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Theory – Who is Desmond?

By professorstotch,

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NOTE: In accordance with site policy, this theory is completely spoiler-free.

Back in the second season of our favorite show, we were introduced to a character who would quickly become one of our most beloved. The scraggly-haired Scotsman was responsible for “saving the world” by pushing a button every 108 minutes. Throughout the years, we’ve seen many great Desmond moments, but like many elements of Lost, the true purpose of his character remains shrouded in mystery. Let’s take a little bit of a deeper look into Desmond, and see if we can come up with some good theories as to how he’ll end up fitting into the show’s end-game.

First, a little background:

Let’s recap some of the things we know about Desmond thus far. It’s been made well aware that throughout his life, he’s had some trouble finding his true purpose in life. He’s joined the Army, he’s been a monk, and he’s even participated in a solo race around the world. Yet it seems that no matter what Desmond does, it always ends in failure. He was fired from the monastery, he was given a dishonorable discharge from the Army, and instead of making it around the world, he managed to crash his boat and end up on the island.

Even on the island, he couldn’t seem to catch a break. He was given a job of pushing the button, and his efforts resulted in turning the sky purple, and causing Oceanic 815 to crash. When his duties turned to protecting Charlie and helping him avoid death, he failed there as well. No matter what he did, Charlie ended up drowning in The Looking Glass.

It seems that no matter what Desmond seems to do, it’s bound to end in failure. So far, the only thing he’s seemed to experience some success in is reuniting with Penny. Before that, their romance was littered with trials and hardships. Perhaps leaving the island was a turning point for Desmond. He escaped from the place he’d been a prisoner for more than three years, reunited with his long-lost love, and even had a baby boy.


The island isn’t done with him yet:

Ms. Hawking said it best. When Desmond refused to go back to the island with the Oceanic Six, she made it a point to let him know that the island wasn’t through with him. If I had to take a guess, this is most likely the reason he was able to recover after taking a bullet to the gut from Ben. The island had plans for Michael, and wouldn’t let him die. Perhaps now it’s protecting Desmond in a similar manner, making sure he doesn’t bite the dust until he’s served his purpose.

Now, I know it may seem that Ms. Hawking is some all-knowing prophet with vast knowledge of the future, but I have a feeling this is just a façade she’s putting on. I have a feeling she doesn’t possess infinite knowledge of the future, but instead she’s been told things in the past. If she shared a relationship on the island with Charles Widmore, there’s a huge possibility that she’s received some information privy to only the island’s leaders. And it’s also a huge possibility that this information had something to do with those who would eventually turn out to be very important to the island. She left the island with this information to make sure that these people would be protected. She watched over her own son, Daniel. She helped Ben and the Oceanic Six return to the island. And she even made sure that Desmond ended up on his rightful path. She delivered information to him to keep him on the right course, and then again to inform him of the fact that his destiny is intertwined with the future of the island.

In order to predict the future, we must first understand the past:

Before we’re able to figure out Desmond’s ultimate destiny, we need more information on where he comes from. Throughout the series, we’ve seen just about every single one of our characters as a child at some point or another. Jack, Kate, Locke, Sayid, Sawyer, Charlie, Juliet, Hurley, you name them, and chances are we’ve either seen them as a child, or heard stories about their childhood. The only character who seems to be missing any childhood information, is Desmond.

According to Desmond, we know he didn’t attend university due to being forced to take care of three younger brothers. This little morsel is the earliest piece of biographical information we have on Desmond. Given the fact that Lost is a show that focuses so much on the backstories of its characters, and their development throughout their lives, I find it pretty suspicious that Desmond’s past remains so cloudy, even as we’re heading into the final season.


The rules don’t apply to Desmond:

As Daniel Faraday says, Desmond is special, as the rules of time travel don’t apply to him. We’ve seen evidence on a number of occasions that point to Desmond being special. Daniel was able to insert a memory into his consciousness that resulted in Desmond going to see Ms. Hawking. In “Flashes Before Your Eyes” we saw Desmond reliving his past, with vague memories of those events happening before. Does everyone else remember the look in Ms. Hawking’s eyes when Desmond told her he’d take the ring? She had to correct him, and explain to him that he’s not supposed to propose to Penny. He’d end up taking the ring, with plans to change his future, but eventually he ends up realizing that he probably does have a destiny, and it’s best to not mess with the time-space continuum.

