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New LOST Arg Update – DocArzt VS. Ronie Midfew Arts – Round #1

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UPDATE:  Check out our interview with Paul Scheer in our latest podcast!

I’ve been contacted by Ronie Midfew Arts (Widmore fine arts?).  Recently, I was the recipient of a signed and numbered print of Paul Scheer’s gorgeous Damon, Carlton, and a Polar Bear black velvet painting.  Needless to say, this has become one of my most interesting pieces of LOST memorabilia.  Even more so following the bizarre events of yesterday, and the emergence of the nefarious Ronie Midfew Arts.  As you all know, Ronie Midfew Arts claims to own exclusive rights to produce LOST artwork, and is trying to put our jubilant friend Paul and his exquisite interpretations of LOST on the next donkeywheel turn to neverland.  Well, now, it appears the conflict as struck home.  Ronie Midfew has contacted me via their assistant Alexandra Miller with regards to my print – I still haven’t figured out where they got my address – asking for my cooperation.  I have one thing to say: F U Ronie Midfew!

I’m publishing their letter before for your examination.  You may note a few things, first that there is a website for Ronie Midfew, Seems like a happening place, if you are into splash pages.  Something big happening on the 16th, though.  The day after 8/15 (815!), which is the day Paul is due to release his next piece of art.  Personally, I can’t wait to see what Paul comes up with. Also of interest is the line that “Our firm understands that you have the print, and whatever happened, happened.”  So, obviously they subscribe to the self consistency principle.  Midfew also requests I don’t make any copies. To which I respond, again, F U Ronie Midfew! I’m not only making a copy of my print, I’m posting it here and I’m also including the note from Paul Scheer, which hangs right next to my print in its own decorative frame.

Ronie Midfew, you can bring your worst.  Short of taking a trip back in time and somehow preventing Paul from producing the painting in the first place, you might as well be trying to stomp out fandom itself. We are fan. Hear us roar. In our unity, we will defeat your heinous attempt to quash fan-art – particular fan-art like that of Paul’s, that transcends the ‘fan’ and achieves the level of ‘fine.’


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Letter From Paul

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Damon, Carlton, and a Polar Bear – Click for Full Size!

From TVFrenzy:

  • Samantha

    This has to be part of the new ARG… There are too many similarities, and its just a way to get us all revved up for the final season…

    I mean think about it, those are black velvet paintings, not that they aren’t nice, but they were INTRODUCED at COMIC CON and How 1970’s!

    There are many different avenues that they are taking to bring us to the final season, and to a close to a show that not only opened up sci fi mystery on network again, but also showed just how valuable we were as fans on the internet with blogs and fansites dedicated to this show… I don’t think we have seen something like this since “who shot JR”… and before that had to have been the old radio serials with their decoder rings and Ovaltine please advertisments….

    Its going to be an interesting couple of months I look forward to it 🙂

  • Sindy

    Maybe I’m missing something, but I’m not sure I understand the situation. Why, exactly, did this Ronie guy even contact you? His letter seems kind of pointless, as it basically just says, “Hi, someone painted a painting that you own, and we’re not happy, but we don’t need you to do anything about it.” Huh? Okay…so, then, why send Doc the letter?

    And, with all due respect, Doc, why did you post it online, with two boldfaced “FU”s, instead of simply dealing with him one-on-one, offline, without resorting to childish insults? Frankly, this whole issue seems rather melodramatic, on both your parts–especially for a painting that, IMHO, isn’t that great to begin with. (I realize the quality of the painting is subjective and not the issue here, but I’m just voicing my opinion.)

    • Ram

      I think you’re missing the point. It’s an Alternate Reality Game. If you go to you’ll see posts by Paul Scheer, one of which ends with “F You Ronie Midfew!” So Doc was just playing off that.

      Also, “Ronie Midfew Arts” is likely an anagram. Some of the suggested ones are “Widmore Fine Arts” and “Rewind Time So Far”. Both “” and “” ping from the same IP address, and I think someone said that is registered to ABC.

      Doc is just playing along with what will (hopefully) be a fun ride for all us loyal LOST fans until we get to January!

    • neoloki

      Yes, you are definitely missing something.

    • Cody

      how can you even follow Lost if you can’t follow whats going on here? there’s nothing serious about it. Its just a fun little game to keep us interested, talking about the show, and hunting for little clues. figure it out.

    • Joe Biden

      Oh Sindy poor Sindy. I hope you are joking.

    • Mike

      Don’t you get it, people? She’s a plant!!!

  • Marc

    When you link to the site it sends you to “”. I was screwing around cause I was bored and noticed that if you replace the ‘i’ with any other letter you get sent to a ‘page not found’ page. That is, with the exception of ‘g’ which sends you to a ‘forbidden’ page. Probably is nothing but i figured i was worth sharing. Maybe someone on the interweb can hack into it

  • John Hartford

    Maybe the 16 that will be found is that 316 is found on the island unlike flight 815.

    • neoloki

      Pretty sure the 16 refers to a date. As in August 16th.

  • BPowers

    Any thoughts as to whether or not the site is a legit part of all of this? I am afraid it may just be a fan-created rabbit-hole.

    • DocArzt

      WidmoreFineArts is DEFINITELY a fan site.

  • Nathan

    Plugging in “” brings up a Blogspot blog, with one post (from today) by “Owen W.” thanking his “Uncle Charles” for inspiring his love of rare artifacts. However, the fact that the blog was created only today, the fact that is (of all things) a blog, the rather obvious references in it, and the spelling and grammar mistakes in the post make it almost definitely a fake. Presumably some opportunistic fan snapped up the domain name after reading about the new ARG.

