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Rate and Rant – LOST – Follow The Leader

By docarzt,

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115865_330_preOne more week before LOST season five is in the history books, so how did the penultimate episode – Follow the Leader – do in revving you up?  Was it a walkabout, or a walk in circles?  Sound off, rate, and rant.

While there was little new revealed in this episode, there were still some interesting notions setup.  For starters, what is the nature of leadership amongst the others.  It seems that no matter what, Richard acts autonomously and follows his own definition of what is best for the island/jacob.  We’ve seen him question ‘leaders’ before, most notably Charles Widmore.  The word ‘leader’ is starting to look like one of those ’empowering’ titles that get tossed around in the corporate cubical jungles of the world – team ‘leader,’ shift ‘leader,’ sales ‘leader.’  I’m beginning to wonder if John is a leader at all, or if this is heading into one of those “To Serve Man” style twists.

As for the rest of the episode, it seems pretty obvious that they must move to change time, otherwise season six becomes a repeat of season one with really old losties watching from the bushes.  What did you think?  Big revelations?  Just a ‘fun’ episode to set pace for the finale next week?  Or an explosive setup that wowed you?

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From TVFrenzy:

  • drfitz44

    Me likey… Me likey alot… Locke may be a bit too much of a push over now though…

    • Shaun

      Please explain… Seemed to me Locke has a definite direction and he’s not letting anyone push him around any more. I think his plan is destined to end badly, and I think it might Ben and Richard who take him down, but I am curious to see where it all leads.

      But what’s with this “killing Jacob” stuff?

      • David

        I believe that Locke thinks Jacob is made up and he wants to expose that to everyone so in essence “killing” Jacob.

        He probably will end up being real though.

        • Jacob asked John to “help” him. John is and always has been directed by the island through dreams and countless other ways.. Hes on a mission. Dont forget he came back from the dead… He will kill Jacob and that will free him [faraday/Jacob] from whatever it is hes trapped in.
          If you dont understand or realiize that John is the man on this island your either very slow or missed the last 100 episodes.

          • David

            Wow, Thanks for being a jerk.

            I don’t believe that it is a stretch to say that in this episode John is starting to believe that Jacob is made up by Ben and/or Richard to control the others. He is leading all the others to Jacob to expose the fact that he is made up (or so he believes)

            That doesn’t invalidate the dreams he has received, or that he came back from the dead, or even that “He is the man”. Jacob can be made up and all of these things can still be true. Jacob could still be made up and what John heard wasn’t Jacob speaking to him.

            Thanks for playing though.

          • Jerk? Lol? I wasnt even responding directly to you “David” lol The group of 20 something comments together is what I was responding to. As for your post in particular theres really nothing to say about it. I mean really, its just a very shallow two sentence opinion of which there is absolutely no substance to. [NOW Im being a jerk. 🙂 just so ya know the difference] but it is your post and your entitled to it. Just try to keep the school yard name calling at the elementary school w/ your lil friends. k? Im sure THEY will “thank YOU for playing” haha

        • bps

          Theory….John isn’t really intending to kill Jacob. He is testing Ben or using Ben. Think about the scene toward the end of Superman II where Superman uses Luthor by telling him the opposite of what he intends to do, cause he knows that Luthor will betray him, hence falling right into his plan. Just lobbing that out there.

      • Ament

        I think the surprise is getting more obvious. If we can recall season 3 a KEY comment made when they caught Mikhail from The Flame and how he knew John. He said that (Season 3) John is not the John he has come to known. Maybe season 5 John is the John that Mikhail knows the new sheriff. With that in mind it’s one more push for John = Jacob and (bare with me)with the whole time shift theory only one John can exist at one given time so one must be killed…Jacob or John? imo I feel thats why John couldn’t see Jacob in “Cabin Fever” cause it was himself.

        • Charlie’s Ghost

          we just saw John exist twice in the same time, and within 40 yards of each other….soooo…..

          • Ament

            Cause the John that led Ben and RA to the plane already lived that time so he can see himself, but Limping John wouldn’t be able to see John with Ben and RA cause he hasn’t lived that point in time yet which would be his future. Jacob, no matter how long he’s lived in that cabin is future John but now that john is resurrected maybe the “rules” changed.

        • RandomZombie

          There is no reason that two John Locke’s couldn’t exist at the same time – as long as they are both at different points in John’s timeline, whether or not they exist together in the same chronological time doesn’t matter.

          I don’t believe that John is Jacob, but if you went with the reasoning that one must be killed, it would have to be Jacob. If John were to die he would never become Jacob, though the younger John could kill his older self.
          I don’t see any evidence that John is Jacob, though.

          • Gusteaux

            Here’s my take…
            John believes that IF Jacob truly speaks for the Island that he must die and be reborn by the island just as he himself was. And in doing so, Jacob would again be whole and visable. If Jacob does not represent the Island, he will remain dead and John will in essnece replace him.

        • Lebowski Achiever

          I think Mikhail was refering to the fact that intel on John Locke showed that he was paralyzed and in a wheelchair.

          • johr77

            i agree

  • Seabiscuit

    Good episode even if it made me hate Sawyer.

    I laaaaaaaughed my ass off when Kate got on the sub to ruin that little Suliet moment, though. Holy shit, that was funny. Serves those two selfish creeps right, too.

    • Heidi

      I clapped when that happened and found myself saying “Didn’t see that coming!” So I guess the sub is going to turn around? Or will the island just flash them out of the sub and back on the island?

      • Mike

        I think they’ll stop over at the looking glass station under water. Sawyer will overpower the dharma goons, hop off the sub, and swim back to the island to stop old Jack from destroying things.

    • Jennifer

      I agree – what they’ve done to Sawyer in general since LaFleur has sucked. Being with Juliet hasn’t made him a better man; it’s actually made him rather selfish.

      Hurley said “Sawyer would never leave us behind,” and that’s right. Sawyer wouldn’t; LaFleur would. I want Sawyer back!

      • Mike

        Cat fight breaks out and the sub returns 🙂

        • Seabiscuit

          Hahaha. XD

      • serene23

        Sawyer and Juliet spent 3 months with these people (the 815er’s), actually, Juliet even less, but spent three years together waiting for them to return and when they did all hell broke loose. I don’t see it as selfish, they were screwed and made a decision to leave. It may have been the smartest decision yet. I don’t really see what choice they had.