After this event, Desmond developed the ability to see flashes of the future. From here on out, he was determined to change the future as he saw it. He had success early on, but eventually (as mentioned before) it ended up in failure. Desmond also displayed a certain special talent flashing back and forth between 1996 and 2004 to arrange a Christmas Eve phone call with his constant.

The general assumption is that Desmond’s being inside the Swan when it imploded is what caused him to become so special. I’ve never bought into this theory, as it fails to explain why Locke and Eko didn’t acquire these same “gifts” as Desmond. I do believe that it’s possible for the force of the implosion to thrust Desmond’s consciousness through time, and eventually unlock the power he already had within. My point here is that Desmond was always special, and it took an incident at the Swan to bring this out in him. Locke and Eko were never special, and therefore they came out of the implosion the same as they went in.

Where I’m going with all of this:

Let’s recap what we have so far:

– We know very little about Desmond’s childhood

– Desmond has always been special

– Desmond’s destiny is directly related to the future of the island

I’m just going to come right out and say it. My theory here, the reason that Desmond is so special, and so mysterious, is that he’s the offspring of some one very important. Follow me on this…

Desmond is the son of Jacob.

Based on everything we’ve seen so far on this show, and everything we’ve been told about our characters, I believe this to be a very plausible theory. We know that Jacob is some kind of island god, with abilities that I’m sure we’ve only scratched the surface of. We’ve seen he’s damn old, and has the ability to apply this affect to others (Richard.) Mythology is riddled with stories of gods and goddesses bearing offspring with humans, their children often having some super-human abilities. Jacob planted his seed in an ordinary woman, and that woman gave birth to Desmond.

I’m sure it’s possible that Desmond’s mother could be someone we’ve met. Perhaps he shares a mother with one of our characters? While this could be possible, I hope it isn’t. I’m hoping that we do learn more about Desmond’s childhood in this final season, and that we do meet his mother and father. And of course, seeing as how I just wrote up this entire article, I’m hoping that Desmond’s father is our island deity, Jacob.

So there you have it. My super “Desmond is Jacob’s Son” theory. What are your thoughts?

Next time: Jacob, Flocke, and Smokie…

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From TVFrenzy:

  • Illundiel

    I like it, and I humbly offer up another.

    This theory does not preclude yours it could go hand-in-hand or stand-alone. Desmond is Charlie’s father.
    Charlie’s father(we’ll assume adoptive) was Simon the Butcher. Ben stores Locke’s dead body at Simon the Butcher’s. At some point, most likely in season 6 Desmond will have to give up Charlie(perhaps to be Adam and Eve via Desmond and Penny). With the Adam and Eve thing there are 2 Genesis stories in the Catholic/Christian Bible and in one of them it says that Adam is of man, but in the other it says Adam was made in God’s image and that Eve was begotten of Adam. So there you have Desmond as Jacob(God’s) son.

    It explains their weird connection in Through the Looking Glass, their meeting in the past when Desmond flashes and meets Charlie playing Wonderwall…there are too many connections between the two of them for it to be nothing. Desmond and/or Charlie are special.

    • Nice. Des’s intense feelings for Charlie have always been a bit strange. Like both theories, Des as Jake Jr. and Charles as Jake III.

      Eloise’s the mom, too, me thinks. She treats Des just as she treated Daniel, a bit cold.

      We’ll see. Soon.

      • Illundiel

        I’ve never thought about who could be Des’ mom before, but the thought of Eloise being it has me a little weirded out(although I also like it a lot)

        • My being attracted to Eloise weirds me out even more, believe me….

          • Illundiel

            which one? because I like them both…seeing younger Eloise coming out of that water pool though? niice

          • The older one!! Hot Hot Hot.

    • We see Charlie’s father in season 3 I think. They’re at the public swimming pool. His dad’s not Desmond.

      • Illundiel

        yes, his father is Simon the Butcher(as I mentioned) thats the one with him at the pool and christmas(maybe). my point was that’s not his father.

