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Why Lost Sucks (If you don’t understand it)

By docarzt,

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I normally don’t give airtime to anti-LOST articles – but this gem is so clueless in its construction that I just had to share it.  The real title of the article should be “I hate anything I don’t understand,” or maybe “I don’t have the brainpower for LOST.”  Maybe there is a hint of humor somewhere in there that I missed.  Who knows.

26764984-26764988-largePeople have been criticizing Lost ever since it came on the air in 2004, but only lately have die-hard fans begun to question their investment. While Abrams may be all about the journey, most of us want our questions answered at the end. And try to keep the jerking to a minimum. This season has all been about the time travel element, which hasn’t gone quite as well as it could have. There are too many characters, too many storylines to keep straight in our minds. I need to drag out that map of characters that shows all the one to two degrees of Kevin Bacon separation between them all and prop it up like a finals cheat sheet.

Full article here. (

So, I’m guessing most of you are die-hard fans – are you questioning your investment?

From TVFrenzy:

  • DarthVibbert

    In another part of the article he even says something about a “three-toed statue”… if he can’t even remember rudimentary things like that, no wonder he can’t understand the show.

  • Timm

    Nope, I’m loving it more and more! In some ways I’m finding myself less perplexed than I ever used to be. Big plot twists seem a little less surprising than they should perhaps but even then the payoff is great!

    I know we’ll get the answers we need to complete the main story, its the waiting that’s the hard part! But even then, isn’t the sign of a good story leaving some mysteries unanswered?

  • chad

    I hear this all the time from some of my friends and coworkers… My explaination is that these folks have not read great classic litature, or even Religious texts- because that what this show is– It is classic litature mixed in with Religion and Science. It has all the key elements, An Outlaw, A Doctor, Childhood problems, the list can go on forever… This is the complete TV show ever, and it’s very smart. Most of these folks are the type that love movies like ‘Fast and the Furious’, and can’t stand old movies like 12 angry men. Lost is good.

  • jawie

    most people as stated above are just plain stupid and cant understand a great story when there are multiple story lines etc they just suddently cant follow it for those people they make shows like csi and the office and other shows that are always the same. what i am trying to say is this :

    i find it very irritating that when there finally is a great show like lost and not just another boring predictible show it almost got cancelled cause everybody is too stupid to understand it

    • CelticFan96

      Whoa, whoa, whoa!

      Let’s “The Office” and its fans out of this. That show is hilarious, brilliant and multi-layered. It is one of the smartest comedies in a generation. (And they make a few tips of the hat to Lost).

      Lost is by far, one of the most complex, rich, developed television dramas ever allowed to complete its journey. And if you don’t get it, like the writer of this article, than it’s too bad for you. But better for those of us who do love the show: Because we get it.

      It’s like why Ben can see Jacob. Because he gets it (like him/it or not).

      But am the only one who on Wednesday thinks or says to himself:

      “T.G.I. Wednesday, am I right? Gonna go home. Get my beer on. Get my Lost on.”

      • jawie

        im sorry for the comment about the office i only saw it once and really didnt like it so it was wrong of me to judge on a show i never really saw in the first place but that doesnt take away that there are still too many tv shows out there that do suck and have no story at all

      • LostinNewYork

        I also am all “TGIW.”

        I try not to leave the house on Wednesday after work just in case I miss a new commercial. (j/k, j/k, j/k – but i’m sure there are people like this).

  • clueless1der

    Just which die-hard fans did this person interview?!

    AND BOOO @ him being clueless. 😀

  • hyperRevue

    I love the show more than ever. We’re finally getting some big answers and the story telling is as good as ever. And I don’t find all the characters and storylines at all difficult to keep track of. F the haters. Go watch Idol.

    • chad

      Actually I think American Idol is harding to follow than Lost. I mean every week it’s like, Who gonna sing what song, and what are the judges gonna say, or when will Ryan Secrest fake us all out by going to a commerical break rather than annoucing the winners. How do you keep up with that? Lost is way easier to get a grip on. he he

  • diggymow

    The guy can’t even proof read an article apparently. He contradicts his main point.

    “It’s the idea of what’s inside more than what’s actually there that interests me,” Abrams said during a recent conversation. “You can never make anything that is as good as what someone can imagine it can be.”

    You do realize, I say, that you are writing TV shows for people who would rip that box open in a heartbeat with their bare teeth just to find out what’s inside, right?”

    Then he goes on to talk about how dissapointing all the answers are…. Ummm what?

    Also I’ve had no trouble keep tracking of the characters. There’s really only been 2 groups at any one point. 2 isn’t a big number… Most people can handle 2. That’s all I’m saying.

