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Sound Off! Vote for LOST 5.04 – The Little Prince

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Another week, another episode checked off the list as we litarally hurtle through LOST Season 5.  We’ll be wading through the allusions, easter eggs, and reveals soon enough.  For starters, let’s get your opinion on LOST 5.04, The Little Prince.

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From TVFrenzy:

  • dolce

    WHOAH!Return to the orchid, 5 of the 6 reunited, Jin, Rousseau…sensory overload…sensory overload…..LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!

  • I’ll be glad when the 6 get back because the most awesome part of the story is taking place on the island. I like the way the narrative is structured this season, you get some backstory without losing forward motion.

  • Nicole

    Awesome episode! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show!!

  • Hipster Doofus

    GREAT AGAIN!!!! I thought for sure this would be a down-week after the awesomeness of Jughead, but Jin…Rousseau!!!

    I can’t imagine what must be going through Jin’s head since he doesn’t have a physicist to explain why he’s talking to a younger version of the crazy French chick. Or as D&C like to call her: The woman who speaks French with a romanian accent.

    Also, more evidence that Miles was born on the island, I’d say he’s definitely Pierre Chang’s kid. But who’s kid is Charlotte?

  • themachine

    yes, but juliet’s nose starts to bleed too….

  • ForwardSlash

    “yes, but juliet’s nose starts to bleed too….” yup it’s going in sequence of duration on the island, Charlotte first, dunno when and for how long she was there, then miles, same again (but less than her.) Now juliette, who has been there for 3 years plus, meaning both miles and charlotte were there for at least a little bit longer than 3 years. So next should be all the 815’ers at a simalar time as they arrived together, then finally Daniel…if it gets that far. Anyone know of a doctor that could come to the island to help!!!??? 😉

  • clueless1der

    I voted for the best ever. If by ever you mean this season. 😀 Forget the Widmore reveal, this was beyond awesome.

  • hyperRevue

    It’s cool that Jin is alive, I just don’t find it believeable.

    He must have been thrown into the Island perimeter and, what, landed on a piece of the boat?

    • Zonker

      Are we watching the same show?

      I thought this episode was the weakest since Season 3.

      re: Jin– yeah, he and the rest of the Freighter were farther out from the island than the O6– so why was he within the radius or the perimeter? OK- I’ll give them this one: the perimeter is limited in altitude, so the helicopter was above the perimeter, even if it was within the radius

      re: Sawyer mooning over Kate. In his timeline, she’s been gone for what, 2 days at most?

      re: Ben’s lawyer getting Hurley out of jail. Huh? So they determined the guy at the Santa Rosa mental clinic was killed before Hurley left. Big deal– the cops would certainly have enough to charge him as an accomplice (which he WAS!). And what about the picture of Hurley holding the gun at the un-safe house? Ok, maybe self-defense, but again, they have at least enough to hold over his head to get him to give Sayid up. And there’s the little matter of his “confession” when he ran to the cops to get away from Ben.

      Seems like this is all paint-by-numbers plot-driven scripting at this point. I even get the sense that Rousseau’s back story is going to be force-fit into the narrative (she goes crazy… check… Montand loses an arm…check… Others steal Alex… check).

      • Jacks Back

        Are we watching the same show?

        Re: Nose bleeds start in order of time spent on the island… Charlotte spent the most time on the island, then Miles, then Juliet.

        Re: Orchid. Orchid! Locke’s already leaving the island. Never expected it this soon.

        Re: Sawyer mooning over Kate… Seriously. 2 days, 2 years, what’s the diff? Sawyer thinks she’s DEAD! He’s still in one of the stages of grief.

        Re: Hurley. Hurley’s holding a gun. So what! The dead guys weren’t shot and even if they were, it was a dart gun. There’s no evidence to say the guy didn’t fall or jump. Any lawyer worth his salt would get Hurley off, much less released on bond. As for the Santa Rosa execution, Hurley had no involvement.

        Re: Rousseau. We know the back story, not going to see much of that except… How Ben gets Alex! With the flashes we don’t have enough time. Yes, we will see Ben in the past on the island!

        Re: Jin. Weak on the science and everyone just knew it was going to happen, but just who would find Jin… A bunch of speculation, but I never heard anyone guess Rousseau

        Yes, we will see Ben in the past on the island!

        Parts of the last episodes may seem paint by numbers to you, but isn’t that what providing answers to so, so many questions is? Filling in the blanks? You have to remember, the Lost writers are the ones who provided the blanks (or the numbers LOL) to begin with.

        Tell me you haven’t had a few new questions arise, and haven’t had some HOLY CRAP moments this last episode…

        Wicked geat storytelling! I give it a 23!

        • hyperRevue

          As far as knowing Rousseau’s back story already, we know her version of it. She could easily be lying.

          I’m very interested in seeing whether or not her crew gets “sick” before she kills them all. And, if she’s been telling the truth, I want to see the nature of this “sickness.”

