said that I was not drawing direct parallels. I like to pick and choose as I go.

  • wow.. first time i read this blog and i’m impressed. i was thinking for months about LOST being some sort of PARADISE LOST and making connections with the bible by myself and now i’ve seen someone already did a lot more digging than i could.

    just to address my thoughts mixed with yours: maybe jacob is GOD himself, and the black rock coming is in fact God sharing eden with someone besides himself and the angels (satan self-included, as the evil man talking to him, not agreeing with others being brought to pervert the island)
    It is interesting the scene where jacob’s knitting something at the beggining, as a patient creator of things.
    Don’t believe the smoke is jacob’s doing, cause as i thought of it, the black smoke is only one smoke, satan, the accuser.
    remember eko dying?
    also, the smoke can take the shape of other people to do what it wants, as it took lockes..

    and somehow, sometime,in the middle of things, jacob locked the un-locke (satan, or the smoke) in the old shack and it’s liberty was limitted (just like in the bible, when satan was locked in hell) I remember vagly “jacob” asking locke to help him while it was invisible to ben. but when ilana went there, the path of gray ashes was broken. It was already free. (don’t remember if hugo or maybe locke may have broken the gray path surrounding the shack in past episodes..)
    Also, un-locke was the one who told richard to tell locke that he was supposed to die in the first place. well played..

    also think that ben can represent judas, or maybe humanity itself, manipulated to kill his own leader, his own God. Brilliant thoughts about jacob being in the control of everything. somehow he had to die to save them all.
    Not to forget the code: what lies beneath the statue, he who will save us all.

    also thought about the 3:16…

    Ah, and very important, notice also that the explosion that happened now is exactly the same that happened in the time the hatch exploded! rememeber the key that was turned? exactly the same bomb, placed in the exactly same place it felt. i expect nothing but the same effects of the first time (as i remember, no one died, but some people appeared somewhere far and strange, also charlie was cursed to die) And maybe it was not supposed to explode in 77, only in 2007… and now everything is changed because of juliet, the variable. (always changing her mind, pointing sawyer where to go, falling with the bomb..) well pointed! Maybe in the next season we’ll know more about her, besides seeing john rising (again) along with eko, charlie, faraday, jacob…

    ps. sorry about the english, not my first language.

    • LOST With Lyndsey

      Your English is great and I wouldn’t have noticed anything at all had you not mentioned it.

      The Smoke taking the shape of other people is something that I’ve held tight to for along long time. Not sure yet if its Jacob or the Not-Exactly-Esau, but it sure is super-human.

      “what lies beneath the statue, he who will save us all.”
      Absolutely. But…save us from what, precisely?

      “Also, un-locke was the one who told richard to tell locke that he was supposed to die in the first place. well played..”

      “also think that ben can represent judas, or maybe humanity itself, manipulated to kill his own leader, his own God.”
      Dead on… no pun intended

      I’m glad you found us (just as you were always supposed to…)

      • thanks! i don’t believe in coincidences as well..

        first of all, looking at jacob visiting the oceanic 815 folks one by one, taking a good look at him, seems to me he is VERY well intended. He finds people that are somehow drowned in the world, missing something, unsatisfyed with themselfes, out of place, people already lost somehow.
        See how he talks to kate. or sawyer. his expressions…
        Just as a what-if-god-was-one-of-us would.
        (except for sayid, but i don’t think that he made nadia die, he just saved sayid from dying along, or maybe attended to sayid in the exactly moment he would lost himself)
        He does that also when ben talks to him.
        I Think they all were already lost before crashing.
        Saving them from what? From themselves, i guess. Their lifeless lifes.
        All of them found in the island a way to discover meaning in life, something they never had.
        To be excused for their sins…
        And maybe he saves them from the black smoke either (by touching them? they were covered, perhaps?)
        from dying also, can it be? in season 6? the rising of the dead?
        I know is a long shot, but i’d hate not to see faraday or locke going a little bit further and farther on the plot…

  • loved the bartleby quote, btw

  • triangulatedsignal

    haha awesome job as always lyndsey, your articles always make me smile!!

  • pontificator

    It’s not a salmon. It’s a red herring.

    • verylost

      Herring are not red. They get a reddish tint when smoked however.

  • Anne

    Hey Lyndsey, the King James is a Protestant bible. The Catholic equivalent would be the Douay-Rheims. I guess you weren’t kidding when you said you didn’t pay attention in Sunday school! LOL I still enjoy your recaps. thanks.

  • seamus

    jacob didn’t touche miles either, does that mean anything?

    faraday said something like ‘you can’t change the small things’ changs arm. on the whole small. juliet set the bomb of after it. i think everythings changed.

  • Summertime

    Thank you for the great recap, Lyndsey. You catch so much and I love your theories. I hope we hear from you over the loooooong hiatus.

    And I dont see that anyone has menioned it, but I think Radzinski made it out of the jeep. Remember Inman told Desmond that Radzinski blew his own head off in the Swan Hatch when he was on button pushing duty. I remember that every time he gets me all riled up with his douchey-ness. I hope we get to see him banished to the Swan Hatch he worked so long to create. “change the world”… What a chickens&*t…trying to get away in that jeep! Sorry, he gets me riled up.

    I dont know what to expect in Season 6.

    • Uncle Beaver

      I believe the writers are done with telling much more about the Dharma Initiative. There are only 17 hours of TV left for them to produce, and it seems they have more “important” issues to address and questions to answer. I would have loved for them to get way more into Dharma than they have, but…

      What I wanna know next season is: How does Ben know ALL THIS SHIT about the Island if he never “heard” Jacob?

  • Bezmina

    Benjamin Linus lies again, on a different forum someone pointed out he was born on Dec 19th, so definately not a Pisces! He can’t even be truthful about his starsign! Brilliant – and a great recap too!

  • john

    ok, i’ve already convinced myself:

    – that jacob is god and silas the devil or something like that.
    Just analyse them, their acts, their words and you’ll see.
    – That jacob knew he needed to die that way… he gave ben no other choice but ben’s own choice and did not even tryed to defend himself or unsmask unlocke.
    a lot like jesus did.
    – That silas, jacob’s nemesis, IS the smokey and that there is only one smoke-monster. And that he is evil, althought he has his limits and rules to follow.
    – And that juliet and jack and hurley and all of them are still alive (the same explosion in season 2 finale, nobody died that time..)
    i may be wrong about all that, but the that’s not the point.
    the point is the questions thar are still wrapping around my mind:

    – How jacob is going to reappear? a resurrection? he is not actually dead? he became another smoke himself? a white one? did the explosion affected the event of his death somehow? it was a false loophole? is he immortal? and if he dies, does also richard?! like dorian gray, perhaps? ugly..

    – is locke coming back to life, or that’s only it for him? that’s too sad to be.

    – if the explosion did not kill juliet and everyone else, why richard said he watched they all die in 77? Or maybe Richard THINKS they’ve died when actually they went back to their original timeline. I don’t think the writers would keep sun and jin apart to each other forever.

    – maybe they didn’t change the past, but got their loophole into present time again. But why all the trouble? Just to learn more about the island? They must have changed something. I can only guess it has to do with jacob being murdered… or locke being dead.

    ok, that’s it. too many questions, as usual.

  • john

    another thing. maybe locke and jacob ARE really dead and won’t come back. Or at least, not in flesh, since miles and hurley could talk to them anytime. that would give more purpose to both of them along the island, as well as to their “blessed powers”…