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Official LOST Podcast – Gregg Nations Explains the LOST-U Experience

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As we all know, Lost University enrollment began today and there are still tons of questions about just what the whole thing is all about.  In the latest Official LOST Podcast, Gregg Nations joins host Kris White to discuss what LOST U has to offer.  To answer the question most people are asking: you will need to have the BluRay to actively participate.

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From TVFrenzy:

  • Dolce

    So we do need the BluRay……L A M E !!!!

  • one has never seen LOST until they’ve seen it on the BluRay.

    at least everybody can watch it for the first time all over again!

    oh man.

  • This is bull*%it!! I already pre-ordered the Season 5 Dharma Initiation Kit version. Now I have to buy the BluRay version TOO!! Not cool, Nations. I have been waiting for months for this thing to launch and now I have to wait even longer (until December) AND I have to spend an additional $50 on Season 5 when I’ve already spent $80. I’ve never been so disappointed.

  • Matt

    Awesome. I don’t own a bluRay player. Thanks for leaving me out. Booooooooo!!

  • Lost Mom of Four

    That REALLY does suck….

  • Devin

    Where do you find this? The podcast isn’t updated in iTunes, and it seems that the “podcast” button now just opens up iTunes.

    • Ryan

      I’m also having a problem with the Official Lost Podcast stream in iTunes. I click for the podcast to update, but I get the broken link icon (the grey exclamation point) instead. Anybody else have this problem? Any solutions?

      • Search the Itunes store again for The Lost Official podcast and subscribe to it.

        I know you are already subscribed, but it seems they made a new one. It worked for me.

  • BennyD

    this is awesome!!!!!

    Blu-ray has the ability to use the internet and java, a dvd just plays video. Great work team!!!

  • jonas_brother

    i wouldnt bother buying the blue ray just for this. i can guarantee this lost university stuff is going to be a major letdown.

    • dolce

      Yeah, it definitely reeks of Dharma Wants You. Only brainiacs need apply,and only if you can afford a BluRay upgrade. Thanks for including all the fans!

      Although I missed TLE, I did get to participate in Find 815, but now it seems unless you are a ( more ) obsessive fan than average, and have above average computer skills as well as the willingness to spend a lot of money if you haven’t already on an upgrade, you are s.o.l.

    • neoloki

      Actually it sounds great because they went to USC and actually interviewed some great teachers. They are actual classes.

      You just sound pissed.

      go buy a ps3.

      • dolce

        I wouldn’t say pissed, but def. irritated. I mean no disrespect to any one with a bigger brain than mine out there, or to anyone that already has the equipment, it just seems to me that something for the fans should be more accessible, and, I’ll say it- less challenging. It seems to me that this game is going to require a lot of time and have a high degree of difficulty, which will make some people(me) feel left out. I’ll stop whining now.

        • Mack

          You have the right to feel however you feel. Don’t let anybody tell you what you can or can’t do.

          • neoloki

            Hey Mack, I did not tell him he can’t feel pissed. Step back buddy!

  • Bezmina

    Gutted, so I can’t actively take part in the Damon and Carlton and Polar Bear stuff cos all events are in a different continent and now I can’t fully participate in this eith as I can’t afford a Blu Ray player.

    Boo. Real shame

  • Sansen

    Hey there… I find it hard too, I really looked forward to participate in the Lost-U 🙁
    But one thing I know, too. If there´s anything really great happening, or something big is revealed at Lost-University, we´ll all get those important information here at
    So, let´s relax and focus on January, when season 6 starts. Hell yeah!!!

  • Casey


  • Jayman

    Just get a Bluray guys, no biggie. I have one and it’s the best way to watch tv and movies! Can’t wait for this!!

  • neoloki

    It is too bad this is relegated to just Blu-ray owners. I have a PS3 and just bought a Panny Plasma and I can say positively the opening seen of the series with Jack TOTALLY blew me away. It is astonishingly beautiful. If you have the equipment and have a choice between blu-ray and dvd, I honestly don’t know why anyone would buy the dvd.

    Oh, and the season 5 Dharma initiation kit is available with Blu-ray.

  • Hmmm

    For those of you freaking out:

    I think Darlton has heard everyone loud and clear, and are working to remedy the “blu-ray only” fiasco.

    We shall see…

  • dharmalchemist

    I’m glad I read the last comment!

  • neoloki

    I post this just in case people are still confused:

    From Approaching Lost:

    Another thing a lot of fans have been wondering about is the Blu-ray issue. Blu-ray is still an emerging technology, and not nearly as many viewers have Blu-ray players as have DVD players. So will those without Blu-ray be left out?

    Carlton Cuse himself posted a note about this problem, this afternoon on the LostU message boards, saying:

    As for the Blu-Ray dilemma, we are working on alternate solutions for those of you who don’t have a Blu-Ray player or a PS3.
    So it sounds like a work-around is being developed for the Blu-ray-deprived who want to participate. No worries!

  • Maybe it is. Think about it.

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