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Wanna Rock a DHARMA Jumpsuit? It’s Not Hard!

By SonyaLynn,

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My DHARMA work designation: TechnicianMy recap of  “Namaste” will be along anon after I’ve had time to go through the episode a couple of times and see what the other recappers are missing, if anything.

In the meantime, I just thought I would share with you all a way to easily put together a DHARMA Jumpsuit so you can rock your Lost night, finale party, con, Halloween, or daily life if you’re so inclined.

(Pardon the quality of that picture to the right. It was taken in poor lighting conditions with a less than optimal camera.)

The first thing you’re oging to need is the right kind of jumpsuit. This took more research on my part than you might have expected. Not an easy garment for the non-institutional buyer to find, especially when you want it to look screen-accurate. But I finally found the correct vendor. Buy your jumpsuit from Aramark. If Lost’s costumers aren’t buying from Aramark, I’ll eat my hat.

You’ll want the tan (as pictured…Swan and LaFleur style), the charcoal grey (for the look Radzinsky was sporting), or the navy blue (for Juliet’s motor pool duds). Do not, however, get the embroidery done by them at purchase, since they won’t embroider on the left breast pocket.

Next up, the patch. This site has virtually every DHARMA logo seen to date except the star logo for security personnel and wrench for mechanics (for now). Go generic, or choose any of the known DHARMA station logos.

Once you have the jumpsuit and the patch in your possession, it’s time for the embroidery. Every locality will have an embroidery shop that does this kind of institutional work for local businesses among other things. The shop I went to near me was Artisan Embroidery in San Carlos, CA, just a couple of minutes away from where I live. You’ll have to find your local equivalent. For $20, they embroidered my name and job function and stitched the patch on for me. You’ll want to use Helvetica or Arial font (Helvetica is always preferable to Arial, though!), 1″ (72pt) for name, 1/2″ (36pt) for function. They’ll warn you that this will stitch the pocket closed, but you don’t care. 😉

Grand total for plus-sized jumpsuit (I’m a big girl…what can I say?), patch, and embroidery after tax and shipping was about $80. For smaller folks, I’d imagine about $70 within the US. Not sure what to say to overseas readers, but I’m sure that both Aramark and Sci-Fi Geeks will ship internationally and that you can find embroidery services in your locality as well.

For bonus points, I’ve worked up some designs for relabeling certain food products — cola, diet cola, 6-pack bottled beer, wine, and brie cheese — as DHARMA items. You’re welcome to them. All you need is a PDF viewer, a printer, scissors (though X-Acto and cutting mat is better!), a glue stick, and you’re golden.

Enjoy, and namaste!


From TVFrenzy:

  • Dusty Pearson

    Hi, about the jumpsuits, I believe they are actually Red Kap jump suits. Atleast that is who makes the versions that abc sells on their website. Here is a link to a site that sells them.

    Cool food labels also 🙂

    • Nope. If you look at the beige jumpsuits in-show on Desmond, Kelvin, Sawyer, and Jin, they look like mine, not the link you sent. Trust me. I scoured the ‘net.

      • Ed Holden

        She’s right. The ones Dusty found look good but the pockets are wrong.

  • RandomZombie

    Oh my!
    This is going to make for a great return of Lost party (I won’t be back in my hometown in time for this season’s finale.)
    I can just picture myself and my equally-dorky-Lost-loving friends having an amazing time, not caring for the non-hardcore people who just shake their heads and divert their eyes.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Now if I can only talk my wife into being a DI member with me on Halloween…

    • I originally did this for last Halloween. At the time, who knew that S.5 would be so heavily DHARMA-centric? 😉

  • meems

    You rock, Sonya! I’ll be back at home in Burlingame this summer, so maybe a trip to San Carlos is in order!:-)

    • Happy to, meems. And Artisan is excellent. They took great care of me for not a lot of money. Just remember…Helvetica, name in 1-inch type, function in 1/2-inch type. 10 to 1 they remember doing mine. 🙂

  • Beena

    Really cool stuff! Thanks for the info!

  • boonesghost

    This site has more patches, and they’re a few dollars less.

    • Yema

      They also charge an obscene amount for shipping. I like Sonya’s link better.

  • JimDD

    Hi Sonya,

    You have the point size / inches wrong.

