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VOTE! – Lost 5.03 – “Jughead” – A Quick Review

By docarzt,

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For some reason my last post about this episode came off as a hate-gram.  Now that the episode is out of the bag, I can finally explain myself.  Let’s talk LOST 5.03, “Jughead.”

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The truth is, I thought LOST 5.03 was a spectacular episode full of chilling reveals and gut wrenching emotional work.  The emoting was mostly off the island, in the capable hands of Penny and Desmond.  Of all the romantic geometry on the show, few couples have succeeded as completely as Desmond and Penny.  The fact that the two named their son Charlie was one of those rare moments of sadness and heart, a small detail that really showed how emotionally connected the writers remain with the story.  On island, the Daniel and Charlotte thing  just feels weird – however, is it possible that Daniel knows Charlotte from another timeline?  It would certainly seem so, otherwise the fact that Daniel ‘loves’ Charlotte, someone he has relatively little history with, comes across as a bit, yeah, creepy.

The Others continue to astound.  Here we see that they are still at their ‘borrowers’ ways.  It reminded me of their rouse throughout season 2 with the bare feet and grubby clothes.  The fact that Charles Widmore was among them is absolutely mind blowing.  Is he of the ageless sort, ala Richard Alpert, or is he a recruit like Juliet was?  Could Elle be Eloise Hawking?

As for my complaint of a ‘cliche’ in Jughead, what I was referring to was the fact that John sent Richard to visit him.  That clears up that mystery, in a way, but the actual element represents a trope over used in time travel stories – imho.  Granted, I’m a die-hard Phillip K. Dick fan, and it is a twist used many times in his own time travel stories.  If you’re seeing this used for the first time on LOST, I envy you.  For me, PKD stories aside, it was enough

Could This Be a Young Eloise Hawking?

times to elicit a small groan.

With Jughead we see our first glimpse at the possible endgame, or one aspect of it.  What kind of impact did that leaky hydrogen bomb have on the island after it was implanted in it?  Did Richard’s people follow Daniel’s instructions for disposing of the bomb safely?  How would the island’s special properties impact a leaky hydrogen bomb anyways?  Something tells me that Jughead will be seen again.

That’s what I have for now, be sure to check back throughout the evening and tomorrow as we dissect the episode further, and don’t forget to check in at our forum to give your own reviews.

From TVFrenzy:

  • carole

    I was thinking that Charlotte is Daniel and Theresa’s daughter, which is why Daniel loves her.

    • docarzt

      That would be very interesting!

    • brian b

      curiously enough, why is charlotte so obsessed with the DI? ( remember she almost had an orgasm when she found that DI color on the dead bear in the desert, And if I recall, end of season 4, didn’t she decide to stay on the island because ” she still hasn’t found where she was born” Interesting theory.

    • DanM

      Daniel said that he was “in love” with Charlotte which suggests erotic love not paternal love. That would be beyond creepy if he was “in love” with his own daughter. In fact it would be gross. I don’t think Darlton would go that far.

      • carole

        I agree. I watched it again last night and that one word “in” does blow my theory. He does act more paternal than romantic, but still it doesn’t work.

  • Scott

    Just a hunch but I think Jughead will have something to do with the Swan Station and the fail safe switch.

    • professorstotch

      Very good hunch! This could end up making a lot of sense…Dharma comes to the island, finds the bomb, buries it, and discovers there’s a problem. The bomb is leaking an immense amount of pressure (or something) and it has to be released by pushing the button every 108 minutes.

      I’m reminded of when Sayid and Jack were looking at the concrete wall in the Swan Station, and Sayid had said that the only time he had heard of that much concrete being poured over everything was at Chernobyl. Are hydrogen bombs radioactive at all?

    • Malakai

      I was thinking “Incident” as well. Didn’t Sayid say the way the passage in the Swan station was walled up reminded him of Chernobyl?

      Dharma did seem show up to the Island and start drilling willy-nilly without much thought to whats down there other than “hey theres something cool under here, lets find out what it is!” Maybe they didnt detonate the bomb but they puntured it and released that energy, which merged with other electromagnetic energy and bad things happened … somehow.

