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Season 6 Spoiler-Free Theories

By Marc Oromaner,

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LostSeason6PosterIn the spirit of the approaching “beginning of the end,” I have posted seven (relatively) spoiler-free theories for Season Six along with what I feel are their pros and cons. There are no episode title names or smuggled-spoiler info in these theories, but I do reference Comic Con a tiny bit and have a vague reference to some of the supposed cast members without giving specifics. If this is too spoilery for you, move along.

1. The Bomb Prevents Flight 815 From Ever Crashing
I LIKE BECAUSE: Well, I would hope we might get to see a lot of “what would’ve happened if” scenarios. Will fate still bring Jack and Kate together…or Kate and Sawyer? Would Kate have gone to jail? Who was the couple awaiting Claire’s baby?
I DON’T LIKE BECAUSE: It would seem to be a challenge to resolve everything we’ve seen up to Season 6. Will this render the entire Ben/Faux-Locke/Jacob storyline moot? What about Richard Alpert and the Others in the Temple? And are the Losties going to have to go back to the island yet AGAIN to set everything right? If not, is that the end of the island??? Not to mention, how will they show young Walt? And wouldn’t the creators had to have planned to get back most of the original cast members and have them all look five years younger right from the start? How would the show have continued longer if they hadn’t made the end-date? Nope, doesn’t feel right.

2. The Bomb Prevents Flight 815 From Crashing, But It Brings About a Mobius Loop
I LIKE BECAUSE: I can see how this might explain the skeletons. And supposedly, LOST was originally going to be titled, “The Circle.” The thing that gets me about the bomb preventing 815 from crashing is that it causes a paradox. If 815 doesn’t crash, how will Jack and crew go back in time to prevent the incident that caused it to crash? Even though the Incident happened in 1977, Jack has to go back in time in 2007 to change it. If he never ends up on the island, he can’t do that. Perhaps once they get to the point in 2007 where they are supposed to go back in time, they are suddenly back on the island in 2004 and have to start all over again. They are stuck in a loop or circle. May help explain why Jacob’s enemy says that it always ends the same. But then Jacob says it only ends once and everything that happens before that is progress.  Of course, an alternate timeline can possibly resolve the paradox, but that’s the next theory.
I DON’T LIKE BECAUSE: How will the story come to a resolution? The creators have said that once LOST ends, that’s it. No real room for a movie. So it seems like there is a definite ending. Maybe they can somehow break the cycle, but then what? Have the characters grown, or are they still lost?

3. The Bomb Prevents Flight 815 From Crashing, But Only In An Alternative Timeline
I LIKE BECAUSE: If the timelines somehow eventually link up again, this could be kind of cool. Have we been seeing the two timelines all along? Is this why sometimes characters have different eye colors, or why we see pictures on the walls change? Will we get to see some of the same scenes that left us baffled, but only now we’ll know why they are happening or get to see things behind the scenes?
I DON’T LIKE BECAUSE: C’mon, Lost is confusing enough as it is without two timelines! Nuff said.

4. The Bomb Prevents Flight 815 From Crashing, But the Losties Begin to Remember What Happened on The Island
I LIKE BECAUSE: What starts as major déjà vu could turn into major memory rush. Knowing the mistakes they made, will the Losties be able to set their lives right? Will the characters that had died have a new appreciation for life?
I DON’T LIKE BECAUSE: Even if they remember their island adventure, I still have the same issue with this ending as from resolution #1 which is that it kind of renders seasons 1-5 moot. Even if they remember everything, what was the point? Charlie is still a heroin addict, right? Shannon is still gonnna be a spoiled brat. I dunno, unless they can not only retain their memories but be the changed people they had become, it still falls flat to me, and if they are going back to the exact moment they had all their issues, I don’t see how they can really have changed.

