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roomforhuman’s madcap theory of the week: What the island wants…

By roomforhuman,

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Christian holding Aaron.jpg…the island gets.  First of all I want to apologize to all of you (especially you, Doc) for my lack of presence here over the past month.  Life has thrown many a curve ball my way, one of them being a job change, and this has made it necessary for me to tone down my fanaticism for a little while.  That being said, I’m back to deliver some speculation and good old fashion theorizing.


After dissecting this episode, I now have even more ammunition to back up my initial theory regarding the importance (or savior qualities) of Aaron.  See my first madcap theory about Aaron hereNow, Charlie visits Hurley and asks him to relay a message to Jack.  That message is: “You (Jack) aren’t supposed to raise him (Aaron).” Jack, feeling the guilt of knowing that Hurley is right, begins his downward spiral.  Let me now pause and back up to Season 1. 


Since the beginning of Claire and Aaron‘s story, we have known that Aaron must not be raised by anyone other than Claire.  And now Claire is being drawn, by “Christian (daddy),” to remain on the island.  Perhaps she is being ushered to safety from a coming storm, or being led to understanding why Aaron is so important, either way, Claire is definitely on a journey of discovery.  And what she finds will be of the utmost importance to the future of Lost.  And I feel that this revelation will have everything to do with her and Aaron.  The mistake that Sawyer and the rest of the Oceanic survivors will make is taking Aaron off the island without Claire.  My guess is that we will at some point this season be seeing Claire attempting to stop our O6 from taking him, but they will convince her that this is the best way.  But we all know he is supposed to stay with Claire.  He is special to the island.  Aaron may even be the island’s savior.  In our flash-forward future, the island’s intention is to bring Aaron back…no matter what.  This is why the island is making life for the O6 a living hell, so that they will return with Aaron.


I would go out on a limb and say that Aaron is the key to something very significant about the island.  Perhaps it’s very survival. 


Madcap or plausible…you tell me.          

From TVFrenzy:

  • Ms Dee

    Very plausible!!!!!

  • Chad

    very nice! especially since jack is so desperate to get back as we know from last season’s finale

  • DriveShaftDrummer

    I know I hear this all the time when discussing theories, but I can’t help but say it. This is exactly what I was thinking!

  • chromaticblues

    Plausible! Nice one, thanks for sharing.


    I totally agree with you.

  • Ben

    umm.. could this tie with the cyclical timeline theory? is “Aaron” going to turn out to be someone we already know in this timeline? someone who maybe lived on the island all their life? and taking Aaron from the Island breaks the rules…

    don’t know – just spitballing.

  • sebastian

    The only problem I have with this theory is why did Christian left Aaron all nice and cozy by on by the tree instead of taking him AND Claire?

    I think there is something more, but nice theory though, keep it up.

  • Jay

    Sebastian – – I was thinking the same. Why leave a baby out there alone??? Makes no sense at all.

  • buffy

    I totally think Aaron is going to end up being the baby version of someone we already know. I want to say it’s someone like Widmore, but… mayhaps that’s a tad far fetched. Although this is LOST we’re talking about. Jacob?

    Or, rather, maybe he is just the father of someone we already know.

  • J Zabi

    Perhaps Jack can not crash back onto the island because Aaron is not with him?
    Like when he goes back and fourth on the planes hoping to crash. Perhaps if Aaron was with him, the island would crash the plane.

    But… the swan is no more. So how can the island crash the plane without the swan?

  • RweLOST?

    This theory is possible, but if indeed Claire is supposed to raise Aaron and Christian (as a ghost or manifestation of the island, whatever he is) knows this and either wants to take her to safety or explain why Aaron is imprtant then why not take Aaron with them. Why leave the possible key or savior of the island alone and risk losing him?

  • gusteaux

    I completely agree that Aaron MUST be returned to the island. But I can’t imagine any circumstance under which Kate would agree to that. Sooooo, I have the perfect solution. Jack, Hurley, Sayid and Sun kidnap Aaron from Kate and take him back to the island and leave freaking Kate in L. A. (If necessary, Sayid could even kill Kate during the abduction.) It get’s the key players back on the Island and puts an end to the Damn triangle BS once and for all!

  • SithLord

    Finally some people who are on the same brainwave i am. Taking Aaron from the island against Claires wishes would also explain why Jack didnt want to have anything to do with him at first when they got back; out of his guilt from removing a child from its mother.
    To hold up, then, this theory might tell us that the apparitions, at least Christian, are not working for the “island”. We already know that they can be dangerous. Didnt Walt lead Shannon to her death, and Yemi wasnt kind to Eko.
    Ive thought for while that Aaron is Jacob, who, later in life, becomes an expert and master of the island. He’s obviously powerful and manipulating things, but to what end?

  • rob

    thatd be crazy if when they do go back to the island, kate goes back to sawyer and gets her ass kicked by claire for messin with her son and screwin her brother over. ha ha. hopefully claire will be dead by then. i mean, come on, 3+ years, shes bound to have a mad grudge built up by then and have to tumbled with ol smokie a few times. lets hope shes dead. maybe aaron will incite another purge and kill everyone season 6 finale, he and smokie watchin the waves with a cool pink sky drinkin dharma pina coladas watchin a whole new batch of planes, boats, and choppers fallin to the earth.

  • SithLord

    Thats hilarious. Thatd be a great ending!!!!!
    Maybe Claire and Smokey will have a love child. It’ll be called Clokey.

  • jen

    i’m very interested in the cyclic theory– the thought that aaron could really be another ‘version’ of someone we already know from the island? could it possibly be ben? remember ben saying he was born on the isle? remember the picture of his mom in his house? the physical similarities of claire and his mom? hmmm… very far fetched, but curious nonetheless.

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