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Regarding Henry…

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henry-ian-cusickAs most of you have noticed, Henry Ian Cusick is not listed as a regular in the press release for LOST season 6.  I was a bit surprised by the reaction to this.  I’m a big time Desmond fan, however… am I the only one not surprised that Henry isn’t going to be a regular?

Season 6 has a lot of story threads to bring together and let’s face it, the writers would have to invent things for Desmond to do at this point in order to keep him on the roster of regular – appearing in every episode –  characters.  Desmond had a tremendous role through seasons 2,3, and 4, but in season 5 it was very clear that his story was over.

I’d go as far as to say the ‘tapering off’ of Desmond’s story was in season 5.  His major purpose was as someone who “the rules” did not apply to, who could carry a message from the past to the… err… present(?).   (Not to mention taking a bullet from Ben.)

Please hold your Libby comparisons, no-one has said Henry won’t be appearing – just that he is not a regular.  Hopefully we will get the answer to why the rules don’t apply to him (marinating in the Island’s magical magnetism would be my guess), but the fact is he has not been involved in the overarching plot of the 815r’s since he provided safe passage to the Oceanic 6.

From TVFrenzy:

  • Neil H.

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. I was a bit frustrated at first that Desmond was almost MIA through most of Season 5 after his fantastic role in Seasons 3 and 4 (I mean, ‘The Constant’ alone . . .) but soon realized that it was for the best. Desmond had reunited with Penny and was living with her happily for 3 years and became a father before his memory of Faraday; his story was pretty much over. To give him a bigger role in Season 5 would have just been superfluous and would have muddied the quality of the show.

    I will treasure his screen time in Season 6 and I hope that his last moments on screen will be memorable and wrap up his story beautifully, as I’m sure the writers have planned the same for all of the other main characters in their final moments as Season 6 draws to an end.

  • dp2

    So what? He wasn’t a regular in S2 either, and he looms over that season. He does still have work to do, though.

  • Marc

    i think the main concern that his growing absence coincides with the sex harrasment law suit.. which would suck if disney would order his facetime getting limited cause of some money grubber

    • DocArzt

      Agreed. But I think since his storyline was winding down in s5 anyways, the suit is not related. Or, at least I choose to believe that. 😉

      • spinflip

        Darlton said somewhere in a video interview that the suit was not related, Desmond’s plot progressed as planned.
        I guess he simply got a happy ending with Penelope like Odysseus. I don’t have a problem with that, not everyone has to quit the show by being killed off.

      • bondsinseconds

        I’m a long time reader of your blog, and I’m pretty icked out that you are agreeing with this guy. Could he be any more sexist?

        • DocArzt

          Oh let me clarify. I don’t condone anything inappropriate that went on. What I agree with is that ABC shouldn’t dictate art on the artist’s behavior. It would suck if there was a story concession because of the suit.

        • Marc

          Maybe I think its sexist that in a her word against his case the woman is always favored.. i think sexual harrasment or abuse is the most horrible thing in the world if there is proof to support it, but 1. it can go both ways and 2. there are almost more instances of fraud in these situations when it comes to celebrities then instances of actual harrasment.. which is sexist in itself.. i obviously didnt have enough info to make my comment above but im frustrated by the political correct dancing around the issue.. i apologize if i offended you

          • docarzt

            Trust me, I’m with you. Anytime someone chooses quick cash over justice, you have to question their motives. On a personal note, when I visited the set… evangeline couldn’t keep her hands off me… it was kind of disgusting. so it is true that it is a predatorial workplace for sure.

          • Money Penny

            You claim to be apologizing but continue to spout offensive comments with specious facts about the woman always being favored.

            And then doc makes a joke about harassment in the workplace. Seriously guys, grow up.

            Sexual harassment or in this case an accusation of battery isn’t funny. The producers decided to pay her off so it didn’t end up in court. That doesn’t make him guilty, nor does it make the alleged victim a money grubber.

          • docarzt

            Are you saying humor is immature, Money Penny? 😉 But, I jest again. I can’t speak for Marc, but my comment has nothing to do with any specific circumstances. I’m merely saying that when someone takes money over justice, their motives are going to be questioned. That’s less a maligned personal point of view, and more of an observation of reality. Spend a few minutes watching the news and I’m sure you’ll see what I’m talking about.

            The bottom line of my point of view is that whether the suit was valid or not, Desmond’s story should be told as intended.

        • jimmy zer00

          I think it’s funny that MoneyPenny is knee jerk overreacting to Marc and Doc’s posts, but has chosen the name of one of the most jobplace-sexually-harassed characters in fiction to be her avatar on the site.

          Is that irony? I’m never sure.

    • Dr Jack

      I understand what you’re saying, Marc, but unless you know what really happened I think throwing accusations around like “money grubber” are tasteless… How do you know the accusations aren’t valid? Unless you were there, you DON’T.

    • bondsinseconds

      I agree with Dr. Jack. Who is to say that he did not do exactly what she said he did? Painting her out to be a liar with no proof to the contrary is super offensive.

      • docarzt

        Oh come on, not ‘super’ offensive.