5. The Bomb Causes the 1977 Losties to Flash Back on Ajira Airlines, Just Before It Crashes on the Island in 2007.
I LIKE BECAUSE: I just thought of this theory this week. I haven’t heard anyone else say it yet, but it seems to solve everything so nicely and works well with the theory presented in The Myth of Lost (#7 below). The characters have still gone through most of the growth they’ve experienced. And by landing on the island in 1977, we only have to redo some of the Season 5 storyline. We now know that Locke isn’t Locke, but maybe now other things happen differently. Maybe Ben doesn’t kill Jacob this time. At the very least, Jin and Sun will be reunited, as well as all the surviving Losties (perhaps Juliet is still gone), and they are all on the island so they don’t have to go back yet again. We can get to see who was chasing after them in the canoes (remember that?) And all issues can be resolved, including why Richard Alpert saw the Losties “die” in 1977: he just thought they were obliterated but they really flashed to 2007!
I DON’T LIKE BECAUSE: Wait, we have to redo part of season five? That could get old. And how will it resolve dead Locke? Locke better not really be dead or I’ll feel bamboozled!

6. The Bomb Caused the Incident to Begin With and the 1977 Losties Are Stuck in 1977
I LIKE BECAUSE: This could totally explain the skeletons since Jack and Kate know what’ll happen to DHARMA and might hide in the caves. It also might give us some more info on the DHARMA Initiative because face it, Season 5 explained close to nothing about them.
I DON’T LIKE BECAUSE: How is Jin gonna get back with Sun? Will he be 30 years older? Kinda sweet I guess if they can work it out, but feels a bit flawed. For that matter, how will the 1977 and 2007 storylines be reunited? Will it continue as two storylines? Seems unlikely. And how does this explain the alternate reality storylines seen at Comic Con? Even if that wasn’t canon, then how do you explain the cast line-ups for season 6 [I won’t say what they are for spoiler purposes, but suffice to say it’s hard to explain some of the actors/actresses if Season 6 will just be a continuation of 5, which is pretty unlikely].

**NOTE: When I wrote, “spoiler-free” I meant free from spoilers from the show, not my book. What follows is a spoiler for The Myth of Lost theory.**

7. We Think That The Bomb Has Prevented Flight 815 From Crashing, But Actually Something Else Has Happened…
I LIKE BECAUSE: Imagine at the start of Season 6, we see Shannon living her life at some time in the future. She’s married with a kid and not her 2004 spoiled self at all. Charlie is alive and drug-free and dating that rich chick Lucy and back with the band. Mr. Eko has been ordained as a real priest. Leslie Arzt is a happy and content college science professor working on an important experiment on the side. Yet, Jack and company are back on the island in 2007—reunited with the other island Losties. What’s going on? What’s going on is that the island was actually a computer simulation, created to recondition prisoners, mental patients and other deeply troubled rich people who could afford it. We come to learn that the numbers were a glitch, fixed by Jack and company going “back in time” within the program; the monster was a computer anti-virus that “killed” those who were ready to be ejected or didn’t belong there to begin with, the freightees were hackers trying to infiltrate the program, the whispers were the voices of the Losties’ loved ones who were outside the program to start with or got out after being “killed” and were talking to their unconscious family members(i.e., Boone talking to the unconscious Shannon before she was shot in the simulation). Why was everyone connected? Because they were really connected within the program, so their memories were entangled. How did Desmond time-travel? Only his “consciousness” time travelled. How did the Oceanic Six go back to 2007? They went offline when they crashed in the helicopter and went “Someplace Nice Back Home” in their minds. Who are Jacob and his enemy? They created the program and are testing it to see if you can “fix” humanity. Jacob says yes. How did he visit Kate and crew when they were kids? He didn’t. He only visited their memories much like a psychiatrist would—he regressed them to help solve early childhood issues! How is Locke dead if he isn’t? Because once the Locke character died, Jacob’s enemy was able to go back into the simulation and play Locke’s avatar. There isn’t anything this theory can’t explain. If you can think of something though, ask me on The Myth of Lost Facebook Page.
I DON’T LIKE BECAUSE: Some fans feel that this is a copout. I disagree because the characters have gone through real change. Unlike a dream, their experience was really shared and they went through true growth. The only reason I don’t like the theory, is because it was made needlessly complex. I’m not really sure why the time travel storyline was necessary, or why the Oceanic Six got off the island. To me though, no one theory neatly explains everything, and to date, “The Myth of Lost” theory is still my favorite. Admittedly though, I’m a bit biased.