  • Eric

    That is a really badly-written article. How could anyone take her point of view seriously when she can barely express it?

  • I can see why people who watch TV so they don’t have to think will not watch LOST – but then they shouldn’t say it “SUCKS”! There are plenty of “mindless” shows on TV that I do not care for, but I don’t go around making blanket statements about how they “SUCK” (you know, unless I am going to back them up with specific reasons why I think they suck – LOL).

  • This guy apparently has no idea about JJ Abram’s involvement with the show either.

  • TheKaneda

    Couldn’t help but register (after following the Doc’s blog a long time), just to say…

    The dislike for Lost isn’t what annoys me. To each their own. What annoys me are things like these:

    1. Maybe I’m mistaken, but as far as I’m aware, these days Alan Moore, James Joyce and Fjodor Dostoyevsky each do more work on Lost on a day-to-day basis than Abrams does =oP Some might think the show’s better off for it.

    2. I hope that last quote from Abrams is supposed to be a joke, because there’s no way he ever said such a thing as “I never thought about it that way”. As anyone who’s seen his TED talk will know… Of course he’s thought about it that way. He also has an answer for it.

  • brent

    I would guess that LOST has about 5 million DIE-HARD fans who know every detail from every season. There are a million blogs and podcasts to start. Even though LOST ratings aren’t very high, the number of super-fans probably out-number almost every show.

    The closer you follow LOST, the more you enjoy it. That’s the bottom line.

  • Landry B.

    And this is why I love this site Doc…you are great at making the die-hards laugh…I am not at all questioning my long-term investment in the show…I love it more now than ever…maybe if the writer was a serious watcher and not casual, she could keep up…loved this post…made me feel like an insider!! Again, something I love about your site!!

  • Benry

    Ah, the I-don’t-get-the-show-so-it’s-stupid Lost haters,

    I have people who say things like when I tell them I am a lost fan. There is no problem with expressing your opinion but when people say these things without watching the show or just because they are not attentive enough to understand it, it’s just sounds like mindless rants

    Also, “three toed statue”? I suppose the author found Sesame street too hard to follow as well.

  • docarzt

    She doesn’t get the finesse of J.J’s comment. His mystery box metaphor is awesome, in my opinion. On the other side of the argument, look at how many tv shows, films, and books have failed on her interpretation that to do what LOST does you just need to show a bunch of enigmatic crap that doesn’t make sense? At worst, her analysis is that JJ hinges everything on his metaphor, but really what he has done is identified a common trend. Good mystery succeeds by convincing the audience that they don’t want all the answers. JJ doesn’t want to know what is in the mystery box, because the ideas it stimulates are rewarding enough. I’ve always said the most foolish aspect of LOST fandom is the theories, because the closer we get to the end the more most of that material is going to become worthless. I’ll enjoy the end of the story, but mourn the loss of the conversation. We’ll be relegated to picking apart the micro-mysteries.

    • Benry

      “Good mystery succeeds by convincing the audience that they don’t want all the answers.”

      Love your thinking style

  • neoloki

    A woman wrote this who usually covers reality type shows. I couldn’t really find anything else she has written or at least consistently written about Lost so her article is kinda strange that she just comes out and tries to blast the show. She obviously doesn’t know what she is talking about due to many of her facts are wrong or jumbled. But what the hell usually when a great piece of art gets trashed by the common masses it means the creators are doing something right. Also, if I want to read people who want to trash the show all I have to do is read the comment section over at Darks site.

    • jessea

      that’s what i was thinking when i popped back over here (my personal Lost-online home) to see what y’all were thinking…
      that she doesn’t really know or believe what she’s saying. Her last line is an invitation to argue with her in the comments section, which leads me to believe that she is just trying to stir up enough emotions to get a lot of attention and gain a reputation through the back door.
      So, I didn’t leave a comment. But if I had, it would’ve said,
      “Oh ye of little…

      die hard is right, yo!

  • Beena

    I’m a long way from having all the answers to LOST. There are way more questions than answers. Questions that may never get answered. But you know what? Oh, well. I’ve enjoyed the ride immensely. Sure beats anything else I’ve seen in a long time on tv.

  • malika

    I think the folks that cannot follow LOST are the ones who needed Ritalin to function in school…

    I love LOST…it the complexity of all of the relationships and mysteries that keep me watching…I’m exhausted and fiending for another episode after it goes off…and this season it the best so far!

    How could you not like LOST after that Sawyer and Jack exchange in “Namaste”?
    That was classic!

  • monkeyface

    so i wasted my time reading this article, at least i got something of a laugh out of it.

    this person doesn’t even seem to watch the show…..what does he/she watch it once a season, so they can write something negative? puh-leeze

  • The Magician

    I saw this a few days ago, signed up with the site and wrote a scathing retort.

