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Rate and Rant – LOST 6.08 “Recon”

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Found: A consistent thread between the alternaverse, and the 815verse. Sawyer’s taste in books. Supernatural children, bunnies, and chilling identity plays – all of this can only mean one thing: if LOST were a show on LOST, Sawyer would watch it. (And if we are playing with concepts of multiverses, that is probably true in some perverse skein.)

On the more serious side of things, “Recon” – for me – kicked off season 6. Here’s what I mean. We’ve been playing follow the leader with John “Flocke” Locke and Jacob’s proxy Illana for most of the season, and the fact is – we just met them. I don’t feel invested in their journeys, and they are being too secretive for my taste. Since our characters are subservient to their causes, that sense of disconnect from the ‘goal’ of these missions has – for me – sort of permeated the overarching plot. If I sound like I’m complaining, I’m not – it’s just that, unlike previous seasons of LOST, we have not been given a goal for the characters that seems logical in the dramatic trajectory of the story. LOST has been hijacked by the plight of the Man in Black and Jacob.

With Sawyer’s plan, that has changed. Now there is some bonafide suspense – versus what amounts to a mystery flanked my mysterious – if not oblique – motives. Can Sawyer pull the biggest con of all? His error may lay in the fact that there is one set of players he is not dealing with in his plan – Team Illana. Because of that, he is doomed to fail – but at least his portion of the story seems in part under the control of a familiar will.

Remember “Rate and Rant” is not a recap/review – I use this space to discuss a theme or two from the episode that jumped out at me. For more complete reviews, check out:

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From TVFrenzy:

  • MC

    I think the episode was a con of both sawyer and the audience.. i think MIB knew widmore was over on hydra island and knew sawyer would make that deal..think about it widmore never admitted he was there to harm MIB.. sawyer offered up that notion and widmore just smiled.. and i dont buy the ajira 316 as a means off the island for MIB, the front windows are busted out with a tree branch through them, is it even still able to fly? i think widmore is on MIB’s side and sawyer is being conned.. only problem with the theory is the sonic fences being set up… i have a theory that involves what might be in that room…but its not ironed out yet.. speaking of con.. i dont know if i even believe claire apology was sincere.. rememeber MIB went and told here something after he slapped her…

    • Brandon

      I think It has to be a person in the room because that will be the only thing that will really shock an audience when that is revealed. Having said that I think it has to be Walt. They have to get him back to the island somehow to describe his “specialness”

    • Charlie’s Ghost

      my personal theory is that widmore wants to be the guardian of the island. he’s not there to harm MIB, just to negotiate with him……and by what we know of MIB’s agenda to leave the island, i say they strike a deal. the Losties, unfortunately, are still pawns.

      • naultz

        I recall widmore telling john locke that if john wasn’t on the island “the wrong side would win”. we can presume that with widmore’s vast amount of money, and connections, that he probably has alot of knowledge about the island. so does that mean that widmore knew john’s return to the island would lead to the rise of smokey and that widmore is in-league with the smoke monster?

        • I got that impression as well. Remember now, Widmore was once the leader of the others. Which would make you assume that he was at one point on Jacobs side. So maybe because Jacob let Ben kick him off the Island he is now switching sides and wants “Smokey” to win. For what reason and to what end, we will have to wait to find out…

    • dale

      OK, Crackpot theory time….Widmore was leader along with Eloise Hawkings, BUT the two had some type of falling out over the years…why???
      Could Widmore have Eloise locked up in the sub along with Desmond? Could the MIB and Eloise be Desmonds parents??? Desmond is special afterall….Widmore knows this thus treating De…smond like a piece of crap all his life and thus wants to kill MIB???

      • adam118

        Smokey said Of Mice and Men was after his time.

      • Kinsey

        If MIB and Eloise are Desmond’s parnets that would cause a serious problem with him and Penny’s relationship, considering that would make them brother and sister..

        • naultz

          maybe smokey is from Kentucky

        • verylost

          No.. I don’t think so. Widmore is Penny’s dad, but we don’t know who her mom is. She is most likely the daughter of the woman Widmore was with “off island”.

    • Yup, I agree with your theory on the relationship between Widmore and “Smokey”. There is more there than meets the eye. Though the fences do pose a flaw in the theory they are ultimately on the same side, maybe Widmore is just taking all necessary precautions. he is clearly a master of industry, and one does not become that successful without being very smart and very cautious..