Marc Oromaner
is a New York City writer whose book, The Myth of Lost offers a simple solution to Lost and uncovers its hidden insight into the mysteries of life. He can be contacted in the discussion section of The Myth of Lost Facebook page.

The Myth of Lost is available on Amazon and

From TVFrenzy:

  • rick

    I have a theory on the flashback system in Season 6. In season 4, there were flash fowards. Season 5 had flashes to 1977. Season 6 has flashes to some sort of alternate reality.

    • I’ll buy that, especially if the alternate reality turns out to be the real world, but we don’t find out until the end.

  • Illundiel

    well i have also though of your theories #4 and part of your #7. my #7 was more based on the people who died on the island existing in the real world, and something about saving them. although I can see the producers doing a Life on Mars like ending here…

    • Funny you should say that. I never watched the show, but I heard about the ending and thought it could definitely fit in with the mysteries of LOST. I posted an article about that here:

      • Illundiel

        well when “Dead is Dead” started to air I immediately e-mail my sister saying that “that’s not locke, thats the smoke monster”…and knowing what we know about anubis and amit(the smoke monster) battling for souls I always tended to think of the island as a limbo/garden of eden/etc place. i don’t think it can be just one thing but a myriad of them. with that said, whenever a character dies i think they go back to the “real world” but obviously the LOSTies when they return to the world couldn’t have known about them at the time(because to them they were dead). Mainly the theory works on the idea that normally characters were killed after they changed: Shannon(bitch –> not a bitch –> dead), Anna Lucia, etc…

        although, I would like to fit Walt into the theory…in the Bible a symbol that the anti-christ is coming is the death of birds…eh?

        • Mratfink

          Me and a friend have had the theory since season 2 or 3 that the island was actually Eden. the monster is the angel that God sent to protect it etc. the skeletons being adam and eve are just a giant see we told you right off the bat. it goes on, and doesn’t explain what will happen in season 6, though i still say season 6 ends with the island being destroyed bc it is too powerful to be used.

          • Illundiel

            in genesis, the angel that guards eden flashes like lightning very similar to the monster. but the monster is also described at amit(egyptian) so i think it’s eden. but an overall religios eden(NOT JUST catholic eden)

  • Steve

    The US version of Life on Mars beat you to that computer simulation theory.

    • Actually, I wrote “The Myth of Lost” in 2007 (which features the theory) and it was published in 2008 before that episode aired. There are many simulation movies and TV shows though–“Tron,” “Total Recall,” “The Matrix,” “The 13th Floor,” “eXistenZ.” I think all of them are good. It’s just another way of telling the “world as illusion myth” in a more modern way. In the book, I write about how writers are like modern-day shamans who pick up messages of the collective unconscious and then tell them to the masses to help us on our own journeys. Even if LOST ends with the same simulation story, I think there’s more than enough there to make it totally original and relevant. Some people may not like it, but I doubt there’s an ending that’ll please everyone.

      • Illundiel

        I think the theory is very credible, but when I’m watching a show I think of it as science vs. faith(and lost highlighted that). So when I think of LOST I never though of technology, as opposed to Flashforward and Schrodinger’s cat…

      • bioariel

        How does that explain season five ending? The flash?

        • Until I see what happens because of the flash, the best I’d guess right now is that there was a glitch during the time of the incident that caused the numbers (the swan station ID numbers) to appear throughout the simulation. By going back and changing the events, Jack possibly fixed it.

          • longlivekingnick

            My question would be something along the lines of Widmore. If the theory is that the Island and its inhabitants are being reprogrammed, or changed in some way… who/what is Charles Widmore? He has been there before, and he is rich, so couldn’t he just pay to get back into the system if he was unhappy with his results the first time around?