  • Dale

    It bothers me that John Locke is beginning to look like another Ben. Another flaw. This whole killing Jacob thing…. whatever I hope the season finale isn’t a let down.

    • Shaun

      I would guess we’ll get an explanation next week. We’d better! If we don’t, I’ll… I’ll…

      OK, I can’t think of a good empty threat. I know I’m in until the end. I just hope it’s a not a bitter end.

    • Heidi

      pls explain why you think Locke is acting like Ben?

      • mustangdru

        because of what he told Sun

    • RandomZombie

      Ben acted on his own, regardless of the will of the island. If it’s true that he could never see Jacob, then he could only have done what he thought the island wanted.
      If Locke is really communing with the island, then it probably wants Jacob to die.

    • John another Ben? Whens the last time Ben marched hs people to see Jacob. Ben wants [like he said] to kill John for exactly that reason. Because he is so anti-ben. Hes EVERYTHING but Ben…

  • Iwantmykidneyback

    This is the best Locke has ever been. I’m going to kill Jacob.(What!?!?!?!?!?!?)

    • Mike

      I loved how he kept smiling :))

  • I thought we were finally going to learn all about Richard Alpert.

    • Patrick

      That’s only cause you read a bunch of false reports that it was going to be Richard Alpert on the internet. In a way it kind of was Alpert centric cause almost all of the flashes happened with him in the scene.

      But Richard Alpert probably has so much to do with important mythology that we won’t learn all about him until season 6.

      • docarzt

        And what vastly superior resource was it that reported this episode as an Alpert Centric?

        • LostInCanada

          i think it was posted on spoilersfix.

        • CUBELOST

          I don´t know where to put this. but I hope Doc, and imfromthepast read it.

          the plot twist this season is the fork in the outlet. witch a lot of people think is about the incident. but if you read the “wired magazine” featured in “the variable” you will find this extract:

          Even after Einstein, most physicists believed the clock ticked in only one direction. While moving faster than the speed of light could, according to Einstein’s equations, reverse time’s arrow, such motion was impossible, because any object that reached that velocity would become infinite in mass. Trips to the past were preposterous.

          Not anymore. Having examined Einstein’s equations more closely, physicists now realize that the river of time may be diverted into a whirlpool – called a closed timelike curve – or even a fork leading to a parallel universe. In particular, the more mass you can concentrate at a single point, the more you can bend the flow.

          SOOOOOOOO??? Is this the FORK? DL and CC are talking to us??

          Please Comments!

  • Patrick

    Based on the poll options on here, I can see why this site is going to be taken off the internet. You need to have more normal options. Like, I think this episode was more than above average. I think it was great. Your options should follow the better and far superior darkufo site:

    1. Awesome
    2. Great
    3. Ok
    4. Poor
    5. Awful.

    • I really hope you’re joking and I just can’t tell (which if you are nice job) but really? Seriously? Poll option titles = Reason for a website being taken off the internet? THIS is what is going to do this site in? That it doesn’t have “normal” options? Really? This is the ONE thing that is going to kill


      Please cordially see yourself out.

    • docarzt

      A scale based on the numbers with answers based around the themes of the episode vs a plain old vanilla awful to awesome 1-5? Sorry. I’ll try to be more mundane in the future.

      • Doc I think you may have just saved the site with that decision.

        • docarzt

          Phew, I’ll definitely try not to expose you guys to my sucky imagination in the future. (BTW I really did ban Patrick, though – that guy is a drag.)

          • Good for you! He was a drag. I happen to like your imagination, Doc.

    • Dolce

      Seriously? If those options are too complicated for you, then how in the HELL can you possibly be capable of following this show?

      P.S.:Darkufo is fantastic site. It’s the only other site I visit frequently. DocArzt feels more like a family though. Dark may be superior in some ways, and really, that is in the eye of the beholder. What appeals to you, appeals to you. That simple.

      On the converse, Doc’s may be superior in some ways. I won’t try to do a comparison, but I’ll say this as someone who has spent time going back and forth between the two: if you can’t find everything to satisfy every Lost fan between these two sites as companion pieces, then you are an unsatisfiable Lost fan.

      Personally, Doc’s my fave because it feels more like a family and you feel like you’re part of the conversation here. I LOVE the comments with the nested replies. It really is more conversational ( which can be good, or, bad for any of us who may hit submit before taking a second to proofread and reconsider lol!).

      • docarzt

        I appreciate the comments, Dolce. I think, though, that Patrick is trying to troll a hate-fest in the middle of our episode conversation – so before anybody else chips in on this debate let’s just let it fade into the thunder of our LOST love-in.

        • Dolce


    • DezziesOtherLifeBrotha

      Bravo Patrick, bravo. You really hit the nail on the head, brother! Now, at last, I can sleep.

      It’s all so simmmple now. We must choose between five specific labels to categorize every facet of life. There are no alternatives… My head is spinning with the beauty behind your theory…. Please, lead me into your world of rigidly defined feelings about things. Show me this site you speak of, this dark site… Is that where the treasure is?

      Good riddance…

      • DezziesOtherLifeBrotha

        Sorry Doc, typed that before I realized that party was over

  • Shaun

    Um… What on Earth made you hate Sawyer? I could understand hating him in the first season, even the second, but now? OK, maybe just taking off for the sub and not bothering to check on Hurley, Jin and Miles. I’ll give you that one. Then again, Sawyer was getting the snot beaten out of him, and that creep Phil hit Juliet too. Radzinsky looked like he was ready to kill, and Sawyer probably knew Hurley & Co. were planning their escape. Or hell, he probably never even knew they were in any kind of trouble. They weren’t involved in kidnapping Ben. I can understand Sawyer wanting to save himself and Juliet any way he can.

    What I want to know is what Sawyer told them, aside from drawing the map. Wouldn’t it have been easier to tell them “Look, I’m sorry but it was the only way to save the kid,” and then try come up with a story about how they knew the hostiles could save Ben’s life. That shouldn’t have been too hard for con man Sawyer.

    As for Kate getting on the sub, it was funny. I am sick of Kate, however, and if I Sawyer I’d totally take Juliet over her. Kate’s really seemed to be a character without a purpose for a long time now… If they’re not killing her off I’d hope they’ll actually find something for her to do next season. Aside from constantly flashing her sad little doe eyes while constantly going back forth between pining for Jack and pining for Sawyer. I mean, we never even learned why she was in Australia or how she got there! She’s the only major Lostie for whom we don’t know that answer. It almost makes me wonder if that isn’t a secret that might still have relevance in the final season?

