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roomforhuman’s madcap theory of the week: The Tempest

By roomforhuman,

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Juliet wino.jpgWhat happened to Annie?  I have a theory on that, but it’s a little bit out there.  Then again, what theory have I brought to the table that hasn’t been just a little bit out there?


Ben‘s twisted obsession:

Let’s start with Ben‘s fascination with Juliet.  We now know that Juliet resembles a lady from Ben‘s past and, because of this, he has a very possessive obsession with her.  “You’re mine!” That line gave me chills.  It was very creepy.  Now, you will also remember the picture of the woman in Ben‘s house.  I don’t think this is meant to be Ben‘s mom.  I believe this is a portrait of his long lost love, Annie.  I believe that Juliet simply resembles Annie, and this makes Ben want her.


Tempest in training:

We now know that The Tempest station is a place where a toxin can be released killing all who are on the island (less those who are wearing gas masks).  The question is who released the toxin during the purge.  I say it was Annie.  Say what?  You heard me the first time…Annie.  I believe that Annie‘s job for Dharma became the same as Goodwin‘s, to look after and man The Tempest station.  This is how “The hostiles” were able to do a Dharma mass killing.  They used Ben and the only other person Ben trusted, Annie, to obtain the insurrection.  And so, Ben and Annie were the only two survivors of the Dharma Initiative.  I think what backs this up is the line by Harper to Juliet, “you certainly look just like her.”  If Harper is in fact talking about Annie, this would elude to the fact that Harper knew or had actually seen her at one time.  I know there could be many more explanations for Harper having known what Annie looked like, but I find knowing her in some regard to be the most plausible. 


So, where’s Annie:

Dead! I believe an event that we have not yet seen will reveal the facts behind her death.  What I truly believe in my gut is that Jacob orders her death and that’s what drives Ben to trap him and take control.  I’m not sure how all of this will come about, but I believe that he somehow forced Jacob into bringing Juliet to the island to replace Annie.  Perhaps Ben is somehow at the root of the island’s pregnancy problem.  Perhaps Ben forced Jacob into causing it.  And perhaps it was all for Annie/Juliet; the loves of Ben‘s life!


On a related, but nevertheless side, note, does anyone else think it’s interesting that so much of Juliet‘s story centers around a station called “The Tempest,” based on a play by William Shakespeare?  After all, she does share names with one of Shakespeare‘s most iconic characters.


Madcap or plausible; you tell me.

From TVFrenzy:

  • lockefan3805

    I agree about the painting in Ben’s house being Annie, not his mother. His mother died at childbirth and the likelihood of him having a painting of her are slim, imo.

    It’s obvious to me that the “her” Harper refers to during her counseling session with Juliet, is, Annie…that is to say, that, “Of course Ben is good to you…you look just like the love of his life.” (who died tragically, at Ben’s “hands”, but more on that in a moment).

    Hmmm…Annie releasing the gas, eh? I’m going to have to go back and watch 3.20 “The Man Behind The Curtain” for some more cues and clues before I agree or disagree…but I like the idea, for certain!

    I do concur that Harper has probably met Annie in person at some point in time to make the connection about Juliet looking like her…but that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with Annie being part of the purge or not. I take Harper as being either one of the island’s original inhabitants (like Richard), or some other “recruit” to The Darma Initiative PPT (Post Purge Team) (like Juliet, like Kelvin).

    My take on what happened to Annie? My first thought is that Ben got her pregnant – I don’t know how back Ben’s knowledge of pregnant women dying on the island goes – but maybe she was one of the first to go out that way, and did so with Ben’s love-child…and it was only after years of seeing the same thing happen and the pattern developing that Ben realized he is at fault for her death.

    I’ll resist posing any secondary thoughts of what happened to Annie here, but check out forum post at

    for a non-traditional idea.

    As for the Tempest and Juliet parallels….I’m not that well read, so I’ll defer to the literary experts out there.

  • cap10tripps

    Interesting stuff Mr. roomforhuman, but I think you’re missing one obvious possibility. Annie died during pregnancy. The hampster in the portrait could be a successful experiment in bringing an animal fully to term. Perhaps Annie (if it is in fact her in the painting) and Ben decided to try it themselves with deadly consequences. This would explain much like Ben’s crazy switch, his posessiveness towards Juliet, and his obsession with destroying whatever force kills women in this way…

  • milo

    I’m leaning toward juliet looking like ben’s mom simply because ben’s mom DOES look a fair amount like Juliet.