            There are infinite “what if” scenarios… but I have to admit, as a rabid lost fan for the last 6 years, I would be extremely disappointed with that ending.

  • Ed Holden

    Option 4 is my guess. It is very similar to something that happens in Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series, of which JJ and Damon are big fans. There’s a paradox, and it drives a couple of the characters a little crazy until they find a way to mend it.

    • Illundiel

      well the thing about the Dark Tower series is that when it resets its says he’s a little closer each time(i believe). i like imagination, but i like closure too.

    • Ed Holden

      I should add that though 4 is my guess, I like 7 a lot, and it would be consistent with LOST’s propensity for pulling the rug out from under the viewer.

    • Sixstringer

      Let’s not forget that there are obvious and blatent Stephen King book placements in the series as well. I remember more than one scene of Julliette holden a Stephen King book in a manner as to blatently show the author’s name to the viewer.

  • Here’s my theory:

    When Sun and Lapidus went back to the Barracks on the Island, they were much different from when the Oceanic 6 left them in Season 4. The reason is this: Detonating Jughead in 1977 changed the Island. Think of time on the Island as a pool of water – everything is happening at once, it just matters where you jump in.
    When Miles and Hurley informed Dr. Cheng of the possible Jughead detonation, he evacuated the Island. That is why the Barracks were so disheveled when Sun/Lapidus returned to them – they were the Barracks that existed in the Losties’ 1977, not the Island’s “original” 1977. This would also explain why the Hydra was in in such disaray, even though in the original timeline it was in use.

    • Illundiel

      but the barracks were always ordered to be left because Miles and Charlotte left the island

      • Yes, but the rest of Dharma did not, at least from what we know of the original timeline. The Barracks were in use and well kept until The Purge took place.

        • Illundiel

          yeah but Radzinsky and most of the security force is still there, we don’t know if anybody comes back. the whole point of the ending of season 5 and the flash/the two timelines if that besides the purge we never had any idea what happened between 1977 and 2004

          • Well, if you’ve seen the Letter of Truce in the Dharma Initiation kit it kind of hints that The Purge didn’t happen in 1991, something Damon and Carlton have hinted at as well.

            Also – it’s a theory. You constantly arguing with me about it isn’t going to change my mind or make me feel any worse. If you’re just looking to bicker, I’m not up for that.

        • CelticFan96

          There are clues it is 2007 because you can see the Risk game left at the table in Ben’s cabin — where Locke, Sawyer and Hurley were playing when Kemy and his boys showed up.

          Of course you’d have to wonder why the Others would keep up Dharma photos. Unless Christian just took Frank And Lepidus into a small slice of alternate 1977.

          • lockeheart

            that is definitly possible considering just when sun and lapidus got off the boat they heard what was undenibly the smoke monster. Two seconds later, we see Christian

    • Illundiel

      simply stating that we have no idea what happened. and until we know differently, we won’t know

      • I agree with everything you wrote. And, I didn’t think you were arguing, really, either.
        The evidence certainly suggests that Whatever Happened, Happened…and in one universe this is a good case.
        We’re being led to believe (via ComicCON) that Jughead has created an alternate universe. And talk of two stories merging makes it seem like the alternate universe will not be all it’s cracked up to be and they’ll have to merge them somehow.
        Or something.
        Whatever Happens in Lost…Will be Great, Regardless.

    • Cutter XXIII

      The barracks were in disarray because Keamy & Co. attacked them, and then were attacked by the monster there, too. Just the way they were left in 2004.

  • Adam

    #7 sounds good but a little too Matrix-y for my taste.

    • Took the words right out of my mouth.

      • A’yup. And, while the Matrix as a concept is soooo great that even it’s sequels didn’t harness but a small fraction of it’s power…it’s getting played out in recent years.
        Although, I still enjoy its many branches like the second season of Dollhouse.

  • Interesting theories all around. I’ve got some ideas, too, most of which I posted at my blog. If you want to, click the link and read away.