    1″ is 96 point
    1/2″ is 48 point

    72 point is 3/4″
    36 point is 3/8″

  • andres

    I love it that you did that. I’ve been secretly wanting to do the same.

    But I hate to say it, the Aramark jumpsuits are not the ones. Here is a closeup of Sawywer’s.

    They do actually vary a lot from character to character, like the Lostpedia site indicates. Sawyer’s, like other male worker suits, is as follows:
    – The show jumpsuits have large breast pockets and pocket flaps (others have zippered pockets).
    – Some show suits seem to have a zippered breast opening (up to mid-chest) with snaps at the top. Others have buttons.
    – The show suits also don’t have a collar like Aramark’s, there’s no “cut out” along the collar but a straight edge, if that makes any sense…
    I’m sure there are other details I’m missing.

    However, this has made me look at the suits more closely than I care to admit. I want a real jumpsuit too.

    • icyone

      Yeah, the Aramark jumpsuits are definitely not the ones. With some modifications to the collar they would look pretty close to the ones on the show, but with thinner material.

      • Crazy Bearded Jack

        When is she going to eat a hat?

  • congested

    I’ll have to remember about this post before Halloween.

    “Dharma Brie.” Awesome.

  • KeepingAwake

    Bravo Sonya!

    And thanks for sharing!

  • It’s probably closer to this one from Bulwark:

    Of course, you would have to remove the sleeve pocket but that shouldn’t be too difficult. Flap pockets and collar are much more similar to the ones being worn now (compared to the straight zipper pocket variation that has been seen before). Also the Bulwark one is twill 9 oz so it’s a heavier weight and not as “shiny” as poplin.

    The prices on the Bulwark are higher though because of the fire resistance.

    • Actually, a re-watching of “Namaste” and a closer look at the jumpsuits made me realize that the left sleeve pocket actually is there so the Bulwark coverall seems to be as close out there.

      The Radzinsky jumpsuit, however, has the diagonal zippers like the one that ABC is selling as the “official” jumpsuit so that adds yet another variation.

      • dave

        How do you order one?

        • dave

          Ugh… I just checked. First-time orders need to be a minimum of $500.

          • dave

            Okay, I went crazy and searched for hours and hours and found some other sources for those same coveralls being sold individually. After I narrow down the choices I’ll post what I’ve found.

          • Ed Holden

            Great – looking forward to the report!

          • dave

            Okay, narrowed down the choice to the best one and placed my order. Once it arrives and all looks good I will post a link with price, size and color information. I’m going to have a local embroidery place attempt to put the name, job title, and Dharma patch on the coveralls. I’ll post pics when that’s done.

        • Do a Google search for Bulwark CEB2. A few places sell them individually. Cheapest online seemed to be around $66-ish plus shipping.

    • dave

      Okay, I got the jumpsuit. Now the 9 oz. twill/100% cotton material appears much like the stuff on the show, but it lays differently. It’s very thick, almost canvas-like. The material on the show seems lighter, softer, and bunches easily as the actor moves. So I’m going to exchange what I have for one of the suits made from a blend of cotton and nylon and see how that looks/feels.

      • willbfree

        I just received my Bulwark CEB2, and it is absolutely the one used most often on the show (by Sawyer, Jin, etc). After receiving mine, I watched the show with an eye on the details and this is it for sure.

        I suspect your impression (dave) of the material seeming thicker in real life than on the show may simply be the result of the ones on the show having been run through the laundry a bunch of times. Possibly they were even run through the laundry with some rocks or something to weather them down a bit (don’t try this at home).

        It is possible of course that the show may have commissioned a run of the Bulwark CEB2 in a lighter material, but, I don’t think so.

        However, if you do spot a Bulwark jumpsuit that is the exact same design as the CEB2 but is in a different material, post a link.

        The triangular arm patch with the Bulwark logo came off easily — it is only stitched on, no glue.

        • willbfree

          Oh I see what you are talking about — there are 2 exactly identical models made with different materials:

          Deluxe Coverall – CEB2 – EXCEL FR™, 9 oz. twill 100% cotton

          Deluxe Coverall – CLB6/7 – EXCEL FR™ ComforTouch® – 9 oz. twill, 88% cotton / 12% nylon

          Deluxe Coverall – CLB2 – EXCEL FR™ ComforTouch® – 7 oz. 88% cotton / 12% nylon

          The “ComforTouch” models are only a few dollars more expensive.

