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Video – LOST At Paleyfest 2010 (Full Panel – More or Less)

By docarzt,

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Fairly clean audio! Thanks to patrickkreb on Youtube. Beware of spoilers.


From TVFrenzy:

  • Masheen

    1080p. Niiiice. But just as riddled w/ spoilers as the other vids I guess?

  • docarzt

    YES! Good call. I’ll add the warning.

    • Up to what episode are the spoilers concerning? I don’t want to watch it now to ruin anything now.

  • dd

    I just want to know what the comment concerned the chronological release of the dvds was all about. It didn’t make sense to me.

  • Marc

    DD I think that people would like for there to be a special release of the entire series after it is all over in chronolgical order. I believe they said that will not happen.

    • lylebot

      They’re missing a golden opportunity. Imagine the very first scene being Jacob and Smokey on the beach, followed by Faraday and Locke and everyone in 1954, followed by Emily Locke getting ready for her date, and then Richard visiting Baby Locke in the hospital…

      Of course the show wouldn’t make sense in chronological order, but that’s the point! It’s like, “hey all you people that think Lost doesn’t make sense because the storytelling is out of order: suck on THIS!”

    • naultz

      It would be a huge project to undertake. I have thought about this for a couple seasons and have it all mapped out through the first four seasons. That alone took along time to do and editing all the video will take twice as long, but I am hoping to have it done by next year ( keep your fingers crossed)

  • MsDee

    So excited about the last bit of info. The very last thing said by one of the writers woo hoo

  • Benjamin

    What was being said in the clip with Jack Bender saying “its Locke backwards” and Damon saying its on the list of things to explain?

  • Belo

    Benjamin, they were talking about the hurley bird!

    • Benjamin

      Oh! That makes so much more sense watching it now hahaha..I couldn’t make out the “Hurley!”

      • Cody

        what episode is the hurley bird thing in? i’ve heard it referenced over the past couple years and i no recollection of it at all.

  • domcruise

    could someone please just do a transcript of this event? ive tried watching the vids and stuff but cant really make anything out, either that or the videos just cut in halfway through a conversation and i have no idea what topic theyre talking about.


  • whoshanso

    Look carefully at O’Qunns crotch in Clip 5. Seriously!