    I like the alternate timeline theory more than the others, mostly because it creates a scenario in which what we’ve seen happen already is not wiped clean. It also makes room for another “incident” that brings both timelines together, especially since “whatever happened, happened.” The universe will have a lot of course correcting to do in season six, I’m sure.

    • Agreed. I just wonder if we’ll even see Jacob or MIB, again, or if the hint of their metagame is enough…a magic box we’ll only get to explore the true contents of with our own imaginations…

  • dp2

    What I don’t like about #7 (or any “it wasn’t real” theory) is that it completely negates the need to explain anything. Sure, it might provide a reason for certain things, but anything it doesn’t is dismissed as a “glitch” or a “hack” or just part of the program. And while you may argue that the development of the characters is still maintained, it ignores the rest of the rich storytelling — fate, destiny, free will, manipulation (okay, maybe that one is still there), purpose

    • As Aerosmith sang, “life’s a journey, not a destination.” No matter how LOST ends, even if it is the biggest letdown in the history of TV, we’ve already gotten our story with fate, destiny, and freewill themes. LOST is chock full of symbolism, metaphor, and mythology that doesn’t need to be concretely explained within the story. It is an allegory for the world we live in, that’s what makes it so brilliant.

      We like that the island seems to guide people on their destiny, and that the characters get clues, and that everyone is connected because it resonates with a truth about the world we live in. The fact that Oz was a dream in “The Wizard of Oz” didn’t negate that we follow a destiny (yellow brick road) in life and meet characters who help us find our way, and can always go home again whenever we wish. It’s the same thing with LOST. In fact, it shares the same myth as “Wizard of Oz” and “Alice in Wonderland.”

      The writers are very aware of this, hence the “Man Behind the Curtain,” “No Place Like Home,” and “Through the Looking Glass” episode titles, and the scene with the man with the red shoes underneath the collapsed scaffolding. The writers are paying tribute to the similar mythologies.

      • dp2

        “The Wizard of Oz” and “Alice in Wonderland” weren’t mysteries though. They are clearly fantasy worlds. You are not prompted to ask who built the Emerald City or where do the witches get their powers. When we first see Richard 20 years prior and he looks the same, we are obviously supposed to be surprised and wonder why.

        At any rate, I have a hard time incorporating certain characters and scenes into this idea. What about the other passengers on 316? Or scenes that are off-island but don’t involve the central cast, such as the listening station phoning Penny? Are the flashbacks and flashforwards part of the simulation?

  • DustinCahill

    I’ve been toying with the idea of how important Faith or Belief is on the show, in actually practical terms on the Island. I started thinking about this after watching season 5 episode ‘316’. Belief comes up a number of times in the episode, most explicitly with Locke’s suicide note and Ben’s story about Doubting Thomas the Apostle. I then thought back to Ben’s description of the Island as a “Magic Box” and how whatever you wanted to come out of it would. Then I happened to watch the episode where Ben watches Alex get gunned down by Keamy, and the way he handled it always made sense, but in the sense that he felt his BELIEF that Keamy would not go through with killing her was enough. Then he proclaimed that Widmore had “broken the rules”. Then I thought about The Others not jumping through time in ‘Because You Left’.

    What if there is a literal war between the power of free will and belief. The Island naturally emphasizes certain people’s desires or wounds (Ben maybe did bring the dying pregnant mother baggage with his elevation to leader, thus his personal obsession and Richards distrust of him), but The Others in general try and operate without the power of the Island because of Jacob’s principles. The ultimate test of Jacob’s concept of a progressing man is a group of people that allow each other’s beliefs to be actualized without the influence of the Island (or MiB).

    Faraday represented the ultimate test of the Island’s power to grant desire. Some one so badly wanted to change things they forced Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid back in time to do so, reaching out to Aijira 316 with the Island’s power as they neared. Faraday then, at least in a deleted scene from The Variable, explains that the variable people need to BELIEVE (his word) they can change things to impact it. Once they do with that with Incident (most everything we have seen in the show has already been the “Alt” world, where things were changed), The Others see how they are breaking the world, and take on the role of keeping the powers of the Island in check. To become an Other is to set oneself outside the reach of the Island, to not let MiB touch you. But for some reason, The Others fake following the power of belief, and Keamy broke that rule and had Smokey sicced on him.