    • mirth23

      Don’t forget there was another possible Desmond/Charlie connection in “Greatest Hits”. As Charlie is about to jump into the swimming pool, a kid in the background clearly calls out, “Come on, let’s go! Desmond!” I think that was meant as another hint of Desmond and Charlie’s connection, but it would also imply that they were around the same age at the time.

    • Madge

      Desmond being Charlie’s father would give more meaning to the Abraham/Isaac parallel as well. Will Jacob spare Charlie and God spared Isaac?

  • dp2

    Interesting thought. To take it a little further, there is another main character whose childhood we haven’t seen: Jin. We also don’t know for certain who his birth father is. Ponder that in this context.

    • [Spoiler?] Isn’t there hints of a major asian character central to the Lost story? Perhaps there’s an asian on the pirate ship with Alpert and Widmore – the last is a theory and not attributable to anything I’ve read. I always thought there was more to Jin’s story (wasn’t that his dad in the fishing village). But since Sun is the daughter of rich gangsta-type, perhaps SHE is the “gifted” descendant” of the Island heirarchy.

      Then again, I’ve always that that perhaps its Widmore’s ship and Alpert has been on the Island longer than the ship. Specially since he seems to have that whole Egyptian-eye-shadow-thing going on.

      • dp2

        The fisherman raised Jin as his son after his prostitute mother abandoned him, but he told Sun himself that he didn’t know if he was the father.

  • listentothewhispers


    I dont know how yall feel, but I will miss theorizing about this show more than anything.

  • Zonker

    Well, at least 3 characters have been described as “Special:” Des + Walt + Locke. Maybe they are special in different ways, but I wonder. One of the least satisfying things about the followup to the Season 2 finale was the letdown following the activation of the Swan failsafe. All this talk about Saving the World, all this angst from drunken Kelvin when he first shows Des the failsafe key. When all along, either of them could have just turned the key, and the only consequences apparantly would have been to relive a bit of one’s past life, get flashes of the future, and of course get one’s clothes blown off! No, I think there must be some greater consequences of activating the failsafe. Building off some earlier theories, maybe Locke was the one who was supposed to activate the failsafe– otherwise why would the island show him the Pearl station and cause him to lose his faith in pushing the button? Maybe part of the endgame is Des trading places with Locke, so that Des is the one who dies and Locke lives on to fulfill his correct destiny in the revised, island-sanctioned version of the timeline?

    • Possible world’s end if the failsafe not activated – NOT activated. Perhaps if activated at an earlier point the failsafe would not work. Probably relied on a delicate balance of energy countered by a delicate balance of the zero-point energy (what you guys call the electromagnetic force). Not just a blow-off-your-clothes event.

      • Zonker

        Anything’s possible– they just haven’t revealed it and my hope is they will at least address it. Either you push a button every 108 minutes from now until the end of time in order to prevent the end of the world. Or you turn the failsafe key and make the problem go away. Seems a pretty clear decision. There must have been some severe consequences to activating the failsafe that we have not seen. Maybe the Swan station– or the underlying EM source– was what kept the Island anchored to “our” reality, and absent that, the island became unstuck between quantum realities. That accounts for Desmond’s time travelling, the Oceanic 6 escaping the island to one possible reality, and now the Oceanic 815ers (post-Jughead) emerging into yet another reality.

        • Perhaps it was the turning of the failsafe that caused MIB’s loophole. But your suggestion is a good one. Plus the O6 were a cause (Locke, MIB’s agent) behind its occurrence. The science of it is important, though. Either the energy components of the failsafe (flux of the zero-point PLUS whatever power-source the switch ignited (Jughead? Hmm, perhaps the bomb in the shaft took away the failsafe’s source – and also the need of a failsafe because it destroyed Dharma).

          I think you’ve stumbled upon an important connection.

  • Excellent post and some good food for thought! Despite not being a main cast member next season, Des clearly has some sort of pivotal roll to play, and if your theory is right that would certainly help explain what it could/would be.