    The kid playing annie has brown hair – if they planned on Ben being obsessed with Juliet because she looks like Annie, wouldn’t they have at least cast a blond kid for the role?

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    I like it. It makes sense without getting too fantasy-ish. Too many theorists get on these fantasy-driven theories that are too unrealistic, even for Lost.

    I’ll have to look up what Billy Shake’s Tempest is all about. Could provide some light, but I agree with you on Annie. I think the way Harper articulated it and the emotion she used in saying that Juliet looks like ‘her’ all eludes to the fact that Harper, herself, has actually seen Annie in the past. Who knows if she worked at the Tempest.

    I actually think the main reason why Ben is so driven on finding a cure for the island pregnancy issue to due to his knocking-up of Annie in the past and thus her death. Its like if you or I have lost someone to Cancer, and our efforts of helping find a cure for cancer increase as a result.

    Jacob is still a wild card. Who knows what he is or where he is. It’ll be interesting to see how the possible inter-twisting of Widmore, Jack’s Dad, and Jacob plays out. There’s definitely a connection there. Throw in Hanso and we got ourselves a rich guy party….and there are only two things that rich people do….make more money or use their money for a worth cause…..though most of the time they make more money while helping a worthy cause….haha…ok, that was three things.

    Here’s another question – Where did Harper come from?…and where are the other Others? Hiding? On the other island? Is the other island inside of the weird force field that surrounds the Losties’ island? Are there midgets on the islands, and if so, how do they pick the fruit if its generally out of their reach?…ok, that was just ridiculous.

    Any thoughts on the million+ tangents I went on?


  • lockefan3805

    Charlie’s Ghost:

    I think the other Others are at “The Temple”, mentioned near the end of Season 3. As for what exactly that it, or where it is….hopefully we’ll find out (although it might not be this season…did Darlton say Season 6 would be dedicated entirely to “The Temple”?)

    As for the midgets not reaching the fruit…well…they have mad climbing skills, bro…mad!

  • David

    I think storywise it makes sense that it has something to do with Annie but the fact that Annie doesn’t look anything like Juliet makes that hard for me to accept. I know it’s hard to compare a child to an adult but Annie has dark hair and freckles and just looks totally different. So unless she really changed her look as she got older, I don’t see it.

    I personally think Annie left as a child. Like I think she made the dolls and gave Ben the doll of herself because she knew she was leaving.

  • The Professor

    I agree with some others that if they’d wanted to make the connection between Juliet and Annie, they would’ve cast a blonde-headed child. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that a ton of Ben’s motivation derives from the mother that died giving birth to him. Repeat: died giving birth to him. Of course, Ben has survived, whereas the infants have been dying with their mothers. No man wants to admit he looks for qualities of his mother in a romantic attraction, but it happens.

    But I also like the idea that Annie pulled the trigger at the Tempest and that she died after conceiving a child with Ben.

    For more on The Tempest, click on my little essay that Doc posted not long ago. In terms of the station itself, I think the play’s reference is bound to make some people (myself included) rethink the seemingly accidental nature of 815’s crash.

  • shmy

    I like this theory a lot. I also like the idea the Juliet looks like Annie. I didn’t remember the picture at Ben’s house at all, but its so true, they didn’t pull this episode out of nothing…I love ME and EM interactions, can’t wait to see more of Ben’s past ant his mystery woman 🙂

  • Matt

    Charlie’s ghost, lockefan:

    Yes the others are at the Temple and it is likely we have not seen them because Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert) was filming Cane on CBS. Fortunately, Cane was canceled so because of the writer’s strike and the delayed filming of the last five episodes it is possible we could see the others in the last few episodes this season. Season 6 will not focus primarily on the Temple but will be explained in the following two seasons.

  • First off, you are completely wrong about that being Annie in the picture. The picture can be seen clearly in “The Man Behind the Curtain” hanging on the wall behind ben as he enters his dad’s house. This is the scene immediently following Annie giving Ben the doll at the swingset.

    So logically, he cannot have a picture of a fully grown Annie when she is still a child.

    I agree that Harper was probably referencing Annie when talking to Juliette, but we really don’t have enough info to know what happened to her yet.

    Keep guessing, I know I have been puzzling over this one for quite a while.

  • lockefan3805

    Ok…I think enough evidence has been laid out here for me to change my theory (that’s permitted, right).