    Anyhow, don’t to be too hard on Sawyer and Juliet. From the looks of things, they don’t get off the island via the sub. They’re back, if next week’s preview is any indication.

    • Shaun

      Huh… I clicked “reply” under Seabiscuit’s post and it took me all the way down here. Weird…

    • this is NOT sawyer it’s jean la tulipe
      sawyer never left his friends behind, i was naive like hurley

      • Shaun

        OK, but maybe, just maybe, there’s more than meets the eye here? Hurley said it himself “Sawyer’s always got a plan…” Maybe he’ll be just as disappointed as the rest of us (I don’t hate him, but I’ll be disappointed too if Sawyer didn’t have a plan in mind).

        Anyhow, given that he had settled into a cozy little island life with Juliet (and I can’t blame him for enjoying THAT!) only to see it disrupted when his old friends (whom I’d guess he’d eventually given up on ever seeing again) returned, THEN add his charade blowing up in his face and nearly getting him and his lady killed, I can understand him wanting out of there ASAP. I’m not saying it’s right, I’m just saying I can understand it.

        Oh, and I’ll rescind part of what I said above… I remembered that someone barged in with the passenger list and that Hurley was one of the three “last minute” adds, along with Jack and Kate, and they were looking for him. OK, Sawyer should’ve at least asked for amnesty for his friends too. But, we never saw what he told Radzinsky & Co., so maybe he did?

        • In this case I don’t think Sawyer had much of a choice. His options were: a) be killed by Douchebag (Radzinsky), or b) provide some info to get him and Juliet off the island alive.

          If he is dead he certainly can’t help his friends, and he thought that the whole “change the future” plan was a bad idea to begin with.

          I don’t really think that he had many options at this point regarding not leaving his friends behind. If he’s alive at least he has the possibility to do something.

      • Kermet

        Are we talking about the same “Every Man for Himself” Sawyer? He was more than willing to leave Michael behind in Season 2. He had little problem leaving Jack behind in Season 3. He chose to join Locke over Kate in Season 4 (doing what he does best, surviving) and now he chooses Juliet over the rest of the group.

        I had no problem with Sawyer’s decision to get on the sub (especially since the promo showed that he didn’t stay there). He spent three years building a loving relationship with Juliet, who for all intents seems to be his wife. Honestly, if you had to make life/death decisions regarding your spouse or friends, who are you going to choose?

        • AMEN, Kermet!! I agree – he was looking out for himself & Juliet & did what he had to do.

      • wnt2kno

        The people who were his friends for 3 years were beating him to a pulp. This is a guy who values friendship a lot — AND Horace, Stuart and Phil (not so much a friend) were beating him up and started to beat up Juliet.

        He wrote off Dharma at that point(Good Riddance) and yes, probably did forgot about Jin, Miles, and Hurley. I dont think there was any part of him that thought it would get to the point of him being tortured — He did what he could to get Juliet and himself out of there.

    • Drunk Hurley

      Kate was running from the cops. Who cares how she got there? It doesn’t matter

      • Shaun

        Dude, all I’m saying is that she’s the only Lostie who’s story on how and why she got to Australia was NEVER answered… Doesn’t anyone else find that odd? Especially when she should’ve had the hardest time leaving the States, being a fugitive and all? Seems like a story we should’ve gotten.

        All I was suggesting was that, given that we never did get that story, it ALMOST makes me wonder if it isn’t important. Maybe some crazy, game-changing twist in the final season? I mean, just for the sake of speculation, what if she ended up having a history with Ben before she ever got on Oceanic 815? To what end, I don’t know. But here’s a crazy notion… What did Kate call herself in Australia? That’s right: Annie. I am in no way suggesting that Kate is Dharma Annie (the ages wouldn’t be right). But we also haven’t see Annie since her one appearance. So while none of this is likely to be important, it just enough to make go “Hmm…”

        Enough about this… My real point here was that Kate’s become a worthless character and has been motly worthless for some time. I was just suggesting that, if she’s to stay around, that they find a reason for her to still be there. Her near death tonight kinda had me wishing she had died.

        • Shaun

          That should read “WHOSE story…” Mea culpa.

          • Shaun

            I had a few other typos too, from the looks of it. Sorry, I was typing fast.

        • Hexonxonx

          You want the story of how Kate got to Australia? Really? I blame you for “Stranger in a Strange Land”.

          • wnt2kno


        • marc

          I know why kate was in Austrailia. She was married to that cop and living with him there. Then she drugged him and ran away when she realized he would find out the truth about her. This was one of the first few eps of season 3.

          • jon

            But why Australia? And did anything of note happen between her flight and capture?

        • dtruth

          Shaun, can you tell us all what Juliets purpose has been since season 4? I won’t hold my breath. Kate always has a purpose. It’s just not always something that some of you like but purpose? She is one of the most manipulative and selfish characters on the island. LOL. The woman always has a purpose. Don’t hate the playa. Hate the game. I love Kate. I wait for your Juliet answer because I know the answer but I always love to read how Kate haters spin it. LOL

    • docarzt

      I go with Sawyer IS Han Solo, and this is the scene at the end of Star Wars A New Hope when the Rebels are preparing for the attack and Han and Chewie are taking the money and running…

      • DarthBubba

        Good-God I hope you’re right. Besides, I can totally see Sawyer pulling off one of those Han Solo style offences on the DHARMA army. . . run at them with a gun screaming.

      • Seabiscuit

        So you’re saying Juliet is Chewbacca? 😉

        • Mike

          She could rip your arms out of socket

    • Seabiscuit

      I shouldn’t have said I “hate” him because I really don’t, but I am royally pissed off at him. Betraying your friends to save your own ass and your girlfriend’s? Not cool.

      Kate’s purpose in s6 will be to find Claire and hopefully send her home.

    • Gusteaux

      I didn’t catch it until my second viewing, but after Phil hit Juliet, Sawyer said, “I’m gonna’ kill you.” I’m looking forward to seeing that happen before we leave the 70’s behind.

      • Me too! I do not like Phil & I KNOW Sawyer will kill him.

