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People Who Don’t Get LOST

By docarzt,

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Here’s what happens when you get mental midgets to watch LOST.

Sl-Lost via Damon’s Twitter

From TVFrenzy:

  • That’s just soooo painful to watch… and sad

    • docarzt

      it is… quite sad. Fantasy deprivation. Somebody should start an organization to help these people.

      • Iwantmykidneyback

        Flocke would be “very disappointed” in all of them.

        • ROFL!

        • Randy

          OMG Why can’t I rate this comment?! 5 stars!

  • Absz009

    Mental Midgets indeed…

  • docarzt

    If these guys watched star wars, they’d be like “Why do their swords glow? That is so stupid.”

    • hugo

      Well, it is very stupid if I’m brutally honest. But then again, I’m not that fussy, so I just go along with it.

  • SeannyD

    That’s kind of not fair. They’re clearly not being shown entire episodes. And being shown random scenes completely out of context will cause anyone to be completely confused.

    • Jason

      You know, I’ve watched every episode more than once, and I’m completely confused…

  • onlyendsonce

    They probably thought Nikki and Paulo were the tops (they also got the baseball!).

  • onlyendsonce

    Just started rewatching this, and while Raina Kelly is far from a mental midget (I doubt you could be and write for Newsweek), she and everyone else here are touting some serious smug intellectual superiorty BS. “Oh, look at this silly nonsense! I’m much more comfortable discussing how intellectually redemptive American Idol is, because it makes me feel more comfortable being mentally bankrupt the moment I step away from my job. This crud is for nerds, anyway. I’m so superior to the lame-o’s that watch this. Yeah.”

    • GeigerCounter

      Also, typical lefty liberal media people: everything is an allegory to the environment!

  • dd

    I hate to break it you you guys, but they sound just like most of the LOST fan community. Same kinds of dumb reactions and assumptions. The only difference is that seem to have an adverse opinion of sci-fi/fantasy.

  • RandomZombie

    Fabio? Really?
    It’s easy to see how people don’t get the show when they are shown scenes out of context. Or when you try to explain it to people who haven’t been watching. When people ask me about it, I’ve stopped trying to explain anything to them. I just say that most anything I could tell them would spoil something major, and suggest that they give it a try from the beginning. In my experience, trying to explain it only makes people lose interest.

    But really, most of us here have probably seen every episode multiple times and each new episode still has us asking what the heck is going on. You can’t blame them for being completely confused. Though, as onlyendsonce noted, some of the people in the video do possess an irritating smugness.

    • Windy

      Sawyer as Fabio was my favorite line in the whole thing.

  • Brad

    “Just started rewatching this, and while Raina Kelly is far from a mental midget (I doubt you could be and write for Newsweek)”


    Most of the media is stone dumb. Ever read Maureen Dowd? Or watch Glenn Beck?

  • hugo

    Wow! Are those people retarded? Maybe they tried to come across as funny, but failed and look really stupid. How is it that dumb people get to work in the media? Baffles me…

  • Twitchy

    AHAhahahah…FUNNIEST thing ever!
    3:12….IT’S SAD TO BE SQUARE!!!

  • Quackers

    Haha, that is hilarious. You have got to (duh) view it in the context they are viewing it in. If you just see those scenes out of context, you won’t know what the frak is going on. Kudos to the one guy who figured out that Sawyer would want revenge when Juliet died.

    PS. In the pilot I also vaguely thought the polar bear had something to do with global warming. 🙂

  • This was tough, i wanted to jump through my screen and reason with them

  • Hurleyrules

    The bit that amazed me was the guy that was so shocked to see a jet engine explode when it sucked in a person. The way he says “oh i guess he was filled with jet fuel”. It just amazes me that he doesn’t understand why it would blow up if a person gets sucked in. Oh and the guy who just can’t think of a white animal.. I mean cmon really?

    • Probably loved Avatar, too. A planet with a mind. More than I can say for this guy.

    • dp2

      Sorry, but just the fact that the engine was still running was pretty silly.

  • Lynn

    Funny stuff! That last guy nailed Sawyer from here on out! (Except for the Fabio part.)

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  • doesnt matters

    OMG people, are you retarded ? these people have never watched LOST. there is the point. gash…

    • Yup

      Completely agree with you. Some psychopaths up there even brought up liberals, like what does that even have to do with this?

      It’s a TV show. THAT’S why this video is funny.

      Only the insecure bash when they feel threatened.

  • clueless1der

    Ha. Imagine that! A comment about Dominic Monaghan being a hobbit. IS SO ORIGINAL. When I grow up I want to be some random talking head working for Newsweek so that I can show everyone what a ginormous assclown I am.

