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The great and wonderful who?

By Walter L. Newton,

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In his current article on Entertainment Weekly online, Doc Jensen postulates “The Land of Oz is a magical place. It is a land of witches with wands and charmed slippers, of walking, talking tin men, scarecrows, and lions. But it is also a place where not everything is as enchanted as it seems. Indeed, it is a land where its all-powerful namesake deity is an illusion — mere smoke and mirrors, invented by a clever little man hiding behind a curtain, fooling a lot of people into believing a very big lie that distorts a proper understanding of their world. The Island on Lost appears to be a lot like Oz — but how far does the comparison go?”


This got me to thinking. What have we’ve seen and heard on the show that may not be what it seems to be? Is anyone of our characters, survivors, Others and major off-island players really pulling their individual strings? Or is there an overall “wizard” who is really in control?


Take the scene between young Locke and Richard. Richard reacted to Locke’s choice in anger and fans have debated over and over as to which object(s) were the correct choice. But is it possible that Locke’s selection was correct, and in reality, that’s what made Richard mad? When Hurley looked at the instrument panel on the Camaro, he saw the numbers on the mileage gauge and the trip counter, apparently a mysterious, if not supernatural occurrence. Or did Hurley’s father, David, set those numbers on the display, following someone’s instructions? Has Widmore, Paik and Ben been manipulated into a battle for control of “what?” Can we imagine that most everything we have seen has nothing to do with fate, destiny or coincidence?



wiz_c004.jpgThe producers have hinted that Season 5 will concentrate on giving us further insight into the Dharma Initiative. Is it possible that the project is not defunct, that it is really running full speed ahead, and all the players (and us fans) are pawns in a large-scaled, multi-year social experiment? Maybe, with in the story line, no one we’ve seen really holds the winning hand.


So who is the “man behind the curtain?”



From TVFrenzy:

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    I think the Oz Theory ties into the Science vs Fate theme that the show portrays – Have faith that a higher power is, in fact, in control and that things will run their destined course…..OR, You are in control of your life and no one can tell you how things will work out because its all up to you, ultimately.

    I think the Oz Theory goes deeper in this regard, as Dorothy was kinda out of control when she landed in Oz, though quickly got a group together and controlled her own destiny, making her way to the wizard. BUT, in the end, she had to click her heals and have faith that she would return home.

  • Derryn

    Richard Alpert tapped the three objects he wanted John to pick once after placing them. The three unselected objects were not tapped after placement.

    Make of this what you will.

  • 801

    Good point Derryn (not Derren Brown, is it?! 😉 are you suggesting Locke wasn’t influenced by Alpert’s suggestion?

  • Derryn

    No, Derryn Jones! lol

    I was under the impression he was planting a seed in his mind. I don’t think he remembers them, or knew them as his, he was just influenced in his choices by the act of Alpert touching them. I also think the high school teacher science camp thing was further pushing him in the direction of the hunter/leader direction.

    Anyway, that’s my thought.

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