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roomforhuman’s madcap theories of the hiatus: “We’ve gotta’ go back!”

By roomforhuman,

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250px-SuicideJack.pngSo, you thought because there was no new episode this week there would be no new madcap theory…well, think again.  And this one even comes 3 days early (mainly because I’m too excited to keep it in the bag until Friday). This one’s been brewing in my silly little mind since last weeks outing, and I’m super stoked on it.  I’m also not sick anymore, so that helps.


So, we’ve been speculating since that cryptic scene in “Through the Looking Glass” as to who is in the coffin.  We’ve heard the names Locke, Ben, Walt, Juliet, Michael and many others mentioned as good candidates, but up to this point there has been no definitive resolution.  Then I got to thinking about the episode “Meet Kevin Johnson.”  The great game changing revelation came as we found out that the island will not allow Michael to kill himself until his “purpose” is fulfilled.  This also gave us some insight as to why Jack‘s overmedication and alcoholism hasn’t done the trick for him either.  Now, rewind if you will to the opening flash-forward scene in “Through the Looking Glass.”  Future Jack sees the now infamous newspaper clipping for the first time while on an airplane back to L.A.  He then lands and seemingly drives immediately to a bridge.  My guess is, Jack has been trying to commit suicide for some time now, to no avail of course, but this death reported by the newspaper brings hope to his endeavor.  Let’s just say Michael and Jack have the chance to chat just before the Oceanic 6 leave the island.  In this conversation, Michael tells Jack that the island wouldn’t let him die while he was in Manhattan.  Jack gets home, realizes life sucks, and so he tries to commit suicide, but alas, like Michael, the island won’t let him.  Then, hope comes in the form of an obituary.  Michael’s new alias (yes, I’m saying that Michael makes it off the island with the Oceanic 6 and changes his alias from K.J. to whatever name was in the article and so therefore MICHAEL IS THE MAN IN THE COFFIN) shows up dead, meaning the curse has ended, right?  So, Jack beats cheeks to the bridge because with the curse gone, he can now successfully kill himself.  But, alas again, the island still has use for Jack and so will not let him die.  Jack figures that Michael was finally able to die because he had fulfilled whatever obligation he had to the island.  And so Jack‘s left with only one option: get back to the island no matter the cost.    


Madcap or plausible.  Please rate in Dharma bunnies.

From TVFrenzy:

  • MsDee

    6 out of 6 dharma bunnies. This is very plausible. Jack would be anxious to go back to the island to find his purpose and get on with his life or ridding it but is his purpose on the island or outside of it? Michaels purpose was outside of the island. He had to kill those on the list.
    Well, if jack feels the need to go back then he must already know what he is supposed to do.

  • cubelost

    5 DBR…

    its so ilogical that make sense… but why? no body goes to his funeral. at least walt or his mom. or anyother Oceanic 6??

  • i love this theory it does have some shakiness to it but overall its a good explanation

  • MsDee

    Cubelost- no one goes to his funeral because if you remember the last time we saw Michael and his family they were very angry with him because he admitted to murdering Ana Lucia and Libby and they sort of disowned him after that. As for the other Oceanic 6 they were upset for the same reason.

  • Justin

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! it TOTALLY makes sense!

  • meh

    dude, you’re right! michael is in the coffin!

  • autochthonous

    Decent theory, but I still don’t buy that it’s Michael in the coffin. Michael wouldn’t be that far away from his son (the funeral was in Los Angeles, Walt is in New York). Also, how did Michael get off the island again?

    Personally, I think it’s Ben. I’ve managed to convince myself that it’s Ben.

  • Nathan

    I’m still not convinced it’s Michael in the coffin. But in principle, I gotta say this is a pretty good theory. Seems very plausible.

  • Woz06

    Michael in the coffin was ALWAYS been my bet (from NY; loner (ie no-one at the funeral); Kate’s reaction; the neighbourhood). 5/5 bunnies.
    Additional note: Remember the newspaper article. It mentions loud noises and a beam which implies to me that the man in the coffin may have been murdered and then strung up (but then it could have just been a loud suicide).

  • Brilliant. I think this is spot on. However, course correction may work differently for different characters (and yes, I think this “can’t die” business is all due to the same course correction concept we’ve seen in the time travel episodes). While Michael may have been able to die for TTLG, Jack may still have something to do.

  • time_lord

    Im thinking the reason kate doesnt care to go to the funeral because whoever the obit says it kate knows it insnt and its just a plant to cover up more of the mystery of who still is on the island . so that is the big secret – and plus hurley was acting very stupid so he must be unbreakable too.

  • Micky

    I tend to agree with the assertion that it is Michael in the coffin as this would make the most thematic sense. If the character is Locke as has been suggested by theorists it would be the greatest let down by the writers since the introduction of Niki and Paulo and complete waste of a great character arch.

  • spacebender

    The theory about Michael being the person in the funeral parlor fits in many ways, except for the small size of the coffin — it is only about 4′ long. If the deceased were cremated, the remains would not be placed into such a casket that to me appears made for a child. At one point I had thought the deceased was Julian Carlson, son of Rachael and nephew of Juliet, but I recall them being from the Miami area, not California.

  • anthony menei

    this theory makes perfect sense. but it does not conclude that michael is the one in the coffin mostly because the funeral was in LA but walt is in New York. michael is a very likely fit but it could be any other oceanic 6 dieing. therefore giving jack hope tht he can commit suicide. so most likely whoever was in that article was also the one in the coffin becuase the oceanic 6 are so famous it would be in news papers in all cities

  • pumpin

    First time posting; but, thought I’d share my insight that I’ve not seen posted previously…

    I’ve thought it was Michael in the coffin since the reports in season 3 said that the actors playing Walt and Michael were being pursued to appear in the Season 3 finale. Well, they got Walt and could not get Michael, so to me that meant that Michael was in the coffin as they would have showed his face… which would have left us with the questions of: “why did he die, how did he die, why didn’t anyone, including Walt, come to his wake even in light of knowing he was operating under an alias?”

  • Bob McFee

    I always thought it was Michael, but for a while I switched to the most insane theory of all as to the identity of the person: a stranger. For a while I thought Jack was so strung out (ie if my dad is drunker than me…) that he saw this random article about a suicide and obsessed over it as another person he wasn’t able to help.

    But ya, Michael is in that coffin. TPTB want us to think there is another possibility but…

  • deviant

    I give it 4.5 Dharma Bunnies, 2.5 prozacs, and a bottle of Phenergan.

    My thoughts exactly.

  • roomforhuman

    lol, deviant. Thanks for the Phenergan, I’ve been having a really hard time with allergies this year.