      My other thought was that the Monster comes out of the ground. Maybe the monster existed before “Jughead” but was altered somehow by being around the bomb.

    • Rick

      sorry if it posts 2x but my browser is beat .. but why not the other station(tempest?) daniel had to render a chemical harmless so it wouldn’t kill anyone? wouldnt that make more sense?

  • professorstotch

    Good episode. I feel like I was a little disappointed. Too much hype. Granted there were a few payoffs, and they were amazing.

  • Frank

    I’m pretty sure the others did follow daniel’s instructions and bury the bomb. Right under the spot where DHARMA built the swan station. Remember all the concrete and lead in the sealed off portion? Remember how Sayid said he hasn’t seen anything like that since Cherynobl?

    I bet the hatch was used to safely release the bombs energy every 108 minutes so as to eventually dismantle it.

    • docarzt

      Excellent points frank. Woot!

    • professorstotch

      Lol, I just posted the same exact thing above. Glad we’re on the same page!

    • professorstotch

      Also, if this was the case, it’d just further cement (no pun intended) the fact that Darlton knew what they were doing from the very beginning. Take that everyone who still claims they’re just making it all up as they go along!

    • Ed Holden

      So if that’s true, and it’s a real possibility, the new questions are: does Jughead have anything to do with the function of the Swan station? I wonder if a nuclear blast on the island would have some strange properties not observed in other such blasts. Perhaps the blast itself would become unstuck in time, looping over and over.

      Here’s my way-out-there theory (which is probably wrong because it contains too many ifs, but let’s have fun with it). Dharma invades the island in the 1960s and discovers Jughead. They decide to experiment with moving Jughead closer to one of the island’s electromagnetic anomalies. They can’t move it close to one because of its high energy (they later build the Orchid station above that one), but they manage to incorporate Jughead into the Swan station,where they conduct tests. One day there is an Incident: the bomb detonates. Being close to the magnetic anomaly, the blast releases a huge amount of electromagnetism but becomes unstuck in time. Dharma quickly develops a system for a periodic controlled release of this energy, containing the explosion in a time loop that repeats every 108 minutes. They encase the area around the explosion in concrete and lead.

      This works well if someone is there to monitor the loop at all times. They cannot trust an automated system, but they realize that no system will work permanently. They therefore create a failsafe key. The failsafe has a similar function to the frozen donkey wheel: it can move the island, expelling the blast harmlessly into the sea. But like Ben described the donkey wheel, it’s a measure of last resort. Activating it will not move the island very far in time, but will make the island’s previous position visible, opening up a slight chance of the island being discovered.

      Disclaimer: Sweeping theories like this never turn out to be correct. 🙂

      • Mandeville

        Why in the world would Dharma risk blowing up the golden goose by playing around with a hydrogen bomb?

        The American military and their bomb had to be accidental. I’m sure they were in the area for testing, but happened on the wrong island. Had they known its properties they surely wouldn’t have wanted to see what blowing it up would do as the first course of action. As American military they would blow it up eventually, yes, but not before completely exploiting it. A more likely reveal will be that Jacob had mascara kill the americans knowing full well that the bomb would go off. Why else would he have directed the Others to kill the only people who could diffuse it? Farraday obviously couldn’t… Jacob has only asked for help and seems to be contained by the ring of sand. I think he wants to be put out of his misery (unstuck in time) and is desperately trying to do so to the best of his ability.

    • grayslostgirl

      I like this theory but having lived in Las Vegas near the Nevada Nuclear Test Site my whole life and feeling the results of those underground tests during my earlier years before they stopped testing, I can’t begin to imagine what would it feel like if that bomb exploded/imploded under the swan station. It would be way more than the sky turning purple. Our windows rattled, buildings shook and we were miles away from the test site, but imagine what it must have been like close to ground zero, even underground, but then with the special properties of the island, who knows. I just don’t think that you could pour enough cement to stop the earthquake like symptoms of a hydrogen bomb.

  • Andrew

    This is a DVD about hydrogen bomb, and the run time is 108 minutes.

