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LOST With Lyndsey… “The Variable”

By LOST With Lyndsey,

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“They crawled into a forest like the big, unlucky mammals they were.” Slaughterhouse-Five
Super-Duper Brief Recap

Season 5 Episode 14 “The Variable”- Desmond fights for his life and Mrs. Hawking haunts Penny in the hospital waiting room. Hawking is appalled at the erroneous notion that Benny is her son. Still, we may soon find out that she does have a child named Penny. Daniel inspires the return of Sawyer’s cute nicknames, such as “Twitchy” and “H.G. Wells.” According to Miles, Daniel is crazy on a ‘whole new level now,’ which he seems to prove by crying throughout 76 percent of his episode…just like Billy Pilgrim in Slaughterhouse-Five. Sometimes, being ‘un-stuck in time’ is completely un-awesome.

One Night in 1977…

Daniel has been hunkered down in Ann Arbor re-reading his journal and playing with numbers, coordinates and such, but returns to the Island to shake things up a bit.
He drops in with a solid four hours to spare before the, um…Incident.
Daniel thinks Jack is still in charge and storms his cabin, only to find out that he is wrong and Jack is not at all in charge, but that he is quite sleepy.
Daniel then reveals his Mommy issues.
He tells Jack that he’s heard his mother’s whole “destiny” schpiel before, and that all of this “meant to be back on the Island” stuff she’s been spewing, is bunk…

Jack wishes he were still asleep, dreaming of ‘something nice back home…’

The Scientist and The Video Star

Well, that clarifies that…
Daniel runs off to The Orchid with Miles in tow, and suddenly that bizarre-o scene from the S5 premiere is played out allover again, but this time, in far more comprehensible fashion.
Pierre and Daniel face-off, and Daniel instructs Pierre to immediately evacuate the Island.
He warns of the impending Incident
Pierre is super doubtful, which prompts Danny to offer up the fact that he’s ‘from the future.’
Seriously, when are we going to understand that positing this notion really gets us nowhere and also corroborates the idea that we actually are certifiably insane and should be delivered to the torturer dude in the tent, poste-haste?
In a wld turn of events (insert sarcasm here,) the “I’m a time traveler” nonsense fails to impress, Daniel tells Chang that Miles is his son; a charge which Miles promptly denies. When Daniel gets cagey with any real explanations other than, “he’s Chinese and his name is Miles,” Pierre is officially done with Daniel.
WTF, Miles? Why’d you do Danny dirty like that?

“There is a time for departure even when there’s no certain place to go.” Tennessee Williams

Daniel is a gifted pianist with a hell of a memory, but Mama Ellie is obsessed with nurturing Daniel’s ‘real’ gifts and assisting him in fulfilling his destiny. She believes that there is simply not ‘time’ to properly cultivate both, so she unceremoniously bans the piano and sets about seeing to it that destiny has Danny’s undivided attention. Daniel is displeased.
He believes that he can “make time.” Uh-huh…

There’s a Monster in the Closet…

Phil reminds me of one of those people in high school who soooo wanted to hang with the popular kids, but the first time someone cut class or lit a cigarette in the bathroom, he’d run off and promptly alert the powers that be…
Phil should be so lucky…
See, in Phil’s case, he gets his ass beat by the popular kid and his girlfriend, and then finds himself bound and gagged in a closet. He doesn’t quite make it to the authorities.
This totally sucks for Phil.
Needless to say, Sawyer is too busy dealing with Unibrow (who is still harbouring the illicit footage from the Deliverance of Baby-Ben) to be uber-concerned with the return of Boy Wonder, Daniel.
However, when Daniel busts in on the mini-Town Hall meeting Sawyer is conducting, and insists that he needs to find the Others, because Ellie is the “only person who can get them back to where they are supposed to be,” Sawyer is suddenly forced to reckon not only with Whiz Kid, but with Jack, too.
Oh yes, Jack is most certainly back.