    I’m tired and avoiding writing a final, but someone should take what I’m trying to get at here and turn it into gold. Sweet, logical gold! I realize these existential-tinged theories reak of infinite possibilities that could never actually be displayed, but I think I have something here with the constant emphasis on belief and the occassion hint of ‘rules’. Then again, conversations with Widmore about Alex always having die (if the Island wanted it, was Widmore becoming a MiB follower? Then why did Ben expect Keamy not to shoot Alex? He thought he wasn’t really an Other since he was causing the baby crisis, and expected his belief to be enacted?) are popping into my weary mind, and I can’t make it make sense right now… maybe get rid of the stuff about ‘rules’.

  • sv

    A simple question: how does your theory #7 (or any other) explain how Locke knows when it’s going to start/stop raining? That thing has been bugging me for a while. I’ve been rewatching the whole series (well up until ‘Jughead’, I still have some time to rewatch the end of season 5) and there are a couple of episodes where it happens including in recent ones (early season 4 IIRC), indicating it was not just random thing they stuffed early on to build mystery and then abandoned…


    • I’ve heard some people bring this up before, but I hadn’t included it in the book because at the time I saw those scenes, I just assumed that because Locke had bad legs or whatever, he could just feel it in his bones. People with arthritis or injuries can often feel when it’s going to rain, and I assumed that it was just a nod to that.

      Now that you bring it up however, perhaps there is something more to this. If Locke was truly able to predict when it was going to rain, I’d say that mythologically speaking, he was just really in tune with the island–perhaps due to his encounter with the monster. According to the simulation theory, since the code for the program is already written, being in tune with it allows you to get glimpses at events. This would not only explain Locke’s predictions of rain, but also Desmond’s Charlie Flashes.

      This idea of the simulation being coded actually relates to our world on a quantum physics level. If time is an illusion, it means that everything that has ever happened, is happening, or will happen, is happening right now. So theoretically, it is possible to tap into that. I believe this is the wisdom that these scenes are meant to give us–even if we only get it on a subconscious level.

      • Also, in a Jungle, there are subtle signs when it is going to rain suddenly. Observing them is special, but it’s not magic.

      • Mack

        The unique nature of the island allows it to be a gateway for the various points in time and space. Different times and “realities” pass through the island or the island passes through them. Hurley’s gift also functions in similar way and that is what allows him to see the “dead”.

        The Cabin is a prime example of this. It is difficult for Locke to find the cabin because the islands location and the location of the cabin are not synchronized at that point.

        At that moment, the cabin only exists as a blue print drawn by Horace. It is only after Locke finds the blue prints that he is able to find the cabin. Somehow the precise knowledge of the cabins location and the ability for it to manifest as a physical object cause synchronization.

  • Mack

    There is a greater purpose behind Locke blowing up the Hatch in 2004 and Jack throwing a bomb down the well in 1977 but they didn’t know it. The true purpose of these two incidents was to create a, for the lack of a better term, worm hole between the two time lines/realities for the purpose of bringing something or someone through it.

    • Cutter XXIII

      I like this idea a lot. I’ve been saying for a while that when the 1977 Losties reappear, they’ll be strewn around the Swan Station just after it exploded.

      • Cutter XXIII

        Err… imploded, that is.

