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Video and Audio – Damon and Carlton at HIFF

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Damon and Carlton appeared at an official LOST event as part of the HIFF, and lucky for us numerous video cameras and microphones were there as well.  What was learned?  For starters, there is still some definite disdain for spoiler sites.  I believe the term was ‘parasitic’ – yipes. There goes my spoilerpalooza plans.  On that, I will say I’m surprised by the amount of foilers out there this year.  If there truly is a red-herring machine at LOST, it must be on the verge of tossing a bearing.  One thing Darlton stress for certain is that casting breakdowns and sides are of no use in deciphering LOST.  No big surprise there.

For the Full Audio of the Panel, Click here to Visit ‘The Transmission’

I’m working on a highlights post right now.

Thanks to sl-lost for the heads up on this clip from Youtube.

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From TVFrenzy:

  • Handsome Smitty

    What are ‘foilers?’ Disinformation put out by Darlton N Crew? Would they really spend the money it takes to set up a shoot, crew and actors, just to put out fake scenes not part of the show?

    Parasitic? How about FREE ADVERTISING!!! Lost gets plenty of free publicity courtesy of and others – and The Darlton damn well knows it! Those of us who don’t like spoilers but give in out of a desperate need-to-know (and no life), we’re still going to watch the show, even IF they do a do-over or a St. Elsewhere.

    • FFstn

      Free advertising? Doc gets what like 50k unique visitors a month during the season and 10-20k during off season. ABC spends millions of $s to promote the show to millions of viewers, so the number of people that spoiler sites “advertise” to are so miniscule that they are even less than drop in the ocean. A 30 second advertisement spot during Grey’s Anatomy gets more eyeballs than 25 years worth of advertising on this site.

      • DocArzt

        Um… 50k a day, maybe… (on a slow one). But this isn’t advertising for the show, it’s just fandom. Any advertising here would be redundant, we already watch the show.

  • ivalum21

    I still can’t believe fans like you are still posting spoilers. Absolutely no respect for Damon, Carlton, or anyone who works on the show. Amazing…

    • Mack

      Get over yourself. You sound like a damn fool.

      • KJJ

        He/she does have a good point, it is very rude. How would you like it if you were writing a book and your plans for the sequel were leaked into the mainstream. You’d be fucking pisses.

      • Marc

        you are the fool mack.. you are the fool

        • JuliusCaesar108

          Let’s refrain from name-calling, even in the world of the Internet. Ad-hominem attacks are a fallacy, which doesn’t serve any purposes to the argument. Instead it shows you have anger issues to resolve in your life.

          Mack, if you don’t have a problem with spoilers just give us reasons why you think they’re not a problem – otherwise, you’re not helping the LOST community by flaming those with a different opinion.

    • DocArzt

      Eh, my contribution to the spoiling of LOST is very very light, and very restrained. Something tells me Carlton was not talking about this site.

      • ivalum21

        Doc….”very very light” is still too much. You should be a pillar of restrain when it comes to spoilers.

  • SeeYouOnMadMen,Phil

    5 episodes already shot! Wow.. But also very sad.. we’re getting closer to the end..

  • Funback Joe

    Only about 3 more months! I am trying to avoid spoilers, and its pretty easy to do so if you want to. Live and let live people… live and let live.

  • DocArzt

    Just to clarify…. my spoilerpalooza comment was a joke between me and the long-time readers of the site. You know what I mean.

  • richie k

    we do doc, we do……:)

  • DM

    When the season is over, I’d like to see a list of foilers.

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