          • professorstotch

            I was thinking about the sickness…what if somehow, her and the crew start flashing with the left behinders? I know there’s no chance of that happening, but perhaps the sickness ends up being the nosebleeds, and the craziness from their minds flashing around in time?

        • Mandeville

          I love the show like everybody else here (hopefully), but I have to agree with OP. That episode was COMPLETELY rushed and a bit of a rip off. I’m becoming increasingly concerned about a Stephen King style quickie resolution.

          Re: Nose bleeds. meh. Mysterious illness has been done to death with the new mothers, island madness, nosebleeds… We have one character who is the best surgeon in the cosmos, another who is a fertility guru and a physicist who seems to be a master of all disciplines (ala any crew member on any Star Trek vessel…). Surely we can connect the dots at this point.

          Re: Locke (finally) leaving the island. No ****, Mr. Locke. Maybe your first hint about leaving the island was that time a few days ago when Ben LEFT THE ISLAND. He already knows there is a way to leave. If he had a personal crisis about having to leave the island forever vs. saving the island I would elevate this to an actual storyline. As it stands it is a bit insulting.

          Re: I’m with you on Sawyer thinking Kate’s dead, but his character would have rushed in to warn her not to get on the plane. ***This will probably happen in the form of WHISPERS in later episodes, but we know Sawyer isn’t clever enough to think of that… Regardless, it was a wrong move for his character.

          Re: Hurley. RUSHED! No excuse for that. Even Ben was visibly bored by that resolution. Had he been convinced to leave and guided through an escape by his old, crazy friend/ghost/whatever, it would have been good fiction.

          Re: Rosseau. Jin. I’m glad to see both, but other than a (rushed) reveal, there wasn’t much emotion to it. I would have rather seen Jin wake up in the cabin. Suspension of disbelief is a bit difficult when you have an unconscious man at ground zero of a huge explosion, far from land, hopping through time, who gets AWAKENED by being dragged into a boat… I did chuckle at the Jin realizing he may now need to learn French…

          • Mrs. Alpert

            I agree, no emotion with Jin & Rosseau… probably why I wasn’t excited to see them… more bored & waiting for the story to get back on track.

            Locke- I think the island jumping has confused him… he does catch on to some things (okay, most things) more slowly than others…

  • professorstotch

    My only problem, and I know it’s a very minor, nit-picky problem…

    Present Rousseau has an Eastern European accent…
    Past Rousseau has a French accent…

    Consistency people!

  • downthehatch

    I have a few theorys…

    Miles is Candle’s Kid.
    Widmore did something to get kicked off the island and now is trying to go/get back. I really think he was exiled.
    Perhaps Daniel is Ellie’s son.

    • imfromthepast

      You ain’t the only one to have those theories!

    • Mandeville

      They definitely want us to think Miles is lil’ Candle Wickman…

      Widmore wasn’t on the boat, so he probably is forbidden from returning. He’s likely a frozen donkey wheel-turner.

      The likelihood of Daniel NOT being Ellie’s son is equal to the likelihood of Sawyer wearing a shirt for all remaining episodes…

      • Mrs. Alpert

        But I thought Ben could return…

  • b

    On Jin…

    We saw Ben and Mrs. Hawking in the basement of a church with a pendulum that was plotting different points on the globe. That may lead us to believe that the island is moving in time AND space.


    What if the jumps in time correlate to the jumps in space? In other words… When the island jumps to 1954, it’s in the South Pacific. When the island jumps to 2008, it’s in the Caribbean.

    So when the island jumps back to 2004 in “The Little Prince”, it’s in the same place that it was when Oceanic 815 crashed. By that time, Jin has been floating around on a piece of wreckage for a day or so and he finally floated into the time jumping radius. So the first time that Jin jumped in time was when the island jumped from 2004 to 1988, when the French science team shipwrecked.

  • Horace Goodspeed

    The last two segments were brilliant. It turned around what I was feeling was a bland episode (this is relative, as LOST at its worst is better than 90% of network primetime).
    One critique, thanks for asking: Please, can a character answer a relevant question with something other than “it doesn’t matter,” “it’s not important,” or “we don’t have time for questions.” Seriously, if that’s going to be the answer, then just leave the question out of the script in the first place. I laughed out loud when Juliet followed up her revelation to Locke that Richard had always been on the island with “why are you so interested in Richard?” …..oh, nothing…you just told me he’s mysteriously long lived, but you’re right…just making conversation.

    • Mandeville

      Well said!

      Not only do they continue to keep secrets unnecessarily, characters still act surprised when something seemingly supernatural occurs. How anybody could remain skeptical after a day on that island is a question Dana Scully refuses to answer for you…

    • Mrs. Alpert

      bravo on your Locke/Juliet/Richard statement, Horace. I agree.

      I also agree with Mandeville- no one should be surprised by anything on the show anymore… unless they’re suffering from some sort of mental deficiency.

  • Elizabeth

    On why everyone’s getting nose bleeds:

    What if this has something to do with the “sickness”?