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Damon and Carlton Top Ten spoilers on David Letterman

By lyly ford,

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This is REALLY spoiler free don’t worry you can watch it 🙂

From TVFrenzy:

  • Funniest part was Letterman’s off-kilter description of the show.

    • s.w.a.c.

      Maybe Betty White is Desmond’s mom.

  • Shannon’s Perfect Legs

    “I have to go to Target… to get socks.” LOL!!!

    • Ament

      That was good!

    • Kates Perfect Body

      Best part of the whole clip, list was kinda weak.

    • Juliet’s Sagging Cleavage

      That was hilarious. Also loved #2 and #1.

    • onlyendsonce

      I think we can all agree that was the best part.

  • ejoiner

    The video is blocked at my worksite – could someone post the list for us to read?

  • Wanda

    Eek. Hope they have better writing for the finale than this.

    • Windy

      Fortunately they more than made up for it with tonight’s Times Talk.

  • milo

    Funny stuff, but Michael Emerson steals the show.

  • Chad Geri

    LOL @ 2 & 1.

  • Nitcholass

    What song do they play when Darlton comes out?

  • The Dharma & Greg Initiative

    I didn’t know Ron Perlman and David Cross wrote LOST.

    • Jackisjack

      Hellboy and Tobias together forever.

      • The Dharma & Greg Initiative

        Jacob better watch out for the Man in Black Cut Off Jeans!