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New Sawyer Pics for LOST Season 6

By docarzt,

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Here we go ladies, new Sawyer pics for LOST Season 6.  Higher resolution coming soon.  While these are not spoilerish in content, do you think there could be any significance to the fact that they feature “The Cage?”

[imagebrowser id=77 template = flipped]

From TVFrenzy:

  • Glue your eyelids

    It might be the low resolution, but in the first two he almost doesn’t look like himself. Enough with the Photoshop airbrushing, ABC! (am I the only one thinking that this batch of official pics looks way too polished and stiff?)

  • what i see is, lyly want to be locked on the cage with sawyer ^^
    thanks doc 🙂

  • ghanima

    They put that cage there just so you would see Sawyer fully clothed and imagine him with his shirt off… which was completely unnecessary. I do that automatically.

  • Jenny

    Significance to the cage is that I wanna be there with Sawyer. And I’m not the only one I’m sure.

    • Sawyer06

      LOL same here, hun.

    • i said it first lol if you see my first comment
      more seriously some background don’t have sense but this one has sense with the story, it’s like if locke has the hatch too, it could have sense

  • hugo-panzer

    While I’m glad you ladies are getting some, um, food for thought, I wish ABC had done the same kind of promo with Evangeline Lilly. I mean, Sawyer wasn’t doing it alone in the cage, was he?

  • Mike

    They seem to be putting some old things in these photos. Crazy prediction: Locke’s photo features a wheelchair. Just sayin.

  • clueless1der

    I just re watched season three.. I’m not sure about the cage being significant other than .. um… nope. Nothing coming to mind. Altho… couldn’t ABC release something a little less photoshop 101?

  • Stobbsy

    What chance that the cage represents Prison, Sawyer’s likely destination if the plane didn’t crash etc….. and thus a clue to the premise of s6