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Mr. James’ LOST Thoughts 6.06 – Sundown

By docarzt,

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From TVFrenzy:

  • Great post for Mr. James, as always. I love this guy’s frenetic energy as he recaps the episodes. And he’s right: the show feels like it’s only going to get better.

  • meems

    This guy is hysterically great.

    • Chrised

      you can delete my casual observation about this guy all you want, that doesnt make this guy suck any less.

      “This guy is hysterically great.” – when Gallagher smashes pumpkins into the audience I bet you think that’s a riot, huh?

      • DocArzt

        Read the rules above – “NOTE:Personal attacks of any kind will not be tolerated. Be nice, or be quiet. This includes name calling, aggressive criticism, or any kind of attack against the site or a contributor”

        We are here to discuss the show. If you simply dislike the commenter, move on. You can disagree with his observations all you like…

  • Funback Joe

    someone deleted the negative comments… hmm…. lets see how long this one lasts

    • GeigerCounter

      and that’s not the first time it happened

  • spacebender

    I enjoy Mr James for both his thoughtful insights and hilarious faces!

  • Stagecrafty, sure. Says mostly what many of us think as Lost is flashing by.

    But reaching when he mentions Aaron and David. David and Jack seem headed for better things after talking out their issues.

    And that’s the clue to Jack’s bringing some of that Island experience to bear.

    “Boomworld” – love it.

  • I appreciate that you aren’t a fan of Mr. James and may even question his analytical and/or summarizing prowess, but I fail to see what his sexual preference has to do with anything. Calling somebody a “poop” would be a much better example of constructive criticism.

    • Ignore the comment. Fart Monster’s said the same exact thing for every column on here I’ve read today.

  • Scooter-T

    Mr. James says “if there’s even a hint of Ewoks, I’m going to flip out!”

    Take a closer look at Claire’s “baby” in the previous episode. Beyond the oblong-shaped skull, the rest of the baby is dressed up in rags and furs and looks an “awful” lot like an Ewok to me! Ha!

    • spacebender


  • Ruth

    This guy is just pure entertainment. Get him his own TV show!

  • Giedriushaz

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