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LOST With Lyndsey…”This Place is Death”

By LOST With Lyndsey,

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“A thing is not necessarily true because a man dies for it.” ~ Oscar Wilde

Super-Duper Brief Recap

Season 5 Episode 5 “This Place is Death”- This ep opens with a Wild West-esque showdown on Pier 23, starring Sun as the Sergeant at Arms. Or some way-more-appropriate “Wild West” rhetorical expression.
I find myself lusting after Jin’s uber-chapped lips in a highly unsettling manner, and also Miles is from Encino. That’s in L.A. In the Valley.
I was born in the Valley. But not in Encino. In Mission Hills. I’m a Virgo.
Now, I’ve got that unfortunate ditty from “The King and I”, “Getting to Know You…” stuck in my head.
I’d give anything for one of those temporal flashes in hopes that I’d forget I ever learned this tune…. (FLASH)

“Let me just take this call from my Mother, before I avenge my not-dead husband’s death…”

Sun’s kid is cute. It does occur to me that present-day, toddler Ji Yeon, is prominently featured as Sun’s cell phone screen-saver, yet just a bit earlier, she showed Kate a photo of the child which depicted her as an infant. What gives, Sunny? Why so close to the vest with the current snaps?

Anyway, just as Sun prepares to exact her revenge on Ben-ny, her Mom calls and she picks up (perhaps, the idea of call-screening is still considered gauche, in Korea?). Still, her barren heart melts as she hears her child’s voice and she eerily informs Ji Yeon that she’ll be home with a new friend for her to play with, real soon.
Hey, Sun! I get that all Americans look alike, and you’ll surely be able to pull the wool over your three year-old’s eyes, but you’re gonna have some splainin’ to do, with those ass-y guys in Customs. They’re just not going to buy that whole “I wanted to bring something extra-special back to my father-less child,” defense.

Ben Linus: “I STILL Ain’t Scared!”

Ben isn’t scared of the Smoke Monster. Ben isn’t scared of Hot Pockets. Evidently, Ben is also not scared of guns…as proven when Sun threatens him with one, and he STILL doesn’t blink. In fact, he gets even more RoboBen on us, ups the ante on the staccato speech patterns, and behaves as though he’s just been asked to pass the pepper at dinner; rather than become a witness to the obliteration of his otherwise genius bid to get the gang back together. Sigh.
Anyway, cue the BIG REVEAL that Jin is alive. There is actually very little that is “big” or “revealing” about this moment.

Time Travel…Does an ESL Student Good!

Jin’s English is suddenly superior. Which is lucky, because the French are notoriously impatient when it comes to trying to understand linguistically subpar Asians. That isn’t true. That was an unsubstantiated racial slur. Against French-ies, Asians, and patience. Sorry.
Anyway, Smokey is back!
I love this course-correcting, old-school railroad train sounding, life-flashing-before-your-eyes, “WTF!?” inducing, beast!
Oddly, Smokey makes Jin’s English suck again, and all he can squeak out when that shit arrives is, um, “monster!”
Hot French guy (Montand) isn’t keen on this “explanation,” and is kinda aggravated that Jin has broached such an offensive notion.
The Monster then shows Mont-y who’s boss, and kicks his ASS!
This was sad.
Pause for propriety.

Still, TELL me you didn’t see the comedy in the moment Montand’s half-dead voice emanates from within the shallow grave he’s been left to die in, (you know, just after his ARM WAS RIPPED FROM IT’S SOCKET and tossed back out to his friends) and he yells:
“I’m hurt!”
Chalk that shit up to the understatement of the Century.
Don’t worry, dude…we got your arm… I mean your back (Freudian slip)…
Anyway, Danielle thinks it best just to shoot Montand, but is unceremoniously interrupted…

aaaaannnndddd switch…

The sky lights up and Jin experiences his very first Island-style Flash.
He drinks from a ginormous leaf and suddenly finds himself with courtside seats to Rousseau’s warp speed flip from “adorable” to “certifiable,” which is actually completely justified.
Then has a happy reunion with Sawyer.

Jin’s still not as language-proficient as he was earlier (like 16 years ago, evidently), but luckily Sawyer’s been down this road and knows how to motion wildly with his hands and speak really loudly in the classic “all-American method” of “inter-cultural communication.”

Again, Miles is from Encino and is not Korean.
Luckily, Charlotte and Jin had established their linguistic rapport as they gathered medical supplies, back in S4 ep “Something Nice Back Home,” so Char takes over where Miles cannot and Sawyer proves inept, and  communicates with Jin.