    Swan station is built around some concrete wall, with a quarantine door on the top. Sounds sort of like something that they wanted to do with “jughead”

    • Mandeville

      Oh that is rich… You, sir deserve a Dharma brand cookie for finding a 108 minute Hydrogen bomb DVD.

  • brian b

    Maybe this ( your theories on where Jughead was buried) will lead to some clues to the ” incident” the swan orientation video talks about????

  • nestee

    first time here… there’s just one thing about the part when richard visits john that i want to point out… i always questioned why locke doesn’t remember richard when he was only a child… i think that’s because that never happened in his actual timeline… the timeline that we’ve seen in the show (at least “island-timeline”)… it was a great episode! cheers… and sorry bout my english… im from venezuela

    • nestee

      i mean… locke doesn’t remember richard when he visited him when john was little… and made him the test…

    • wackymuffin

      I think it may have been pointed out before somewhere that the reason Locke doesn’t remember Richard visiting him when he was really young was just the basic fact that would you remember someone who met you for 10 minutes 40 years ago?

      • lockeheart

        Im starting to think that when richard visited john and seemed so upset about when john “failed” his test, it wasnt that he was mad at john he was mad at himself. He probably thought he set things straight with the whole time warping business on the island, but when locke picked the wrong item he realized that he hasnt yet helped John fulfill the rest of what the island needs him to do.
        Also loved the line “How old is He? Old!

        • Ed Holden

          My impression of Richard’s frustration: he had no idea how John would become the leader, so he assumed it would be the same way every other leader of the Others had ascended to that position.

          Locke neglected to mention the plane crash and his miraculous healing to 1954 Richard. Richard had no way of knowing that Locke had only recently come to the island, and had never been raised to be the leader. When Locke disappeared from Richard’s tent, Richard must have got religion. He decided that Locke was telling the complete truth but made some assumptions that were ultimately flawed. He assumed his next step should be to confirm Locke’s birth on that day in California and then perform the usual leader tests when the boy reached the proper age. During these tests Richard had every reason to suspect Locke would succeed, that he’d bring a successful young Locke to the island. But Locke failed. That must have been a confusing bummer.

          • Mandeville

            I think that Locke disappeared and was born on the day he said he would be would have been proof enough. Alpert couldn’t have been disappointed that Locke didn’t pick the compass, unless the writers are still on the Dali Lama tip.

            “Once the High Lamas have found the home and the boy they believe to be the reincarnation, the boy undergoes a series of tests to affirm the rebirth. They present a number of artifacts belonging to the previous Dalai Lama and if the boy chooses the items which belonged to the previous Dalai Lama, this is seen as a sign, in conjunction with all of the other indications, that the boy is the reincarnation. Later a group consisting of the three major servants of Dalai Lama, eminent officials and troops will collect the boy and his family and travel to Lhasa, where the boy would be taken, usually to Drepung Monastery to study the Buddhist sutra in preparation for assuming the role of spiritual leader of Tibet.” -where do you think

    • DocArzt

      Both points are possible. It could simply be that john doesn’t remember, but it seems that something like that is going to leave an impression. What is interesting is the issue of relativity. Desmond cleared up that the new memory did not exist until we saw him wake up on the boat. So it seemed like a real time event, even though Faraday was in the past and Des had been off the island for 3 years. If the same rules apply, Locke off the island may have had that memory, but seeing as though he was still there, it didn’t intersect with his timeline. He may have it, if they shift into the future. Even at that point in time, where he is sitting with richard, the meeting hasn’t happened yet. It wouldn’t be instant.

      • wackymuffin

        I think you’re correct Doc. Darlton have always said the show is a mosaic so maybe “We” saw Richard visit young Locke but maybe it hasn’t “happened” yet in the shows timeline knowing what we saw tonight of Locke telling Richard to go see him when he’s born.

        However I still think he may have just forgot. He was really young. And I think he may have a vague memory of some guy stopping by and giving him some odd test when he was little but may just not remember his name or face. My mom used to take me to the same guy to buy shoes as a kid for like 5 years and I remember that but I couldn’t tell you the guys name or what he looked like.

      • Jay

        The problem with “if the same rules apply” is that the reason Desmond could get new memories put in him is because the rules don’t apply to him.