        • Mack

          Physicists who believe time travel is possible suggest that a time machine can only go back as far as when it was first invented. The release of time warping energies at the swan site in the past and in the future might somehow bridge the gap between the two events.
          Now let’s take the idea of linking worm holes a few steps further. If what I describe about the worm hole is true it would explain how the island became a giant time machine. It only stands to reason that something big must have happened to start the entire island time hopping and I believe that something big was the eruption of island’s volcano in the past. Imagine the release of the volcanoes’ energies as the orchid and the swan times a million, enough energy I suspect to launch the island itself through time.
          What happens if the volcano erupts in the future? And what happens if someone is caught up in the release of intense energy, say for instance Jacob or the MIB? That person(s) in the future or present could end up on the island in the past when the original eruption occurred. Unfortunately, that person would have to live through all the events again in a loop. Also, that person would be present twice during the second eruption, once when they were there originally and again after completing a loop. This would happen forever until a way to break the loop was discovered. The island could be moving forward and backwards in time simultaneously, allowing for the presence of modern or advanced technology being on the island in the past.
          This is a theory I have been noodling around with, and one that I explore further on my website. I am sure after posting this I will see the theory everywhere.

          • Illundiel

            1) What’s your website??
            2) I agree with your time travel theory and your interpretation of Physics, but there is a more-non linear belief(referring to hyperverse/many worlds theory, and numerous other physics theories). Most of them attempt to deal with paradoxes and more or less work with the concept that a paradox can be created in one universe if created by a being(or universe) other then our own.

            So it actually ties in really well with the whatever happened, happened mantra because something in the future could create the past(as long as it has always been this way, and as long as there is an outside force acting upon mankind[i.e. mankind’s perception of physics).

            The theory I’ve talked about is also actively being debated in regards to the LHC.

      • Mack

        I agree

        • I love that, besides tackling such heady stuff as science vs magic, and free will vs destiny…Lost gets into time travel and the many theories and arguments presented in that field. LOST is the most existential show I’ve ever seen! So awesome!!

          • Mack

            Defiantly an awesome

            Arthur C Clark said: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

    • Kier

      So they will leave 1977 and come back in 2004? Thus having 2 of each of them on the island in 2004?

      • Mack

        That is difficult to determine. Remember the orchid video and the bunnies. A bunny was charged in the orchid chamber and sent into the future. While Chang was holding the original bunny, another bunny with the same name number, presumably a version of the original bunny sent into the future appeared.
        There bunny was existing simultaneously with itself at the same moment in time.
        What I conclude from that clip, if it is in fact cannon, is that time travel doesn’t work like it does in Back to the Future. When you include dimensional jumping, which I think we have seen, it becomes even more confusing.
        Imagine an interesting scenario for a situation like that. Imagine that as soon as the second bunny appeared, Chang would have snapped the neck of the original bunny. Does the second bunny vanished from existence or does it continue to exist. I don’t know but I think such a process occurred when Locke’s body returned to the island in a casket.

        • Illundiel

          Well in regards to Locke’s body I always thought it was MiB/Amit/Smoke Monster/what they later told us to be Easu.

          And despite loving Back to the Future, I always found it more logical(although contrary to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity specifically relating to space-time/light interaction) that people would cease to exist in regards to time(becoming unstuck) and could not be erased or killed if their prior self was killed because both would have the same quantum dna(which is real, and is a way to measure time discrepancies), you know…kinda like in the Prestige. both are the real ones, but which one ends up where.

          • Mack

            It is very possible that someone other than Locke inhabits Locke’s replicated body. What I was arguing was the simple mechanics of how the replicated Locke materialized on the Island in the first place.
            Ceasing to exist would be true if there was only one singular reality that was being modified and changed. Going back in time would change the progression of time from the point of change.

            However, in a multi-verse reality if you were to go back in time and change something your time line would not change, instead a new reality would branch off at the point you attempted to change history. It is in this tangent reality where the consequences of your attempts to change the past would materialize.

            I do think Lost employs a modified version of a multi-verse-universe. There is one real reality that is composed of a physical and conscious reality and other tangent realities that are simple manifestation of consciousness. What Dharma and everybody else is doing is trying to change real time from some terrible end but are unable to do so. In real time the rules of WHH applies.

            Jacob or whomever is attempting to shape, or better yet reroute, real time from the outside by implementing elements from imaginary time. The island and the manipulation of its energy allow them to do that.