“Letting all the people know, that I’m back to run the show” Mark Morrison “Return of the Mack”

Sorry for the obscure, mid-90’s, one hit wonder musical reference, but seriously, Daniel seems to have reminded Jack how good it feels for people to look to him for answers. Jack is so over living in the shadow of Sawyer’s statue.
Really, Jack couldn’t just eat waffles and janitor-ize forever. He’s a leader, dammit!
Indeed, the moment Daniel starts preaching about finding the Hostiles/ Others, Jack’s all in. He’s jonesing for adventure.
He turns to Kate for back up and attaches himself firmly to her Achilles heel (that whole Aaron debacle,) and suggests that whatever she came back for is probably ‘out there’ rather than here, in 1977. Sawyer suddenly gets all nervous that “Freckles” may be itching for a romp with Jack through the Jungle and asks her to come with them.
Juliet can imagine nothing worse than losing another man to our fickle freckled friend, and promptly tells Kate the code to the sonic gamma-ray fence and instructs she and Jack to buzz off.
They do.
But not before Daniel goes all creepy-pedophile on young-Charlotte, who reiterates that she’s not allowed to have chocolate before dinner. This is not new news, as she mentioned it just before succumbing to the final flash through time, but it’s nice to see that those seemingly nonsensical ramblings weren’t all for naught.
He turns on the water works again, scaring the beejeezsus out of mini-Charlotte, and makes her promise to leave the Island when Dr. Chang instructs them to get on the submarine.
He then dashes off to meet his homies at the motor pool locker, just in time to reenact the gunfight at the O.K. Corral.
I have so missed the gunfights of earlier seasons.
Don’t get me wrong, poison darts are rad, but sometimes a good old-fashioned showdown with guns and ammo just feels necessary. Plus, Radzinsky is so irksome to me, that I encourage any and all encounters between he and deadly weapons. That was mean. Sorry.
Danny takes a bullet to the neck (just a flesh wound) and the Three Amigos take off in the Jeep.

Mummy and Daddy Dearest…

I once read that Tiger Woods father was very ‘anti-relationship’ for the bulk of his prodigal son’s life. He believed that Tiger would lose focus and never reach his full potential if he got involved with some hussy a lady-friend.
Based on Eloise’s reaction to Theresa, I’d say she also subscribes to this ideal.
Daniel has wild hair and is totally channeling Teen Wolf as he eats a tense lunch with Ellie, who actually shows some emotion and is visibly shaken when Daniel throws in his “Widmore is my benefactor” revelation. She gives Danny that dang journal he’s always writing in, and then runs off to make destiny happen, elsewhere.
Flash forward to the continuation of our first-ever Daniel Faraday encounter back in S4’s “Confirmed Dead.” This time we witness Charles Widmore (and Faraday father,) visiting an emotionally distraught Daniel and copping to that whole gnarly “I put that faux plane on the ocean floor,” situation. This seems rather bold on Widmore’s part, but he assures us that it’s cool because Daniel won’t remember any of this tomorrow. He then promises all kinds of soul healing and answers to Danny’s myriad questions, if he accepts this new opportunity and agrees to explore the Majickal Island. Something about Widmore’s tone and the nature of these promises is super-reminiscent of Bram’s ill-advised method of appealing to Miles, when he attempts to draft him onto Team Ilanna.
Still, this tactic proves oodles more successful with Daniel, for it only takes a slight bit of coercion from Eloise, and Daniel dries his tears, tucks away his feelings of ineptitude, and hops aboard the Kahana. Destiny calls…

“We’re Off to See the Wizard…”

Jack fixes Danny and Kate fixes the fence.
Daniel has some fun with repetition, and he hits Jack with Miles old “any one of us can die,” line.
Meanwhile, Radzinski gets Jules and Sawyer in compromising positions, but totally not the fun kind…
Back at the Jeep, Daniel explains that the Incident, or the first link in the chain of events that will eventually bring 815 to the Island, is about to happen. The past is about to start becoming an inevitable future. In about 4 hours…
Jack and Kate think longingly back to a space in time when baby thievery was their biggest worry. Jack even (momentarily) misses John Locke.
This is when Daniel verbalizes that he’s had an epiphany. That he’s been so focused on the idea of “constants” that he’d disregarded the “variables.” Danny is done with the Gospel according to Eloise, and is over this antiquated Destiny nonsense. Faraday is suddenly pro-free will and he believes that destiny CAN be changed!  He claims they have the power to switch the course of events and the 815 may land as planned, in Los Angeles.
Oh Dear.