    • When Richard laid the items in front of young Locke, he was disappointed that John selected the knife over the other items. In “Jughead,” Locke shows Richard the compass and tells him that he is the leader of the Others. When Richard visits the young Locke years later, I think he’s looking for confirmation that Locke is destined to be the leader of the Others. Maybe he left in a huff because he felt as if Locke lied to him. Now, what happened later to get Richard to attempt recruiting Locke for Mittelos Bio-Science … who knows? It could be that Locke encounters Richard again along the “Time Street.”

      • hmm

        All this makes sense, but I still don’t understand why 5 year old Locke would be expected to pick the correct item during the test. If he’s 5 and has no knowledge of his destiny, what would his choice really determine?

        Also, shifting gears, if jughead is indeed the core of the swan station, what does Desmond turning the fail safe key actually accomplish? Does it detonate a hydrogen bomb? Any ideas out there?

      • What if Richard had been lying when Locke was a child, and kid-Locke picked all the correct items?

        Why the negative reaction then?
        Maybe Alpert is angry that he did not treat older-Locke with due reverence, and was mad at himself for doubting.
        Perhaps Alpert did not want Lock to be leader, for some reason.
        Or, perhaps, he put on a show, as to allow Locke to continue his life of feeling out-of-place and unwanted, to temper him into the man he became.

  • brian b

    hey guys , who do you think charlottes “constant” is, if she has one?

    • Alaine

      I think Charlotte is having the nose bleeds specifically because she doesn’t have a constant. Just like Minkowski (Fisher Stevens) just before he DIED. Bye bye Charlotte!

  • lockeheart

    Does anyone know if there is a website i can watch new episodes of lost online right after they air. Dont feel like waitin till they post them tommorow morning on

    • wackymuffin

      I think they do that because they have to wait the few hours for the rest of the time zones behind EST to air. Otherwise people in California could watch it at 7pm online. Usually I think they are on at like 2 or 3am.

      • Rick

        i think those people do watch it at 7 .. u ever heard a commercial for a tv show that says at 8/7 central .. other wise people would be getting mad over posts on forums like these who havent seen the show yet .. other wise maybe im confused what you meant to imply

  • Jered

    I agree that Jughead was likely poured in concrete and put underground where we know the Swan station to be. But, counter-point: how could the hatch blow up like that if there was an H Bomb stored there? Wouldn’t the explosion be much larger? Or, was the explosion caused by the bomb in the first place and didn’t destroy the island because of the concrete?? Finally, if that is true, how/why did Desmond, Locke, etc not die?

    • Rick

      that goes back to my theory of the bomb being under the other station

    • Clickjaw

      “Finally, if that is true, how/why did Desmond, Locke, etc not die?”

      Who says they didn’t? I don’t think anybody could survive that, and I remember thinking at the time of the hatch implosion that they had died, or that they were a different manifestation of themselves, or something along those lines.

      Perhaps, Desmond was his future self sent back in time to that moment for some yet unexplained reason, and that’s what makes him special. He seemed to display some precognitive abilities, as if he were to share memories co-consciously with himself from other time periods both past and future. So, every time he saw a glimpse of the future, he was basically touching base with his future self and in doing so it became a memory for him. And the reason he’s special is because Locke and Eko were most likely pulled from other times as well, but yet unable to touch base co-consciously with their same selves from other times.

      • Damon Lindelof is a BIG comic book fan. In most Marvel Comics of the 1960s the heroes’ powers were often the result of radiation (or something like it). Maybe Desmond’s power is directly correlated with his exposure to radiation. Not sure how this impacts Locke…

    • DT

      The island has definitely been moved before. I believe the “incident” was when Dharma turned the wheel. They would not have known what was gonna happen so they used a polar bear, the one Charolette found in the desert. In the Swan Orientation video Dr. Chang says the station was built for electromagenetic research because of strong EM fields at that location. What if those were caused by the Others burying the Bomb there. Not to say the bomb itself is causing the EM but it and the island together could be causing weird EM at that location. He then says that since the “incident” the 108 minute protocol has been inacted. I bet that stopped the time skips but left them with an issue, some kind of rift in space/time giving off EM. The 108 minute protocol was to release that EM in small amounts. We saw that not releasing it was strong enough to pull the plane down. Maybe the failsafe was to detonate the bomb and ,this is just guessing, that sealed the rift permenatly. Which would explain why they did not just turn the failsafe to begin with, the bomb needed to leak away some of its power or the whole island may have been destroyed.

