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New ABC house promo and dom’s project

By lyly ford,

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’cause of this vid people wondered if charlie will be back on LOST and here the info by ausiello

How very sneaky of you, ABC.

I just found out why Dominic Monaghan is appearing in ABC’s new promo campaign, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with Charlie being resurrected on Lost next season. But that’s exactly what the network wants folks to think. Why? Because they’re trying to keep under wraps the real reason he was playing table soccer with Patrick Dempsey, Courteney Cox, and Ed O’Neill in that clip.

This is the part where I warn you of an incoming spoiler and give you one last chance to bail before continuing on…

Okay, here it goes: The real reason Monaghan is featured in that cheeky spot is because he’s actually joining the cast of another hour-long ABC drama series as a full-time series regular. And the net’s brass want it to be a surprise.

A big surprise.

As a result, they’ve kindly asked me not to ID the show he’ll be joining. And, being the understanding and cooperative creature that I am, I very reluctantly obliged.

The fact is, assuming it doesn’t leak elsewhere, it will be a neat surprise.

But don’t let that stop you from posting your theories in the comments section. Which ABC show do you think Monaghan is joining full time? And what character do you think he’ll be playing? Speculate away!

source :EW

From TVFrenzy:

  • I’ve heard rumors he might be on “V”

    • I believe its going to be the new show FlashForward

  • JimmyJon

    foilers imo.

    Not likely, but I think he’s back on Lost. It would detract from his death, but whatever, I miss him.

  • Abbie

    This makes little to no sense. If they want it to be a surprise, why the tease?

    “You’re so dead.”

    “Actually, I was.”

    Since they’re playing their characters, NOT as themselves, can we really believe that Dom is portraying an unknown character from an unspecified show, and that this isn’t a reference to Charlie?

    I’m not saying I think Charlie is coming back a regular, but ABC has some ‘splainin to do. What a horrible cocktease to the Dom fans.

  • spacebender

    I’m looking forward to finding out, and I do hope we see more of him (in whatever form) on Lost.

    It was also nice to see him in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Chris Bradley/Bolt).

  • I think he’s back on Lost and they’re just trying to throw us off by saying theres a different show.

  • ghanima

    He’s going to be on Flash Forward. That line in the clip, the one that makes no sense, “What did you see?” that Courtney Cox asks DM, is the tag line of that new show where everyone blacks out for 2 minutes and sees 4 months into the future (or something similar of that nature). They are hoping to pull in the Lost audience with FF, and while I’m sure that’s not why they might cast DM in the role, it would be a nice side benefit. I definitely know of a few people that started watching Lost during the first season because “that hobbit guy is on it.”

    Not me man, I watched because I was told there was a polar bear on a tropical island and that sounded like a sight to see. Naturally I missed that particular episode and never saw the stupid bears after that. Too late, I was hooked.

    Might some people turn to Flash Forward as a form of Lost methadone because Charlie and Penny are on it? I bet some will.

    • Gripp

      I’m already pulled into Flash Forward, but it’s not because of Dom. It’s because FF is based on a fucking great book.

      • DarthBubba

        What book? I’ve been looking for something new to pick up.

    • Henry Holland

      “I definitely know of a few people that started watching Lost during the first season because “that hobbit guy is on it”

      [raises hand] Me too. I tuned in to the pilot because of Dom but was hooked in the first 15 minutes. Of course, I hated the last 15 minutes or so of the season 5 finale so much (and was bored by season 5 in general) that it’ll be nice to have Charlie back.

      I’m not sure I’m up for another big cast/complicated plot series, though.

  • ***SPOILER***


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