Will Kate and Jack et al, want to change everything? Will they be tempted to re-do the whole thing and go on as ‘normal’? Never meeting? Never knowing? Could that be? Or would they maybe change the course of history up until a certain pont, but never leave the Island? Would it be too late by then? Sorry for the barrage of questions, but this is exactly what was occurring in my head as we went to commercial break and my partners in LOST-viewing, debate the merits of the entire series finale ending with the plane landing in LA right on schedule, and everyone walking away to fulfill their other realities. Their alterna-destinies, or whatever…
My cohorts think it’s sort of interesting, but I wholly disagree.
I intensely dislike this idea…I hate it, even.

Dear Darlton…

Dear Darlton,
Please, this proverbial “snow globe” shit didn’t work for St. Elsewhere; it will most certainly NOT work for LOST! It’s too much for the human soul to handle; this attaching oneself to fictitious characters for years, only to be rewarded with the whole darn thing never taking place at all.
No way. Please don’t let it go there…

Love, Lyndsey

It’s All So Parent Trap…

Okay, before everyone gets all hot and bothered about my “Eloise could be Penny’s mother” idea, yes, I am aware that Ben specifically charged that Charles “had a child with an outsider,” and that this was part of the reason he was banished from the Island. And no, Ellie is not an outsider. However…
A) Since when is Ben’s word bond?
B) Maybe Ellie and Charles split the kids, each agreeing to raise one and not speak of or to the other (hey, that’s what happened in the Parent Trap…)
C) Ellie looked a lot like Penny during her mid-70’s days as an Hostile/ Other…
D) Charles was handsome enough, could the child Ben referred to have been yet another child with another woman…one who really was an ‘outsider?’

Anyway, back in the hospital, Ellie echoes to Penny, the very words Charles spoke to Desmond earlier this season in “Jughead.”
She tells Penny that Des is but a casualty in a chain of events that is ”much larger than he.”
This means something. I’m sure of it…

As an aside, while Ellie and Charles are civil to one another, it seems they are on opposing teams. Ellie worked with Ben and preaches destiny and Charles seems more than a mite anti-Ben and pro-entitlement (as in, “It’s MY Island, Benjamin…”)
But perhaps Ellie was merely using Ben to get the O6 back to the Island, and she was always on Widmore’s payroll…
Questions abound…

“I Come in Peace, Take Me to Your Leader”

Danny infiltrates the Others camp. He lets his presence be known by shooting up the joint. Apparently, Daniel’s genius extends to firearms, as well. He hath gone from “beginner gun” to common terrorist in less than 40 minutes. Astounding.

Richard registers slight recognition circa 1954, but Daniel has no time (Thank God) to explain how they met in the past and that he’s from the future.
He wants only to see Eloise.
Which he will…moments later…
As he lies dying of the gunshot wound that Ellie has inflicted on him.
On her very own child… which certainly explains her hesitancy to sympathize with Charles having to ‘sacrifice his relationship with his daughter…’
Ellie 1977 may not have known that she was killing her son, but Eloise circa 2004 sure knew what would happen…
So it seems (for now, anyway), that destiny has eaten Daniel’s variable.


“As if you could kill time without injuring eternity.” Henry David Thoreau

From TVFrenzy:

  • It always strikes me as too contrived when one is involved in time travel, yet one still does not have enough time to save the world, “bring home the bacon…fry it up in a pan…” you know? It is just not believable.

    Instead of going for the apparently crazed, “I’m from the future,” why doesn’t scientist speak to scientist, reiterating degrees, projects, experience and such?

    Jack is back indeed, demanding worship from the mere mortals to obey his every whim, because Daniel obviously needs to tell Jack everything he wants to know, and make him sandwiches, too. Oh, and why Jack? Hurley and Kate were also in that picture.

    How dare he bring up Aaron? He is controlling her and treating her like she is nothing, like he always has. And apparently Kate’s brain is on vacation because she says nothing, and just accepts it.