  • Brittney

    This episode really slowed down with revalations and fact filling… uggg… i need all the answers and I need them now!

  • the_professor

    Question: Faraday said you can’t change the past. Locke sends Alpert to look for him after he’s born. Isn’t that changing the past?

    On the other hand, it occured to me that Locke had the chance (unknowingly) to kill Charles Widmore – a la the “kill Hitler” theme so common in time travel. He didn’t out of loyalty to “his people.” Yet could it have been the Island’s way, or the universe’s way, of not letting Locke change the past?

    A bit confused.

    On the other hand, I’m pretty sure Penny knows more about her father’s background and the dangers of finding Ms. Hawking than she’s letting on.

    • it’s me ben

      I hate to say it but i have felt uneasy about Penny since last week. Widmore can’t find her for 3 years? Really? She seems to want to undermine Des’ LA trek, and for no good reason. There’s not enough to go on, as far as something Widmore could use against her to make her spy for him. At this point in the show, she still seems to be the most innocent, even though she is the daughter of one of the baddest mf’ers around. It’s not right. She’s like a bond girl that fell in love with her boss’ enemy (at the very least).

      • the_professor

        I don’t think she’s a spy…though there’s always that possibility. I’m just thinking she knew Desmond was lying not just because of a wife’s intuition, but because she knows more about this whole Island battle than she’s admitted. Maybe she knew Ms. Hawking wasn’t dead (though this would be difficult considering they’ve been on that yacht for 3 years), and thus knew Desmond was lying. Just a hunch.

        • it’s me ben

          All I’m sayin is Widmore would lie to Penny to get to Des, if it meant finding the island. Widmore doesn’t need to find Dan’s mom, like Des does, but Des may have something to tell her that Widmore could use to find the island somehow. Penny could still be innocent, but spying under the presumption that Desmond and Charlie 2 will be kept safe if she does. Side note, I like the idea that Widmore could be Daniel’s dad.

          • Chris in Fort Worth

            What I’m wondering is: Who is Penny’s mother? Isn’t it likely that Widmore met Penny’s mother on the island? In fact, could it be that Penny was born on the island?

          • Erin

            I got a bad vibe about Penny last night. At first when I heard their baby was named Charlie I melted; it seemed to honour Charlie Pace. But no matter how much your partner loves a suggested baby name, if you knew someone with that name that you didn’t like or respect the name will be “tainted” for you. Shouldn’t “charles” have reminded Penny of her father; leading her to veto the name?

    • Sebastian81

      Yeah I was wondering the same thing about Locke’s conversation with Alpert. Telling Richard to go find him MUST have created another timeline because there SHOULD be one timeline in which Locke isn’t visited by Richard.

  • cap10tripps

    On the jughead/swan tip.. What about the electro-magnetic energy in the swan? How does that coincide w a hydrogen bomb? Also, what about the fail safe? It’s probably what would prevent the mushroom cloud, but what did it do?

    On young Widmore.. I have a feeling he was Ben before Ben and perhaps dealt with being replaced even worse than Ben did towards Locke. That would give us five very important people for our island (Richard, Charles, Ben, Locke, and the mysterious Jacob). What’s unclear to me is why does Jake need these mere mortals with highlander Alpert is around? Thoughts???

