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LOST 5.09 “Namaste” Posts Lowest Numbers Ever

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As we’ve preached repeatedly, the ratings mean nothing with regards to LOST’s future.  DVD sales alone are phenomenally profitable, and the show’s worldwide audience and brand appeal is as strong as ever.  That said, LOST posted it’s lowest Wednesday 9pm (est) numbers so far with “Namaste.”  Here is the data from

ABC LOST 9.08 4.2/10 4.1/11

From TVFrenzy:

  • sin

    who cares? EVERYONE’s downloading it ANYWAY!
    the internet is the REAL rating and Bad Robot and ABC knows that.
    they make enough money from the show even if the ratings are falling.

    BUT – maybe it’s a good thing too, it’ll make them to try harder to get more views, which is always a good thing for a TV show.

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    i’m sure they expected a dip in ratings coming from an off week. it really kills momentum when you break in the middle of something as addicting as Lost. if they thought that it would build suspense, well, it did. but if they thought that suspense would translate into ratings, then they were wrong.

  • DavidB

    Blame Fox, for moving Idol weekly results show to oppose Lost. As good as Lost is, it can’t compete against the Idol juggernaut. Lost take commitment and dedication from its viewers to stay engaged. Idol does not, thus its popularity for today’s watcher. Unless ABC moves Lost to another night or to 10pm EDT, it has no chance in the “ratings”.

  • Pat

    Spring Break for all the college kids addicted to this show….including myself and everyone I was on the trip with.