    Also, after Juliet tells Kate to go, Sawyer just accepts it. Sawyer? And Kate makes no comment? What has been done to Kate?

    The little girl was adorable, but you are so right in that it was entirely pedophile-creepy. *skeeves*

    Gunfights are cool, and Radzinsky is annoying. Good call.

    Apparently Tiger Woods’ father was really scary. My brother was on the junior tour with Tiger, and both my parents and my brother commented on how disturbing the control was. Excellent parallel.
    ?Why is it that flashback hair is really creepy or just wrong?

    I can totally see why Jack would want to undo what happened, but Ms. Passive barely lifted an eyebrow. Kate is almost completely deKated.

    And I agree completely, this whole idea sucks. Why bother with the last five seasons then?

    Oh, and why would Penny be so stupid as to leave her toddler unattended? Perhaps Darlton has no idea about good parenting as well?

    “Destiny has eaten Daniel’s variable.” Pure poetry in prose, my dear. Excellent review, as always.

    Oh, what is your take on Daniel’s short-term memory loss? It seems as if there are several possibilities here.

    • dtruth

      I agree with most of this. Sawyer has just been emasculated if you ask me. “Tell him James”. Forcing him to tell Jack about Phil. Jules is always calming James down and telling him what to do, its like he is some little retard that needs pushing every now and then. As for Kate, she just does not want to rock the boat with Sawyer and Juliet. It was pretty akward the “freckles” infront of all, so Kate was ready to “RUN” from that. I think we have hints of her disagreeing with Jack. I don’t think Kate is going to sit back while all the years are erased. That would mean landing in jail and we know our favourite fugitive just does not know how to sit in one spot.

      Oh Yah…thanks Jack for the emotional blackmail on Kate. Jack just does not know how to lead without being a pig about it.

    • LOST With Lyndsey

      Alexa, I can always count upon you for intense scrutiny and the perfect balance of “I like this idea!” and “Hmph…please elaborate/justify this for me…”
      I love it! Okay, here goes…
      I agree, only really selfish time travelers bop around time lines willy-nilly without bothering to save the world within their travels. Also, Daniel needed to step into scientist speak waaayyy sooner with Pierre, I mean it’s not as if P.F. Chang doesn’t know anything about the possibility of time travel, and by the time Danny busts out the journal with all the numbers and proof, Pierre has already written him off as a loon. On Penny, the moment the doctor said “this nurse will watch your little one…” I immediately said aloud, “Oh no, who is this nurse????” Like, I’m aware that this is not a soap opera and the likelihood of a kidnapping storyline may be far fetched, but when will these people learn to expect the unexpected and cover their asses at all times!?
      In terms of Danny’s short term memory loss, I think that:
      A) we can now assume that he was born on the Island and as we know, that effs with everyone.
      B) he’s long been ‘exposed’ to this time skipping and the effects of it, maybe he is suffering a bit of what the others did (I know this doesn’t explain why he didn’t die)
      C) Charles basically says that he will be healed on the Island and that’s why he must go back
      All that means is that I really don’t know at this point, but yes, I think there are myriad possibilities (shoutout to HurleyMadeCash and Benny!)

      • Well, I am glad because I don’t think I am capable of anything else.

        Agreed. He went to crazy way too quickly and lost Pierre.

        Really. Who leaves their child with a stranger, no matter what profession?

        A. Probably true. Is there some kind of portal between the Hostiles’ camp and Daniel and Eloise’s living room? Because it looked to me as if she came directly from shooting adult Daniel to destroying the musical dreams of child Daniel.
        B. Good point.
        C. No kidding. I would be interested if it didn’t mean that more important things weren’t going to be sacrificed to show the story.

    • neoloki

      Your whole Jack controlling and treating Kate like she is nothing is pure drivel. It seems you might be projecting. It has been quite the opposite throughout the series. Kate has been leading both Jack and James around by their noses.

      And whats with the pedophile comment? That makes no sense. He loves and cares for the women she will be. It seems you have some issues.