    I posted the article but it disappeared straightaway, so it seems they don’t like criticism.

  • sin

    look, there’s a point in what he says, but only if you’re not REALY INTO the show.
    because, as you said.. you need to get it.
    and to do so, you need to do 2 basic things:
    1) not to be a retard
    2) watch the show, from the start, every fucking episode of it

    i guess he didn’t do one of those things.

    • jessea

      she. the author is a she. but you got the rest damn straight.

  • Uncle Beaver

    Sure, everyone’s entitled to their opinion. But the best shows are the ones that make you view them again and again. There are plenty (but not enough) complex, detailed, and drawn-out shows that are loved by critics and fans. I love when a good show sets up an idea or story point early in the season and has it play out at the end of the season, or in future seasons. The BEST example of this is “THE WIRE”. But plenty of other shows did it well and weren’t criticized the way “LOST” is.


    One thing I could never STAND in most TV shows, was when I had been watching a particular show for several months or even years, and then all of a sudden, I’d be introduced to some aspect of one of the character’s lives that had NEVER been addressed before. A lifelong friend who we’ve never seen before comes along in one episode and is never seen again… A disease that is found, cured, and forgotten all in one hour. There are countless examples of this crappy story telling.

    I LOVE serialized TV. And that is part of what makes LOST so great. We have to watch from the beginning, never miss an episode, and constantly think about what might happen in further episodes. Kinda like an old grandmother watching her soaps.

    Most of these people who “Don’t get” whats happening on LOST, don’t care that much because, to them, its just another TV show that they’re gonna forget about in five minutes anyway. Their loss.

    • You pretty much nail this. The Sopranos is lauded in every corner. The Wire is considered “the best show on television” or a “true American masterpiece”. Mad Men and Breaking Bad are now the cornerstones of AMC and recognized as such. Similar praise has followed for the other shows you listed as well.

      I think the reason why Lost doesn’t get lumped into that list like it deserves to is because it’s the only show that is “daring” to tell complex stories on NETWORK television. All of those shows you listed are cable or premium channels. People have a different expectation for HBO or Showtime shows, even FX has some kind reputation now with the Shield, Rescue Me and Nip/Tuck. There hasn’t really been a show like this on network television.

      In terms of content Lost is a completely different animal than almost any other show. Lost has complicated characters who each have equally complicated personal stories. There is also a mysterious pacific Island which is itself a character of sorts that acts as a canvas for very strange things to occur. The Island has an equally mysterious past and is home to several different groups of mysterious people. So what kind of elements do we have here? The strong multi-faceted characters of the Wire and the Sopranos, the strange occurrences of X Files, the interconnectedness of plotlines and people stretching far and wide of the great mosaic of this show like a soap opera almost. So what kind of show is Lost trying to be? Is it trying to be Battlestar Galactica? Is it trying to be the X Files? Is it trying to be Twin Peaks? Is it trying to be the Sopranos to a certain extent?

      The answer to all those questions is yes and no and I think that is PRECISELY why this show is criticized. When “the first” of something comes along sometimes people don’t know how to react to it. People want it to be something they’ve already seen, that way they can predict it and they can know which way it’s going. It’s a comfort thing more than anything else. Instead of understanding and allowing Lost to be this great marriage of a myriad of different influences (other television shows, books, movies, philosophical and religious ideas) some people want Lost to be something that already has a name. Is this show a drama? Is it a mystery? Is it commentary? Is it sci fi? Is it comedy? Is it tragedy? It’s all those things. It’s simply “Lost” and that’s what some people just will never be able to understand.

      And that was much longer than I anticipated. Kudos to anyone who stuck with it.

  • Hanto

    I’m not even going to waste my time on reading this. I got all I needed to know from one line near the beginning:

    “While Abrams may be all about the journey, most of us want our questions answered at the end.”

    If you want a shoddy narrative and all your questions neatly wrapped up in a single (unsatisfying) package, then may I suggest you tune in to Heroes on Monday night. Me, I like to actually use my brain.

  • RodimusBen

    This writer is a moron. I won’t waste any more keystrokes beyond that.

  • Alex

    Hell no, I’m not questioning anything. Whoever this person is, they’re abnormally slow…

  • my only question on investment is if i should finish buying the dvd’s or say screw it and just get it all on blu-ray. or both.

  • I never question my investment. I only question whether or not I’ve bought enough stock! It makes a hell of a lot more sense to me to question those who haven’t seen fit to drink the Lost kool-aid. *mwah mwah mwah!*