          The CEB2 is not really thick — it is thinner than jeans, more comparable to summer khakis.

          I think it may be near-impossible to tell which of these 3 identical jumpsuits is the right one. So I think I’ll suggest to people that if you’re in a warmer climate or expect to be in a really hot room when wearing this, maybe go for the 7 oz. But otherwise, the 9 oz (either of the two 9 oz versions) are probably going to hold up the best.

          • willbfree

            (two identical models in addition to the CEB2 — three total)

          • willbfree

            And ooh, if you don’t mind spending $110, there’s a 4.5 oz version that is not available in khaki but is available in tan, which I’d guess is the same as khaki more or less. The CNB2 (men) and CNB3 (women) is made out of “4.5 oz. NOMEX® IIIA”. What is Nomex IIIA? It’s similar to nylon, but it might not feel right — it’s high-tech.

            That makes at least 4 models with the identical cut.

          • willbfree

            Note that the CLB6/7 is available in both men’s (CLB6) and women’s (CLB7).

            For that reason alone, there’s reason to suspect the CLB6/7 is *the* one.

          • dave

            I ended up ordering a CLB6 and CLB2. Once I get them I’ll decide which one I like better, the 9oz. or 7oz.

          • dave

            Okay, I’ve compared CEB2, CLB6, and CLB2. The Khaki colors for all three are identical. The texture and appearance of the fabrics are identical. However, the density of the fabrics are different. CEB2 is the most dense and would probably be most uncomfortable to wear in warm weather. CLB6 and CLB2 despite containing nylon looks and feels the same as the 100% cotton CEB2. However, the CLB6 is not as dense (9 oz), while the CLB2 (7 oz) is even lighter still. I have settled on the CLB2. It looks and feels exactly like the CEB2 and CLB6 but is made of a less dense material. By less dense I don’t mean less thick. It’s more like the difference in # of threads for bedsheets.

  • Wombat

    Awww, they don’t have the Orchid logo…

    • Not yet anyway…give ’em time. I can’t help but imagine they’ll get that one, plus the security “star” and the motor pool wrench versions of the DHARMA logo before long. 🙂

  • Crazy Bearded Jack

    Or you could just buy a REAL Dharma Jumpsuit from

    Or is that too easy?

    • Crazy Bearded Jack

      Also, the Mechanic Jumpsuits are Blue.

  • willbfree

    Anyone know kind of shoe/boots the new recruits got? You can see them in the group portrait pic.

    • willbfree

      Found them. Too expensive to get the real thing: Red Wing Shoes, Classic Lifestyle Leather Boots, $230. But there are likely look-alikes for less.

      • dave

        Where did you find them?

        • willbfree

          I think I just used Google’s shopping search. Since I couldn’t afford them I didn’t bookmark any.

  • willbfree

    A finishing touch:
    This isn’t exactly what the dharma recruits wore, but it is closer than the brightly colored flowers that most plastic leis are. On the other hand, brightly colored flower leis might add some color to an otherwise drab-colored outfit.

  • dave

    Got a link?

  • johnbear
    seems to have the closest package and at $149 isn’t too bad, if planning to wear it to Lost parties and Halloween. They have the flap pockets and all the newest logos too. Sonya wins the prize for saving 1/2 that amount for a good close replica that will fool 90% of the Losties at any party.
    I’m shopping it for use as uniforms for a BBQ contest team, so the cheaper route works for me. Patches are easy to stitch on, and iron names will do just fine.
    thanks again sonya!

  • Justin

    Just a heads-up: Whoever said to use the Bulwark jumpsuit was correct. Take a look at the latest LOST auction, and they have they LaFleur and Horace suits up for sale. The tag on the inside is visible, and it says Bulwark.

  • Jared

    Lost Shoes:

    Last night I saw that Sears carries a very reasonable facsimile of the crepe sole moc toe work boot currently on sale for $50. Hardcore costumers should check it out.