      • LOST With Lyndsey

        I’m assuming that you were not implying that I had indicated that Jack controls Kate…
        I quite enjoy Jack. I liked him in the beginning. I liked him on drugs (are you kidding? I LOVED him on drugs…I wanted to save him and shit), and I am thoroughly enjoying the evolution we are seeing now.
        So with that clarified, I’m happy to report that I do not, in fact, think that Daniel is a pedophile. Nor do I think pedophiles are funny, though I suppose my sarcasm could be perceived as having been in poor taste. When I said ‘creepy-pedophile,’ I was merely referring to the wild-look in Daniel’s eye and the tears he sheds as he tells Charlotte that she must get on the sub.
        Finally, on a completely unrelated front, I most certainly have issues. I like them. They give my brain something to sift through between episodes and in the off-season.

      • You are kidding, right? Jack has been treating Kate like crap and attempting to control her since day one. This is one of the reasons are society is so messed up, because we think it is okay for women to be treated as less.

        I have loads of issues, like most other people on the planet. I found it to be really creepy. I don’t think that is what was intended but that is how it came off to me.

        • “Our” not “are.”

          • neoloki

            I’ve talked to a number of people who thought the seen between Faraday and Charlotte was very emotional and moving and I agreed. so when I read the pedophile comment I found it almost offensive it was so misplaced.

            Absolutely don’t know what you are talking about, Alexa, with Jack controlling Kate. She seems to be making her own choices quite naturally. By playing Jack off on Sawyer and vice-versa she also is manipulating each to fulfill her superficial whims.

            Lindsey, sorry about the issues comment that was rude and unnecessary.

          • My reply is up here because the reply button after your response, neoloki.

            I have spoken to a number of people about the scene as well, and many had varying viewpoints, including the pedophile perspective, as well as a few who felt that the scene fell rather flat. I cannot see how an opinion about how a scene played – and Charlotte said that the man had frightened her – would be offensive to someone personally, but that was not my intention.

            I didn’t say that Jack controlled Kate; he attempts to control Kate. He treats her like she is subhuman and that she needs to appeal to him for succor because she is unworthy. This has nothing to do with Kate making her own choices and manipulating people (which is one of her significant defense mechanisms -not that this is acceptable behavior, either). Kate is superficial? I think the writers do not know how to sustain a strong female character and write her that way the last few seasons because they prefer her to be subordinate. She hasn’t played the two of them off of each other (more than any other woman does for entertainment) since early season two, when she realized that she was forcing something with Jack (her disgusted reaction to the kiss she initiated).
            Anyway, I would love to hear more of your thoughts.

      • JJStrange

        -Faraday and young Charlotte: I don’t think that was pedophile-ish at all. I do agree that he is looking at her as though he recognizes the woman she will become.

        I disagree. Kate is very quick witted, controlling, confident OFF ISLAND..but for whatever reason, when she’s on the island she relents and relinquishes her balls (lol) over to Jack. Kate’s not leading ANYONE on the island…least of all Sawyer! LOL what planet are you on? If you haven’t noticed, Kate and Sawyer have a lot of respect for each other, regardless of the 3 months they spent together on the island way back when…

        I think you have this wrong-with all due respect.

        • @ JJStrange

          I am glad it didn’t look that way to you: I know it wasn’t intended that way.

          I like the way you stated this. I don’t know why she feels like Jack is the one who can redeem her, that she must strive for his approval…oh, yes I do. It is all about daddy issues on the island. Well, at least part of it is.

  • bps

    Anybody, like me, think that Daniel is NOT going to die? If he does, what happens to the idea that Daniel was the guy with the camera in the comic-con video? I am convinced that was his voice, and if it was, then the video had to be shot post incident in light of these most recent events.

    • Dolce

      Dan’s dead. But this is Lost.

    • faradayslabcoat

      id tend to agree, as the episode closed he was still breathing, the island has the ability to heel people we all know that…plus imdb seems to think that hes in the next three episodes… heres hoping

      • All good points, but like Dolce said, this is LOST. If the camera doesn’t show them die, then we can’t assume Daniel is dead. Maybe the “Dorian Gray” Richard will take Daniel to the Temple for healing?

        • neoloki

          the camera showed him die!

          • Landry B.

