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OFFICIAL – LOST 6.15 Audio Podcast … EARLY!

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Thanks to ABC for the opportunity to post this podcast.  Why isn’t Kate a candidate?  What exactly are the ‘rules’ between Ben and Widmore?  All of that and more in this episode!  I’m told this is the penultimate podcast.


From TVFrenzy:

  • ShirtlessLocke

    Awesome, nice that the site got it here first. It’s a shame there is only one more after this though.

    • Rams

      I know! One more after the next episode. They’re not doing any podcast after the penultimate one.

  • Mark

    egyptians!! dont worry damon, carlton didnt give it away. the ten million heiroglyphics and statue of taweret did.

    • Ed-Mars

      But seriously, how the hell did so many Egyptians end up on an island in the pacific? Was the island in the Nile at some point? Does this mean Aliens vs. Predator tie into Lost somehow?

      • Rams

        The Island moves.

      • Robyn

        Jacob also brings people to the island.

    • I’ve listened to the podcast twice and haven’t heard a reference to Egyptians. I don’t know if I was unlucky with people talking during the part twice but when was it mentioned?

      • Nevermind, found it at 23.

        • Gf

          23, huh? what a coincidence… 😉

    • Zonker

      But why/how did Dharma incorporate the Egyptian motif into their Swan station countdown timer? Unless Darlton sneak some of that into this week’s flash-way-back, I’m afraid we’re doomed to never have an answer to the Alvar Hanso / DeGroots / Dharma-comes-to-the-island back story.

  • Mark

    maybe egyptians could access the island from the tunisian portal.

  • Ben’s Glasses

    I listened to this last night on itunes and don’t recall any explanation of why Kate isn’t a candidate. Does anyone have maybe a summary of the important questions and answers in the podcast?

    • Rams

      They said the Kate/Candidate issue will be addressed in the show. They also said that the Whispers are not working for MIB and are independent- Michael and Isabella appearing to Hurley were really their ghosts. Don’t remember anything else. Gotto listen again…

    • Robyn

      They also said that Michael’s ghost did not tell Hurley to go talk to Locke, that was Hurley’s idea. Also, when asked why the surviving castaways didn’t cry over Frank Lapidus, they said that the intention was to show how upset they were over Sayid, Sun, and Jin, since they have been together since the beginning, it makes sense that their deaths would overshadow anything else, and that the Lapidus issue would be addressed. They didn’t hint as to whether he is alive or dead.

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