      I also dont think Claires apology was sincere either. Claire is gonna go after Kate again, just watch…

    • greg dharma

      “i think widmore is on MIB’s side and sawyer is being conned.. only problem with the theory is the sonic fences being set up…”

      doesnt that kind of kibosh that theory?

    • kaptan36

      I agree. I don’t think there is any way that the plane could fly off the island. If it could, why hasn’t Frank tried to get the hell out of there?

  • notsoshaggy

    (Copying and pasting my post from live chat thread, which seems to be dying.)

    Liked it a lot. As much as I love the new Widmore arrival, though, it feels a little funky. For years he’s needed to manipulate or hire surrogates to do any kind of island-related activity for him. So how, all of a sudden, is he able to just pop up offshore in a sub? That’s something I hope they don’t gloss over. . . like if they show that Eloise helped him get him there or something. That might make sense.

    • GeigerCounter

      Used to be he didn’t know where the island is. Then Eloise found it and sent the Oceanic 6 there on the Ajira flight. Widmore must’ve found out the location of the island from her, and went there on a sub, which took him a bit longer, but now he finally got there (lets not forget that between the ep 316 and this one, not a whole lotta time went by).

      But why didn’t he go to the island back in season four when he sent the freighter there you might ask. Well, I don’t know. Maybe because back then he was still busy with his conspiracy theory that Oceanic 815 was found with a bunch of dead people underwater. Or maybe after Ben tried to kill Penny this escalated their conflict so much that Widmore decided to go get Ben himself. Because I still think Widmore is there for Ben, not MIB.

      • The Mantis

        It probably has something to do with the Island’s protector being dead…..Certain “rules” might not apply anymore.

        • Ben did say “He changed the rules”, when the soldier killed Alex. Maybe Widmore coming to the Island is indeed just another rule that had been changed. Ultimately because Jacob is now dead… He can not protect nor enforce any rules from beyond…

    • Handsome Smitty

      “For years he’s needed to manipulate or hire surrogates to do any kind of island-related activity for him.”

      Hmmm, sounds like…Jacob.

    • notsoshaggy

      Excellent points, all. Thanks for your inputs!

  • MC

    told “her” something (sorry) what im saying is i dont think things are as they seem. bram who was without a doubt on jacobs side…told miles he was working for the wrong team (widmore) i just cant 100% buy that widmore is there to stop MIB yet…i just have a feeling he is there to help MIB in exchange for the island ( almost like what ben was offered in the Dr linus)

  • Ugly Smitty

    I’m pretty convinced that the Smoke Monster, all along, was two beings: Jacob and MIB. That’s why Smokey was running around the island in seasons 1 and 2, even though MIB was trapped behind a ring of ash. So the mini sonic fences might be there to trap Jacob.

    • BasiaK

      MIB wasn’t trapped behind the ring of ash. At least I don’t recall us ever being told that.

      Smokey has always been able to roam around the island, except that he was prohibited from entering locations either by rings of ash or by the sonic fences. And so, he couldn’t go into the cabin where Jacob supposedly was and he couldn’t go into the Dharma camp. And now, Widmore is either creating a barrier to keep Smokey enclosed or out. I think it’s to trap Smokey so that Widmore can manipulate Smokey.

      • Ament

        The sonic fence thing kills me, they’re telling us this pillar of floating smoke can’t float over it? Hell they knocked a tree down and climbed over it so how is it not possible for our mythical entity to not float over.

        • Well, we have to remember it is just a tv show, so I buy that the pillars can trap “Smokey”, but I also agree that “Smokey” has had free roam of the Island since day one. Only areas like stated above, the barracks and the cabin are off limits to him. Jacob on the other hand is not at all trapped, I mean come on he leaves the Island at will. If it makes more sense to you this way, then think about this, the pillars not only work as a sideways barrier between them, but they also create a invisible field above them, kind of like a force shield…

      • kaptan36

        After everything that has been revealed the whole subplot about Jacob in the cabin doesn’t make any sense at all. Why would he call out “help me!” to Locke? Didn’t seem like he needed any help? And why couldn’t they see him then?

    • The Magician

      It would be terrible if that were true.

    • greg dharma

      how can you trap someone who’s already dead?