    Still, looking forward to the (presumably) real ARG when it starts up (presumably) on the 16th. Cheers!

  • Kete

    I wonder if “15 Will be lost the 16th Will be found” will be the tagline for the final season. Maybe like “Who are the Oceanic 6” or “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World” (hopefully not that lame).

    My guess is that the 16 are survivors of 815. Here’s who I think would be on the list:
    Kate, Boone, Michael, Sawyer, Sayid, Jin, Sun, Claire, Locke, Charlie, Hurley, Shannon, Jack, Ana Lucia, Eko, and Libby. The 16th may be Locke or Claire.

    A couple significant omissions:
    Rose and Bernard – I think that they want to stay in the 70’s, and they’re sick of being involved. I don’t know why, but I think the island will respect their wishes and let them become Adam and Eve (in the cave).
    Nikki and Paulo – I’m sure that they’ll avoid including these two since they were so poorly received.
    Walt – I don’t think the island wants him back. Maybe I’m wrong. He is the only one that’s not on the island, so maybe he’s the 16th.

    • JacobsLather

      No no no…you are all missing the obvious. The 16th is Desmond. “Rewind time so far”, or in other words “undo what’s happened”. That means a reset. That means the 15 (Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Jin, Hurley, Miles, Juliet, Dan, Charlie, Claire, Michael, Jin, Sun, Locke, and Boone…or some combination thereof) will experience a RESET. In effect, they will be “lost”–clueless–back to their normal lives. The 16th, the one exception in all of this time-jumping, the one who even Faraday said didn’t follow the “rules” of whatever happened, happened–DESMOND–will be “found”. Maybe by Jacob. Or maybe he’ll “find” himself. Either way.

      Didn’t anyone else find it curious that he didn’t make a single appearance in the entire season 5 finale? Doesn’t anyone else find it curious that they’ve never revisited his ability to jump into his past body while retaining his consciousness? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

      Everyone will be lost except Desmond. He’ll bring them all back together, remind them all of their past lives. Maybe with the help of Jacob he’ll convince them to come back to the Island or something…I don’t about all that. I just feel quite certain that the 16th is referring to Desmond. Please sound off if you agree.

      • Ament

        It is possible, that Desmond is still jumping in time since they haven’t put full closure on it, except for the fact that anyone effected ultimately died. The thing is at this moment he has no idea whats happening on the island and if he did a mental-trip back there he has no reason to even try to change anything. It would definately be a cool idea though, he would actually be “the variable” and still be with Penny. It is one way to go.

      • Bezmina

        Yes Yes Yes I agree!

      • Heidi

        Can anyone see the Season 6 poster well enough to see who number 15 and 16 are? I did notice that Locke is #13. Might not bode well with that number.


    ok, I get the gist of it, but I still can’t bring myself to care about that. What useful connections are there to the show? An anagram? An anagram is supposed to make people go wild in wonder and excitement? Don’t get me wrong Doc; I love your site and enjoy your articles, but I just don’t get the purpose of this.

  • preztige2k6

    can someone photoshop the painting and see whats hiding in the black background, if anything?
    and yea this is a cool ARG.

    • Hi,
      something no one mentioned yet that I find quite notable is the number of toes on the polar bear’s paws. Damon and Carlton got five fingers and so should Paul have painted the polar bear. Polar bears normally have five toes on every paw. This one has got 4, 8 on both paws and 16 in total. Strange, isn’t it? 🙂

  • eger

    I can’t help but notice that the phrase “F U Ronie Midfew” is repeated twice in this blog and it is bold both times. Is this also an anagram for something? “Wire me if found?” “Widmore Fun Fie?” “Mourn if few die?”

  • mungonna

    Doc..allow me to introduce myself..I am a long time poster at LOST, since season one. Why am here? I too have received a print of DC&PB,,letter from Paul,, and of course, the letter from RMA. How this came to be.. is easy to answer. I gave my real email address when I logged on to Pauls website and had some fun there early on. I was emailed to by a Jensen Herman, assistant to Paul.. and was asked if I wanted a Gift from Paul for all the help making his site a success. I said sure, gave my street address and waited to see what the Gift was. The print of course..and ..little did I know,, that now,, i am a piece of this puzzle. But more to the point, i am here to ask a simple question,, the return address on RMA’s letter.. still have it? I have been urged to compare notes to see if all of us recipients of PB package and letters ,,are getting them from same in Woodland Hills Ca ,, for the RMA letter..which, thanks to a few crafty posters at ,,steared me to Google Maps and a picture of the MailBox Int’l that the letter was probably sent from…which led to a ph #.. All of this available over at…I am new to all of this, but find myself involved . ,,kind regards..MEL

  • Victor Utom

    Hey, does anybody realize in the picture of the painting there is a scribble in the lower right edge?
    It looks like a signature and numbers. I can’t really see the numbers clear enough, but I think it’s 16/30.

    • jog

      it looks like 10/30 and a signature. All lithograph prints are numbered to show how many were produced in a “run” (i.e. 30) and the number within that run (i.e. 10) follwoed by the artist signature.

  • It’s blocked. PPTP is easy to block as it runs on a standard port. You might try a personal VPN, as it will run on the same ports as your browser. However, if they wish to lock down the network hard enough they can block almost anything.

  • Who knows what happens next… All I know is:

    Be good – and if you can’t be good, be careful. 🙂