    • ghanima

      I don’t understand why everyone sees Kate’s decision not to support blowing everyone up as a fickle one. It is all well and good for people like Jack and John to get an idea in their head and never deviate from the path-no matter how ill-advised it appears, but you can’t expect every character to do it. She went with them because Faraday said his mother could help them and, unlike Mr. & Mrs. La Fleur, Kate didn’t want to stay in the 70s. Claire isn’t there, as far as she knows. When she realized that said help involved blowing up the island- she decided it didn’t sound like a such good idea. That in itself isn’t fickle, that actually makes sense. Eloise believing a bomb will erase all her mistakes, that’s just crazy talk.

      I agree that for someone who spent many years on the run, it is pathetic that Kate seems to get captured every other episode, but she did have a legitimate purpose for coming back. One she could not accomplish in 1977, so it made sense for her to leave with Daniel and try to do something about it.

      If anything, it is now the La Fleurs who don’t really have a purpose, and haven’t for quite awhile- other than to buy Microsoft, bet on bowl winners, and settle down. Admirable goals, but hardly plot advancing. It’s why they suit each other- Sawyer- before he was lobotomized- was always about making himself comfortable, letting the others fret about getting off the island, which he didn’t really care about. Juliet, likewise, pretty much stuck with the status quo- until other people, like Jack, presented her with opportunities.

      Sitting back and just playing along, playing the game, is what those two are good at, and I’m not saying it isn’t smart. But things would be boring if you didn’t have other characters who were more purpose driven-whether that purpose was to get off the island, or whatever quest Locke is one at the time. Actually doing something means that they are going to make mistakes, and can’t be right all the time, and there will be people who may not blindly follow you all the time, because they don’t always agree, but that is what makes it interesting. The people who think they can change things or make things better, they take the story somewhere else. I can’t be the only viewer who couldn’t wait for the story to get the hell out of Dharmaville, and I knew that wasn’t going to happen until Jack, or Kate, or Sayid came back.

  • worst for sawyer’s charater they ruined him
    good for the mythology and everything else

  • Matthew Perry

    I loved the trek into the jungle so Locke could make Richard go tell him that he needs to die. That really won me over.

    Also, I say this a lot, but this time I mean it: Jack has reached a new level of douchbaggery. For him being the main character and all, I didn’t feel bad at all when I found myself wishing that Richard led them into that cavern so he could shoot him.

    • Seabiscuit

      “I didn’t feel bad at all when I found myself wishing that Richard led them into that cavern so he could shoot him.”

      LMAO! That would have been even more awesome than Kate screwing up Suliet’s schmoopy little moment. XD

    • JimmyJon

      Dude I really like Jack right now. I hope he actually sets the bomb off, I wanna see a big-time game changer set-up for a non-stop explosive finale.

    • seamus

      jack is being selfless. he’s putting him self in harms way to right a wrong as he precieves it, he will more likely be wrong but still his intent is good imo. swyer as soon as he heard chang mention the incident broke, no hesitation for the other losties on the island. agree with people when they say it’s true to form but surpriceing when he took on the leadership role this season.

      loche was cold though building up suns hopes and then saying he lied, don’t know what to make with that. what if loche ‘tries’ to kill jacob and fails. or what if everyone back in 77 do die but as a result jack carries out there objective and become un dead or un do history. theres still all this ‘everyone is connected’ thhread running through lost so maybe a way for the show to continue. ..

      … or what if the losties back in 77 is jacobs counter strike. loche kills jacob in the present but jacob sets it up that history is alterd in the part, he who laughs last laughs longest and all that.

      rambleing any way good episode.

    • Lebowski Achiever

      I don’t know what it is, cause I never had anything against Jack, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching him get beat on this whole episode. Seems that he has become Sir Massengil this season.

  • chris

    Is it interesting to anyone else that Locke never spent an extra three years anywhere? While everyone else was either in the DI or the O6, it has only been like four months in Locke’s life since the original crash. Just thought that was kind of weird.

    • JimmyJon

      yeah the guy got a nice vacation through his death, he’s lucky he didn’t have put up with three years of depressing downtime off-island or three years of security detail or servitude on-island.

  • Cecil

    “I’m going to kill Jacob”

    Locke clearly referenced (and proved) earlier in this episode that he was in direct communication with the island. He did this by knowing EXACTLY when to show up at the Beechcraft. So either one of two things is happening here: 1) the island is directly telling him to kill Jacob or 2) he is on his own realizing if he can communicate with the island directly, he does not need and is in fact meant to replace Jacob. I just can’t subscribe that the new John Locke who CLEARLY knows what he is doing would do something like kill the island’s mouthpiece (?) without good cause.

    Or he’s just telling Ben that to keep him off his game and prevent his scheming.

    Also, was Ben’s silence definite acknowledgment that he did NOT in fact ever communicate with Jacob or the island? I know he verbally acknowledged the island doesn’t speak to him, but it felt like a negative on Jacob also.

    • JimmyJon

      It all makes me wonder why John heard Jacob’s one line “Help me.” He obviously heard and saw him, could the Island be telling him to kill Jacob simply to put him out of his misery? Or is Jacob just a being controlling the whole game?

      Obviously a war is coming as Widmore prophesied, but it makes me wonder if it’s all just to let Jacob free. Well, we’ll get a better idea in the finale.

      I wonder if Claire will make an appearance…

      • Dolce

        You may have something here jimmyjon. Maybe the only way to set Jacob free is the same way that Locke seems to have finally become free-through resurrection. Of course before resurrection, there must be death. Not death to put him out of his misery, but death to bring about resurrection. We’ll see…

      • ax

        kind of reminds me of how desmond replaced that other guy in the swan (and killed him). maybe jacob is just a guy that’s been trapped in a room for a long time pushing a button every 108 minutes and wants out (metaphorically speaking).

  • JB

    For at least the past 2 weeks, there have been strange commercials on during the show…very brief flashes of events (graduation, a funeral, a kangaroo in the road), and then just a black screen with: WHAT DID YOU SEE?

    Tonight, there were whispers in the commercial that said: “just because we saw these things, doesn’t mean they are going to happen” and it was over.

    I usually just fast forward through commercials, but after noticing the first one a couple of weeks ago, and it was back tonight, it has to be something-some sort of ABC promo, but I can’t find any info on it!

    Could this be the first signs of the new ARG for the off season?

    Did anyone else see these? any thoughts?

    • docarzt

      JB it is for the new series “Flash Forward,” which premieres in the fall.