            No…and might I say that you can be the most negative person in these rooms neoloki…the camera didn’t show him breathing or not…it showed him “dying” as much as it showed Ben “dying” after sayid shot him…he’s not dead until they burn or bury the body…This is LOST remember?

          • neoloki

            Sorry if a come off as negative. Not my intention. Just typing thoughts.

            TV guide confirmed Faraday is dead. I am unhappy about this. He was my new favorite character.

  • The Mantis

    That’s the first thing I tought of the second he was shot. If they jump the shark on that I’m going to be pretty dissapointed… I know we’re supposed to be getting “answers” this season, but it feels like they’re revealing things too quickly and with no emotional build-up what-so-ever. It’s like every episode we confirm something most of us have “known” since the possibility arose, and there doesn’t ever seem to be shocking at all. At least not to me.

  • HappeningInWaltsHead

    What bothers me the most…is that we’re getting the gaps in the storyline filled in nicely (the way we all kinda figured out anyway), but not getting any of the really big questions answered. Smoke monster…the temple…the whole non-pregnancy thing…the statue, those all need to be explained and soon.

    • brent

      Well, Smoke Monster is an obvious season 6 reveal. I think the rest may be partially/mostly answered by the end of this season. That’s what season finales are for!

      • neoloki

        Uhm.. it’s still season 5.

        • neoloki

          this was directed to Happening

  • Ambivalentman

    Damon and Carlton debunked the whole “it’s all a dream” and “snowglobe” theories a long time ago. They are not clumsy storytellers, so I doubt Daniel’s plan is accurate. Variables can change, and have to be proofed, so who’s to say if his hypothesis is right. Jack thinks so; Kate, I’m not so sure.

    I don’t understand why everyone thinks Jack is jumping right back into leadership as if he is totally over the whole “wait on destiny” business. Daniel’s return is no doubt a sign to him of his destiny. He is following that route, and his comment about recognizing the insanity of the Island proves it. He wants answers, and much like Locke now, he’s not going to sit around and wait for him. He tells Kate that her answers are in the jungle; the same is true for him, too.

    • neoloki

      Great comment.I agree completely. People just like to beat up on Jack and don’t want his character to change. I have enjoyed his character growth.

      • LOST With Lyndsey

        I know that they’ve said that they are not going the route of ‘it never happened’, especially since we know that ‘whatever happened, happened.’
        In my opinion, the interesting part of that idea would be the actual internal debates of the characters (aside from all the science, mystery stuff.)
        I, for one, would love to see some emotional weight brought back. Seasons 1-3 were filled with that stuff, but (for me) it feels like in the search for the answers, the characters have been a bit secondary. I’d love to feel some sense of “my life sucked before I landed on this island (because most everyone’s did,) do I really want to undo it all? Even with everything that has happened, do I want to play out the life I had before?”
        I’m a sucker for ‘guts on the table’ stuff.
        In summation, I do not really believe that Darlton would end this series with it never having happened. Besides, it’s way too soon to reveal the endgame.
        *I’ve also never seen St. Elsewhere. I just know it a great example of a hugely popular series going out with a whimper as opposed to a bang.


    Great article Lyndsey. I laughed, I cried(Return of the Mack?!)

    But yeah, who wants to see the Snowglobe ending? Not me. I’m holding out hope that they never break out of their respective timeloops, and that at some point Locke learns how to shoot fly and Force lightning out of his mouth.

    And Lyndsey, just so you know, myriad is used as an adjective, not a noun in most cases. So you would say “there are myriad possibilities” instead of “there are a myriad of possibilities.”

    I hope I didn’t come off as rude. My grammar is atrocious, but myriad is one of those words that, if you’re gonna go for it in conversation you want to use it right or else wind up sounding like an idiot. And you’re too cool for that.