    Btw doc, I’m an old tailsection junkie. I love your new site, but not so much your old one since you left. Keep up the good work…

    • it’s me ben

      Alpert is different somehow. I feel like he is always the others’ leader, but Ben and Locke, and perhaps Widmore, are elected to be temporarily deified, for prophetic purposes, through Jacob, whatever the hell he is. I’ve been brushing through bible stuff, b/c Jacob has always seemed like such a strongly biblical name to me. The story of Jacob and Esau is interesting with respect to balance of power, and daddy issues, and very divisive as to who is “right”. The brothers’ father is Isaac, whose story Brother Campbell speaks of to Desmond at Moriah Vineyards

  • Amber

    Ok, I have this crazy idea that Charles, Ben, Locke, and any other that are “in charge” are never actually in charge (Alpert always is), but they are some how being used and manipulated for whatever purpose by who or whom-ever Richard is reporting to, and that person or people just might be our four toed person.

    I want to see Richard Alpert’s feet and see if he has all 5 toes!

    • cap10tripps

      Interesting Amber but why? Why not do these things himself? Perhaps he knew the O6 were leaving and needed Locke. He needed Widmore to do something about the military troops (and we just don’t know how he was useful in this), and he needed Ben to do something about the pesky DI. Or maybe Widmore was a DI plant…

      • hmm

        Maybe Richard manipulates these people to eventually turn the donkey wheel. Since he knows (at least, according to Ben) that turning it means you’re unable to return to the island, Richard finds people to do it instead of himself, thus keeping the island hidden and keeping him on island and forever young. Maybe this is Richards only motive.

        • Amber

          Who ever Richard is reporting to is the one manipulating and pulling the strings. Who knows why they cannot do it themsevels. If they only have 4 toes, maybe there are other things wrong with them!

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    Penny knows more about her father’s history than she’s letting on.

    Richard is OLD, and has reported to Jacob for a long time.

    Charles Widmore was an ‘Other’ but somehow rises to power at some point, as he stated in his bedroom to Ben, ‘it’s my island, it always was and it will be again’. How does he eventually rise to power? If the leaders are selected from a young age, does that mean he was watched and then later recruited to the island vs being a native??

    Charlie lives on in Des’ child.

    Elle, the cute other, will play a bigger role in the future.

    Charlotte looks to be heading for afterlife.

    Daniel has been to the 50’s version of the island before (an Other said ‘you’ve returned?’)

    Daniel did something to his girlfriend back at Oxford that messed her up real good. Was she the new rat in the maze?

    Jughead was buried at some point. In the Swan? Was Jughead’s radiation the actual radiation Des was exposed to, which later caused the side effects when he first went to the freighter? (remember Daniel asked if he was exposed to long doses of radiation?)

    Has Dharma, i.e. the U.S. Military reached the island in the 50’s, earlier than when we originally thought? Originally, Dharma arrived in the late 60’s/early 70’s. Did the U.S. Military find the island, and then help fund the DI? Was the guy that repeated the numbers to Hurley in the mental hospital apart of the U.S. Military effort that first encountered the island?

    Is anyone keeping track of how many Losties are actually left? Seems like a few get blown up every few episodes. Can’t be many left besides the main characters at this point.

    Does Juliet know more than what she is leading on? She seemed to know what was happening in the Swan station with Desmond, though we didn’t see anyone brief her on that previously. She knows that Richard is really OLD. Most likely, she knows more about the Orchid and when it was used last. She probably knows more about Widmore than everyone knows too.

    ….just trying to vet out some questions.

    • KG

      They’ve definitely overdone their ‘red shirt’ count. I thought there were only like 10 of them left and then when the others fire-arrowed the beach it looked like 30 people running for their lives!!

      Also, one question I haven’t seen addressed yet is where did Cindy and the two young kids from the Tailies (for instance) go when the island time-shifted. I can understand (for now) that the Others are not affected by this, but why wouldn’t everyone that was ON 815 be? Did the others give them some kind of ‘time-warp-grounding medication’?

    • Grg

      I thought Daniel asked Desmond about electromagnetic radiation. I think the h-bomb is elsewhere on the island and the Swan station was somehow tapping into a natural phenomenon on the island.

      My own crazy ass theory is that the island is powered by the souls of the dead…a repository of psychic energy. Maybe it will summon Cthulhu. 😉

    • Angel

      “Daniel has been to the 50’s version of the island before (an Other said ‘you’ve returned?’)”

      thats how i heard it the first time i watched the episode, but i think shes refering to american in general, not daniel himself

  • spinflip

    It seems that Alpert really went out to check out Locke’s story and tested him for being a leader. After Locke picked the wrong item, Alpert must have thought that Locke played him. But Locke gets to the island by another root anyway: talking about destiny and course correction.