      • Aw Doc you bested me by a couple minutes. Has it been picked up? The article from the link I posted said it hadn’t been yet. Off topic on a Lost blog I know…

        • triangulatedsignal

          i think the fact that they are starting and continuing with a marketing campaign speaks for itself, im really excited about this show

    • New show called “Flashforward” it hasn’t officially been picked up yet but it’s part of a marketing campaign for it. The whole world blacks out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds and everyone sees an image of the future. Sounds like a decent set up to me.

      • wnt2kno

        Flashforward was picked up early — that’s why the clips are shown.

  • craig

    Its probably just me but that episode finally felt like lost. Original characters, great story telling…really enjoyed it.

    And in my opinion I think its the best lead up to a lost season finale ive seen 🙂

  • Philip Prince

    You guys must be kidding me right… this is finally where we see jack fully follow his destiny man role, finally seeing kate for the non-loyal bitch that she is, sayid’s return as the great cool dude he is, sawyer showing that above all he has found purpose and love in juliet, the realization to chang that the future people are future people, great great lines from hurley, and by far the greatest point which i really hope you all will comment on…John locke, the man of faith and religion has decided that in his new found resurrected life he is killing god. think about this. form the moment he has been on the island he has followed someone else hoping that he is right. Much like many of us who are religous we don’t know if we are right we just hope we are. Now he has come back, and far from being simply a follower of the island religion he is taking control of it. and unlike the prophets of richard and ben who spewed island religion as well supposedly from the mouth of god(jacob) he has decided to denounce and expose the myth by seeing gods true face, who everyone acts as if it is blasphemy. Whether by physical means of actual death or by unmasking the mystery by seeing face, locke’s story is currently on the course that he as his most loyal prophet is going to kill his maker(jacob = god). I cannot wait to see how this happens as the theme behind this is disturbing, amazing, and so interesting. i agree the present time of sun/locke/ben/lapidus has sucked so far, but with the cryptic line of “what lies in the shadow of the statue” and locke’s quest to kill his religion and the possibility that the entire show’s timeline would be altered is showing up to not only be one hell of a finale but i think the most pivotal one the lost series has seen so far. This will no only define seasons 1-5 but define the series so much so that i feel the sixth might only be a let-down unless everything is answered completely.

    • Unbeliever

      Amen, brother!

      Locke has become truly enlightened. He is as one with the Island. He is going to kill the “God” of the Island and expose the religion of Jacob for the sham that it is. Richard is the Church of Jacob. He has controlled the Island’s population through fear and manipulation for a long, long time in the name of Jacob.

    • Sarah

      nice – very interesting post. thanks for that!

  • Adam

    Have you seen the cover for the season 5 DVD? Its already on Amazon!! Dec. 8, 2009. Why show that now when they know we have to wait 7 more months to actually own it!!!

  • FolkUMoe

    Walt say “John I see you on a beach surrounded with people who want to hurt you-kill you!” Or something or other. And here we see Locke surrounded by many people cruising the beachline in pursuit of Jacob. hmmmmm

    • serene23

      I was thinking about that too.Either “the others” will turn on John once they see what he is up to…or he IS Jacob.

  • Aaron

    Locke saying “I’m going to kill Jacob” maybe means that he is going to kill the idea of Jacob, in the minds of the Others. Not physically killing Jacob, but killing Jacob’s existence which appears to only be in the minds of the Others. I realize Locke heard him, we saw a glimpse of him, but I DONT KNOW. the more i type the more i am confusing myself.

    we will see in 7 days.

  • JB

    Since this season started, it has been really interesting to go back and re-watch episodes from previous seasons, and see things from a whole different perspective…noticing small details (certain lines said nonchalantly that may have seemed irrelevant at the time or like a joke, but now given what we know, are pretty significant…e.g., when sayid fixed the radio that was playing big band music, and says ‘it could be coming from anywhere’ and hurley jokes, ‘or any time…just kidding, dude”) and elements of the story that are subtle and don’t seem too important to the story.

    I’m sure folks on this site have already discussed this, so I apologize if I’m just restating the obvious, but wouldn’t it be an ingenious way to write a television series such that people would need to go back and re-watch the show (once it ended and all of the pieces fell into place) because it could essentially be seen from a whole different perspective…perhaps they created it from the beginning in a way that the scenes and storylines were purposely ambiguous so you could in fact watch it again, with new insight, and see it in a totally new light.

    consider some of the strange things about john locke in seasons 1 & 2 that seem a little out of context or could be interpreted in a different way (e.g., how does he know so much about so many different things…he is a master hunter, at tracking, creating strange hallucinogenic paste from jungle fruit/plants, building a trebuchet, quoting Nietzsche, building craddles from tree trunks…)
    his knowledge & insight is so vast, that boone even comments in one epi “yeah right, you work for a box company” in another epi, john makes a comment about “being around for a long time” or something related to his old age…could it be that he has been around for longer than we’ve been led to believe?
    on another site, someone suggested that maybe there were 2 john lockes on the island the whole time (not just in tonight’s episode or earlier when he saw himself at the hatch)…is it possible?

    I would think that this certainly would be good for marketing purposes-sales of the dvds would increase once the show ended (not that they aren’t selling well now of course), but if you could get folks to buy into the fact that it could be a pretty “different show the second time around” I’m sure it could bump up sales some more, no?

    It would kinda be remniscent of the resurgence of DARK SIDE OF THE MOON in the 90s (back on the charts 20+ years later) once it was “rumored” that it had certain “connections” to The Wizard of Oz (which is totally true btw!!)…if there is a mystery & good PR creating a buzz, people will flock to it.

    • neoloki

      I agree. This is why you don’t answer all of the mysteries. Just the most important one’s. That way the viewer can always participate in the debate’s that have created the Lost community. To a certain degree I believe this is what Darlton are doing with the show.

    • serene23

      I am still thinking about Claire’s dream from season one where Locke has he black eyes. What did that mean?

  • SunWillRiseAgain

    I’m wondering when Walt is going to come back to the island? does anyone else think he is going to keep having dreams until he decides to somehow return? maybe w/ Widmore? Maybe Michael was an other/or/dharma kid and didn’t remember it and Walt somehow inherited some special abilities through that? I have a feeling Richard is Jacob or is controlling him and is going to try to kill John to stop him from attempting to kill Jacob and Walt will somehow appear to help John? thoughts? comments? excellent episode overall.