“Sittin’ on the dock of the bay…Wastin’ time…”

Things on Pier 23 aren’t exactly panning out.
Kate calls Jack “crazy” and leaves. That’s rich.
Sayid makes violent threats and leaves. Also rich.
Ben tries to salvage the very rickety bridge through time he’s been crafting, by convincing Sun to come with him and see how “alive” Jin really is.
Sadly, Kate has already left with Aaron, thus thwarting Sun’s ill-conceived promise to bring a real live American, home for Ji Yeon.

Temps sur les marches… (Time Marches On)

When Jin hears that his peeps are taking a trip trough time via The Orchid, he naturally wants to help. John ain’t down. Jin is apparently still thinking that the sitch is still just as it was during the “Reign of Jack”. Sorry Jin, but “Adventure Quest: Jungle Mode,” is done, dude.
He doesn’t seem to fully grasp that these “Flashes” are serious shit and not just fun exploratory pleasure jaunts

Road Trip in the Reincarnation (Canton Rainier) Van!

Sun complains about the fact that Ben promised the “Jin Lives” evidence within 30 minutes and that was 32 minutes ago. Ben blames traffic. Jack chooses this moment to apologize to Sun for leaving Jin behind. Then, Sun and Jack openly plot to kill Ben.
At this point, Ben HAS HAD IT!
He gives Jack and Sun a wicked verbal lashing and threatens to turn this van RIGHT AROUND!
They promptly fall in line.
Ben’s a good guy.

Charlotte looks dead. Again.
Luckily, she can still yell in Korean and Jin’s surprised look translates into any language.
She can also still say cryptic shit like “You’ll find it in the well.”
Sawyer promptly hurls a “When are we?” at us, and they magically happen upon the aforementioned “well.”

BOTOX, anyone?
Time travel may not be great for like, living, but Juliette’s skin is looking radder and radder. Seems as though there is a hidden supply of Botulinum on this most majickal of Isles. Just observing…

Dear Daniel:

Our Condolences.
Totally not gonna say “I told you so,” in terms of all those empty promises you made to Charlotte, vis-à-vis “everything being OK,” and all…
That would be in super-poor taste.
So I’m NOT doing that. Nope.

Since when is “well” code for “Top-Secret Time Portal?”

Good call, Charlotte (R.I.P.)!
That “well” you recommended finding in lieu of The Orchid was a total gem.
John makes another dramatic exit from the group, and begins his descent, only to become victim (yawn) to another time shift and plummet to the ground.
Once again, he finds himself with a severe leg injury and no plan.
Fortuitously, Christian (gasp!) turns up to shed literal and figurative light on the sitch. He has a lantern (that’s the literal light) and a strategy (which has been in crazy short supply in recent days.)
Side note: Christian totally says that John came to see him in the Cabin.
In reality, John had gone to see Jacob (not Christian) at the Cabin…
Did Christian just subtlety admit that he is JACOB?!
That wasn’t exactly a “Let’s circle-back on that, later” sort of moment, so WHY does John pick this opportunity not to ask any questions?
Am I over-analyzing based on the idea that every word, every syllable ever uttered on this show is designed and spoken with INTENTION? Is this simply an inconsequential nit-pick or a massive LOST Series reveal, shrouded in understated restraint (soooo not LOST-like)?

Anyway, I’m loving how Christian straight-up verifies that John IS a mere “sacrifice” of the Island and tells him not to let the Donkey Wheel hit him in the leg on his way out.
Oh, but not before telling John to be sure to say “hello” to his son. This gets John’s attention, but just as he asks Christian who his Son is… FLASH.

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And, cue Desmond (love, love, love!)
Des is just in-Time (get it? in-Time?) for the totally un-stupefying reveal of Daniel’s Mum! I use that exclamation point loosely.
And yes, it sure is our favorite old-Other, Eloise Hawking!

Crazy but Maybe…

Why does Charlotte totally drum up similar vibes for me, as Ben’s Dharma Initiative childhood friend, Annie? The producers said (long ago, but they said it,) that “Alex and Annie were the two most important females in Ben’s life.”
We know that Charlotte is “of” the Island, but could she be closer to the Ben / Annie mystery than we thought? This is totally a hunch, but I just have to throw it out there.
I am highly intuitive.

“My fault, my failure, is not in the passions I have, but in my lack of control of them.”
~Jack Kerouac

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