    I think the phrase ‘you couldn’t stay away, could you?’ reflects Elle’s thinking that the military has returned. If she had seen Faraday before, I think she would have mentioned it somehow.

    I wonder though how the military was able to get to the island. I thought it was invisible and you could only approach by a certain route without getting ‘time-travalia’ (Or how do you call the sickness? Should be something Latin, ‘tempophobia’, ‘salitempophobia’?).

  • The Magician

    I cannot understand why people think Locke (as a seven year old) would remember a random stranger visiting him for five minutes almost half a century ago. There is just no way at all he’d remember.

    Maybe if he was in his teens or twenties he might vaguely remember the event itself, but even then it’s still unlikely he’d remember the visitors name and face. (But possibly the copious amounts of eyeliner) 🙂

    The episode was great, if a little disappointing. I remember being quite worried after reading Doc’s review, but apart from a bit of clunky dialogue here and there, I enjoyed it a lot.

  • The Magician

    Also, as much as I like the imagination put into the jughead/swan station theories, we KNOW the swan had nothing to do with a hydrogen bomb because it lead to a purple sky electromagnetic event when the button wasn’t pushed.

    The island would’ve simply blown up. It didn’t, and lead to Desmond being exposed to high levels of electromagnetism.

    • bps

      Also…the Swan station imploded not exploded. As far as I know…..Hydrogen bombs do not implode.

      • hyperRevue

        But maybe that has to do with the failsafe. Maybe if Des hadn’t turned the failsafe, the Island would have just blown up, but turning the failsafe somehow kept the bomb from detonating but caused another yes-unexplained incident.

  • Rick

    also doesnt it seem richard has ALWAYS been in charge .. it was always in the back of my mind that Ben was taking his cues from him

  • David

    The picture of the mystery woman with Daniel that Desmond saw in the lab was LIBBY and DANIEL.

    • Angel

      that was libby??? *runs back to the tv to watch it for the 3rd time*

  • The Magician

    Was the janitor in Oxford university Brother Campbell? It certainly reminded me of him (sans the accent)…

  • The Traveler

    Actually, 1,000 years from know after the earth has been invaded by Cylons Jughead explodes on the island setting off a nuclear chain of events around the world that wipes out the planet and the Cylons. Two thousand years later, a rag tag band of refugees from the long ago lost 12 colonies land on earth only to find it inhabitable, having been destroyed 2,000 years previous.

    Just my vision of things to come.

  • Tyler Cheman aka Lostfan716

    i thought the whole “Put the gun down Widmore” scene was a kcik in the face my Lost buddies and i were’nt expecting it at all, great episode, my vote is one of the best

  • sheryldean

    Did anyone ever think the HBomb was stored where the Tempest Station is? Daniel knew about the harmful gasses that were being built up and went to disable it…. These harmful gasses coming from the leak in the bomb?

  • dpretty

    Does anyone think widmore was the one to give the okay for the purge…

  • dpretty

    AND Then had to turn the wheel because of the mass murder

  • Yonko

    Wouldn’t you think that the “exotic matter” of the island could be the contents of the hydrogen bomb? I still can’t explain the presence of the donkey wheel, but I think melting a drill with its carbon bits is the treatment you get from stirring a thermonuclear weapon’s kernel, right?

  • Patrick

    Daniel saying he loved Charlotte didn’t come across as creepy at all. It was really heart felt and he totally meant it. That music that was playing sealed the deal as it being a great moment.

    You sure are dropping the ball a lot lately Doc…

    Too bad.

  • Patrick

    Erin says:

    “I got a bad vibe about Penny last night. At first when I heard their baby was named Charlie I melted; it seemed to honour Charlie Pace. But no matter how much your partner loves a suggested baby name, if you knew someone with that name that you didn’t like or respect the name will be “tainted” for you. Shouldn’t “charles” have reminded Penny of her father; leading her to veto the name?”

    You’re a frakking idiot.

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