  • JB

    walt’s special abilities came from somewhere…and they really seemed to freak the others out…is it just coincidence that he can do astro-projection; things he reads in comic books, come true, birds fly into winds and die because of him, he becomes a master backgammon player, and learns to throw knives like a pro!
    and, he burned the raft (maybe he is like “firestarter” too?)…I don’t think it will be the last we see of him…maybe not until well into next season, but I hope we resolve some walt mysteries.

    • solost

      does it bother anyone else that Locke didnt ask Richard, or for that matter Ben why they took Walt, or what did they did to Walt while they had him. Its just one thing that gets me about the show, the charchters dont seem to follow up on what would seem like very important questions. Like asking Richard what exactly his role is in the Others. Or asking Ben since when could kids not be born on the island. or last night dont you think Sun should have asked Richard how he saw them all die? was it in the incident? the Purge? or did they all fall down a well? Great show last night, hope i dot sound to resentful, but here we are with probably less than 20 hours of show left and a lot of things are not being addressed by the charachters whose lives have been affected in the most serious degree by these circumstances

      • jon

        The only time I remember it happening was Sayid demanded Juliet explain what was going on, and then Jack told him to take a hike.

  • drgerke

    Jacob: HELP ME

    Locke is gonna set Jacob free by killing him – the others may have been keeping trapped in whatever death limbo he’s in for their own purposes!

  • august

    jack was essentially doing what he felt was going to save many people’s lives (Charlie, Boone, Shannon, Ecko, countless redshirts, who else?) by erasing the 815 crash from existence and all Kate could think about was holding on to her unhealthy relationship with Jack. all i could think to myself was … what a selfish fickle little girl. if anyone deserves to be judged on that show, it’s definitely her. she’s been nothing but selfish for the whole five seasons. hasn’t grown or matured at all.

    • serene23

      I can see why she doesn’t want to change things, she’ll go to jail first of all and would have never met Jack or been a mother for 3 years.

    • wnt2kno

      I think Jack needs to watch a few of those “Final Destination” movies before embarking on this journey….

  • Thor

    This theory holds for WHH:

    1. The bomb goes off, and the incident occurs. Jack realizes, along with Sayid that whatever they do, they can’t change anything. So they both get depressed for å while..

    2. Sawyer, Juliet and Kate goes home, we know that because Miles is on that sub, and he can’t die. After some drama between the three, some or all of them start up the sect that uses the catchphrase “what lies in the shadow of the statue?”, because both Juliet and Sawyer have seen the shadow of the statue. (They think they can change stuff, because none of them have ever heard about the Ajira people we the audience have witnessed thus season.)

    3. Juliet continues her research in the 70’s, and finds what have been killing women on the island in the future (her past). She manages to infect the others, so that she can be hired by Ben later on, and let history be made.

    4. The three of them knows, like Eloise, what will happen in the future. So they can plan everything in detail, and in secret (that’s why their team acts like a sect).

    5. Radzinsky takes the blame for the incident, and makes it his lifework to push the button in the swan. Thats’s why he wrote “I am depressed, therefore I exist” on the blast door map. Then he kills himself..

    • drgerke

      Since when was Miles on the sub?

      • Thor

        Baby Miles, not future-present Miles. So little Miles must survive and then become the Miles we know..

        Unless Jack actually makes a difference, which he doesn’t. The reason he doesn’t is because Eloise will spend all her years up to 2004 knowing what will happen. Before the blast (in the next episode) she’s all happy-go-lucky. After the blast she learns, along with Jack and Sayid, that WHH..

      • DezziesOtherLifeBrotha

        lil miles

    • Thor

      I just realized that ONLY the bomb (an earthquake) or another type of explosion can be the cause of the incident.

      The drilling didn’t work, because the drills just melt.. And they would never use dynamite, they are more professional than that..

      So it is only a bomb, or another earthquake that can cause the incident.

  • cpjon446

    LOST is most interesting to me when I pick up on an idea or theme that resonates with me. For example, the scenes involving Locke pounding on the hatch door in frustration in season 1. He is in agony and needs a sign, and gets one when the light shines up into the night sky. He is reinvigorated and allows himself to become confident in his course of action.

    Of course, later we see Desmond on the verge of suicide, all hope lost, and then…a stranger appears at the hatch door bringing him down from the edge of despair.

    The idea that answers or salvation or whatever came NOT from an omnipotent force but from the false notion of an omnipotent force (John’s witnessing of the hatch light) is intriguing. This idea permeates throughout the time-travel story line: Richard’s knowledge of all things John seems to come FROM John, his appearance at his birth, last night’s trippy scene of John using Richard to save John…

    Basically, it seems like our Losties have taken the role of ‘knowing’ what’s going on (time traveling) and the others and hostiles are the ones in the dark. AND it seems most of the knowledge the others and the hostiles have gained about the Losties comes from the Losties themselves…

    It reminds of the riddle, which came first, the chicken or the egg? Very cyclical and telling in my mind that destiny and coincidence are inextricably tied together in LOSTland.

    I know I may be rambling here, but these ideas are what make LOST work for me, especially when we get TV grade special effects of submarines diving underwater (that was lame, but what can you do?).

    As far as Sawyer goes, it’s not being selfish that weakens his character, it’s being completely p-whipped by Juliet. I like dark, jaded and mysterious Sawyer…of course, he did take one heck of a beating. Radzinsky is one loose cannon, no?

    Chris in Fort Worth

    • jon

      The submarine animation was awful. They should have cut it to just submerging and ripples.

      • serene23

        I thought it was fine, as was the plane landing in Namaste, after all, it is JUST TV. Worked well for me.

      • Seabiscuit

        My 20 year old TV is such a piece of crap I couldn’t tell if the CGI was bad or not. XD

        I partially agree with Chris in FW. I love assertive female characters so don’t get me wrong, but Jules is pretty much leading Sawyer around by the balls. She constantly undermines him, and when she barks out an order he obeys without question.

        But when he’s away from her, he’s his own person, sure of himself and in charge. In stark contrast to Juliet, Kate could tell him what to do til she was blue in the face, most of the time he’d come around and do it, but not before he was good and ready.

        But going back to being totally selfish is weakening to his character IMO. He’s grown so much over the seasons, learning to care about others and how to lead and take care of those in his responsibility, now he’s throwing all that away just so he can live and be rich with his bossy common-law wife? As a fan of the character I’m not happy at all with this turn of events.

    • wnt2kno

      We all have to recognize what kind of a woman could p-whip a guy like Sawyer and give Juliet a lot of credit!!