    • Shinto

      Why are you calling her a money-grubber? How sexist of you, since you have no idea if she’s telling the truth or not. Why automatically assume the woman is the one lying?

      • Marc

        You can read that I apologized above and also said that maybe it was wrong of me to say that without all the info, but my point is proven in that you are getting so upset with me calling her a money grubber without proof she is lying.. meanwhile there is no proof she is telling the truth and HIC is forced to settle with her to prevent further tarnishment of his name.. which i find to be B.S. I think you are all looking at it very narrowmindedly and I did clearly say that abuse of any time is inexcusable, but really has to be accompanied by proof. I think your comments are equally sexist as my comments. I also find it to be super offenisive that I am getting attacked while stating my opinion on this forum.

        • Marc

          Secondly under the philosphy you all are preaching I should be able to call the police or threaten to sue any of you right now for sexually harrassing me with zero proff whatsover and you all will gladly tell me I was harrassed by you and pay me a settlement. And then blindly defend me against anyone who says i was lying. It really is ridiculous either way. I guarentee if HIC took it to court he would have won, but he didnt want his name dragged through the mud like Kobe.

        • bondsinseconds

          the whole problem is that you called her a money grubber with no proof either way. no one commenting has claimed that HIC did sexually harass her. we have all just said it is unfair to automatically assume that she is in the wrong. and please, historically women are always believed about this sort of thing? what planet are you living on?

          • marc

            i agree with what doc said in response to money penny above.. and hic is the one who paid not the producers.. why would they do that? regards to the money grubber comment the fact is if the woman really was sexually harrassed abused etc then its dispicable that she took money as a settlment rather then have hic face justice… by doing that she is saying okay its okay if he does this to other women as long as she gets a settlment.. furhter u are the one on a different planet if you think that the favortism goes to the man in these situations.. i agree it should go the woman , but again any woman taking a settlement over justice is a MONEY GRUBBER.. HAVING SAID THAT… i apologize if i my comments have tainted any opinions on doc who as far as i know is a great guy running a great site

        • jimmy zer00

          Hear Hear, Marc!

  • grasspike

    the show will end with Desmond and Locke in the Hatch pushing the button

  • Harry Lime

    Desmond was one of my favourite characters in Season 3 and 4, and this actually had nothing to do with his time-travelling abilities. It was based on Live Together, Die Alone, my second favourite episode of LOST. The time travel stuff was actually just the icing on the cake for me, given the rich history of the character and his oddysey.

    Having said that, I don’t see why he’s needed to be around following There’s No Place Like Home. That was the very end of his story. What we saw in Season 5 was a “happily-ever-after” which had the time travel impede upon it. If we are to expect anything else of Desmond, it will be further space-time bendings. Without going into spoilers its hard to talk about what precisely he might be able to do, but if he turns up, it will be to fulfil a smaller role, as it was in Season 5.

    Part of me wishes he had less time in Season 5, purely out of love for the character, although I’ve always envisioned him as being part of the endgame of the show.

    • Uncle Beaver

      … you have one of the BEST login names EVER.

  • HandsomeSmitty

    Still has major connection because of Penny. But does he even exist in this apparent new reality?!? For all we know his dad/mum blew up on the island!!!

    • DocArzt

      I say he won the race around the world. Who knows. 😀

      • Dr Jack

        I still think (Charles) Widmore intended for Desmond to be in that race all along, and that Desmond’s running into Libby, who just happened to have a boat he could use, was no accident. We’ll probably never get confirmation of the Libby angle (although a line or two about from Widmore would be awesome, and simple enough), but I would certainly hope that we’ll learn more about the connections between Desmond and Widmore.

        I think Widmore realized something special about Desmond, the “rules not applying” or whatever, and that he felt Desmond was possibly the key to Widmore’s finding the island again. He didn’t really hate Desmond. His ploy to keep Desmond and Penny apart was merely a smokescreen to get Des on the path of finding the island.

        Anyhow, we know the island’s not through with him yet.

        • Good point. I think Libby’s story can be resolved through dialogue. I hope Darlton do at least that since Cynthia herself doesn’t want to take part.

  • I don’t see how we can says Desmond’s story is over when it’s been made clear that he still has some important task to fulfill.

    I don’t think the payoff of the rules not applying to him was finding Faraday’s mother. In fact, she made it clear that the Island is not done with him. Desmond’s arc has not reached its conclusion, although it apparently will in a limited number of episodes in Season 6.

    • DocArzt

      Definitely. I just think we don’t need to see him in every episode to arrive at that closure.

  • elginmiller

    I’m okay with a smaller role for Desmond, as long as they wrap up a few things. We need to know why “the island isn’t done with him yet.” If I remember correctly, the only thing that happened involving Desmond after Mrs. Hawking said that was that he got shot.

    We need to get some sort of resolution regarding his vision of Claire and Aaron getting on a helicopter.

    And correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think we yet know why he was discharged from the Royal Scots Regiment and thrown in military prison?

    • “And correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think we yet know why he was discharged from the Royal Scots Regiment and thrown in military prison?”

      Don’t ask, don’t tell.

    • Uncle Beaver

      I think it was because he “left” the military (went AWOL) when he was time-flashing during “THE CONSTANT”… That was the reason he was in military prison.