  • MC

    my far fetched theory is what if the smoke monster form is some kind of curse and MIB needs to be seperated from it before he can leave.. how about if what is padlocked in that room on the sub is a means to do this.. maybe even a permanent form for him… this might also explain that he was the disembodied figure in the rocking chair in the cabin…. and the sonic fences are to keep the smoke monster out after the split happens..

  • Rooky

    The episode was a bit meh, at this point in the Season I understand the need for a build up episode but with the show as a whole this episode seems a bit out of place so close to the end. Although I did like the off island Sawyer it just didn’t seem to go anywhere.

    Best part of the episode was obviously Sayid’s blank look at Kate being attacked, was freaky.

    Desmond must be in the sub room thats locked and the Sawyer Widmore conversation seemed a bit off when you consider that hes has FINALLY got back to the island after at the very least 3 years of trying.

    • DocArzt

      Seriously! Dark-Sayid is freaking me out.

      • kaptan36

        Seriously, Dark-Sayid is ruining the final season.

  • Seabiscuit

    If this is to be Sawyer’s last centric, then I’m satisfied. Good, solid episode, and the first flash-sideways that was actually GOOD. As good as if not better than the on-Island story. (though I could have done without the Sawlotte sex.)

  • frakfan

    I agree with everything you’ve said, except for the Sawlotte part. Rebecca Mader looked really hot and I thought it worked well on screen. Also, James Ford is not Sawyer in the alterna-verse, so it should be Jawlotte 🙂

    • BasiaK

      That guy gets all the babes… Lucky hunk.

      • The Mantis

        Rebecca Mader is a babe? Maybe off island I guess she cleans up ok… but on island I kept thinking she was Eric Stoltz is “Mask”.

        • I think she is very very pretty, on Island and off. I love her accent. They did great with this episode.

        • greg dharma

          ouch. yeah she got a fake bake and looked a little less wan and pale…

    • Seabiscuit

      He’ll always be Sawyer to me. (and the way Juliet kept calling him “Jaaaaaaames” like the name was going out of fashion kind of had a way of souring me on it…)

  • Twitchy

    GREAT EPA-SOD!! We’re compleeetely into Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ territory, by the way.
    (ps a little poll: what will alt-danny faraday look like? Bring back the Twitch!)

    • adam118

      No Island=No Science?
      If so, he becomes a musical prodigy. Maybe he becomes David Shepard’s piano teacher?

      • Widmore’s Bane

        I was thinking the same thing. Daniel took the music path instead, which would make sense given in the “alt” timeline there would likely be nothing driving him to study physics and time travel.

        • Great theory on Dan, did not even thin that way. makes sense, without the influence of the Island, all the characters are living their lives as “Normal”, makes sense good idea…

  • BasiaK

    I think that Widmore couldn’t go back to the island before now – somehow barred. Or at least thought he was. Remember how Ben felt he was sacrificing himself from returning to the island when he left via the donkey wheel? Widmore is filthy rich, he could have found another scientist to locate the island. He either couldn’t go back before the bomb or he thought he couldn’t go back.

    Totally believe that Claire was faking per instructions by MIB.

    So sad to see Sayid in that state, a character that I rooted for now is a soulless shell; didn’t lift a hand when a friend was being attached. The “before death” Sayid would have stopped Claire. It’s as if all of the dead that MIB takes over are sock puppets, moving and talking but not much going on upstairs except the remnants of emotions.

    I enjoy the sideways flashes. I try to guess how their lives will be different.

    My guess re: Sawyer/Cooper/Lock’s daddy? He went straight after Jame’s parents died, that when James finds him he will be contrite and that he did NOT purposely cause Lock’s fall in the sideways universe. Perhaps John was left paralyzed after the kidney surgery. And then he will be fixed by Jack, who is always trying to fix everybody and, in the sideways, he can because he believes in himself.

    • Leo

      Agree with Claire & Locke being in cahoots.

      I enjoyed the resulting conversation Flocke and Kate had in those spindle-like trees. Wasn’t that the same type of trees Juliet and Kate hid in as Smokey chased after them in an earlier season?

      • naultz

        speaking of those trees. with all the knowledge we have now, it is ridiculous to think that those skinny trees stopped smokey from killing them in the earlier seasons. Their death was prevented by Jacob? them being canidates? another island force?