    I’ll go with the painting in Ben’s house is NOT Annie (could be his mother, or could just be a coincidence of looking like her)…this is based primarily on hatchling23’s observation about the picture being in the house as far back as when Ben was a kid.

    With “Uncle Rico” being so tormented over the loss of his wife, I think that helps reinforce that he might actually have a painting of her hanging in the house..but I guess the logistics questions arise: Who would have painted the picture (I’m sure Uncle Rico didn’t bring it with him on the sub, so it would have been painted on the island) and how – from a photo of Ben’s mom that Ben’s dad carried around in his wallet? – Unlikely I think.

    Maybe there’s something even deeper here I can just hear Darlton saying, “You’re digging too deep”, but…maybe Ben was always meant to be on the island…and some spiritual representation of his mother was already there, and was the summoning force behind his father getting the job opportunity as “Workman” at the DHARMA Intiative. The picture hanging in the house of New Otherton is of one of the “island’s original inhabitants”, who just happens to look a hell of a lot like Ben’s mom.

    Ok..I’m getting way off on a tangent here.

    Back to who Juliet, “looks like”, according to Harper…

    I’ll conceded that she doesn’t look like Annie, but rather his mother – based on the image milo posted above (and probably based on the opening scene for Ben’s flashback episode) and based David’s and other’s comments about how Annie as a kid doesn’t look anything like Juliet.

    We’re all familiar with the Oedipus complex, so it stands to reason that Ben might be attracted to someone who looks like his mother (especially given his mommy and daddy issues) – assuming he’s familiar with what she looks like. But I would fall short of saying that he’s attracted to Juliet because she reminds him of his mother’s personality. Ben never knew her, since she died at childbirth.

    Rather, I’d stick to my original thought that Ben is transferring his feelings from Annie onto Juliet. He’s lost Annie due to some (as yet unforseen) reason and Juliet is simply filling that empty whole in his life.

    That seems to fit a little better with the whole Goodwyn jealousy issues raised. (And I think, stays consistant with Juliet’ comments at the end of the episode about Jack not wanting to be around when Ben wins the war because Ben knows how Juliet feels about Jack).

    Ok..sorry for the long post. I guess I’ve had too much coffee this morning.

  • lmz27

    I think this question ultimately has to do with fathers and daughters, especially with the tempest reference and the Widmore connection. Ben: “You’re mine,” meaning… what exactly? We never (even in the mobisode) get explicit dialogue that Ben has ROMANTIC feelings for Juliet.

    And Widmore is a crazy father who’s utterly possessive and controlling of his daughter…. And Paik is a controlling father, too, whom Sun wanted to run away from ultimately.

    I don’t know, my gut feeling is that we are misreading Ben’s “feelings” for Juliet.

    Juliet has a terrible secret — remember in season three when she told Sayid that he would kill her if he knew what she knew…. Why did she say that? What did she mean? I think there is going to be a big reveal that will totally change and twist everything, and it has to do with Juliet and Ben. It’s not what we’ve been led to believe.

    Also… Annie backstory and pre-purge Dharma folk are definitely on the slate to come back… So, my feeling is that the big reveal will come in those episodes.

  • gusteaux

    Here’s an interesting (albeit somewhat off topic) question:

    If everyone in Othersville were aware of Ben’s feelings for Juliet–to the point that Harper was worried about what he would do to Goodwin if he found out about the affair–how in the world did Isabel and company think that they could execute Juliet for killing Pickett (in SIASL) without incurring Ben’s wrath? Yeah, I know he was hoovering near death from post-surgery infection at the time, but would they have been that willing to gamble that he wouldn’t recover? We are talking about Ben, after all.

  • lmz27

    good point, gusteaux…

  • themachine

    Annie got preggers that is how she dies. thtas my opinion at least

  • Montana Wildhack


    I think it has to do with Juliet’s offense, and also with Isabel’s position. Although Ben might have a huge crush on Juliet, I’d bet it’s also safe to say that whatever he is trying to protect (the island, Jacob) comes first, and that having a “traitor” of sorts in Juliet would go against the greater good. Isabel, as the Others’ sheriff, would have the job of punishing Juliet, so it figures that she would suggest something extreme. Mind you, she didn’t have to think Ben would go for it to suggest it. Perhaps tossing around the possibility to killing Juliet for what she did to Pickett, regardless of Ben’s feelings for her, would have sent at least a good message to any other Others considering dissent.

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