    • naultz

      It’s worse than that. dude doesn’t say Dominic was a hobbit. he refers to the MOVIE he was in as “the Hobbit”. wrong book, wrong movie. the dude doesn’t know Lord of the Rings or Lost. strike two for newsweek

  • notsoshaggy

    I agree with Quackers and Lynn– you have to keep your sense of humor, fellow Losties! I’d likely be making wisecracks about a show I’d never cared about if someone just pieced together some of the crazier scenes.

    Like. . . Battlestar Galactica. . . *runs*

  • The Magician

    Ah, so that’s what happens when you gather up the stupidest people you can find and make them watch one of the most complex shows around…

    I wouldn’t have minded if the comments were funny, but instead we got “ooh, look, that’s an old computer” and “I can’t think of any white animal”.


  • What was the point?

  • Adam

    Oo that was rough. I have friends like that. I had one friend that made fun of me for watching it for 2 years and I finally explained to her that you have to just watch it. Dont try to understand it right away. Accept the fact that it won’t make sense until you see enough of it. She watches it religiously now and loves it. Its called “Lost” not “Cast Away”. Those people need to go back to their regular shows that require very little brain like Grey’s Anatomy or Gilmore Girls. (no offense to people on here that like those shows.) haha.

  • shep

    Would have been ok if they had took it even a tiny bit seriously, how the f**k did they manage to get through a job interview? Really, not worth posting shit like this on this site, lowers the standard.

  • Eren Zaki

    To be honest, I think my reactions would have been similiar if I was shown a random bunch of scenes of a TV show I’d never seen before – emphasis on similiar because I don’t think I would have been half of much up-myself and excited as they were when they were talking. Admittedly, some of their responses were stupid and over-the-top like the guy saying how he can’t think of a white animal. I mean really?

    It seemed they couldn’t grasp the concept of a Island castaway drama with sci-fi elements, so they criticised the slightly “fantastical” or “outlandish” elements of the scenes they were shown.

    • GeigerCounter

      To be honest, if there was a show similar to Lost, I would definitely be watching that as well.

      • Eren Zaki

        Haha, so you’re not watching FLASHFORWARD then?

        Though, I’ll tell you right now – it’s a damn terrible show that casually rips off small elements of LOST. And the lead character/actor is a Jack Shepard wannabe and can’t seem to make more than one facial expression which is usually a pissed off, frowned expression. There’s my review hehe.

        • Fandango1

          I wanted so badly to love FLASHFORWARD because I thought it had a great concept, but I couldn’t get past about 5 or 6 weeks of it. I think we sometimes forget just how important a part the casting played in LOST’s success. They struck gold with the people they cast for this show. Too bad FF wasn’t as lucky.

          • Eren Zaki

            I wanted to like it, too. Unfortunately, FLASHFORWARD suffers from a classic case of great concept = bad execution syndrome.

            It’s not just the casting, Fandango1, that they got horribly wrong which LOST got right. The characters are so bland and dull (a bunch of boring FBI agents and surgeons) and there is practically no character development. The characters are what make LOST – not the mysteries. If the LOST characters were rubbish then the mysteries wouldn’t matter or mean much. That’s what FLASHFORWARD doesn’t seem to understand. It doesn’t matter how interesting a mystery you have – if you have bland characters that nobody can identify with, nobody will care about your mysteries/story.

            I tuned off after the third episode when they had a whole episode about some Nazi prisoner who apparently knew why the blackout lasted 137 seconds, but turned out he was just playing the FBI agents so he could be released.

            But anyways, there’s my feeling on the show.

        • GeigerCounter

          I plan to watch the whole first season of FF in the summer. I have no patience with most serialized shows and prefer to watch them all at once. So it’s not very good, you say? Damn shame.

          • Eren Zaki

            Hey, by all means don’t let me stop you from watching it in the summer when the first season has come to a close. It’s just my personal opinion – you might feel differently.

            I mean It’s still a interesting show to watch if you’re watching it purely for the mystery storyline (which is what I’m doing), but if you’re watching it for the characters then I wouldn’t hope for much because they are so bland and cliche. Nothing like the LOST characters in terms of character progression and backstory development. The mysteries take importance over the characters on FF which is obviously not the case on LOST. LOST is great because of the characters first, and the mysteries second.

          • GeigerCounter

            Many people already told me FF sucks, so my expectations are pretty low. Maybe I’ll end up liking it thanks to that. It’s way better than hearing everyone’s praise about something and then being disappointed. Too much hype hurt my opinion of District 9, for example, while low expectations made me really enjoy Knowing (in retrospect a pretty crappy movie).

  • cap10tripps

    I’m willing to bet at least a couple of them contend American Idol’s not fixed.