  • jm515

    you must ALL eat your hats..well except those guys who made reference to Bulwark.. i just got my bulwark jumpsuit from its the same jumpsuit used in the show.. buy one and watch any episoe from this year and see for yourself… be warned they run BIG. im a 42 regular so i bought a 42 regular and it fits like a 46.. buy small.. i should have gottn the 40 reguar or even the 38 maybe. i had to tailor it about 3 inches on the inseems to fit right. very baggy.. but it IS the same suit used o the show.. so if your a diehard anal fan like me you have to buy this jumpsuit

    • Mike

      Exactly which Jumpsuit at did you determine was the one? I’m seeing three that could be it, but I’m getting too much of a headache trying to examine them

      • Justin

        I got mine at Work Tools and Uniforms. $65, but shipping is a hefty $15.

        That’s the exact one, and yes, they do run a bit big.

        • Justin

          Neglected to mention that the color you want is Khaki, but that’s probably obvious. The little Bulwark logo on the sleeve is very easy to unsew, so don’t worry about that.

    • mike

      jm515, any chance you are going to get a notification of this reply to your post? probably not. but what i was hoping for was some direction as far as sizing goes. how do you size yourself up? how tall are you, what type of build are you? i am 5’10 and 150, so i’m pretty slim.

  • Jared

    Has anyone IDed the earlier coverall worn by Desmond, Ben, Horace and Kelvin before they adopted the Bulwark? I’m talking about the one with the horizontal zippered pocket.

  • Eric

    Just got my Bulwark CEB2 in today. Very happy with it. It’s much more tan than the ones on the show, but I attribute that to it being brand new. It IS the exact one that they use.

    • Greg Hengber

      CLARIFICATION NEEDED (please!!!)

      What font size do I tell the embroiderer to use for the name and job title (specifically the lowercase letters in the NAME and JOB TITLE?)

      I told them to use 1″ for the name and 1/2″ for the Job title, however, since only the first letter of each word is in CAPS, they want to know what size they should use for the lowercase letters in the NAME and JOB TITLE.

      Can someone please help ASAP (or I won’t get this done in time for Halloween!!) Thanks.


  • Will

    Mine turned out just great. And then no one at our party was a Lost fan, so no one knew what I was wearing. Lame of them! But I’ll wear it again next year maybe:

  • I made one for GenCon, which got me a *lot* of props. Naturally, I re-used it for Halloween:

  • Name

    My moms been sewing her whole life, maybe I will have her sew a bunch this month to sell online, she’s amazing and could make a 100% replica easy! ill let you guys know!

  • Kevin

    Did anyone order from Aramark to find out if the color and style matched, or was pretty close to accurate?

  • Aramark is out of stock 🙁

    I ordered a jumpsuit from somewhere else that is the same thing, ill let you know when i get it and what i think of it 🙂

  • Geez, everytime I see blogs this good I just want mine to be there already! 🙂 Great work. I blog about the rapid weight loss effects of resveratrol.

  • Brad

    Sonya — You’ve got a spammer above.

    Anyhow… got in my Bulwark, and yeah, it’s correct. Only thing is that the patches that came with the Season 5 BDs appear to be smaller than the ones on the show. Yeah, they should be canon… but look at this shot of Sawyer’s LaFleur jumpsuit:

    From the collar seam to the edge of the collar goes across between 1/2 and 2/3 of the patch. That’s a lot closer to the large patches I bought from (10 cm diameter) than the ones from the Orientation Kit (7.5 cm diameter).

  • Jack

    There has been a lot of talk about the tan jumpsuit, but I was wondering if anyone has looked into the navy motorpool jumpsuit?

    I took a look at Kate’s official jumpsuit ( and noticed that it has open pockets and lacks the side pocket, which means that it probably was gotten somewhere else other than Bulwark.

  • Ole

    Check out
    THAT’S a hard jumpsuit!

  • I will be adding this to my listing of bookmarks.

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  • kman

    The correct model is the Bulwark CED2 Flame-Resistant coverall.


    or the Bulwark website. The CEB2 model is VERY close, but I believe it was determined the CED2 is the one.

    Not sure who made the other suits (motor pool, etc.), but the LaFleur suit most people discuss is the Bulwark.

  • kman

    grr, had that backwards, sorry. CEB2 is the correct model.

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  • Wiliam
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