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Michael Emerson Makes EVERYTHING Creepy

By docarzt,

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Thanks to Adam from MTV for this vid:

From TVFrenzy:

  • Dharma Chameleon

    Emerson would rock the shit out of a Shinning remake.

    “Here’s Johnny!”

  • Dharma Chameleon

    Sorry Shining. This isn’t the Simpsons

  • Quigley

    Love it! XD
    I laughed so much at that it hurt.

  • rivum

    nice one!

  • Matt

    I can’t wait to see what this actor does in the future. I am obsessed with his amazingness. I’m sure he will soon be winning an Oscar for an incredible portrayal of a crazy villain. The next Hannibal Lecter.

    • outphase

      I have to go to Target to get socks.

    • cap10tripps

      The Riddler???

      • GentlemanJack


  • Mikhail

    “It’s beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS…” My, my, my. Just when I thought Tay Zonday doing a reading of “Twas The Night Before Christmas” would be the most sinister.

  • spacebender


  • Handsome Smitty


  • Damn “Ben” is sooooooo good! Anyone aspiring to be an actor needs to pay close attention to how he amazingly does it.

    There is a video of him on youtube doing the “little boy blue” poem from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, another good creepy one!

  • Mickey B

    Michael Emerson is the MAN! Have you seen this video interview?