    • Widmore’s Bane

      I think it’s not that he “can’t” go back, it’s that there would be serious consequences to him if he did, provided he could even find it. He has clearly been actively searching for the island since he was banished from it. Purchasing the Black Rock Journal, funding Faraday’s scienctific research, hosting the yacht race that Desmond entered (after being manipulated by Widmore to prove hmself) were all calculated steps to help him rediscover its location.

      I suspect his spies were tracking the 815 survivors, knowing that they would eventually have to somehow return. It’s possible he was already in route before the O6 even got on the plane to return.

      This also explains the need for protective measures until he can re-establish his place on the island. I think the death of Jacob (and perhaps Dogen) may have thrown a lot of those rules out the window anyhow.

      I also suspect Desmond is the one in the locked “hatch” of the submarine. However, it is also possible that following the attack by Ben, Desmond, Penny and little Charlie hightailed it out of LA on their boat heading West….towards Guam. Maybe Eloise is in the sub hatch and the island will bring Desmond back in its own way.

  • The Mantis

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Aaron is in the sub. I found it odd that he was brought up in the episode in such an ominous way… By Flocke of all people. Hoping it’s Desmond, but betting on the kid.

    • I agree, out of all the theories of what is in that locked room, Aaron beats them all to dust, good idea

  • Ruth

    I thought Claire’s scenes were stupid and wish she would take a shower or change her wig!

  • MC

    not really sure what to think of MIB’s crazy mother revelation… i do believe he was actually telling kate something about himself though. dont know even where to begin speculating.. but maybe it has something to do with the kid with the bloody hands.. wasnt that a different kid than the older kid who told him about the rules? the kid looks like jacob but…. my initial theory is maybe along time ago MIB’s mother was a canidate and drawn to the island.. maybe she something happened to her similar to Rousseau and maybe she was killed or he had to kill her or whatever.. and he blames jacob for it.. maybe that started their rivalery? i dunno endless possibilities until more light is shed on it

    • arrow

      Faraday has a crazy mother- Eloise Hawking. She kills her son on the island. Off the island she is crazy to him when he is growing up. Faraday has become his time travel experiment. As the shape shifting smoke monster he has tapped into this energy and can kill people.

  • Ament

    (Copy from “live” thread)

    A few takes I took notice too…some obvious

    1. Another Rabbit. Whats with the rabbits? Is it just symbolism? Follow the White Rabbit – Alice in wonderland? It was on the book, on Sawyers dresser and not to mention in quite a few flash-sideways segments…have to rewatch…again

    2. Miles dad, assuming Chang, is working at a museum now which is in a science field but it shows he either got off, or never went to the island.

    3. Claire seemed very forgiving a little to quickly for someone that has been living like she has and it just smells fishy.

    4. Another moment with our losties looking into a mirror, this time Sawyer didn’t like what he saw…which is probably what he always feels.

    5. Sawyer and Kate music playing when Sawyer found Kate’s S3 dress, so the triangle is leaning heavily on the Skate side.

    6. Sawyer woke up at 8:42

    Overall it was a decent “leading to” episode, not great in my opinion, no answers, I was able to tolerate Charlotte though, so I feel some redemption. The Tina Fey look-a-like was kinda funny.

  • Seabiscuit

    Something else I liked and wondered about were the subtle references to Kate’s parents: Wayne when Flocke asked her if she ever hated anyone, and Diane when he spoke to her about his own “crazy” mother. Nicely done.

  • BasiaK

    Hmmmm anybody on this show who doesn’t have daddy issues? Even the monsters have daddy issues.

    I bet the writers’ dads get some serious ribbing at the family picnics.

    • Trip

      I thought it was Mommy issues now? Like Aaron’s future: “my mom went bat-s*#t crazy and my adopted mom ran off to some damn island to hook up with a con man!”

  • Ament

    Does anyone else think that that now it could be Widmore’s people that were going after Locke, Sawyer, Miles, Faraday, Charlotte, and Juliet in the boat chase scene during our time travel days. What if they thought our beloved Locke WAS Flocke, and that flash was a future flash and thats why they were shooting at them with no questions asked? It’s settled Juliet killed Tina Fey (lol).

