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Need More LOST Posters?

By docarzt,

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Are you suffering from LOST poster withdrawal?  Ty Matteson will hook you up. Ty is a professional graphic artist and LOST fanatic who took it upon himself to pick up the torch and create seven – that we know of – more posters.  My personal favorite: the bunny.

[imagebrowser id=74 template=flipped]

From TVFrenzy:

  • AdmiralAwesome

    Those are very good.

    • Elm

      Hey everybody. I put up some ‘Lost’ designs (ABC gave the green light for designers to create official ‘Lost’ merch) and it features some vintage looking ‘Lost’ imagery on top of a wooden sea crate, including a silhouetted polar bear and an official Dharma Initiative sticker. Very cool stuff!! Very cool indeed. Please hit the site up and check out the t-shirts and other items. The mouse pad is especially cool! Please repost this link on your page if you have ‘Lost’ loving friends. I would certainly appreciate it.

  • Rico

    There's one more with the DHARMA vans.

  • neoloki

    Yes the bunny is the best of the lot.

  • DXW123

    The Stephen King #8 Rabbit?

  • dharmadrama77

    I got in contact with the artist, before he can sell them he must have legal permission. I will most definately be purchasing that Locke piece. I love how it looks like theres a coffin between them.

  • neoloki

    Doc, Thank You for implementing the new comment method. It will make it that much easier to have a discussion with fellow fans this season. Plus, since Dark also uses Disqus now it will be great to have easy access to all of our comments through one commenting system; no matter what site you post on.

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