    • LOST With Lyndsey

      My myriad misstep has been fixed. Thank you!
      You want to know the funniest part? I sat there editing at 4am, and I remembered that scene from ‘Heathers’ when Veronica and J.D. are crafting Heather’s suicide note, and Veronica disagrees with J.D. using ‘myriad’ because Heather got it wrong on a recent vocab test and J.D. counters that this only serves to make the word that much more perfect because it could reflect all of Heather’s feelings of inadequacy and failings, blah blah blah…
      So, I go through this whole thing, mentally knowing that I was using it wrong and frankly, I got a bit lazy and didn’t verify and change. Sorry! Honestly though, I always appreciate grammar corrections. You’re right, ‘myriad’ is totally worth it!

    • Benny

      Actually, the word ‘myriad’ has its origins in Greek as a noun and was later used as an adjective when the ‘of’ was dropped from the expressions. So both forms are appropriate.

      In American dialect, it is considered an adjective proper since there has been a movement, starting in the mid 50s, to drop quote unquote useless words from discourse, ‘of’ being such a word.

      The continuous disappearance of ‘of’ has led to its meaning being misunderstood and often the word subbing for ‘have’, most notably in the expressions ‘should have’, ‘could have’, would have’.

      • LOST With Lyndsey

        My nose just started to bleed…

        • Benny

          Tried to travel back in time to prove it?
          Bah, I wasn’t trying to criticize anyone, I’m down with either use, just thought I’d point out some history (or is it destiny) of the word!

    • Simmi Singh

      I’m down with good grammar, and I have to point out that the use of “myriad” as a noun is still going strong. In fact, according to Merriam-Webster, its use as a noun dates back to the 16th century, and was used by writers such as Milton and Thoreau. So keep doing what you’re doing, Lyndsey!

      • LOST With Lyndsey

        PS~ I totally have a vintage t-shirt which says “I love nerds” and I really, really do!
        You people remind me why I am so proud to be a nerd and why I am thrilled to be surrounded by ‘nerds!’
        I do hope that you all understand that I mean ‘nerd’ in the very cool sense!


    wow, dyslexia much?

  • Ed Einstein

    I’m just so upset that Daniel is dead.

  • Dharma Adept

    but obviously, jack and kate cannot succeed in anything but ensuring WHH. they can only course-correct the past to ensure the future happens as its supposed to. i seriously doubt that Eloise is Penny’s mum. or that she’s been on Widmore’s payroll knowingly. He knew where to find her, but their relationship seems quite frosty.

  • hk

    Reasons why Danliel can’t be dead:
    – Daniel and Chang still have to tape a video together after the events of The Variable
    – no “death of a major character” theme played

    Reasons why Daniel is definitely dead:
    – he looked pretty dead
    – just a couple of minutes before Ellie shoots Daniel he’s telling Jack and Kate everything he’s about to do – this occurs to me as if Jack and Kate have to complete his mission now
    – Charles Widmore says “He *was* my son, too”
    – Eloise sending her son to the island, although she knows that she is gonna be (or has been) killing him is a plausible scenario for LOST
    – Daniel saying “Anyone of us can die, Jack” very much sounds like foreshadowing

    2:5 – advantage “dead”

    • HK – Nice points…when I heard Daniel say, “Anyone of us can die Jack”, I immediately interpreted that as “I AM GOING TO DIE JACK”.

    • neoloki

      Two things: this is not the major character death that is still to come. Also, comic-con video not cannon.We will not see it in the show.

  • Brilliant “Return of the Mack” reference..I had been waiting for that moment since they returned. Jack as a “yes-man” janitor was getting tiresome.

    Did anyone else LOL when Daniel walked out of the Oxford graduation with his 80s hairband hair…All I could think of was Tom Keifer from Cinderella…and I thought I could hear “Nobody’s Fool” playing in the distant.

    Finally – thanks for the new SERIES FINALE theory. Now I won’t be able to sleep….damn you Lyndsey!

    • LOST With Lyndsey

      Slice, I should never like deprive you of sleep (as a certified insomniac, I do not recommend this to anyone!) thus if you are so inclined you should read my reply to Ambivalentman above, and that should ease your mind re: a snow globe-esque ending. I like your witticisms far to much to risk them being compromised by sleeplessness 😉

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  • Ich würde müssen überprüfen mit Ihnen hier. Was nicht etwas I oft zu tun! I genießen Studium a submit das wird die Leute denken. Auch , vielen Dank für erlaubt mir comment !