  • Itzack

    love your theorie…
    and I’d very much love to see my favourite scotsman (and btw my favourite character in the show) back in the game.

    but my guts tell me he won’t

    nevertheless, i’ll keep my fingers crossed that he’ll be “the” character in S6

    i’ll miss LOST big time

  • An interesting theory, definitely. We know Jacob can leave the Island, so it’s not far-fetched. My only question is: how does this fit into things? One of the biggest mysteries is where is all of this headed? What is the goal? To save the Island? Save the world? Save themselves? What does the Island want from all of our characters? If Desmond is related to Jacob, what would that mean? Would he need to come back and reclaim his father’s throne, ala Aragorn in “Lord of the Rings?” As theories go, this is cool, but it begs a lot more questions.

  • neoloki

    It seemed the above article said that Eloise was privy to Island secrets only because she was sleeping with Charles Widmore. However, at the time of her sons death, Eloise Hawking was the leader of the Island, This could have been a dual leadership with Charles, but it was clearly stated by Richard in The Incident after he knocks her out and tells Jack and Sayid to go on that he was “protecting our leader”.

    • Illundiel

      maybe by protecting their leader he meant Daniel. Daniel was the real leader!!! and hence why they tried so hard to reset everything after she kills him!!!!!!!

      • neoloki

        no. Richard hit Eloise in the back of the head with the gun and pulled her back. Jack asked what he was doing. Richard said protecting our leader. No wiggle room there. It is black and white. Eloise was the leader at the time.

        • You’re a black and white kind of guy, huh? It’s either your way or the highway.

          • neoloki

            No, but there is a point when one can over think a situation and since Daniel was already dead and Richard was questioning the whole plan to begin with I think it is best when there are already enough mysteries on Lost to not create a new one. Especially, when it is a rather cut and dry matter.

        • Illundiel

          yeah, but I was being kinda overt. she was pregnant at the time with…bum bum bum…Daniel!!! he meant the leader in her belly, sorry that I had to clarify that. and since they killed the leader daniel, they had to go back to reset it.

          • neoloki

            so Daniel is going to end up being the leader of the Island in season 6?

            sorry, that is funny. and not likely. not even remotely likely. especially since richard wasn’t even convinced that detonating Jughad was a reasonable thing to do.

            Richard was referring to Eloise.

  • neoloki

    Oh, and most of her knowledge of the future came from Daniel’s journal.

    As far as Desmond being the son of Jacob, well, it is possible. It is very likely we will find out Jacob had a child, but I have a feeling it will be someone else.

    • Sarah

      He resembles M.I.B. more

      • Oh God let’s hope not. But still, Des is a good soul, that’s all that matters.

  • Widmore

    “You will never be a great man.” Not sure if you can believe anything Widmore has said up to this point, but wouldn’t Widmore as former island leader know whether or not Des was Jacob’s son.

    • It’s possible, Widmore going off-island, misusing its power according to Ben (if you can’t trust Ben…), might indicate the Brit was more a MIB kind-of-man. Funny Ben is a for-sure MIB kind-of-guy.

      Consider this as well: Knowing Des was Eloise’s other son, sparking his daughter would cause such a response in the Brit. (I don’t like this idea, mainly because if Ben instigated Widmore’s fall, Ben being Bad Ben Ben Bad, then Widmore might be “one of the good guys.”) In addition, if Widmore’s aligned with MIB, then all the more to be stifling Des’ destiny.

  • I don’t think Desmond is Jacob’s son – My prediction is that Locke is Jacob’s son. The “loophole” has something to do with Jacob’s son.

    • Eve

      I’m more inclined to go with Locke being Jacob’s son. But, I’m also thinking that Locke could be the MIB’s son. I’m betting it turns out that they both have offspring. Let’s not forget, that we don’t actually know if Anthony Cooper is Locke’s father. Only, that an “older” man impregnated his mother. Obviously, Locke plays so heavily into the “loophole.” We don’t yet know how far back Jacob or MIB started this “round” of game playing with our Losties.

      • Exactly – a HUGE part of me thinks that it might have been the Man in Black that ran down Emily Locke that fateful night.