    • Widmore’s Bane

      Let’s see….that scene was the result of the time travelers walking up into the beach camp. The show nodded to this last week when Ben picked up the bottle of water from the plane. There were two boats on the beach, one of which the time travelers took. That would imply that someone had previously come to the beach on those two boats, which Locke currently has.

      My guess is that some of Locke’s crew, including Sawyer and Kate, come to the Llana camp in the boats. The time travelers take one boat. A group including Sawyer and Locke take the other in pursuit…so they are essentially shooting at themselves.

  • The Magician

    Great episode. The constant tension in this show is immense.

    • bplenc

      agreed! love it!

  • Jennifer

    Favorite episode so far, partly because I always love seeing lots of Sawyer, my favorite character, but also because it had a lot of humor and character moments and sly references to books/conversations we’ve seen before. I’ve always preferred the character side of “Lost” to the mystery side, so I’m not at all impatient. Mysteries will be revealed all in good time. In the meantime I just want to have fun and see what the characters are thinking/feeling and doing. “Recon” delivered a lot of great moments and a lot of laughs after last week’s more serious (but still very enjoyable) “Dr. Linus.”

    • bplenc


  • The Magician

    It was also great seeing how team Flocke is being run.

  • Handsome Smitty

    Second watching made the show a little better, but still, like Doc says, it’s a set-up show. That makes it drag, but sometimes important clues get dropped in.

    Watching UnLocke, I suspect that maybe, just maybe, he doesn’t really want to get off the Island. Perhaps he wants everyone else off. He’s had Jacob killed, Jacob, you know, the guy always bringing people there to prove some kind of point or something.

    Also, UnLocke talking about his issues seemed to sum up what a lot of people say about the show in general, always bringing up buddhist philosophy although, seriously, almost every relgion has the same mantra about accepting and moving on and change. No one seems to be talking much about that. But UnLocke clearly said he had to work out his issues. Big clue, don’t you think?

  • Nick Stevens

    Another good episode with some interesting reveals. I simply cannot take the poll though as this week the scale goes from ‘Above Average’ to ‘Best Episode Ever’. Perhaps my sense of scale is off or something as I was a bit confused by last weeks choices too, but in my world (wacky as it may be) ‘Above Average’ is like shrugging and saying ‘It was all right’ and ‘Best Episode Ever’ is self-explanatory really.

    • naultz

      They didn’t take our suggested scale. maybe we should make our own.

      • Jimmy Zer0

        Dude, there’s 8 episodes left, and Doc doesn’t even really come around much any more. The system is here to stay.

        • Nick Stevens

          Well, since the scale clearly adjusted from last week, that can’t be entirely accurate.

  • Trip

    When is someone going to bother asking about WHY Claire abondoned Aaron in the jungle? Flocke told Kate that he had to lie to Claire about the Others taking her baybee to focus her anger…but this fails to address that is his fault to begin with that she even left Aaron in the first place.

    More curious is that now 3 (not including brain-dead Sayid) former camp-mates of Claire have run into her and not one of them has bothered to ask, “Hey, I know you look all crazy and stuff now, but why did you run off and abandon your son underneath a tree?”

    Maybe there is a set-up taking place here where Claire discovers or remembers who exactly led her away from Aaron. And maybe this knowledge causes a rift between her and Flocke.

  • Sawyer wants off that rock bad! Playing Widmore and Smokey against each other, smart move “dimples”.

    Widmore can kill Smokey, they made it a special point to show that locked door so we remember it.

    The sideways flash Sawyer still wants to kill Locke’s dad, who is on seemingly good terms with now. I find the sideways flash tangent thing to be very interesting. Who is the mother of Jack’s kid??

    Good to see Charlotte back, but did not recognize her at first, and Sayid has a far away crazy look in his eye now…

  • Frank P

    I think Smokey gave away his true identity when talking to Claire, along with the identity of “Jacob” and possibly the whole purpose of the Sideways universe:

    “And now, Aaron has a crazy mother” or … And now, my mother is crazy. Ergo, his mother is Claire. Smokey is Aaron.

    So who is Jacob? Jacob is Aaron…from the Sideways universe, where his mother is *not* crazy. The reason why Jacob wants to fix all the issues from the 815 Universe is because he is trying to contain his alternate self.

    Smokey doesn’t want to get off the island into our world … he wants to get to the Sideways world, where his mother isn’t a raving madwoman in the jungle. He wants to get into Jacob’s world, where people make the right decisions and break the cycle that took his mother to the time-looping island, changed his destiny, and forged him into the monster he has become.