  • Zonker

    Theory #7 was basically my thought beginning with the Season 2 finale. I thought Desmond activating the Swan Failsafe was him terminating the program (or what I thought of as a virtual reality course of therapy) and signalling Penny outside the program that he was ready to re-enter the real world. But beginning in Season 4 I started to find versions of this theory unsatisfying because they require multiple virtual reality levels to work: 1. The real real world that the 815ers inhabited prior to the “crash.” 2. The island world where the events of Seasons 1 & 2 took place. 3. Another virtual reality level, the fake-real world that the Oceanic 6, Ben and Locke returned to.

    • Illundiel

      the multiple levels is what bothered me too, my theory #7 was very similar but more of an after-life/different universe with different levels on understanding

    • I agree that with the start of theory 4, the theory began to lose some of its appeal for me. One of the reasons I’m so looking forward to this seasons is to see how the heck the writers plan to explain this convoluted storyline in a way that is, hopefully, very satisfying. If find it hard to believe that just one answer–simulation, time travel, time-loop, purgatory, Eden, a game, etc–can answer all the major mysteries.

  • The “Myth of Lost” theory is very, very clever, but I feel it would be an unsatisfactory ending. Even if the characters experienced growth, it still means everything was basically a dream. And all of the magic and mystery of the Island, the show’s strongest trait, is reduced to a boring real world creation. It’s also too much like The Matrix.

    • I guess the reason why that doesn’t bother me is because of how perfectly the idea of a simulation is to the real world we live in (everyone being connected, viruses, glitches, clues, destiny, etc). I totally see how the Island is a microcosm for the world we live in, and if the island is a virtual reality, perhaps our world is too. Maybe it’s not a computer simulation as we come to understand it today, but I do believe that this world is an illusion. I think that people who are okay with that possibility like the simulation theory, and those who aren’t, don’t.

      • Illundiel

        See that’s why I don’t like the theory #7 it’s almost too easy…

  • Dan

    I would be disappointed with #7. I love the idea of these things being real. The time travel and monster and statue. I don’t believe the theory gives any merit to the island’s mythos or the statue’s significance and the black rock, which I believe Richard Alpert came to the island on. I think that there will be 2 time lines and Desmond will connect them some how. I don’t know. I’m more of a fan of just letting it happen in front of me.

  • Jennifer

    Interesting theory about LOST being a computer simulation. There is a problem though, Damon Lindelof personally debunked it.

    Damon Lindelof: “It’s happening in the real world, there are real stakes, you’re not going to get to the end and cut to black and suddenly realize that this was all sort of a fantasy. That’s the only thing that we sort of need to get out there in the world, because it does diffuse a lot of wacky theories.”

  • trencher

    that…kinof kills #7. true.

  • Si

    really enjoyed your theories!! i honestly have no idea of what is going to happen in season 6 and i so cant wait to find out!! me and a friend was watching lost the other day and we believe that “Adam” and “Eve” is Bernard and Rose… I cant even begin to explain why i think this but ive just got a feeling!! lol any thoughts?? peace

  • Derek

    The Myth of Lost theory is definitely the most plausible theory on Lost I’ve read to date. I also completely vibe with Marc’s notion of our real world being an illusion. Many cultures have held this belief and coincidentally, there are references to many different cultures on the island (even more come Season 6 according to spoilers).

    Not sure if this has been brought up elsewhere, but the Myth of Lost theory when combined with some prospective S6 story lines, bears a striking similarity to the David Lynch mystery “Mulholland Drive”. We all know Twin Peaks was a major influence on the writers, but is it possible the Lost follows Mulholland Drive’s plot line (stop reading here if you’ve never seen Mulholland Drive and plan to)…

    Mulholland Drive consists of 3 phases:

    1. A dream which we initially believe is reality. Many clues are given during this sequence that something strange is happening, but the viewer just assumes that this is just how the film is (e.g. Lost S1-S5?)

    2. Without giving us an immediately evident clue, the movie shifts to actual reality (e.g. the “alternate reality” scenario that starts in Season 6 Episode 1 at LA”X”)

    3. We slowly realize the distinction between 1 and 2, but its not certain until the very end.

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