        • Illundiel

          To get Biblical on you(and Egyptian lore tells the same story) Jacob and Anubis could only be killed by their “offspring”(the word roughly translates to that or a piece of themselves).
          so it either means that Jacob could only be killed by his people the Others(which satisfies Ben). or that Jacob had to be killed by his son(Ben). then Locke could be MiB’s son.

          of course maybe Jacob is God and not Jacob…but then again “God Loves You as He Loved Jacob”

          • Jacob’s diss of Ben, not exactly fatherly love. Of course, there is that whole thing about Abraham dissing, exiling his son….

  • neoloki

    Locke hired a private investigator to find out who his parent’s really are. The (very) red folder was Anthony Cooper. Thus he is Locke’s father. Let’s not rewrite the story.

    • You mean red – as in red herring?

      • Yeah, don’t forget the RED kidney, either.

        • neoloki

          Thanks Smitty. There is the kidney.

          • Iwantmykidneyback

            yeah and I want it back!!!

  • neoloki

    I believe at this point in the game to suddenly say Anthony Cooper is not John Locke’s dad for the sole purpose as to make him Jacob’s son when undermine 5 seasons of character development by the writer’s. That is something they are not willing to do. I say that with the awareness that the biggest worry among Lost fan’s about an ALT or RESET is that it would make 5 seasons of Lost worthless. There answer at Comic-Con was “trust us”. In other words, they won’t wipe the slate clean whether they present us with an ALT or not.

  • rob

    man, i didnt even read this. i just hate how you still have to point out to all the cry-babies that this and every new post is “spoiler free”. shouldnt that be assumed since the big announcement awhile back?

  • Beena

    Even though I don’t buy the theory about Des being Jacob’s son, I enjoyed reading this post about Des very much. The reason I don’t buy the theory, is because it isn’t essential that Des be Jacob’s son for him to have a destiny or role to play on the island. A more likely “family tie” scenario to me, would be that he turns out to be Jack’s brother (because of the irony in that). Maybe Des is Christian’s other son. But I somehow doubt this, too. It’s just not essential. However, it is really curious that we have seen more of the past of almost every other major player, yet not a thing about Desmond’s childhood. It either wasn’t critical to the story line, or it will be a piece of information revealed this final season. Des and Penny’s son may actually turn out to be a bigger piece in the puzzle, than the childhood of Desmond. We’ll see!

  • Sarah

    Why does he have to be anyone’s son. I always thought he was lieing, when he told Widmore, about taking care of his little brothers. I don’t think he knows where the hell he came from. He always looks confused.
    Maybe he is ageless, like Alpert, got amnesia somehow, and has been jumping around thru time.
    I find it strange too, that for alot of Desmond’s life, he has been in hiding sort of. Hanging away from the world in a monestery, locked in a prison, locked in a hatch, then hiding from Widmore for 3 years with Penny.
    Are there forces out there trying to keep him hidden?

    • Excellent point…besides all of the other characters being ‘lost’ in the way they live their lives – all of them a bit desperate, eh – Des is the most lost!

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    When the hatch imploded, Des was at ground zero. Even closer to the source than Ecko and Locke. What’ eerily similar is the position Juliet finds herself in the last finale. She as at ground zero when the power source implodes/explodes. Very similar to what happens to Des 30+ years later….in the very same spot.

    • JimmyFord

      Similar, but not quite the same. Desmond was lucky enough not to have experienced the combined effect of electomagnetism along with a nuclaer reaction. Juliet stands alone there…I wonder if the combined effect creates a black hole like the large haldron collider 😉

      • Unless, of course, the failsafe itself was a nuclear explosion. We don’t know the power source of the device. If, as it appears, the O6 reset time – or funked it up somehow – then there won’t be a hatch or failsafe for Des to push. I suspect that Jughead was the device meant to be used as an EMERGENCY only and is in fact the failsafe.

        Naysayers will say there was no blast effects similar to a nuke – but we don’t know where the power source is for the failsafe. It should have been at the bottom of the shaft we saw and the presumed leak of zero-point energy, buried under tons of rock. Probably we’ll never know UNLESS The Darlton continues on the existing timeline.

        Drama…don’t you just love it!?!