  • DezziesOtherLifeBrotha

    Many thoughts rambling through my head after this one…

    First off… I can’t believe no one has mentioned this one yet, I’ve just been lazy and daft in my dot-connecting and I feel like a fool for not putting this together, but I think it was my own curiosity seeking out screenshots from that damn non-canon LOST game of what lies beyond the concrete wall of the swan–the one that Sayid so ominously related to the damage control of Chernobyl–that led me astray. Eloise spelled it out for us. They put jughead there. 23 (numbers!) years later the dharma initiative breaks ground on the swan right beside it. Am I crazy or is that what we just learned last night? Does that not thrill anyone else that the lair Richard and Eloise led Jack and Sayid too was perhaps just adjacent to the future swan station?

    Secondly, the scene w/ Richard Locke and Ben also sealed this episode for me. It was fantastic. Ben’s never communicated with Jacob. Locke is in direct communication with the island!

    What troubles me is that Locke has not traveled inside the Temple. It troubles me that Richard is irked by Locke’s strange actions (as another diligent poster rightly pointed out, rarely is Richard wrong about anything.) And at first I was troubled by Locke confessing his master plan to Ben. Because I started to hear the drumbeat of season 4, Cabin Fever… Ben pulling the whammy on unsuspecting Locke. But I’m beginning to think that Locke knows what he’s doing again, maybe for the first time ever.

    I like the idea that Jacob’s will & the will of the island are not one in the same…

    • DezziesOtherLifeBrotha

      Another thing that was running through my mind during this episode… How are the others, namely Richard, getting off the island pre 1977? He’s certainly not using the sub in 1954 and he isn’t turning that frozen donkey wheel.

      I know this has gotta be the other method off the island that we’ve been waiting for all this time…. Does it lie within the temple or in the shadow of the statue?

      • serene23

        I think they will all be safe in the temple. However, it’s the radiation from the bomb detonation that causes the preganancies to fail. I don’t think it is why they are quarantined in season 2 though as thats nearly 30 years later. I think that stems from the purge gases.

        I heard a while back that we would see who the real mastermind behind the purge was…perhaps Locke?

  • Was it just my wife and I… or was that a young Keamy as part of the others (that is even shot by Sayid, nonetheless!)

    • eh

      I noticed that he looked like he could be related to Keamy! It was interesting that they spent so much time showing this character that could have just been an extra. They showed his face and he even had a line or two. I thought the same thing.

  • Samuel

    we already know Jack detonates the bomb, and always detonated the bomb and this just re-emphasizes the fact that the future will not change. The proof is the fact that in the future all Dharma folks on the island wear protective gear whenever they go out of the hatch. We have seen this since season 2 meaning they have always worried about the possible radiation from the bomb that Jack always detonated in 1977. By trying so hard to change the future they are in actuality just re-creating it.

    • Landry B.

      The suits Desmond and Kevin wore in the hatch were part of a plan to keep those people there…remember there was another station that was to monitor their actions…Kevin found out that the air was not contaminated with radiation…remember he was sans-suit the day that Des found him on the rocks fixing the boat…the same day that the 815 crashed…the same day that he forgot to push the button…

  • clueless1der

    Okay, I know I’m weighing in late. I was sick (but not too sick for Lost lol) and went to bed a lot earlier than I normally do on Lost night….. sigh. I’m getting old.


    I LOVED THIS EPISODE! A lot of that is just being ecstatic over the fact that the finale is soon, but I thought the lead-up was pretty great. I didn’t even mind the little Sawyer-Juliet-Kate triangle, although there was so much foreshadowing in that that I think even non-English teacher type people probably picked up on it, lol.

    Radzinsky was a tool- but surprisingly was Phil’s hitting Julilet. I just didn’t see that coming at all. Or, I didn’t see HIM doing it. That dude might as well be wearing Red- I don’t think he’s long for this earth.

    Sayid popping back into the world was great. He does rather have good timing at things like that.

    I almost like Eloise a wee little teeny tiny bit. Almost. Okay, maybe. A smidge.

    Jack, jack,jack…. another outpouring of his Jackassery. He’s so warped by his own horrible experience that he seems to be wanting to make decisions for everyone. That will have an adverse effect- the Leftbehinders seemed to have a pretty good 3 years.

    I really liked Miles’ resolution of some of his daddy issues.

    Hm. that’s all for now. Now I need to go back and read the all eight million other comments! 🙂

  • I havent read the rest of the comments because i wanted to post my rave
    I looooved this ep!!!
    John is the true leader. any true leader willneed to see the whole picture before “leading” and the only thing that is till a mystery is Jacob. So John needs to confrotn this in order to become an effective leader of his people.

    Maybe he really does want to kill Jacob or maybe he is just saying that he does to get ben to say something.

    This is a nw Locke and Locke knows that ben is attempt to manipulate him by speaking against Richard as they walked. John is on to him.

    also my crazy theory. Going along the religious. TPTB MAY try to make this a 3 in 1 thing so Jacob, John and Jack may be one person. I dont know why that idea keeps popping in my head . Like I told someone else it might just be another crazy theory to add to my other theoretical bombs LOL

    But do you see where i am going with it?
    Why is difficult to take him to jacob?
    Why “doesn’t it work that way”?
    Why (and I already picked up on this last season) can’t Ben see Jacob?

    Okay now Im off to read your comments

    • Thor

      Maybe they all have something to do with the cabin, but three persons just doesn’t make one.. And where should we put Horace for that matter, I mean, didn’t he build the cabin?

      • solost

        and he appeared to locke sporting a nose bleed

  • Another thought

    John gets killed by ben only to resurrect. Did something happen for John to connect the dots. I died and came back. Perhaps the island told him something along the lines “You died and came back now help Jacob by killing him so he can come back”

  • Sorry to double post
    but also did anyone think that Kate wanting to go back was once agian for selfish reason but selfless as well. She was fine until she realized she had to swim under water to get to the tunnels.
    I think she was worried about the baby (yes I still believe she is preggers) especially when she thought she was shot
    The first thing she did was very maternal, she looked and touched her belly.