  • Eric

    Let’s be fair. Newsweek wanted a funny piece on how intricately confusing our beloved show is, so they went around the office and grabbed the people who they know have never seen the show (and there is a lot. I think I’m the only one in my office who does). The whole point and direction of the video was to have them point out every little thing that doesn’t make sense to them, which is EVERYTHING. I would have the same reaction as well. I didn’t start watching until the middle of season one and I’ll be honest, I thought the premise was a little dumb at first too.

    I felt like everyone was pretty fair with their opinions, accept the guy in the glasses and the girl with them. You could smell the smug sense of entitlement through my computer screen.

    • Eren Zaki

      I agree with you, Eric. Well said 🙂

      • Kaisa

        I agree. Everyone would say silly stuff if they were shown some random Lost clips without explaining anything. I don’t think it’s fair to call them mental midgets.

  • numbersarebad

    Wow. The only part they remotely got right was about Juliet at the end. These are the kinds of people I try to have nothing to do with. It’s fine that they haven’t watched the show. It’s fine if they don’t like it. But these sorry sacks of polar bear feces actually made me feel dumber just by watching them. I regret even wasting my time as I type this comment on these ass hats.

  • Squish

    They’re shown random, confusing scenes from a show that’s confusing even if you’ve seen every episode.
    And they’re “mental midgets”? Come on doc, no need to be a pretentious asshole.

  • Fandango1

    That was funny to watch, and I will admit a couple of them came across a little smug. However, I suspect my comments would make just as little sense if I’d never watched this show and somebody had shown me some random scenes. Good for a laugh though.

  • longlivekingnick

    Dudes… Lost fans get sooooooo mad whenever anyone questions “their” show. Its a TV show, and its awesome (to us). However, some people are not going to get it, or enjoy it, no matter how much we want them to.

    Just like me, I am not going to watch Gossip Girl…. sorry… no interest in it.

    Lighten up dudes (and dudettes)!

  • The Mantis

    What exactly is “a Racist Depiction” of a local, when they show Eko??? What about him made the depiction “Racist”??? And what a surprise, the same “guy” earlier brings up the hoax known as Global Warming for an explanation of the Polar Bear. Someone punch that Politically Correct Nancy in the face. “Racist Depiction”… Good God.

    • Jennifer

      Oh god, “hoax known as Global Warming”?

      I think we know who’s the mental midget here.

      I’m embarrassed to be a fan of the same show as you.

      • apackofmonkeys

        Cool it with the liberal elitism, Jenny. I hear enough of it every day without having to put up with it in Lost forums too.
        And don’t claim he brought it up first- this is a thread specifically for making fun of clueless lost-haters, then you start personally attacking your fellow Lost fan.
        Not cool.

        • b

          “this is a thread specifically for making fun of clueless lost-haters”

          Which is why this thread is stupid.

          “Hey, these people have never watched the most complex show on television and they have no idea what they’re talking about while being shown random clips from the first five seasons! Lets make fun of them!”

  • blackhart23

    It really could have been worse. They were a bit smug but how could you expect them not to be. The show is confusing, which seems to make people want to make fun of it. No big, we love it and were going to enjoy no matter the other opinions people have, so let’s all tune into tomorrow and enjoy while they sit around finding things to ridicule.

  • mogulus

    this is why you don’t let liberals watch fantasy.

    JUST kidding.

    Seriously, was the video supposed to be funny? Cause it wasn’t really even if you try to take it that way. And if it’s serious, it’s pretty sad that newsweek dudes spent all that time putting it together just to complain.

    I know it was SUPPOSED to be deadpan humor, but they are clearly not in grasp of the concept.

  • b

    You should definitely take down the “mental midgets” bit, doc.

    Haven’t you ever tried to explain LOST to someone who’s never watched it?

    “Uh… Ya, these people crash on this island and there’s a smoke monster and a polar bear and then there are these other people who already lived on the island. Then there turns out to be all of these research stations and one of them has a computer that controls the release of a massive amount of electromagnetism. They end up blowing up that station, which causes the start of time travel on the show. But it’s not really time travel, it’s consciousness travel, you know what I mean? Oh and then there are these other people that come to the island, and they’re bad, and to save the island from them, it has to be moved. What? Ya, the island has to be moved. So they move the island. What? Ya, I said they move the island. Why is that so hard to believe? Where does it go? No idea… It’s not stupid! Shut up! It’s the best show ever! You just don’t understand!”

    Get the picture?

    • He isn’t saying they’re mental midgets because they don’t comprehend the plot, it’s because they’re dismissing it with stuff like “that’s stupid” and “I don’t understand”

      • b

        Well, you obviously missed my entire point…

  • Absz009

    LMAO! LOST does sound ridiculous when you think about it like that. Thank you for that laugh, sir 🙂

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