        • JimmyFord

          Jughead could very well have been the fail safe (maybe we’ll know for sure this season), but what bothers me is that Jughead was nowhere near the hatch. Richard and Ellie stored it in the catacombs beneath the Dharma barracks. From what I remember the barracks and the hatch are quite some distance away…also, Jughead was pretty much in tact when they found it (except for it’s perpetual radiation leak), which, in the linear timespace of the O6 lives happened after Desmond flipped the switch…

          Time/space theory + nuclear physics + electomagnetic properties = total confusion but some good as sh^t TV!

          • Zonker

            I think you’re confused regarding the timelines. I believe what’s being proposed is this:

            Timeline A (pre-Ajira 316): Jughead somehow gets installed as the Swan Station failsafe, requiring as you say its relocation from the Barracks to the Swan. In 2002 Desmond turns the key activating the failsafe. Boom: purple sky event.

            Timeline B (Jack/Kate/Sayid/Hurley return to 1975 via Ajira 316): Jack moves Jughead to the Swan and Juliet detonates it. Boom: fade to white.

            If true, it simply means in Timeline A there was no return by Jack/Kate/Sayid/Hurley and something else was the Incident Dr. Chang spoke about on the orientation film.

          • JimmyFord

            Yeah, I hear you, Zonk, and it’s certainly reasonable (if there is such a thing in Lost). I guess I would prefer to see Timeline A be explored a little more. If Timeline A shared any continuity with Timeline B

            If so, then what’s your take with the O6 coming back to the island to detonate Jughead earlier? Who/what set this up? Jacob, of course, is an obvious answer, but for what purpose? To close a loophole that hadn’t formed yet? Weird…

          • Zonker

            @JimmyFord “If so, then what’s your take with the O6 coming back to the island to detonate Jughead earlier? Who/what set this up? Jacob, of course, is an obvious answer, but for what purpose? To close a loophole that hadn’t formed yet? Weird…”

            This is one of the things that bugged me with the S5 finale: If Jughead went off and destroyed the EM anomoly that originally crashed 815, then Locke never made it to the island, so unLocke never got into position to have Jacob killed, so Jacob is saved, the story’s over, no need for Season 6. I jokingly said at the time maybe the S6 storyline would be to go back and kill Jacob *again.* And now I wonder if something like that is going to be the S6 endgame: It would be entirely in character for the Lost producers to pull back the camera yet again and show us that Jacob and the MiB are themselves just mid-level players, with someone else really calling the shots. Consider: we’ve thought first Locke, then Dharma, then Ben, then the Others, then Hawking, then Widmore, and now Jacob were each “in charge” only to find out later that they knew less about what was going on than the audience was led to believe.

            So if that’s the way this plays out, then something like this might be the scenario:
            1- MiB brings Ajira 316 back to the island in order to use Ben and Locke’s corpse for his plan.
            2- Jacob intercepts Jack/Kate/Sayid/Hurley and flashes them back to 1977 to detonate Jughead, wiping out the MiB’s plan.
            3- But the real man behind the curtain doesn’t like either of these scenarios, and so over the span of Season 6 institutes a course-correction to bring things back the way they were intended to be.

            There are some problems with this, such as why Jacob sent Ilana on Ajira 316 but left her in 2007? But the central idea of someone else behind Jacob & MiB seems very typical of how they like to structure this show!

          • “The Incident” was the drilling into the zero-point energy source within THE(?) Island. Dharma managed to contain the leak, set up Jughead as the failsafe. Timeline A, as Zonker says, “Boom: purple sky even.” That’s Lost as we know it.

            Timeline B (Zonker) detonates Jughead early, wipes out the Dharma Initiative experiment. That’s Lost we haven’t seen.

            BUT – if “A” is prevented by “B,” how did Ajira have Locke’s body…and how is the Ajira6 occur-able?

            Man, I just aints smart enough to figure that out.

          • Zonker

            You’re exactly right. It is a paradox. So either we have multiple branching timelines, with things like Ajira Flight 316 allowed to travel between timelines, or else we have the paradox being the reason why the Unseen-Powers-That-Be step in during Season 6 to correct that paradox.

            If we are to believe the Comicon videos (those aren’t forbidden spoilers, right?), then the producers have abandoned whatever-happened-happened. The timeline has apparently been changed, and by the very people who now will not be in a position to enact that change in their new timeline.