  • FWIW, Nestor Carbonell had significantly more screen time last season as a guest star than H.I.C. or Jeremy Davies, who were both, of course, series regulars. I’m thinking we’ll see just enough of everybody in S6, though no one will think it’s perfect based on their faves. Darlton has my confidence.

  • Sarah

    Darlton wrote a bigger part for Ben due to Emmerson’s popularity. Why couldn’t they have done the same thing for Desmond’s character. H.I.C is just as popular in polls. After seeing season 5, and his non-importance to the plot, I almost wish, they had just ended his storyline after the rescue.
    At least, I wouldn’t have had to witness H.I.C being demoted from main player in season 6. This irks me more then anything. The character is not dead, and the actor still appears in season 6.

  • RandomZombie

    Desmond is one of my two favorite characters, and the more we see of him the happier I’ll be.

    That being said, if Desmond has something more to do on the island (and I believe that he does,) he won’t necessarily need a lot of screen time in which to do it. It only took one episode for Jacob to introduce drastic and vital elements to the entire mythology of Lost.

    We know that Desmond is special, and I assume that this specialness is meant to serve a greater purpose than delivering an unnecessary message to Eloise Hawking. The events of “The Incident” have the potential to cause chaos to the timeline, and Desmond may be the link between what is, what was, and what should be.

    His lack of involvement in season five may have been to push him a little into the background before shoving him back into the storyline to save everyone.
    If he’s in season six at all, there’s probably a very good reason for it.

  • FFstn

    @Sarah: Because that was Season 2 and the writers had several more seasons of story to tell. Now they have 1 season left and there are more than enough stories to tell without having to invent more stories tangential to the theme of season 6 just to appease the fans.

    • Sarah

      Totally understand that, and Ok with the fact, but I don’t have to like it. This is still TV, and people do tend to watch shows where they like the actors involved. I am glad there are so many others to like on this show. I like the premise of the show, thats why I started watching, but the characters kept me invested.
      That said, My beef, really is. Why demote the actor, if he is still supposed to appear, especially one who has added so much to the greatness of this show. Its a crummy move on the part of ABC.

      • Jesse

        Sexual harassment case, anybody? I think we all assumed they were gonna kill of Ana Lucia/Libby nonetheless but there’s plenty of people out there that think it’s due to their DUIs. Maybe Darlton/ABC care more about their actors’ off-screen activities than we might have thought.

        I’m not sure if I even believe what I wrote, haha, just something to ponder.

        • Dolce

          they care about the story.

  • ghanima

    Desmond is my favorite character. I don’t mind if he isn’t in every episode, probably because the ones that feature him really prominently, although few, tend to be really, really good episodes, like The Constant. Pointless stories (“how jack got his tatoo”) did not need to be written just to give him screen time. If he is in fewer episodes doesn’t bother me, as long as the episodes he is in continue to be as good as those in previous seasons.

    I don’t see the classification as a slight, it’s just a consequence of how the story is being told. There’s a lot to do in season 6, if they tried to give every fan favorite regular status, those little white names would continue to flash in the lower left hand corner of the screen for 30 minutes!

  • joe_bones

    this is actually GOOD NEWS. desmond has always worked best in SMALL DOSES. the worst time on the show for desmond was when he was hanging around the beach camp in season 3, a regular character with not much to do.

    desmond is more interesting when he is off doing his own thing, popping up now and again for a centric episode that reveals a lot…. rather than just standing around every week.

    • Sarah

      True, except for season 5, when his small dose was delivering a message to Faraday’s mother, which really amounted to nothing at all. Then he got himself shot. Very Lame!

  • brother

    See you in another life , brother

  • Space Lizard

    I think that Desmond should have been a guest star in season 5…his plot is mostly done, and will probably be finished up quickly in season 6. But I think it’ll mirror his role in season two: not a regular, but still important to the whole plot.

    And I agree that he wasn’t as good as a member of the beach camp, ’cause besides telling Charlie he was going to die Desmond had very little to do. He was best in season 4, when he appeared the least out of the regulars ’cause he had a important role somewhere else.

  • spacebender

    I am so looking forward to seeing favorite Desmond in the story again, although I agree with Doc that “regular” status would not be required to wrap up the remaining loose time-threads and “work to do” on the Island.

  • Zonker

    As someone else alluded to above, Desmond’s entire Season 5 storyline was useless. The “message” Faraday had him deliver to his mother was completely incidental to the story line– Hawkings was already in motion to gather up the Oceanic 6, and the message from her son did nothing to alter that. What the business with Desmond did accomplish was:
    1- present some exposition for the viewers on Daniel’s former girlfriend, and introduce the idea of Hawking = Daniel’s mother; and
    2- give Desmond’s character some screen time.

    Additionally, as I recall, Desmond was the one who clued Ben in to the connection between Hawking & Daniel, but if there is any payoff in the story to that revelation, we’ve not yet seen it.

    So, given the choice of having him as a Season 6 regular that requires the writers to invent things for him to do, versus keeping him in the background until his character is needed to advance the story… I’ll take the latter.

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