    • Sarah

      speaking of which – did I not see Widmore touch Eloise’s belly, in a very paternal way? Is baby Dan already on his way? When was he born, anyhow? I was trying to figure out his age…

      • INawe

        When Eloise tells Richard to give her and Charles a moment,
        while the conversasion audio fades..
        And ELoise told hime she would take the to the BOmb,
        you can hear Charles saying to Eloise while touching her belly: “Not in your condition”…

  • Unbeliever

    Men of Destiny have never fared well on this show. Locke was a man intent on following his destiny and on more than one occasion he was shown to be an utter failure. Through all the failure Locke has finally gained enlightenment. Locke wants to destroy Jacob the God of the Island to give the people Free Will. Now Jack is on a similar path. He believes that he is the man of destiny. But he will learn that following destiny only leads to failure.

  • johr77

    Well i don’t think the bomb goes off if whatever happened, happened.

    i know its been 30 years, but I’ve never seen any evidence in 5 years that a bomb went off anywhere on that island.

    unless someone rebuilt the island, there’s no way a bomb that size goes off and the island doesn’t take a big hit, not to even mention that the swan is being built at this time, think they would finish that if the bomb goes off?

    or the fact that its still 15 years or so till the purge, so how can ben kill all those DI people if they all get killed by the bomb?

    if the bomb does go off, i say it was Ellie the whole time trying to change time, knowing Dan would come back, and that she would make sure he knew, what she needed to know, to set things right.(setting him up his whole life to solve the one problem that was missing).
    something big at least with Ellie, no way in hell she sends her son back if it doesn’t mean something big will happen, and notice how she’s all happy with the “none of this will have ever happened” statement made.

    • icy_one

      Well the first half you are correct. Clearly the bomb never goes off. The energy Faraday talks about is what is released when Desmond turns the failsafe key. So setting the bomb off would definitely change the future as we witnessed it for 4 seasons.

      But the last half – Eloise leaves the Island seemingly content that she can change the future by protecting Daniel. Something happens just prior to the scene where she tells Daniel he can no longer play the piano, because she comes into the scene crying. Whatever that “something” was, it changes her mind about changing the future and her role becomes that of time preserver.

      Everything she does from that point on is to preserve the past just as it always happened, hence when she says to Charles outside the hospital “Sacrifice? Don’t you talk to me about sacrifice, Charles. I had to send my son back to the Island, knowing full well that –” if her intention was to change the future, she would be more optimistic that Daniel’s success ensured his survival.

      • Maybe the bomb going off is a contributing factor to the incident. Maybe the electromagnetic energy somehow contains the nuclear energy.

        This thing that changes Eloise’s mind is most likely related to the Incident and how everything she did to try to prevent it (with the bomb) either didn’t prevent it or just contributed to it.

        • grayslostgirl

          Having lived in las vegas my whole life and a witness to nuclear bomb testing at the Nevada test site, a bomb going off even underground would cause the earthquake like conditions. But I’m sure that it would also cause major damage to the above ground even if it went off below ground. What I understood, and perhaps I’ll have to watch again was that the bomb was under the dharma villiage not near the swan. Daniel never says anything about containing radiation – only the electromagnetic energy at the swan which has to be contained…by the cement and by the button

    • ghanima

      So either Jughead goes boom, or it doesn’t. If it does, an H-bomb will pretty much roast the place (unless the island has a way to protect itself, but that seems like such a cop out) and season 6 is the fallout from flight 815 not crashing and the consequences of undoing the past 5 seasons. Eh.

      Or, Jughead doesn’t go boom, which I agree with you, is more likely, and what I hope for. Something explosive will happen, but given Radzinsky’s manic insistence that they keep drilling, it is just as likely that the DI cause the incident themselves- with a little help from the Losties. And since it is Radzinsky’s fault, and he’s pretty much freaking Horace out, he and a wounded Dr. Candle convince him that the outside is contaminated and he has to stay down in the Swan, pushing a button to save the world. They manage to keep the island from exploding and rid themselves of a crazy guy in one fell swoop.

      Course, this means that there, presumably, is still an H-bomb on the island in 2007.

      Does anyone know if La FLeur ever saw the blast door map? I wonder what the map he gave Radzinsky looked like- maybe he added a bunch of that crazy stuff so it took them forever to find the Others, giving him and Juliet time to get on the sub.

  • Darth H8ter

    How can you not like Locke? he has the confidence of Ben, but is not as sneaky and manipulative. AS usual, Jack is gung ho about another idea.

  • bonosk

    Based on Richard’s questioning Locke about his whereabouts for the past 3 years in the scene when they were walking to meet wounded Locke at the beechcraft airplane, do we now have an answer as to whether people (such as Richard, Rousseau, etc.) remember encountering time-traveling Losties in the past, or is there a contradiction here?

    The Richard that was questioning Locke in that scene should’ve already encountered Locke in 1954 (since Richard has the compass back and has buried Jughead), so he should know that Locke was jumping through time following Ben’s turning of the wheel. But Richard comments indicated that the last he saw of Locke was during the scene at the end of Season 4, when Locke went to meet Richard and the Others and then vanished. But at the same time, Richard told Sun that he remembered those from the Dharma picture.

    Perhaps we have to look at Richard’s question in the context of his timeline of encounters with Locke: 1954 -> 2004/2005 -> 2007, instead of Locke’s timeline of encounters with Richard: 2004/2005 -> 1954 -> 2007.

    • icy_one

      Correct, you have to consider Richard’s context:

      1954: He saw a 50ish John Locke walk into his camp, talk about Jacob, then disappear.
      1956: Richard sees John Locke being born.
      1961: Richard visits a young John Locke and administers “the test.”
      1972: Richard invites a teenage John Locke to visit Mittelos Labs summer camp.
      Sept 2004: He saw John Locke, 48, as a survivor of the plane crash who is very different in personality from the Locke he met in 1954.
      Dec 2004: A more confident John Locke, still 48, disappears from the island in front of Richard.
      2007: John Locke, not much older than 48, strolls into Richard’s camp.

      Richard probably views Locke as more of a mystical figure (explains Locke’s time with the others in Season 3 and their view of him) and less of a time traveler. I think its been clear for a while that people remember the time traveling Losties, with the exception of Rousseau because she’s crazy.

      • serene23

        So, what exactly is Mittelos Labs? The Others are not FROM that island, so why are they there? ARe they recruited , much like Dharma?

  • INawe

    Im starting to believe that Locke created his own Myth (of Jacob) into the minds of the Others… Appearing again and again… in various times looking the same..
    And its gonna end up (a future)Locke being Jacob all along..

    Dont know…I cant believe that i am thinking restless upon this matters…
    i mean….come ooooon…. The Creators have clearly messed with our heads..ha?

    …I am awaiting for The Incident…… INawe