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Sayid Embraces His Inner and Outer Badass in “Sundown”

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It was Sayid’s turn to flash to the side in tonight’s episode of LOST, “Sundown” – the sixth episode of LOST’s final season. In terms of ‘answers,’ the episode was not terribly revealing – but in terms of story, it was all LOST. I’m starting to think this whole answers derby is just marketing genius anyways – I don’t know anybody who watches the show based on the quality of the ‘questions’ anyways, LOST’s all about high octane character rich entertainment, and “Sundown” delivered. Screw your answers. Now let’s dissect.

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From TVFrenzy:

  • Steven

    His name was Dogen.

    • jemron

      And, I don’t think he’s gone entirely. Won’t he (and likely Lennon too) be healed and come back “infected”? Makes sense to me that they would.

      • Steven

        I don’t think they’ll return, or the spring would almost never have been used after the first one or two times, when people turned “evil”.

        • RichPundit

          HMmmmmm curious, what was Jacob pouring into the “toilet bowl” b4 sending Hurley on his Lighthouse mission?

          • adam118

            good observation. whatever it is, hope Dogen and Lennon are still dead.

          • Jackisjack

            Rid-X. Bloody mangled bodies are bad for the sewage system, everyone knows this.

  • Jackisjack

    I think they kind of did give us an answer in the episode.

    What purpose did Dogen and Lennon have for Jacob and the island…where did they come from and how long have they been here?

    ANSWER – Doesn’t matter anymore, we’re moving on.

    • Jackisjack

      Glorified Red Shirts!

  • Silki

    Its just a little too late in the game for new red shirts for me…

  • cap10tripps

    Definitely not glorified red shirts. It was important for us to get inside the temple this season. We did and saw how it was run and who was running it. There was also signifigance to how and why Dogen was in that position. Besides that, I don’t think we’re quite finished with Dogen…

    • minnie swirl

      I agree. There is an importance to the temple so I don’t think there was a build up for nothing. I too believe that Dogen will be resurrected in some way after being drowned in the murky water.

  • clueless1der

    I don’t mean to glorify murder in any way, shape or form… (I’m still smarting for the way you lot ripped me apart when I tried to defend Ben hahaha.)

    But on the forums, people are ripping His Pwnage a new one for suddenly turning into Flocke’s right-hand man. How is what he did for him any different than what he did for Ben? He’s still a killer. He’s still cold. Sure he may feel a wee guilty for it (not so much with Dogen or Lennon) but he still kills . This is something that Sayid has had to deal with the entire show. It’s what he is. even in the Sideways world, he still made the choice to kill.

    If anything, the “reasoning” behind this latest slew of killings for his new BFF, was that Flocke has convinced him to do this… for Nadia. Again. Just like in the Sideways world. He has proven he would do anything to get her back, or have her be alive, or whatever Flocke alluded to.

    As for the redshirts, the fact that Hurley is still truckin’ along in his Red shirt is pretty much proof that the writers are like, “ha. You have a redshirt theory? TAKE THIS AND SUCK IT BITCHES!!!!!” ahem. Yes, my head is a scary place sometimes. 😀

    • RichPundit

      Yes it is CommaSutra1Der … lol

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