            Oy vey 😉

          • JimmyFord

            In deed, quite a conundrum. And I like your Never-before-seen (or maybe we have?) UBU-force calling the shots here trying set things straight. I can totally buy into that and it would be pretty cool to see. However, what if the timeline is still in place?? Jughead actually caused the Incident (as Miles had presumed), but it didn’t blow up the hatch. It just reacted with the EM and caused the sky to turn white/purple again and poor Juliet died from injuries relating to the fall. Subsequently, Dharma is able to finish the hatch and while doing so notice that the EM force gets progressively stronger and realize they need to build a pressurized chamber to release this EM energy build-up, say every 108 minutes or so. They also built a failsafe that simply collapses itself on on top of this pocket of energy to preventing it from escaping into the atmosphere. Timeline and WHH preserved. S6, therefore, could be what happens to Jack,Kate,Sawyer,Hurley,and Sayid once they cause the Incident. Does the island transport them out of there since they no longer belong? And if it does, to when do they go? And once they’re there, will they have a whole bunch more paradoxes to cause? That’s Lost to me, for every answer, you get 100 more questions. But this is it! Story over, so some sort of resolution/course correction must be in the works. It’s fun to think of the possibilities though. Thanks for sharing.

          • Heidi

            Zonker: Agree with neither Jacob or MIB being the guy in charge. I think the entity that appeared in the cabin when Ben lied and brought Locke to Jacob is neither Jacob or MIB but another entity. And I believe that entity has something to do with Desmond. His hair looks like Desmond’s hair. His brown eye looks like Desmond’s eye. I think ProfStotch is almost right on the money with this article. It is suspicious that we don’t know about Desmond’s parentage and I agree it will be someone important. I think the entity who said “Help Me” is either Desmond or his ancestor and is someone god-like.

  • Okan

    1) Who is Sawyer’s father ?
    2) Who is John’s Father ? ( the older man Emily was with )
    3) Who is Desmond’s father ?
    4) Who is Penny’s mother ?

    I hope we can find the answer of these questions

  • sv

    The only notable character I can think of that we’ve not seen as a kid and/or know nothing about the parent is Frank Lapidus…who is a “candidate” for we-don’t-know-what-yet…
    Mmmmhhhh yummy

    • neoloki

      If Jacob has a child it does not have to be a notable character, plus why couldn’t it be a daughter?

  • lost_grrl

    I began to seriously consider a connection between Des and Charlie as soon as I heard that Des and Penny named their child Charlie. In a normal family it would be no big deal to give your son your father’s name but in this case I cannot imagine either Des or Penny wanting to honor Charles Widmore in an way. Obviously one could argue that it was simply to honor a friend whose sacrifice made it possible for the two of them to reunite but I think there is something else here…something that is so powerful that Penny and Des HAD to name their child Charlie despite all of the negative feelings that might surface each time they say their own child’s name.

    • Bezmina

      It strikes me that Mr Widmore is a Charles and never a Charlie.

  • KoRoBaRo

    If Desmond was Jacob’s son…then it would explain why they thought it was Desmond’s eye looking back at Hurley when he peeked inside Jacob’s Cabin’s window. Also, if Eloise is Desmond’s mother…it could explain why Charles Widmore hates Desmond and knocks him at every turn…pure, old fashion Spite.

  • Okay, first, I beleive that being the leader of the Others certainly gave Eloise specail knowledge. Having said that…I believe that ALL of her future knowledge came from Daniel’s journal. This knowledge is so important that she makes certain that the journal is created, even as it tragically kills her son.
    Also, the two important Eloise quotes concerning Desmond:
    “You may not like your path, Desmond, but pushing that button is the only truly great thing that you will ever do.”
    “The island isn’t finished with you, Desmond.”

    This implies that whatever Desmond has left to do…it won’t be great.
    But, I hope it’s awesome. 🙂

    • Please don’t hold it against me that I typed “believe” wrong in my first sentence. I promise that I know how to spell simple words…really.

      • JimmyFord

        OK, I won’t, but specail is spelled special 😉

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