    And Jacob is the gatekeeper, the guardian of that other place. Allowng his other self to cross over would unleash Smokey’s madness — the “sickness” — into his ideal world. The lighthouse was not a spyglass to the past, it’s a view into his world, providing an insight as to the flaws and mistakes that brought his “candidates” to this point. Why he finds it possible to bring men like Drogen with impossible bargains — his son WILL live, as we saw during Jack’s flash-sideways, in the Other world. (see also: Juliet’s glimpse at her sister and niece)

    Maybe it’s inevitable that the two Aarons end up on this island, prisoner and guardian. Course Correction seems to have guided each universe towards separate fates, perhaps to ensure that the balance is kept. Good and evil may be less in charge of the universe than the balance between Chaos and Order.

    The fact that Jacob was killed doesn’t seem to have stopped his influence in the world. In fact, it might have been the only way he could have continued directing his Candidates towards his ultimate goal — resetting the cycle, sending both Baby Aarons back to the start so that they can one day fight this battle again.

    • VERY interesting pint you make Frank!


      • rupe

        I really think that is the case. however if Smokey is not Aaron then Aaron is perhaps Smokeys replacement. If jacob is looking for a replacement and jacob is ‘good’ and Smokey wants to leave the island, can you have good without evil? I think like the return of the O6 on Ajira flight , thing needed to be exactly the same as the original crash perhaps the same rule applies to Smokey finding a replacement. This person has to have similar events unfold in their lives. Perhaps Smokey was born on the island and had a crazy mom. That being said maybe Charlotte and Alex were previous attempts by Smokey to find a replacement, both born on the island and had crazy mothers. This makes sense because Smokey is the one who actually makes Claire crazy ie. ‘the sickness’ thus fulfilling one of the requirements. Even more interesting is that Charlotte was saved because of the evacuation that Hurley and Miles were responsible for, Hurley is a candidate. Alex was saved by Ben, but not the ‘sideways’ Ben the Ben who was shot by Sayid, Sayid is a candidate.

    • cap10tripps

      Would be pretty mind blowing, but I think the writers would’ve showed Claire naming her son Jacob (already said Aaron) in the tangent universe. Although I guess there’s still time to change her mind.

      Another point here is how do you explain Jacob and Smokey being around as long as they have if they are Aaron? I guess they’d have some more time explaining to do…

    • kaptan36

      I see where you are coming from, but then who is the little blonde kid running around the island, and how does Smokey grow up to be crazy, if Crazy Claire never really raises him in the first place. Kate took Aaron off the island and gave him to his grandmother, so as far as we have seen, there is no reality in which Aaron is raised by Claire. Although that would put a whole in your theory, in the earlier seasons there was alot made of Claire raising Aaron, and if not there would be dre consequences…
      For example: Hurley telling Jack that Charlie told him ” You’re not supposed to raise him Jack”

  • All right, I have a question about sideways time versus island time. Is this situation like Fringe, where you have two alternate universes? Or are these two time lines going on in the same earth universe. I don’t know if that question even makes sense, but what I am hoping is, it is the latter-if for no other reason than that would make the story different, in fact, unique. It would also make sense, if the sideways time is in fact a result of the explosion of Jughead. Well, according to Juliette last thought, “it worked”. So that would also suggest two different stories unfolding within the same earth dimension, as opposed to a parallel dimension like on Fringe.

    Now, for a question, based on the above. Is it possible that, assuming my theory is correct, just possibly, the person in the locked room on the sub is-the real John Locke?

    Remember, even if these stories are going on in the same earth, they are not going on at the same time. After Jughead exploded, the Losties were sent back to their regular present time, or I guess luckily for them they were sent back to the present immediately before Jughead exploded. Whereas the Sideways time events are taking place in the immediately aftermath of the landing at LAX, more closely to the time the Losties originally crashed on the island.

    So what would be the purpose of the presence of the real John Locke? Simply, he and Flocke could not coexist at the same time in the same place. Once they got so close, the False Locke would, well, something would happen to him. This makes sense too, since obviously John Locke, the original, had to die before Smokey could take on his identity. Otherwise, why kill him off as Ben did?

  • Outstanding story once again. Thumbs up.

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