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Video – Bob $tencil Storms the LOST Writers’ Room – Sort Of

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Remember Bob $tencil at Comic-Con?  Well, he’s back – this time appearing on the official LOST podcast. Includes some new information for the Darlton-cast.

From TVFrenzy:

  • Twitchy

    crappy crappy crappy. was expecting waaaaaay better from the first vidpod of the final season.
    that guy’s so annoying.

  • Eric

    Brilliant. Best vidcast so far. Stencil’s impersonation of Ben was actually pretty good. Especially the “Kept your friends safe” line.

  • That was a damned fine Ben impression!

  • GeigerCounter

    Emerson is so good I totally can’t tell if he was in on it or not.

  • Jeff

    Was anyone able to catch what was written on the hand of one of the producers after they went back into the building? He puts his hand on the glass just like Charlie and has something written in black. I couldn’t tell what it was, anyone?

    • Jeff

      I just looked it over again. It just said “Not Pennys Boat”.

  • notso shaggy

    Bob Stencil is equal parts annoying and brilliant. I larfed!